Story starts 22nd-28th November

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Story Starts 22nd – 28th Nov

Jessica B 8

The magic gates
Once upon a time there were some old gates
and they led to Monster High……carry on reading and find out more…… One sunny morning a beautiful little girl called Rebecca took her puppies out for a nice little walk through the streets. She discovered some old gate’s, Rebecca tried to open the gate’s and when she did Rebecca found a high school called monster high.” wow this is amazing” she mumbled to herself. She opened the creaky door and took a step and another then she saw a beautiful lady and said “hi I am Rebecca”,
“so am I” she replied “you’re going to love it here at monster high”
“I really must go but great meeting you though.”
But when she was back by the gate’s Rebecca and her puppies were blocked by a great big bull Rebecca pulled down the ring on the bulls’ nose and scratched it she finally got out of the place and got home.

Alex H 10

So, I was just visiting my dead grandfather. I didn’t mean to release a giant swarm of the undead. I was in a graveyard visiting my granddad that passed away last year. I was whistling a tune which wasn’t that good really I do admit. Then a hand popped out of the grave…

Sophie K 8
The haze of dusk was falling. I was so frightened when I saw an old, weak man trying to undo the lock to the memorial park. My friend Jamie was with me. We both looked at each other in horror. With some trepidation, I went over to the man and asked him what he was doing. He said he was the park owner and that he had lost his keys. The police were walking by and we mentioned it to the officer. Then, they said that he was not the park keeper and that they would solve it from there. We both hid behind a bush and watched intrigued. He was being arrested. I felt a strange mixture of haunting and relief. Problem solved; at least we thought it was.

Lily Grace B F 9

One day Lily was passing through the park and at the other end she found her best friend Isabel.” Let’s go on an adventure come on through here, you’re not meant to go through there”. “I don’t care” said Isabel.

The very next day Lily and Isabel were still searching. Lily saw a grave yard; a vampire chased after them “I told you, we should not have come through here”.” BLOOD WERE IS MY BLOOD” said the vampire, in a deep graspy voice.

The vampire looked everywhere for Lily and Isabel but they were not there. And they were never seen again or were they? So that is why you should never go through the gate.

Emily 9

As they opened the gates they heard ghostly noises. Terrified they ran through the field, screaming for help as they knew they were probably going to die…
Tony fainted at the thought of being captured by a ghost.
Ella sobbing through her jumper as she knew the world was not safe anymore. Jack climbing up a tree to see if anyone was there to help. But no one was there!
Then they found out what it was it was a person pretending to be a ghost, just to be funny… BUT then they found out what he wanted to do to them! Because they had found out about him, he wanted to capture them and kill them by starvation. Could they escape or not…

Sinead L 9

As I was working down the road with my friend we saw a big black gate behind the trees. So I asked shell we have a look as we opened the gates they squeaked. There was a long path the others side with tall hedges on both sides we walked down the path and it was getting darker and darker till we couldn’t see at all. Then there was a light far away so we tried to follow it when we reached it there was a little person there. very old looking so we asked her to help us and she said go back to the gates and get out quick so we tried but we could not get reach them then the floor went very slippy and I fell over and banged my head. Then I woke up in my own bed and my mum said I’d been dreaming. But was I?

Alexander K G 14

I walked up to the Ivy-covered gates. I placed my hand on the cold, rough metal. The leaves fluttered around in the mid-autumn breeze, warning me to stay away. Only damage and destruction lay beyond these gates. These gates contain the driving forces that can rip a family apart. There is no one left except me and these gates, the beginning of an end. Satchel and money in hand, I push open the iron gates towards a dark

Rachel S 9

Recently I went to Miami with my mum, dad and my dog Carl. When we were there we did this maze, and we sot of got lost. So we split up, I went one way mum went the wrong, way and dad and Carl went opposite wrong way. When I finally went the right way, I found a huge gate that led all the way to a secret place which I can not reveal.

Emma M9

I woke up and went outside and there it was the gate. Suddenly I saw a strange man walk past the gate. He walked past all of the others and they all changed to the same as my gates.

The next day I got up again and went outside again then I released that the same man came past. Later that day I went to the gate then I went to the grave and the same gates as mine were there and I thought that I was dreaming.

The next day I went outside and the gates were the same and there was no man.

Gigi W 12

Waltzing away under the moonlit sky. The humid weather was just perfect. Eliza was intrigued by the soft bitterness of the wind that fell upon her reddish cheeks. Up on ahead she saw a glooming shadow of a steel barrier gate. Eliza leaped over with no fear. She bent down with a gravity fall. Eliza gave a greedy smirk, “HA, easy peasy” she said.

The dead trees howled as the bitter breeze whilst past its bellow. Red blood, skeleton leaves fell upon Eliza’s presences. Her sky blue eyes, beamed through the haze. As a mist of shadow approached her. She screamed, and yelped. She slipped and fell to the ground lying on her back. Grasping onto the bars of the gate. She gave a big black belt kick on the shadow. Eliza flung herself on top of the gate and down. She ran, and ran. From that day on she never stepped foot onto this very entrance again.

Carnella 13

Walking toward the gate the wind whistled and I knew what was coming we don’t speak of it; I could not open the gate. This is the darkest time of our history humans transforming into creatures slaved to the moon. Human feared leaving their house at night because the beast’s that Rome around. The gate I approached is the gate of mysteries it can only be Opened by the apprentice this person is a rare species and can only be found once a millennium, to be friends with the apprentice was legendary . I still could not open it I am not the apprentice I had believed i was for many years yet still nothing not even a budge. But how did I get to this compelling place. The apprentice appeared and touched me and said “now you are the apprentice” and disappeared.

Reghan 12

Walking through the gates, I notice shadows zooming past. As I get closer then I see a woman sitting next to a little child. I slowly approach them, the wind howls and leaves blow, leaves with evil faces on them. Just as I get closer the woman turns her head and screams her head turns in a full rotation. She has bloodshot eyes and her face is covered in cuts and bruises. I look down at the little girl she looks scared, I asked what happened and got no reply. So I decided to explore the area. The woman followed behind me and she had a knife. I turned around, “don’t hurt me its okay”, I said feeling terrified. The little girl said in a soft shy voice, “she saved my life…”

Shannon H 13

It felt like the hedges were caving in on me, none of my friends would understand they were all wimps not even attempting to come up the spooky path. Suddenly the old rusty gates lay before me, everyone watching surprised I had gotten that far. Reaching my hand out to open the spooky gate a creak just appeared out of know were without me touching it. My guts falling out of my stomach as I opened the gate inch by inch. Near the end of opening the creaky gate I noticed at the top of the gate little spikes getting taller and taller every step I make. Then I noticed every time I took a step on the other side of the gate the trees would start moving. Every step I make my friends yelling come back, come back, ignoring every word they say…

Alexis M 13

I tipped out the water that had impossibly leaked into my boots. The eerie feeling trapped people inside, too intimidated to venture beyond the gates. Striding along the damp grass, autumn’s leaves stuck to my cold and wet feet. I clutched my frozen fingertips around the rusty iron bar. My heart pounded with adventure and mystery. Then it started to beat so fast, I felt as if I couldn’t hold it in my chest. I slowly, but carefully climb over the gates. Sudden movements of rustling leaves and crumbling rock are enough to make my hair curl. I become aware of my irritated ear trembling with fear, terrified of songs of silence. I scrape my boots on the wet cracked pavement and cringe as I make my way round. Pressing my hands against the narrow walls I come across a doorknob. “Do I turn it?”

Madison Browne 12

I here the wind howling like a wolf calling out in the midnight. The leaves start to crackle as I walk up the path. I take my first step into the doom.
I carry on walking into the path of doom and I here these voices in my mind telling me to go further in the dark gloom. When I go through the doom. Everything around me disappears into dust so I hope the future lies upon me and that I make it out of the doom alive. In the doom I see dead bodies on the ground freaking me out. One of the bodies has a knife in its stomach which is going to haunt me forever. Then I see a shadow in the gloom staring at me like an evil witch.

Aimen 11

AOOOOOOH!!! AOOOOOOH!!! The wolves were howling, as the gates creaked open. I tiptoe down the steps slowly and stealthily. The gates slam shut, I stare in horror. I charge at the gates trying to open them. Well since I’m already locked in, I might as well have a look around the place. There are dead bodies everywhere, there’s even a dead body on the toilet. Man they should really tidy up the place. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! IT’S A WOLF. I’m running, I’m running, I’m running, I’m running, It seems like my life is ending too fast. I slipped and face planted right into a mud pit. I run towards the gates again trying to escape. I see the lights the lights I tell ya. Something’s in the middle of the light, oh it just mum. Boo Yah!!! I’m free baby

Bailey L 12

It was as dark as nights, in that forest, even the gate was mysteriously dark. Yesterday I saw some idiotic boy go in, who looked like he had just taken a stupid bet. The next day I saw missing signs with the same boy on them, so I imagined I would have to go into the forest to find him, (bad idea). I had to do it, so I opened the gate and went in. The forest thicker than anything I had ever seen before. I walked for a while, and then I found a clearing and saw him. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen, he had been ripped to shreds by something. I ran, I was almost at the gate when a hand grabbed my foot and pulled me in to the trees and that was the last time I ever saw daylight.

Oishi 13

It was a bitter afternoon, the dim green shrubs were closing in around me. Bright orange leaves scattered across the pavement.

The agile shadow moved closer. The gate abruptly unlocked, the wind howled through my dark locks. I hurtled towards the the black iron gate, only to fall flat on my face, when I looked up a figure with a long cloak was towering over me. And with that my vision went black.

I woke up on the path, the unforgiving wind shot at me. The gate was right in front of me, again. The stinging pain on my head was unbearable. As I got up, I noticed a dark red arrow, with a cross on my arm.

I slowly limped out of the gate, I got out my phone it was 8 PM and I had no reception. I gasped when I looked up in front of me; there stood a whole coven of people in black cloaks.

Max 7

A tall metal gate stood in front of me with thick wrought iron chains tightly around the bars secured by a rusty padlock. I tried to look for the key under the leaves even though I knew I wouldn’t find the key. It was probably inside the old ruined house anyway. I struggled to climb over the fence trying to heave my self up. I finally gathered enough strength to get over. I cautiously walked down the path. Suddenly I saw some light. I went closer. It was a little light that was buried in the dirt. It was getting late so I started to head home.” this mystery will have to wait for another day” I decided.

Marco and Noah 7 and 8

I stood in front of the cast iron gates that towered over me. “It probably led to a haunted house, “I murmur to myself”.” that would be scary with all the witches and, bats and maybe even a Zombie”. The trees hung over the path and moss dug into the concrete stuck to the ground like a puzzle. I Checked the time on my watch-8: pm my bedtime. It wasn’t worth being late – mum would definitely take my iPhone away. I turned away from the gate and headed home. The answer to this mystery would have to wait till tomorrow.

Glenn T 10

Behind the gate is a creepy house where a family were happy until the clouds turn grey. An earthquake happens the house turns into black
dust. They need to find out what did this. And how to fix it they search around for clues but they don’t find any. “Come on!” I found something on the floor it was a very old picture. It looked very new. They knew they had gone to the past.

Alex 10

I went for a walk to go to the graveyard to give flowers to my granny. I walked pass the shop and passed the park and finally got there. It was a big black gate it was as big as an elephant and as black as a chalkboard.
I opened the gate it squeaked like mouse. I slowly walked through and I saw my granny’s grave. I walked pass lots and lots of graves and finally got to my granny’s grave I read her stone and placed down her flowers and BANG! I looked around, the gate was closed. I ran to the gate I tried to open it, it would not open. I panicked, I tried to jump over the fence but it was too tall. I tried to climb the wall. It never worked I just fell down. I shouted, “HELP HELP.” I was all alone. I heard footsteps. It was my mum and I told her everything and she called the fire brigade and then I was saved.

Abbi 9

Ding dong I heard it! I opened the gate. All you could hear was the gate screeching like an owl. At first it was dead stiff then it flew open. I fell on my knees it felt as if I was still falling. It had a really creepy feeling so I jumped right back up feeling dead scared. I am dead nosy so walked around looking everywhere. All the leaves on the trees came falling down instantly then floated up the way again. It was very scary. I ran back to the gates. They were locked. I screamed, “Let me out of here!” And fell on my knees crying. I was trapped in a graveyard all by myself. I thought I would never see the light of day again! Then I heard the thunder rolling in. It swirled round and BANG the gate flung open. I was free so I ran home and never went back.

Gareth 10

There was a boy walking his dog through the park kicking leaves. At the same time all of a sudden there was a noise from the abandoned house behind the locked gate. Then a man came from behind the boy Shouted Boo! He got a massive fright from the devilish man. He was rubbing his hands “saying, go home or go to the party at the house behind the locked gate”. So the boy said “I better not, it’s getting dark”. but you can win loads and loads of money the boy said but you going or not I will go for half an hour but he went and in a flash he was gone an hour later he was spotted by his mum and dad at the park at five o’clock on an cold dark night at the park so they phoned the police to find there dog then a week later they got news that there dog is fine and they can come get him from the animal shelter and then they got a new got a new dog a week later.

Calum 10

It was the end of school and Jack was walking home with his mates. He had just passed the corner of his street, when he found a huge gate. His friends kept on walking, whilst Jack stared at the gate. He opened it. The gate was decorated with pretty bushes and crinkled leaves. Jack went down the steps, and went in the graveyard. It was a huge graveyard, but where were the gravestones? He looked around, curiously. “Hello!!” Jack yelled. No answer. There was a silence for a couple of minutes. Then there was a howl. Jack froze. “Who is there?!” No reply. He started to run. Faster and faster he started to run. He got to the gate, but the gate was locked! It must have locked by itself. As soon as he turned around BOOM! There were gravestones! “Whoa!” gasped Jack. It was as scary as a freaky, foul frog. He ran to the gate again and tried to open it. Still shut. Will Jack be trapped forever?

Dailah 9

I was out playing with friends. I was up to my old diddle dallying. We found a graveyard but the gate was closed. So we walked away but suddenly there was a creek and a BANG the gate smacked the hard stone wall whilst opening. My friend walked forward slowly whilst clenching our fists. I was scared and no doubt my friends weren’t . We all ran so no one will see us .we ran in .The gravestones stones were covered with moth. I asked my friend “Why would someone close of a grave yard like this?”
“Maybe it’s haunted” Chloe. Bang there it was again the gate slammed shut .We ran as fast as we could to the gate. But I didn’t bother looking back at my friends. We rattled on the gate. But no one answered. In fact there was no one there. We tried to escape but there was no one there to help us we tried to climb up and over but there were spikes as sharp as icicles .We shouted but we were stuck forever and ever.

Meghan 10

I was there, I was nearly there, there I was in the driveway of my new house it was huge I couldn’t wait to get in one push of the gate and I was in. My dad got out of the car and walked in the middle of the huge hedges. I was sure that I could climb to the top of them but that was for another day, I wasn’t allowed! It was the next day I woke up in my new bedroom. I took one look out of the window at the big trees at the gate and just at that moment I knew exactly what I was going to do. I got dressed, had my breakfast and ran out the back door. There was a little wren on the big black gate I didn’t want to scare it so I didn’t. It was almost like the trees were talking to me. I felt like the trees were talking to me so I ran inside got some bread .I climbed the tree to the highest point and the tree told me to rip the bread, so I did. I my hand out in air hoping that the little bird would come and say hello but it flew away. I did the same to next day I climbed the tree. And again and again I did that. I would get closer and closer every single day. It was the last day of the summer holidays so I totally knew that I would be able to get the little wren to come closer and maybe eat the bread. I was the bottom of the tree. The next minute I was at the top of the tree I got closer I held the bread out and whoosh the seagull got it and me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Neesha 10

Me and my friend were coming home from school and she said I know a short cut to her house, so I said okay. Lilly took me through this dark gate and we tried to open it up. It didn’t open it was locked. We looked everywhere to see if we can find the key, but all we could find was dirt, rats, leafs and rubbish, I was scared.
I said let’s turn back and walk the normal way home but I don’t think Lilly agreed with me because all she did was look for the key. I was cold as ice and I wanted home but I didn’t want to leave Lilly alone looking for the key when I’m at home safe. I stayed and helped her look for the key. When it got dark we found the key so I put it in the key hole and we got out, then we went to her house.

Noah 9

Suddenly I woke up. Thomas and I were trapped inside a massive house…
“Where are we?” said Thomas. Then an old man came in with his ninja henchman. “You did this,” I said. “Yes “ he answered .Then I remembered I had my pen knife I cut the rope which we were tied in .Then we slowly walked away but one ninja saw us and started hitting us so we did tae-kwon-do on them. It took a while but the ninja really hurt us .But I had one last trick up my sleeve. Thomas fell on to the ground and prayed for them to not hurt him and while the ninja were distracted I fought with the old man. He was very weak so it was easy to beat him .When he was on the ground. I hit the ninja from behind; it was as easy as playing football. Then we ran out the house and through the gate. “Ow,” said Thomas. “What’s wrong?” I said. He had a massive bruise so I helped him go home and it was only the afternoon.

Thomas 10

I went for a walk through the park I saw something that I never saw before. I went over to the gate was shut I opened it. I walked in they shut and locked I went on in to the darkness it looked like a graveyard. I saw my mum walk past I shouted at her but she didn’t hear me and it was getting late. My mum walked past so many times she was an ant. She walked over to me the gate opened she walked in BANG! The gate shut and locked what were we going to do.
My mum had her phone on her so she called my dad. He got here and the gate opened we ran out and were saved but my dad was in. We walked up it didn’t open he was as scared as an elephant is of a mouse. I looked at my dad he was crying.

Caitlin 10

It was the end of school and Jack was walking home with his mates. He had just passed the corner of his street, when he found a huge gate. His friends kept on walking, whilst Jack stared at the gate. He opened it. The gate was decorated with pretty bushes and crinkled leaves. Jack went down the steps, and went in the graveyard. It was a huge graveyard, but where were the gravestones? He looked around, curiously. “Hello!!” Jack yelled. No answer. There was a silence for a couple of minutes. Then there was a howl. Jack froze. “Who is there?!” No reply. He started to run. Faster and faster he started to run. He got to the gate, but the gate was locked! It must have locked by itself. As soon as he turned around BOOM! There were gravestones! “Whoa!” gasped Jack. It was as scary as a freaky, foul frog. He ran to the gate again and tried to open it. Still shut. Will Jack be trapped forever?

Kerr 10

I was stuck in a graveyard I could not get out. I was scared there was nothing to do; I was not strong enough to open the gate. I heard a noise in the background. You WILL NOT GET OUT OF HERE. It was a dark autumn night. The noise sounded like a witch in the sky. It was so dark could not see. Aaaa! I think I saw it. It was a witch. She was hairy scary and tickly. Ow! I have got an idea climb very quickly over the gate and then the witch will not get me. I tried it. I got to the top and then I fell. That was sore. I fell she is getting closer and closer No she got me! I tried to kick her off. She was so strong. dadada! YES the gate opened. I’m free. First I need to get her off me. She flew away. I got out. Yes I’m free!

Blair 11

Philly was locked in the scary abandoned house. No one has lived in the house for eighty seven years. Suddenly, the dark green bushes started to close in. Philly wanted to go outside to the enchanted forest.
Two hours later he got squashed. His arm broke he had to get out but how? He thought to himself. Swoosh the gate swung open Philly was in now in the enchanted forest with all the orange autumn leaves on the ground and it was dark. He had to go back through the house. Philly came over his fears and went through the house. He the kitchen and he saw his mum and lots of children and adults and they all shouted Happy Halloween .The party was as fun as a bouncy castle.

Keira 10

I was walking through the graveyard and when I got to the exit gate it was locked. I was banging and shaking the gate but still nothing was happening! I was freaking out I didn’t know what to do.
Later on that day I was still stuck there thinking of what to do. Nobody has walked past and I started to cry because I was stuck in a freaky and spooky graveyard. I tried to climb the gate but I kept slipping and falling down. I screamed for help but silence hung in the air. All the leaves were falling on me.
It is starting to get dark and cold. I am shivering like when I get out of the swimming pool. I am really scared now because I am alone with no street lights. Then at seven o’clock precisely an old man came and unlocked the gate. I was as happy as I have ever been and I walked home and told my mum but she didn’t believe me.

Manjo and Carl 8 and 7

There was a tall big metal gate that I stood in front of. Everyone said that an old witch that turned children in to frogs and ate them lived there in the house behind the gate. I went there because my ball went over the fence when we were playing baseball. I pushed and struggled to open the heavy spooky gate. Maybe the witch left her broomstick outside the gate which I could use to fly over the gate. So I searched and I found a broom behind the oak tree. I mounted it but it didn’t do anything. “Maybe the broom only flies for its owner”, I said to myself. It started to get dark so I turned away from the old gate towards home.

Robbyn 9

It was the 31st of October and I was in a dark place where there was a closed black gate. Outside there were two trees. I was in a graveyard and it was Halloween. As it became dark I sat there wondering what would happen if I tried to climb out of the graveyard. So I tried to get out and the gate swung open and I went flying and I hit my head off a grave. It was Guy Fawkes grave. I was so scared because it was dark and it was Halloween. I was so scared I thought ghosts were breathing on me. So I ran and shouted, “Help! Help me!”

Tyla 12

All I remember is the sound of two cars smashing into each other…
Every foot step I made sent a chill up my back, making it hard for me to stand without losing my balance.

Everything’s starting to get so bright, the bushes are being covered in white beautiful flowers and I’m controlling my balance as I walk towards a massive unordinary gate. Then suddenly, as I put one hand on the gate, a powerful wind blew my hair backwards as if someone were pulling my hair aggressively. I then look back and see a glowing outline of a tall female but with what looked like two huge wings on her back.

“Why are you following me?” I asked nervously.
“I’m sorry, do you feel uncomfortable with angels guarding you, as you make your final steps towards the gate into heaven?” the angel replied with a grin

Dion V 13

As I walked into this horrific palace I spotted a wicked witch that wouldn’t stop laughing. Although I heard a loud scream, I knew what that meant murder, the horror house blood everywhere, there was knifes everywhere I was scared to take a step. The ongoing noises, the screams, and of course the dramatic screams of people getting murdered. Finally the cops arrive I thank them for taking the horrific killer, the town has been settling down, now that the killer has gone, everyone has calm down. HA HOO! I couldn’t believe that the murderer had come back once again to kill. Ahhhhhh! suddenly I heard another scream, he was at it again. The killer has striked again, there was no time to lose, all I need is to lose him and get out of here.

Sophia A 12

The sky suddenly took a turn for the worst. Gale force winds rose in minutes. Clinging on to my mother, who was struggling to stand, we were swept into a hedge. The jagged metallic lock rattled against the steel gate. When my mother stumbled, she smacked her head on the freezing cold concrete.

Seeing my mother knocked out cold, makes me feel sick to my gut. Within seconds I’m in a flashback! Confused on what’s happening, I see a vision of the exact place where we were before.

I slowly get to my feet sore with pain rushing to every part of my body. Sliding my foot forward, I approach the gate with a key in my hand from around my neck. Sliding the key into the opening of the paddock, wondering if this key would fit? a perfect fit!

The dark grey chain drops to the foggy floor below.

Farhad 13

”Run, run, run, the wolves are coming”, a man said!!! Everybody ran to the gate and tried to open it. “Scary” the man shouted!!! We all ran to the gate, but nobody opened it because the gate was big. Everybody was scared from the wolves and the dark. All the people tried to run away from the wolves, but they can’t run away from them because the gate was locked.

Outside is really dark to you can’t see the grass’s colour. All Children are crying, but a boy wasn’t and he said on the back and thinking how to save people from the wolf. “I have an idea” the boy shouted. All people looked to him. “What is your idea”, they asked. The boy looked to the wall and said, “We can jump over the wall if we help each other”.
After all this, the boy saved his people

Chelsea B 11

Placing my feet on the gray pavement, I knew that I would have to start a new adventure.

I walked closer and closer to the gate; I saw a padlock, my hopes dropped. I pressed my hands against the gate, magically the gate swung open, hitting the hedge behind. I stepped passed the gate, placing my toes on the vibrant green grass. I turned to my right and saw a humongous castle, and then started to walk towards it. There was a three metre door that I could see, I ran then came to an instant halt, there was a man walking inside the building with funny shaped ears. The door closed, I quickly followed him inside. The door creaked open; I heard voices that came from the only lit up room in the castle. I saw a shadow come closer towards me. I had nowhere to hide.

Boyd M

walking through a dark forest clueless of where i am going a mysterious yet inviting gate. I looked through the gate I could see a wide open land. I tried to open the gate but my hand felt a pad lock inbetween the gate bars. I looked around and I unexpectedly found the pad lock key lying in the bushes. I picked it up and I unlocked the gate. I walked through the aged bars and all that is behind it was an open empty space. I thought it will be exiting but really it blew all the fun.

Shania B 11

It was a cold winter’s night, the dull, misty air feels the overcast atmosphere. The leaves on the trees sway side to side as the gentle breeze blows calmly in a peaceful way. However below all that gentleness was a gate. A mysterious gate was closed tight. No matter how many times you try pick lock the rusty gate it would just remain sealed shut.
Meanwhile an innocent, friendly girl comes strolling past along. With no adult and no friend to supervise her. Her name- Telilah, she was eager and loved to explore. Her hair was in cute piggy tales with a red, dotted bow on the side. Telilah had a face of an angel with a wonderful smile.
As Telilah trotted by the gigantic gate she held a special key her gran had given to her and said” If you spy a tall rusty looking gate use this key.!” Telilah revealed the great, golden key from her pocket, and inserted it in the hole, with a simple twist and turn. The gate unlocked. Talilah wandered inside. There was a sign – ‘Drop the key and turn away, if you touch this land you will pay!’

This really instigated shivers down Talilah’s spine, but shook her head and carried on. Out of the woods a shadow appeared. She started to run faster. The shadow moved quickly towards her faster than she….

Dillon S 9

I woke up. Skyscrapers were floating through the air majestically. I look over the edge. It’s high up here. I stagger. I stumble. And down I go. I float from under the water. Palm trees surrounding me. Water was gleaming from the hot rays of the sun waterfalls and birds chirping nicely, spring water fresh and smells nice. I came out from under a rock. I hop on the train. On the train it is like a racing car. Man, you should’ve seen my drifts. I even jumped THE ROAD. The life… I walk in. up the stairs. Look over the balcony. Playing with toys. Sitting by the fire, eating chips. Safe. Alone. “Nothing can hurt me now.

Audrey C 11

I was dawdling through a dark, mossy tunnel which seemed like an old abandoned subway. I was walking for what felt like days which was only a few hours. Then suddenly I see a faint light in the distance. I decide to pick up the pace, a pace my body has never been able to manage before. I reach a great metal gate. The scenery behind the gate was beautiful. There were lush green grass, bushy trees & a sky that is a gorgeous light shade of blue. Although the sky was so blue it might have been fake but I just shook it off. I looked back at the gate to see an unlocked padlock. It looks like someone has been here before. But still without hesitation I open the gate to be sucked into what seems like a dark & suspicious portal…

Karlsyn G 10

Jack approaches a gate and there’s darkness around him. There’s moss all over the wall. He only see’s one light that was powered out. He heard the gate creaking. He heard fighting on the other side. Then he had decided that he would go through the gate. So he walked through then everything suddenly froze. He turned around and the gate was gone. Jack then saw that everything un-froze and saw portals with big monsters wrestling. He ran around the place screaming because he was trapped there forever. He saw his dead father and mother and it was like he was in heaven. So he decided to stay and wrestle the big monsters. Jack asked his dead father how he died and he said that he died by wrestling a massive monster! He decided not to wrestle until he was forty. He turned forty and died by wrestling monsters.

Taylah-Jane 13

Stepping towards the big black gates, a cold wind brushes through my hair.
My mind trembles at the thought of approaching the mysterious gloom ahead.
A strange yet calming song rings in my head. I slowly push out my arm, and reach for the padlock. Instantaneously the black metal type bars swing back with ease. Frozen, I don’t know how to take this. My feet stumble and I fall directly onto the cold concrete. Taking advantage of a new experience, my legs push me up and I dash faster than I ever thought I could. A horrific silhouette follows me home. I try to make out what figure is mysteriously creeping behind me. I am still left with the horrendous thought of… How did those gates open, with just the touch of my hand?

Nadia K 10

Lucy Chambers Had only one choice, to look for her father that had been missing. For a decade now. Father said that he would be back in another fortnight in search for Aunt Clarisa’s death in 1995.
One day, when Lucy went out on a stroll down to the park her mother had come across a man wearing a top hat with a walking stick who said “What happens in the park stays in the park!” with one of his eyes half open.
Then, the old man walked over towards the black, old, rusty gate with inside of the gate was some sot of park back in the historical day.(BUT IT WASN”T)
“Father, father, where have you been for all these past ten years”
Then Lucy looked around and realised that wasn’t the only person there.

Paige H 13

The towering black gates shadowed over me, in the most intimidating way. A strange silhouette started creeping along the cracked stone path, towards the steel bars. The wind howled at me as the old padlock creaked open, a masculine figure appeared in front of my eyes. The large figure made his way slowly towards the front door of the old run down house. His heavy footed stride, ripped moss from the path, leaving footprints to follow. My shaking hands couldn’t be more noticeable; I held my breath and quickly found a thick Oak tree to hide behind. My heart raced against time, I was desperate to find a way to stay safe and get help… Both necessities were impossible right now, so instead I managed to carve a small hole beneath the back of the Oak’s roots. At this point I realised, my safety is being compromised, and soon I could be fighting for my life.

Kara 12

As I approached the gates, my heart pounds. No one knew what was beyond the gates until this very day.
I walked closer to the gates and cautiously opened them, waiting for something to surprise me. It’s not every day you see something like this.
Every one in the neighbourhood was terrified to even walk past the gates. I wasn’t, I was going to be the first to open the gates.
As the clouds hovered over head, I feel scared but not frightened. I had a look around, and then I realized a sign, that was there long ago. There is was just the closed up park. It is at that point I saw kids rapidly shaking the gate. I say to myself am I the only person that has the key. Yet there may be more to be found. As I have done what no others could do

Brooke 13

The grass is dying slowly beneath me as the wind howls with anger. The gate is shut tight. The trees move as if they’re trying to grab me. No one dares step one inch inside the gate. The padlock lays silently open waiting for its next victim. Giving a few brutal shoves, the gates creak open, finally. My friends watch by the trees. Stumbling down the steps into the fog. This place is really spine-chilling; I just want to get the dare over and done with. Hearing things moving in front of me. I slowly start walking backwards. I see its shadow moving in the fog. I try sprinting from it but I’m stuck frozen, suddenly it grabs me by the ankle. I scream,” help “my friends think it’s a joke. It has a tight grip, is this a nightmare, whatever it is I want it to stop!

Harry S 13

as I wake up the dark, gloomy sky shines upon my face; slowly I get with a sense of amnesia striking my brain. I think to myself how did I get to this mysterious place, when I turn around I see four pathways all leading different ways. Three of the paths lead into a dark, gloomy abyss, except for one that leads to a field.

I start briskly moving to the exit to see a fence blocking my way. I start slowing down to see that the fence is latched shut by an old, corroded padlock. I wrestle the lever open with my bare hands. The lock drops to my feet, the fence opens by its self, I walk through slowly not knowing what is going to happen.

I start hearing a beeping noise in my head, beep, beep, beep; I wake up to find it was only a dream.

Iona 10

As I walked through the rusty crooked black gate. I could feel my hands shake like a volcano about to explode. Then BANG the gate slammed shut, I ran over to it but it was locked. As I walked down the dark path a shiver went down my spine.
An hour later the clock struck one. The big clock tower dinged away. I turned around and saw someone. He came closer. He whispered in my ear you will never get out of here, I felt him breathing on my neck his breath was like hot lava. I turned around, he wasn’t there. I heard him again echoing in my head. But he wasn’t there, no one was there. I screamed as loud as a lion roaring it was truly terrifying. I felt creepy crawlies climbing up my back. I had to get out of there. Somebody walked past. I screamed and they helped me out. But when I looked back down the dark path………

Keira 10

It was five o’ clock near dawn. I went for a walk in the park. My friends ran ahead. I screamed, “Wait up guys.” They kept running, running and running. It was like they were pretending I wasn’t there. Finally I got to the gate and BANG! The gate shut. I was horrified, it was like a horror film but only I was acting in it. My friends asked each other where is Keira? I screamed, “I’M HERE HELP ME.” They all looked back to me. I said, “Help me open the gate”. They pulled, pulled and pulled but it just didn’t move. One of my friends ran back to get an adult but they didn’t get back till dawn. Finally at seven thirty my mum came. She pulled, pulled and pulled but it still didn’t move. At eight fifteen it opened and I screamed squeakily.

Emily 10

Screech! The gate swung open. “Hey guys wait up.” I walked through the gate. Nobody ever goes in the grave yard. I walked up to where my Gran’s grave stone is. Suddenly everything started spinning. I woke up in a white room. When I opened my eyes everything was blurry. “You can’t be seen,” a strange voice said to me. When my eyesight was back to normal I was in the graveyard.
I was an ice block. I ran to tell my friends what had happened. “Hey guys you will never guess wha…” they were gone. I looked around. The park was closed. A sign on the gate said “Open on Halloween 2014.” I had travelled back in TIME! I was terrified what if I never got back? Now I knew what he meant by ‘you cannot be seen’. I ran over to the grave. Then before I knew it I was back in 2014. “Hurry up,” yelled my friend. I was glad to be back.

Ciaran 10

“I need to get to the bomb”, I thought, “If I don’t get there in time the whole town will be blown to smithereens!” I was at the gate but this time it was locked! “HELP!!” I shouted but there was no one there.
I started looking for the key in all the graves but it was not there. “Ten minutes left”, I thought. My heart was pounding like this boom boom boom boom boom boom. “Finally I have found the key,” I said to myself. “Oh no, only 30 seconds left!” then KABOOM!! I tried to open my eyes but they were stiff. Then my eyes opened. I was falling through nothing then I landed on boiling hot sand. “HOT HOT!” I exclaimed. “WWWhere am I?” I realised I was on a massive beach in daylight.

Breanna 10

I was walking home from school with my friend. We went past a garden. It was abandoned. So we went to the gate. We saw a dog. We went through the gate and we went to the house with the dog. We went in the house and we heard a noise. It was as loud as an ambulance. We went rushing to the gate. We went out of the gate but we were in the house. We looked at the trees, the leaves all on the floor. We went back to the gate. I went in the gate. I was at the back of the house. I saw a shadow as dark as midnight. I screamed! My friend came. I was surprised. How did we come back to the house? I went back to the gate. I went through it. How strange! It let me out. It locked. I took the dog home.

Haydon 10

I was walking home when I saw a graveyard. I looked horrified and empty. I wanted to go in then I saw a gate. It was locked then I climbed the gate. It was dark as the midnight. I walked down a couple of steps they were damp and slippery. There were holes in the wall. Then I heard a BANG! I shuddered I saw a beam of light coming through the sealing. Then I saw a guy in black clothes. I started to run but he was too fast, very fast faster than lightning. OUCH! I ran into him suddenly he disappeared .I ran to the gate. I finally escaped.

Liam B 12

I was running.
Running for my life.
I had to get there.
Before anyone else.
I was running… to the haunted mansion auction!
I had to get there! I wanted it!

Once I got there, they were just starting the auction. The first guy said he was going to give a unicorn for the house, and that’s when I realised my competition was pretty stiff. And then I put up my hand and said a million dollars, but the auctioneer wanted the unicorn. I then put my hand up and said a rainbow, and won the house!

40 years later…

I’m still living in this house. I think I am losing my mind. So it turns out the house was haunted.
Earlier today, I saw a figure looking at me around a corner. It turns out it was the auctioneer who had ate the rainbow and went crazy!

Samuel Wright 12

I couldn’t wait to get out of this creepy house! There were pineapples everywhere attacking me from all directions. I was suddenly on the ground and I couldn’t get up. There were pineapples on top of me. Even though I was in extreme danger of suffocation I still really wanted to eat those juicy looking pineapples but I needed to escape! I tried to open the old, rusty gates but they wouldn’t budge. There was no way for me to escape…

Erick 11

Hidden behind the dark, rusty gate lays a mighty beast sitting down waiting for a brave, mighty person to challenge him! Suddenly, a person entered the rusty gate and knew that if he went through, he couldn’t go back out until he defeated the mighty beast waiting for him up ahead in the misty cave! Once he entered, the rusty gate suddenly closed right after he entered and had been lock by a magical spell! He went on through the misty cave to face his darkest fear!

Dash 12

Once, there was a simple garden. It may have been basic, but it was pleasant nonetheless. Though seemingly uncared for, many beautiful things grew there. Ripe fruit hung from trees and bushes, and bright flowers bloomed all around. The only twist was that all of it was completely poisonous and could be fatal if ingested or so much as brushed the wrong way. This garden represented temptation – look, but do not touch.

Sophie 12

I wanted to see for myself where that figure had been going. It had looked like a man, a cloak swaying from his broad shoulders. I carefully opened the rusty gate, as not to let out a creak and draw attention. I stepped through. On this side of the gate the clouds were low and the trees were moulting. Then I saw what I had come for. A small, wooden hut lay perched on the side of the meadow. I headed towards the hut to get a better view. I could see already the timber was rotting and the windows were gathering cobwebs. Suddenly the figure emerged from the back of the hut and I jumped behind a bush. But it was too late. The figure had caught sight of me…

Gus 12

BANG! The gates slam shut.
“Well, let’s pray to god that this is the day we get our family and lives back,” I whispered, not wanting to wake whatever might be in the “arena”. Jack and I scampered off into the darkness. This was a suicide mission as my friends said before we set off. But we were hoping our months of training would pay off.
We saw a spark of light in the distance…our first task…The Chase…

May 11

I walked steadily on the moss-covered stone path to the rusty gates of the park. Fresh autumn leaves glided gently down and nestled on the grass. The walls were dark and gloomy, but what lay beyond them on the locked gates was paradise compared to this black space. Suddenly, I ran forward and barged right against the gates, willing the lock to bust. It was like once I had the idea that I could escape, it stuck in my mind that I just had too, though the park seemed less and less vibrant each time I tried. But then I stopped, and turned around. A dark shape that resembled a human stood there with piercing green eyes…

Shalini 11

“Hey Jo. Pass the frisbee to me,” I shouted. I was facing back from the gate of the mysterious, viney hallway probably leading to a castle. I jumped up and I missed it. I tried to jump as high as I could but it was too high. I rang the door bell the lady asked who it was. “My name is Ava,” I said. “My frisbee landed onto your lawn. Can I have it back?” She said, “No! End of conversation!” and then I walked away with a thought. “I hope I can get another Frisbee.”

Ashlene 12

Swish… Swish… ‘Where am I?’ I thought. Confused and slightly conscious, I stood up wearily as the colossal trees and walls surrounded me. Blinking slowly I leaned against the humongous bushes that kept the shining light from coming in. As I pivoted to the gate, I wondered how I could escape this mysterious place. ‘I wonder who put me here and I wonder what they want?’ A man I hadn’t seen before who was sitting in the corner, arose and started to approach me. I backed up. I heard whispers. Whispers of children dreading and longing to get out get out of this prison.

Tobias 11

BOOM! The heavy, crude, cast-iron gates slammed shut, excluding the spooky house from the outside world and shutting out the light creating a ghastly picture right in front of me. The big trees outside cluster my view of the house. The sun went behind a cloud, and out of the shadows appeared…a pink fluffy magical rainbow unicorn!

Ben 11

Astonishingly, as soon as I woke up, I was behind a mysterious looking gate with two trees ahead of it. I turned around; there was just a stone wall. I obviously had to walk through the gates. I approached it, filled with fright, knowing I would regret it. I slowly opened them. It screeched as I turned the gate leading to a hell home. I looked around, on the left hand side was a path and on the right hand side was a haunted looking house. I didn’t feel like going towards the path because it could go on forever, but if I went through the house I could die. At least if I go in I will die whilst filled with dignity. I walked into the house and saw a creepy looking flight of stairs. I walked up them and saw a photo. It said ‘you are too late…’

Lochlan G 10

I woke up and I was trapped in a steel gated maze. There was a younger boy there with me. I asked him what his name was but he just stared at me as if I was talking gibberish. I got up and tried to climb but it was no use so I ran round the maze looking for the way out. As I were running round the maze I came across a small door way. I got down on my knees and crawled my way through a misty hole that led me in to a small house. I looked around and that’s when I saw a terrible mess it was a dead baby with a mark on it’s for head. It looked like an ancient hieroglyphic that came from Tutankhamun ages (which was only about twenty years). Someone or something was behind me. I turned round and there it was.

Cory 11

In the year 2008 there was a ninja called zane and he was trapped in an unknown prison with enemies that were planning to invade the world. But he doesn’t know that there in the prison but they know he’s in the prison. When Zane started walking down the stairs he saw a chest that had light glowing out of it so he walked over to have a look in it. Then he saw an alien walking past him and the alien started chasing after him with a sword in his hand trying to capture him and there was an other alien chasing him as well then he got caught. When the aliens took him back to the jails at there camp they made him eat 18 spiders and then shoved worms in his mouth for 18 hours and then they didn’t feed him for 48 hours. The next day they let Zane go.

Calum 10

One day I was stuck in jail and I’ve been trying to get out ever since. I came in and you would understand if you were me but you’re not so you don’t know how I felt. But never got passed a certain gate and it needed a special key to open it but it is on guards belt every time I get it I get court and taken to a further cell so I have to sneak passed the guards and there are like 49 of them and it gets harder every time because there comes more but right now there are 49 exact spot on 49 guards. But only today is it that I got out and freedom and I’ve remembered since.

Sam F 11
One day I found an old pair of gates could this finally be freedom so let me tell you how I got here one day me and my mother got separated in a maze I walked for I don’t know how long but I never found here. But now was my chance to escape me carefully examined the gate there was a slim foot hole so I climb I not after falling a lot by the end of the day I felt like giving up but I spent too much time and effort to give up now after a hole day of trying I made it over and there was my dad waiting there as if it was planned with my mum I ran to here and she said ‘’were have you been like it had only been a though minutes. But that what it felt like to a kid

Nathan J 10

I was walking to church to get rid of my bad sins. I was nearly there until I saw a new path and gate so I walked through. I went in-between two trees and I saw children playing. It was a memory that I like of me and my friends playing Frisbee. Somehow I played with them for 15 hours. I found out that it was a new way to get to the new church. People who lived in the church called the field memory field because it brings back memory. I got rid of my bad sins at the new church and went back home.

Elliot D 11

Sssshhh, the bushes whistled whilst the leaves sprang to a leap next to the old, creaky gateway into the darkest cemetery of all.
Everyone, well my theory is that everyone should be scared of the cemetery, because one night a teenager around sixteen or seventeen left home one night and didn’t return. I’ll start from the beginning a teenager went out one night to remember her grandad and mysteriously she heard a ‘CRACK’. She examined the area and questioned who is there? What are you? Are you an animal? She heard no reply, so she ran until she could hardly breathe. She had her note book with her so wrote the events of that night, and this is how I know this remarkable story. She ran through a forest right beside the cemetery and made a, bright sparkling, camp fire. Then she heard a growl and suddenly, she was gone…

Hannah W 10

One day a careless god called Death roamed the earth searching for adventure. He then found himself upon the mighty stone vail which the gates were bound by all of his brothers. Only War remained; he had been searching for the chosen one .When destiny and peace passed into the hands of the crow father, their powers passed onto a young boy. Death’s nephew Oculus had absorbed all the power of his father and uncle. Oculus sought the vail and was elated to hear his uncle will accompany him on this reckless journey.
Oculus rode on Deaths horse Despair held on tightly. When the journey ended Oculus wondered of looking for chests hiding valuable weapons. They then walked to the gates of the vail. Oculus started to act weird he would close his eyes and think of the gate to be open and it opened. Death and Oculus were astounded…

Tyler 10

Sam and Bob are getting ready for the school race. They were running around the park. Bob tripped and fell into a bush. He started to get up but then slipped in mud and rolled down a hill into a gate. The gate was old and rusted Bob tried to walk through the gate he tried flying over the gate he even tried eating the gate.
Sam was looking all over for Bob but then Sam fell down the hill into the gate. Sam was smarter than Bob. Sam opened the gate by pushing it. Bob and Sam walked through the open gates into a huge garden owned by a rich man Bob and Stan got kicked out.

They came last in the school race.

Katie 10

Me and my friends live near some gates to a castle. People say the castle is the most haunted place in the world but we always thought it was the grave yard in the garden of the castle. Or the story someone told us. They said that a young family lived behind them gates. But they had a pond in the garden but the children were playing tag until they fell in to the pond the parents did not see it and they walked backwards and fell in so now they haunt the castle. Poppy, Tali and I did not believe in it tough .We fought it was just a flood thought because the gates were covered in moss we tried to climb the mossy gate once it was the 15 time we tried we got over we ran to the castle we entered I cried I don’t want to go.

Lillie H 10

I was locked inside these gates I’ve been in jail for about 5 months and it was today when my mum was coming to pick me up. I waited till about 12:30 and then my mum didn’t show up, I was worried know. I sat outside all night waiting then the lady who was looking after me she came outside and said I thought you were going home I said my mum was supposed to pick me at 12:30 but I waited and waited but she never shown up the lady who was looking after me said oh poor you . you were really where looking forward to be going home today weren’t you I said yes and then she said lets go in so I was walking in and then toot I turned around and there was my mum I ran right up to her she said I have missed you I said I have to and then we went home

Libby M 10

one day me and my friends were playing football in the park. We were playing in teams it was me and my friend Oscar and we were against my other friends Mia and Sam. Sam belted the ball really hard and it ended up in the Adams front garden. The Adams were the worst people ever. The kids Lola and Rodric bully me and my friends at school and their mum is the head teacher of our school so when ever we told her about their kids bullying us she would give us detention. No one wanted to go in and get it because they were scared that Lola and Rodric would hurt them. We did rock paper scissors to decide who was going in to get the ball I lost and had to go in to get it. I climbed over the gate and got the ball but dogs came out and started barking at me I ran like mad and luckily got out just in time.

Kieran 10

I walked into a house like no over hoping that I could run because the fear of the past is kill me one part at a time. I’ve always ran but a long time ago I lost everything in a night it all happened when my long lost sister returned with a new illness that gave her two weeks to live so I robbed the gate’s there richest people a live but that’s the day my life ended .

Tali V 10

The opening door of the jail is like warmth in the frosty wind beckoning you out. The green sneaky bushes threaten you like a murderer in the dark. When you first see those creaky gates rattling in the wind, you run wild with excitement not caring about the officers. They drag you into jail once again for not being trustworthy. Fighting and fighting against the strong muscles but you never win. Now it’s been one whole year and they’re letting me out again, this time I’ll keep myself straight and not let excitement strike me. We walk through the maze of hedges that go on for ages. The gates open, they are opening to freedom. I couldn’t help but run. I lurked in the backstreets waiting for scraps to eat. People look for me now but it is a mystery now I committed suicide on myself. I’ll be gone forever.

Muhammad Umair 10

Ever wondered what it would be like in Parallel Earth? Well, you’re about to find out!

Yes, here I am running out of this building because I have seen something too terrifying to explain. I never want to see it again. Never ever! I was running for my near-to-end life until BANG!

I crashed into a large, metal door. Drat! The door was locked!
“Wait a minute! If this is Parallel Earth then everything is opposite!” I shouted as courageous as a lion. I looked at the cage and realised the key was on my side! I looked back and saw it! It was staring at me. Then BAM! I lied on the floor with eyes closed. But that wasn’t the end! Oh no!! This story just got started!

Zineerah 10

Shimmering and glistening lay my pearl. I always kept it around my neck.

“Where was it? Where had it gone?” I looked everywhere. But at the foot of my bed was a letter. It said that your pearl is in the haunted gate. Also it said that if you want it come to get it. However it said that if you don’t get out with in two minutes you will be locked forever!!!

So I went. Moments later I was in. Hello, um hello is anyone there. I looked around, there it was. But before I could get it. Bang the gates were shut.

Yahya 11

The park was silent. Deadly silent. I walked over to the gate and pushed it. Nothing. There was a tap on my shoulder. I spun around. There standing before me was a bandaged mummy. I had only heard about mummies in Egyptian stories. Suddenly fear ran down my spine.
“Hello sonny. Do you know where Ramses’ palace is?” he asked.
“No.” I said totally bewildered. With a loud CRACK the mummy vanished.
“Wow” I muttered.” Who is HE?”
“It is I young boy. I the scribe of Ramses III. “Said a grumbling voice. Before I could turn around, there was a scream. When I turned round, I promptly fainted.
When I came to my senses I was in a buzzing hospital. I went over to a nearby nurse and asked if I could leave. Before she said anything she vanished. Something strange is going on I thought. I better investigate…

Aleesha 11

I was there lying under the bear tree. It was autumn. I was just throwing a ball and catching it, t was all peaceful and calm. Suddenly a black cat appeared. It had bright green eyes, black fur and a pink colour which said Devila, then I realised she was a girl. She came close to me. She had a note on her which said “follow me”. I followed her through a peaceful wood I was enjoying my self until all of a sudden I came to a grand gate the cat went through .I stopped for a second the cat stated purring at me. I went through the large gates. As I went through the gates slammed behind me. I was scared. When I looked behind myself the cat had disappeared. There was no way out.

Asad M 11

As I approached the mysterious and ancient gate, I stopped and turned around to check if I could still hear the cackle. Luckily I could not although I had that feeling which told me to turn to the gate and make a sly escape. Glancing at the walls on both sides of me, they were covered in moss and the gate made a creak as I opened it. Gradually, I stepped out and something or someone grasped my arm. Maybe I went to sleep because I don’t actually know what happened after that…

Abdullah.p 11

It was the night of a full moon.
Cautiously, I sat up and looked around the gloomy, fear revealing alley. I peered behind me and saw a pair of red, blood-coloured eyes glaring at me.
I got up speedily and sprinted as fast as I could down the cold, damp alley .I skidded ’round the corner so quickly I nearly lost my footing but I regained it and began, once again, to run.
I came to an old, rusty, steel gate and tried to yank it open. It was locked. What would I do?
I rotated slowly on my heels and came face to face with a grey, dark-haired, sharp-toothed, snarling werewolf

Atiyyah 11

I’m scared scared as ever because I don’t know how many days I’ve been here. Running quickly. Uh oh it’s a dead end!

I swiftly turned and before me stood an ancient, rusty gate. Should I open it ? I can’t. I need to gather ALL my courage first.

Walking up the gritty, dirty stairs gave me a cold shiver down my spine. The gate was as tall as a giraffes’ neck.

The walls around were emblazoned with moss. The walls were wide yet humongous! I quickly scanned the area and it was creeping me out.

Finally, I gathered the courage to open the gate. The gate creakily slowly opens; I could not do anything but to escape…

Sanah 10

The gates of the mysterious area creaked open and I reluctantly entered!

I could hear screeches and screams, wails of agony, people laughing hysterically at me! Suddenly I saw it …
a horrendous, hideous monster. Slowly I gulped and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. My screams tore the leaves apart- The green eyed monster flew after me. Suddenly I ran over a dead body, the body sucked me in. This hurt me it was a sort of deadly pain. In a split second all I could hear was the monster laughing at me. There was my precious blood splattered everywhere! Now I am one of those souls which you can hear when you open these doors.

Arfa.J 11

I was going to the park to play when I tripped over a rock near the humongous trees that were really tall. As I got up to carry on walking something was making a strange sound from the left side of me so I turned around to see what it was.

Suddenly, the gate creaked open and welcomed me inside it felt like I was possessed .I was feeling all funny and weird what was happening to me?


The gates were locked with ten chains. Was I dreaming or was this real?

Here’s what happened. I was walking to the shops whilst I was throwing my coins up and down. Suddenly I tripped over a stone and my coins fell and rolled through the gates into the haunted garden. I was so scared I thought should I go or should I not then I realised I need to get my coins back because they were precious. As soon as I got in the gates, they were locked with ten chains. Fast as I could I ran to the gates and quickly climbed up and tried to escape from the person in the black cape. Luckily I didn’t and I was shot down really badly with a gun.

Fatima M 10

As I peered through the antique, rusty, iron black gate from my dark dull passage; I saw two empty trees. The leaves rustled and it was like the trees were waving ‘HELLO’ to me.

I was frightened and cold, it was a dark dull sky. The thunderstorm was just about to burp. I was in prison as I had been a criminal. I am in guilty and I still stand alone to this day in this dark dull passage with a beautiful view in front of my eyes.

Sana A 11

I used to think that the forest was a delightful and happy place to visit, but not anymore. Not after the gruesome death of Emily Anderson. No one would dare to step foot in a wintery forest again.
It all began on a foggy winter’s night and Emily was building a large snowman in the forest. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a solid black gate. Confused, she went up to it and entered. In a flash, a black evil wolf with fire red eyes ran as fast as lightning and ate her juicy flesh. Blood was splattered everywhere! From that moment until today, her frozen body remains rotting in the forest where nobody knows.

Teyyab M 11

As I entered the mysterious maze, Big Ben struck midnight like never before. The freezing cold wind shivered down my spine. As I started walking, I heard a bark, I stopped. Happily, it was a dog outside the maze; I thought dogs don’t appear at midnight!

Sneakily, I started tip-toeing; as I was tip- toeing I heard a howl! Soon I heard a gun! BANG!!! From that moment I saw blood oozing on the floor.1 hour later, I soon realised I was in the middle. I thought to myself, what should I do? Weirdly, I tried to camouflage to the side of the maze; then I thought no – one will be here at this time so I went and carried on walking. At last, I reached the exit; it was morning…

Emily R 7

it was sunny. And I was in the park, when suddenly I saw a crusty gate. In the gate was a haunted house. It looked spooky! Then I said to myself, there’s a ghost. Then a vampire appeared, there were lots of cobwebs. Seriously, I saw a see-through witch with a mole on her nose. Then the man in the house said, “Do you want a cup of tea?” and I said, “I don’t mind if I do.” Then the witch followed me into the creepy house. In the house was a forest. It was 3D, with vampires walking along, and cobwebs. “Why is your house so spooky?” I asked the man. The witch’s legs were as spiky as a hedgehog. While I was drinking my cup of tea, I was walking around the house, it was really scary. Then a door opened and there was a Halloween train. There was ghost trolls. It was as scary as a ghost whispering in my ear. It smelt like dusty cobwebs. That was that! I ran home.

Isabelle R 7

I went into a haunted park and I heard a loud Bang! I saw a spooky gate and it opened by itself. Then I heard a creepy noise and I got really frightened and I saw a magnificent witch. The witch saw me and I saw the witch, her nose was as sharp as scissors. She looked mysterious. Quickly, the witch walked closer to me, she even had a really big wart on her nose. She looked soooo ugly! Then the witch got her wand out and she turned the bushes into spiders. Finally, she went away. I was really scared, it was really creepy. I found myself in a maze and I walked around the maze. Then I got lost. I was terrified! I saw a vampire and it was chasing me and it bit me…

Logan 7

cautiously, I peeked around the corner of the hardest maze. First past piranhas! Next I jumped across the lillypads like a frog. I had to be careful because you can’t walk on water. I did it! There was the gate – Oh no! The gate was locked! I searched in the high hedges for the key. Then I saw a plate thing was on the floor I stood on it. I fell into a big hole. Chinese ghosts were flying like a bird I pulled off the cover there were birds everywhere they just got stuck in the covers. I pushed my way through the birds and escaped into the park.

Grace H 7

Casper and the graveyard
spookily, Casper was flying around on the scariest holiday of them all! Halloween. When the wind rustled it woke up Casper. Then when Casper was awake the gate was creeking. Casper saw children. He wanted to get out of the graveyard but he was stuck in the graveyard like a lion stuck in a cage … but then he saw a big girl and a small boy saying, “trick or treat?” The boy and girl got their candy from the house and came to the gate, the girl was dressed as a devil and the boy was dressed as a skeleton, then they came over and opened the gate to the graveyard and saw proper eyeballs. The boy and girl freaked out it was freaky the gate was creaking and there was smoke everywhere. They tried to run away, but the gate was locked…

Harley 7

I am looking for the lost tomb. I open the gate (oh and I forgot to tell you I’m half human and half zombie). Ok I’m in the cemetery now. Then I saw zombies so I oh you might not wanna know about this it’s gruesome! Next, I found the tomb saying “Don’t open!” Guess what? I opened it and found a zombie chasing after me. So I said “oook!” Oh and it had red blood all over it and manky teeth. I went to get it with my disintegrater; however, the zombie dodged it. I kicked it. It screamed as loud as a newborn. I hit it with my disintegrater. He dropped to his knees, I smelt him and he was dead!

Natasha 8

I was very excited because the circus came to our local park. The park gate creaked open. Then I saw the funny clown open the gate and he fell down the stairs. I heard the clown drive home in his red car (the car was driving away with all the fair rides) and the circus and everyone went. I said to my parents, lets go and find the clown and off they went. I saw the clown going round the corner and then he stopped at the front of my! and started taking fair rides into my garden! and it was like a fair was going on in my garden. Then my family came and said “Wow!” this is amazing!

Ethan 7

Spookily, a ghost called Whisper was in a rotten old grave in a graveyard next to a park. Whisper was terrified. He said “I am as quick as a mouse”. Randomly, he went to the gate. The gate teleported him to a haunted house. At the haunted house he met another ghost called Jasper. He was a very nice fellow. The house was massive. In there was a Chinese chef. He was called Billabow. There was something mysterious about him.
One spooky night, there was a discovery that the chef killed a ghost. Whisper said, “Good grief, why did we believe him?” Jasper and Whisper looked to see if they could spot him. Suddenly they spotted him. Luckily, Whisper splashed him with a potion of poisonous water. Billabow disappeared in a puff of smoke and Whisper fell back into his grave.

mamunur.r 10

Desperately i wanted to jump over the black and old fence. There were about 500 police after me and one Army Force Helicopter. The gate was locked. My feelings were running down my mind like a waterfall. My heart was beating as fast as a Buggati driving. At that moment i did not have a clue what to do or where to go. I had a plan i give the black and old gate a mighty old kick and it broke. After all what had happened I ran as fast as Usaint Bolt to Manchester and I had lost them even the Helicopter. I was as happy as a child would be when there mum or dad had bought them an ice cream.

Sarah 7

The ghostly graveyard…

At the end of a pretty park there is a ghostly graveyard. And in the ghostly graveyard is a ghastly ghost!
Spookily, Gladys the ghost tortured me and seized my brain. I was terrified! I ran away as fast as a cheetah because I was so scared. Later that day, I went back to the graveyard to see my Nan that was dead.
“How are you”?” Are you still a ghost “? I whispered.
I smelled the blood that Gladys drank.” Gladis you’re my Nan”! Later on me and Gladys went for a walk round the graveyard. I saw a gate. It was rusty and it rattled and clattered. Later on, I found a key, the key seemed to glow. What is happening today? “Oh, Oh, OH, I must be dreaming,” I think I was scared.

Charlie W 7

One day, when I was in the park, I was so excited because the gate opened!
Someone walked in. A stranger walked through the rusty crusty gates! The stranger pushed me over and I banged my head on the stairs behind me. “Ouch!”
His eyes were almost popping out, his face was dripping blood. He was hurting me.
Suddenly, I fell down the steps. Freezing frost was glistening on the rusty crusty gates. Ghostly, the frost came down from the rusty crusty gates. I felt like it was surrounding me. I was terrified. I ran back through the gate and the stranger was gone, back in to the castle.


When I walked out of the old creepy house I saw a gate an old rusty gate I tried to open it. BUT it wouldn’t open and I was stuck there forever

Daniel 9

I can’t lock the door! It’s too stiff! I screamed to my brother Jacob, My heart in my throat, the serial killer was getting closer by the second. Then, Jacob ran up to me and helped me close it. But the serial killer had stopped and was outside the gate starting to sob. What did he want? And who was he?

Evie 9

The mystery gate
This gate I would never touch, people say it’s haunted, it turns you into stone. Its creaks are heard from far away. The gate hides this beautiful garden which everyone wants to enter, but a witch cursed this garden so everyone that comes in has to be her friend and never goes out!!!!!!!!! DON DON DON .Well that’s the story I’ve heard. Hi my name is Eve and this is my diary if you’re reading this you’re a lucky person and you have obviously survived this horrible town.

Harry 9

I’m in an open field when I realise there is a small bar which I get closer to it and I hear the walls stretching I get closer and they have completely stopped I was very confused I climbed over the gate. And I saw some Blood I was very scared. I took a deep breath and walked closer then I heard some noises then I ran rapidly back to the gate I knew I was in trouble so I pressed my back against the gate and closed my eye I found an exit and walked out.

Elizabeth 8

It was a dark, windy night so I went out to check on the cat it was fine. Suddenly there was a big gush of wind and I got carried away too a different place the sun was glowing brightly everything was glowing brightly except a gate, a steel gate. Above the steel gate everything was turning navy black even the sky. I didn’t know what to do, open the gate or run away?

Jacob 8

The mystery gate
Dark, dark hedges were everywhere at the drive way. Daniel entered the graveyard through the rusty, old gate. The trees are swaying back and forth. Daniel thought it might be a private property and school. There was a big patch of grass inside it. Daniel wished he hadn’t gone in because it looked like people had come back to life. He saw a haunted house and a witch and all of the other monsters. The monsters kept singing “Hit me with your best shot”.
What do the monsters mean? Daniel got very scared and he thought he was about to die so he ran away out of the gate.

James 9

Walking through the gate I saw a wolf. The wolf looked hungry and I did not want to be on the menu so I flashed down to the creepy house. There were cob webs and I also saw two red eyes looking at me. I had no chance of surviving and then I thought I should have got eaten by the wolf.

Jax 9

The Mystery Gate
The freezing wind was killing Jake’s vision. He was almost across the park when he saw it; an abandoned gate which had been rusted.
Jake was curious so he climbed over the gate to check it out. When he got in, he found a pathway that led to a door that had lots of strange interesting stuff like bloody animals heads and stuff like that. But right then he heard a weird creepy sound and he didn’t know was going on. But he realised that the walls were closing in! He was going to get squished, so he climbed back over the gate and ran back to his house and never came back again.

Roman 9

At the dark, dark haunted house a man has been locked inside him banging the wall as hard as he can. Suddenly the gates fling open and people with white faces, fangs and capes came and started biting him. He fell unconscious. When he woke up, a week later, he had transformed into a vampire. By the time it was day he turn into fluff and DIED.

Tommy 9

“Hey what’s this?” Looking at a strange structure “I think it’s an abandoned maze” said Jacob. “Well c’mon let’s try it out” I said while I tried to climb over the rusty old gate which Jacob was thinking about it. “Jacob can you give me a lift?” Sure! “After a while they couldn’t get over so Jacob ran as fast as he could to his house.

Luca 12

As I approached the mysterious looking, overgrown gates, I was having a moments thought that I might never come back. As I was coming toward the suspicious gates I noticed something in my mind attempting to draw me away. But I couldn’t resist the temptation of going somewhere that I’d never been before. I prodded the gate to check I wasn’t dreaming. Then I realised how stupid I was to forget what my own house looked like.

Harrison 12

The heavy iron doors swung open with the lock and chain in my hands. I entered the courtyard over looking the huge mansion and made my way towards it. My legs started to tremble as I reached for the massive door knocker in the shape of a bat. It opened before my hand could touch it and the man standing there… he was terrifying! With a long jaw and claws for fingernails he mumbled in a deep Russian / Transylvanian accent “Vat do you Vant?” I gulped and said “I’m here about the… ice cream? His face lit up and joyfully said “Come in! I got a new flavour!” I smiled “What flavour?” “BLOOD!”…

Jasmine 12

Am I going to go back to the outside world ever again? My brain is blank, can’t think of any ways to go out. I tried everything, every time I touch or get close to that gate, I get burn. I am died inside already.
One day, I met an old lady, she told me if I want to go out, I need to go and find the Magic Clock which is in this unknown garden. So I can go back to the past.
I ran into the darkness, straight after she finished her last sentence. I keep running, towards the dark door at the end of the garden. I used all my power to open that door.
I found the clock, pushed down the arrow…
I am out!

Jack 12

As I wandered towards the black Iron Gate I hesitated, not because it wasn’t my own home but because of the dark damp passage way that brought me to the tall obsidian door. I knocked on the door. It was opened to a burly dark-haired man dressed like a vampire. “Trick or Treat” I howled like an excited chimpanzee.

Oscar 8

Dear diary,
You’ll never believe what happened to me but it’s true .I was walking to the church graveyard. The gates were open so I knew that I could go in. The gates were as black as coal but by the way they had been painted black.
I walked in OW, I banged my head, the gates had shut. I tried again. Now my head (really, really) hurt, I also felt dizzy! I jumped over! Then all of the zombies came to me, “Oh, hi dad.|” “HHHEEELLLOOO” he said! Oh look there’s your friends. I walked to them. AAAAHHHH! I fell into dads hole! Suddenly I was outside of the church, “BYE dad” I shouted.

Kaylan 8

I was walking down the dark spooky ally way. I saw some tall guards as tall as an elephant. I saw the haunted castle with splashes of blood on it. I tried to get through the gates but it was locked, they went GO AWAY. We went out and we saw a ghost. The gate was rusty, old and creaky. We decided to get the scary ghost. We had a plan. Our plan was …buy a net, get ghost food and scare the guards away. We made a checklist. We had everything on the checklist. We went to the castle and we said to the guards “BOO!” and they ran away, I said “Well that was easy.” We found the key under the mat quickly. We went into the castle. We got the net and waited for the ghost. Finally it came, we got the net and threw it on the ghost. Suddenly, it disappeared.

Anjum 10

It was a bright sunny morning, the sun was shining brightly on all the people. Helena, whose age is 10, loved going for adventures and solving mysteries, ESPECIALLY. In her town was a park which was believed to be haunted. Helena tried a lot of time to go in but someone would always come and stop her. Helena couldn’t bear it so she decided to secretly sneak in at night. It was all dark and gloomy when Helena reached the gate. She opened it. She saw fairies and pixies wondering around. She was really happy that it was full of nice stuff instead of evil. In the morning, she told all of the people what she had seen. The people decided to give her a chance. They opened the door and were full of excitement. From that day, all of the people came to play with the fairies.

Oliver 8

on stormy night the gate opened there was a haunted house where a vampire lived. The vampire he didn’t know it was haunted. it had lots of ghost in. when he went up to the attic he met a ghost and it sneaked up on him. he wasn’t scared . until the most horrible ghost came up on him and came and he felt freezing the cold made a draft he was so scared his heart pounded ever since he refused to return. After one thousand years the house was haunted since twelve thousand years. He moved out to a different house but it was very haunted. He wanted to go back to his it was house but it was sold and somebody was living in it.

Venicha 10

At Friday afternoons Samara goes to a new garden. But this garden is very different. The air was clean and fresh also Samara could see lots of things like tall trees. The grass was as green as. Samara couldn’t imagine how wonderful it was. The gate looked extremely dirty it got enormous webs and spiders. Suddenly after I looked everything I sat down and 6 girls entered, who were called Magical Club, I hide quickly and they were coming were coming one by one. First they came to see the garden if anyone is seeing them. The last one to look I run to her and “ Hey what are you doing here? WHO ARE YOU?!” shouted Samara.
“I’m Flora and this is my team, do you want to be in our team.” “I won’t do anything to you,” said Flora kindly “Yes”


My mum told me at home that this is where I would meet the fun fair. For some reason, the gates were closed. I turned around and looked back at the door. It was wide open. I surveyed the area and entered the park, it was bare but I saw a kid playing football, so I decided to go away and go to my friend’s house to play on his x-box. But for some reason I forgot the way and an eerie sound hollowed in the faint distance started to fret and feel lightheaded. After that, there seemed to be an ominous glow in the distance with hints of red and yellow in the gloomy sky. Then turquoise bats the size of mammoths soared through the air with a man that had a yellow handlebar moustache with a glinting iron sword and preparing for war. AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!! It’s just a dream, phew.

Jaspreet 10

Later that day, a marvellous burst of sunlight beamed at our eyes so we decided to go to the park and have fresh air to cool us down .While we were on our way appeared and stood there was a dirty and smelly man with a bin bag to pick up rubbish and throw it in. There was a gate there with children staring at the man. So they met the man and had tea with him. Quickly we went to the park because the man looked like he had a bunch of different kinds of germs. So they headed to the park and because of that man we got to play for only five minutes. Luckily they wondered of because they would catch more germs and not played for that long in the park so they finished and they headed home because it was getting very, very, very late

Alamin 10

My mum told me to play football outside not inside. I picked my football and played outside with my friend Max. I kicked the ball so hard, BBBBBAAAAANNNGGG!!! I walked towards a door and I opened it. I saw a gate it was full of spider webs and it was so old I tried to open it but it was closed , what I did I tried to find a key, AHA!! There you go I found the key I opened the door and I walked towards it and… AHHH!!! Where am I? Wow it’s like a magic world!! “Yes it is!” said Max. I and Max walked and walked finally Max found a football pitch there was Ronaldo, Messi, and Neur Playing football. We all played football but we had to go home we went through the gates again and told mum all about it and she was amazed.

Deepanshi 11

Every day, I walked past the strange gate of Gunsberry Park. One day after all, I had enough courage to open the gates of this ancient park. I gingerly walked my hair flying behind my back. I saw many graves. The field was filled with graves, that field had many poppies growing. I could hear the leaves rustling and in the distance I could hear wolves howling maybe they were werewolves. Faraway I could see a figure digging out some graves. My heart started beating faster than before. I heard something behind me so I turned my head around to see. Nothing. I started running as I thought there was someone there I ran, I heard footsteps chasing me. As I ran I found a door I thought it was the way out. I opened the door and ran out…. I found out it was HELL ON EARTH!

Azan 10

It was a Sunday morning when me my friends were going to the cinema to see a movie on the way we saw a gate it was scary and gloomy night. My friend went inside the gate and he never came out for hours but then we heard scream. I just saw his clothes and his watch thrown out the gate. Then I told my mum but she never believed me. Then I thought I should call the cops so I called them. Then they did the investigation they found his body and they found the killer. We took my friend to the hospital and now he is fine.

Rawan 10

There is that ancient gate I see every day. I opened it. There was nobody there. What happened? Am I dreaming? Am I in heaven? I searched everywhere still nobody there. Suddenly out of nowhere the trees fell down, the grass disappeared. Suddenly it started to get dark, and darker. What’s happening? Is my life haunted? All of a sudden there was a tornado! What…is…happening! HELP ME! I was trapped like a mouse. Out of nowhere there came two eyes glowing and just staring at me. There was a flash and I was back in my cosy bed but luckily it was a dream!

Eliza 11

Every day, I walk past the spooky, dark and scary prison bars I have a feeling that hands are going! POP! Out and grab me in. On the floor all I could hear are leaves crunching and howling along the concrete. The trees are long and the leaves were scrunched up. After a while, I came back to the gates and peeped trough the gates. I saw some revolting creatures going toward the gates. They reached their hands and actually grabbed me. They threw me in the park and went inside a tree. The tree was creepy and had tangled branches. Then the leader popped out his head and looked at me. His workers picked me up and threw me in a narrow tunnel. The floor was very deep and the man was sitting on a golden throne. Then I found out it was all a dream TO BE CONTINUED…..

Lily-May 7

One day I went to the park, there was a big hole and there was a black kitten. It was going to go and fall down the tunnel. I ran and grabbed it. Suddenly, it bit me with its big, white, shiny teeth. I fell into a deep, deep, deep sleep. I woke up, I had fallen down the hole. I had landed in the world of witches. Behind me was a haunted castle. There was a big gate. It was as black as coal. The walls were covered in green, slimy moss. It was as slimy as ever and it felt like rotten old snot. Suddenly, a witch came from the back of me and scooped me up. I could feel myself going up in the air. It was my dad! I asked him what he was doing there. He said that he lived in the castle with my mum. The end.

Sam 9

One day there was a boy, his name was Sam. One afternoon he was on his way to his grandmas and half way there was a gate. It was rusty and old. He managed to push it open and on the other side there was a field. At the end of the field there was grandma’s home. I stepped on a button. Suddenly, a ghost was coming at me. He cried “Aaaah” and the boy ran as fast he could. The ghost was gone. He walked a little further, strangely there was a chalet. Suddenly, four ghosts and two zombies appeared. One had an axe. He ran and ran. There was a building and he ran inside. Behind him there was a massive monster zombie with six missiles and an axe in his head and a knife in him. Back home he told his mum but she didn’t believe him.

Skye Hodges 8

“Mum, can I go to the park?” Now I am walking to the park. When I got to the park I saw a huge gate. I went down to the rusty gate. I saw a dog going down, down, down to the ground. Then I ran home to my mum and said to my mum there is a gate and the dog is going down, down to the ground. So my mum came to the park to save the dog. When we got to the gate the dog had gone. After that we went home for lunch and I had jam sandwiches. Then I went down to the park and played on the swings then went to see the gate. After that, I tried to open the gate but it did not work. I am still trying today!

Bradley Moss 8

One day my mum and dad told me to take my dog for a walk in the park. When I got to the park I fell into a hole. I dropped my dog into the hole. “Oh no!” I shouted. My fingers couldn’t hold any longer. Suddenly, I let go and fell down, down, down… I found myself at…. Wonderland! I had to find him. I thought the place was as big as an elephant! Suddenly, I found him… IN THE FOREST OF DOOM! “Oh no!” I thought, “I won’t give up”. I had to run and run and run. All too soon I had got there. “I found you!” I shouted. “But how are we going to get back?” I said. Suddenly, a magic carpet returned. “hop on!” said the magic carpet. What? A carpet can talk and fly?? “I’ll take you home.” said the flying carpet. So my dog and I got on. Woooosh we went. Yes, woooosh back out of the hole.

Charlie 7

One day, I found a hidden gate. Inside the gate looked like a park but when I went past the gate I went spinning. I was in what I thought was a tornado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept on spinning then started to see loads of Stonehenge’s and then a cyber tooth tiger and mammoths then caves. Then it started to spin faster. But then it stopped and then all of a sudden I was falling out of the sky. Suddenly, I landed with a big bang. Then I saw some very worried looking like people. With animal skin for there cloths. Then they took me to there home but I didn’t look like a house you and I well ever see it was made out of animal skin as well. Then one day, I went out by myself I had a scary walk because I had to fight fierce animals. Then I was home.

Hafsa 10

It was a chilly Saturday morning and I was heading to the park with my friends as usual. Linsbud park .as we arrived I saw something peculiar .something rather peculiar .something that has never been there before, well I never saw it. I stared at it forever, not blinking, not talking, and not laughing. It was a rusty, ancient gate. There was also a fat, chubby policeman who was supposed to guard the gate but actually had melted chocolate hanging out his mouth and he was sleeping. Then my daring friends drew straws to see who was going to sneak up the gate. I was completely confident it wasn’t going to be me! Unexpectedly it was! When I clinched my hand on the gate pillar I was shivering like a old lady in snow. After that I quickly ran over the adventurous gate and guess what I saw after that, it was a miracle. Do you see what I’m seeing?

Ashton 8

Once upon a time, a man was trotting though the cemetery. He found a gate. the gate was open. He walked though it, he was spooked, the gate slammed behind him. In front of him was a huge spooky castle. He was spooked. Suddenly, lots of Zombies started to attack the man. A little while later, he died from all of the serious head injuries. When the clock struck 12, he rose through his own grave and was a ZOMBIE! Quickly he reached London town. everyone wondered how did he rise from the dead? A little while later the SWAT team came on the case. All of the SWAT team died because he got angry. He smelled gas and he was trapped because the last person threw a grenade. I killed the zombie! There was no sight of a zombie ever again.

Aisha 11

Every day I walk past the gates thinking what could happen? Many questions are running through my head. Suddenly, a shiver ran down my back. I turned around to see what was going on. There were men walking through trying to camouflage into the grass or trees. How did they enter the park? There are gates with locks on it and tall stone walls. They came in with shovels and a huge lock. They walked towards a tree and were it looked as if they were talking about something important. I wonder what they could be talking about. Every day I see them. One day I dared myself in, I stood behind a tree and tried to hear what they were talking about. However it was very hard to hear. I gave up. Suddenly, I heard a horrific noise everything had gone black. I’ve been caught. I lay there still.

Isabelle 8

I saw the big gate and it looked very hunted the gate was scary the door opened and scared the girl and its dog was scared! The gate opened with a bang. Me and my dog wanted to go in the creaky house and it was very scary and freaky. She walked through the haunted house, she was very scared, while she was walking through the house. The haunted house was as haunted as a dark bat. When they went up the stairs, they went all the way up and it was a scary house. When they went in a room and it had all cobwebs in and a scary picture of a ghost.

Afsha 10

As I walked towards the gate it flung open. There were many question bubbling in my head such as how did that happen? I walked forwards and saw trees bright green and deer’s eating leaves. I stared at the deer and they stared back as if it was saying hello. I reached out about to tap it when it when it leaped away. All of a sudden a cat came out and curled around my legs. There was something that was streaming. There was a river of pure water, milk, and silky honey. There was seven dwarfs and snow white filling their buckets from the rivers. Then on the other side there were beauty and the beast in the orchard choosing flowers. Then Cinderella and the prince came and invited me in their garden. I had some jam and scones made by the mouse’s. I waved goodbye and went happily.



One Sunday morning I went to the park with my mum and my brother. Then we started to play on the swings. There was a gate that was full of rubbish, spiders, webs and others. Front of the gate is saw a board. It says on the board in big lattes GOST. I wasn’t scared of the ghost because my mum says that ghost isn’t real. Suddenly I heard a voice from the back , it was my friend. My friend likes scary things. So she So she dropped her bicycle and went in to the house. I was a little bit scared so I ran after her. I was late so that’s why I couldn’t find her. I went the kitchen to find out. I called the police so they find out that the ghost wasn’t real it was a thief and all the people that were caught.

Abdirahman 10

As I walked past the park something made me walk inside. As soon as I got inside the doors behind me shut. Suddenly it was quiet, very quiet. The trees were shivering and there was cold air colder then the freezer went through the trees like air conditioner.3 terrible looking monsters stared at me from a distance. I ran away but the gate but it was shut. The 3 monsters were devils. I ran through the deep dark park the trees followed me into the mist. As I was running a sword appeared out of NO WERE.I picked it up and sliced2 devils but a devil attacked me from behind.
Luckily it was a dream

Alafiya 11

Hidden land behind the Gate
There was a gate. A gate that sealed a magical park. Of course no one knew. I was the only one. I was the only one who could see it. Behind it I could see trees, trees and more trees. I felt as if someone was watching me. I, to my awesome predictions, was right. There were fauns, Dryads and river Gods. Streams of milk and honey. Then out of the blue river a queen arose. Out of the milk river another queen appeared. Suddenly out of the trees came two kings. Instantly, I knew who all of the people and creatures were. The two kings were James the high king and Arthur. The two queens were Amber and Kate. The gate mysteriously opened. Aslan (The narnian lion saviour) approached.
“Come child let me bestow on you the sword of gallantry.” I walked to him…

Skye 7

One sunny day I was walking .and I saw a gate. I walked through the rusty gate and was surprised to see a beautiful park with flowers. and the smelly green grass. I decided to play on the beautiful park. I was playing on the slide and I saw a stranger. He had a big brown patched up face. he was looking round the park, he picked some of the sparkling gems up and put them in his sack. I went to see what he did. He was still ok. He was now stealing even more gems from the park. The stranger, dressed in dirty clothes, gave the gems, they were fantastic. Loudly, we were laughing our hearts out. We said “we are best friends forever.” Just then the stranger had to go home but the stranger said “We will always be best friends forever.”

Amitoj 10

Mystery of the Gate

I walked further and further, out of the ghastly dungeon and suddenly, I saw a door. The door was so exquisite and immense. I then saw a miniature key designed beautifully. I opened the door, afraid to unleash a terrible, obnoxious monster. Although, when I saw the sunlight, picking up my eyes, I yearned to reach it and relax under it. The sun is like the bright glow of a candle. I turned the key. Faster and faster I gained my speed, unable to control myself. When I opened the door I saw stunned. I saw gigantic iron robots wondering around. Just then. I saw the walls were caving in on me so I went in. I Looked around no-one was there. This was a mystery I couldn’t solve. Now and then we all have dreams, but this wasn’t one. That’s all I know….

Abubakar 10

One day I was making my way to the park, but for some reason it looked creepier than usual. The sides of the wall were caving in on me. I was in a lonely gloomy park. As I went to investigate, lightning struck. A man appeared out of nowhere. He ran towards me. I really freaked out. I didn’t know what to do. He growled at me as I walked towards him. He got closer and closer till he ran right through me. I had a slight shiver and I found out he was no ordinary person, but a GHOST!

Also, we had some superb story starts from grown ups!

Rara 37

She tucked her eyes in under her brow, she’d anticipated this moment somehow, as darkness fell across the land, She knew she had to make a stand, the time was now, so bold, so true, she had to go forth and make anew, her head was down and on she went, her determination would not relent.
She walked for days until she reached the gate and through the bars she saw her fate.
The jury certainly was not out, she knew without any reasonable doubt, through the opening she fearlessly went, only she knew what this meant…..

Neil Giles 65

‘How long’s it been … nineteen, twenty years?’

He studied the gate with seeming indifference.

‘Nineteen, just after I …’ He put a hand to the iron and shivered. It was cold, colder than the day. ‘No!’ he said, shaking his head. ‘It’s the past, gone, forg… ‘

A sharp cry from a raven, invisible in the trees, cut him short. He gripped the iron harder, until the heat from his growing fury began to warm it.

‘No,’ he said. ‘I can’t just drop it, just put it aside. This house and land should have been mine, until my … ‘

He hesitated, beset by memories of a brutal, drunken father who’d gambled away the family estates and fortune, leaving him and his mother penniless. She died not long after they left the family home. Tears came. He steadied himself on the iron of the gate then straightened up.

‘I have a plan,’ he said. ‘I’ll get this back. You wait and see.’ Still invisible, the raven called again, softer, almost as if in agreement. He remembered playing with the ravens as a child, feeding them, giving them gifts. He loved them.

‘Thanks, black bird, for reminding me of who I am.’ He paused, turning to go. ‘I’ll be back,’ he said over his shoulder then strode away.

Story starts Nov 14th-21st



Wow!!!!! We are so stunned by the number of entries this week keep them coming because they are amazing! Entries this week came as far as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Please leave some comments.

Kizzie 10

On Tuesday 9th December an old man who was 50 was walking by a clock, when he heard a woman’s voice shouting for assistance, she sounded very frightened. The old man thinks the voice is coming from behind the clock. He calls the police before he goes to investigate for himself

Alfie 10

“RUN” screamed Jack anxiously, as the big, old, decrepit clock plummeted down, like a space ship coming into orbit. Lilly jumped over the old rusty benches.
“It’s coming “Lilly yelled, terrified. The ground behind them cracked in half. The clock got closer and closer. BANG! The clock reached the ground Jack and Lilly stopped in shock. It had shattered into millions of pieces. The hands soared across the bright blue sky. They thought it was all over. But they had no idea what was waiting for them in all the rubble…

James 11

I woke up and everything had stopped. A clock stood tall and strong and that had stopped too. Suddenly, the ground began to evaporate. Then a zombie shot out of the ground and then another and another. The dark, gloomy city of Pennsylvania was covered in zombies. Suddenly, I heard a sound like a woman screaming. I realized it was my girlfriend. I sprinted to my house and grabbed my AK47 and shot down hundreds of zombies. Meanwhile my girlfriend was turned into a zombie. I was surrounded” what will I do?” I thought. I felt a zombie’s disgusting mouth on my arm. I thought

Ethan 11

Thunder roared! Rain smashed against the window violently! I sat there, freezing, watching TV. Suddenly, the TV went static, then, surprisingly, screen shook. “M-mum!” I yelled, something’s wrong with the TV!” I started to shiver. The windows rattled. The ground started to shake! I gripped the sofa in fright. What was going on? Bravely, I stood up, and crept towards the window (inside, however, I felt like a cat been chased by a dog.) Nervously, I looked out the window. The clock tower was glowing! Then, unexpectedly, lightning fired out from it! But it didn’t fire upwards. It fired at me …

“AHH!!” I shrieked. I was on the floor, and I seemed to be smoking! My breath went heavy, and my ears rung .I was in … a graveyard … Terrified, I stood up, and looked around. One of the coffins had its lid off. The body was gone…

Jack 10

I looked up at the gloomy, decrepit clock. It had stopped. It wasn’t the only thing. I froze. Next, the floor beneath my aching feet began to evaporate. Suddenly, I fell deeper than you ever could imagine.

Thoughts were racing through my mind as my gooey blood turned cold. My breath got heavier also my heart was panting like a wolf.

Suddenly I hit a soft, wet surface. I breathed fresh air I could also feel wet, fresh grass. I told myself what just happened? I opened my stiff eyes. From a distance I saw an old figure waddling towards me.

Emily 14

The constant ticking had stopped. As I looked up at the clock, I realized that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped.
The birds, frozen, like a skyline painting.
The wind, once whipping and howling, now fell silent.
“What the…” I murmured. I turned around on the spot like a spinning top. It was deathly quiet, the calm before the storm.

And then I was falling.

The ground surrounding me, previously solid and strong, crumbled. I yelled, a sound that I knew would never reach anyone’s ears.
“Oof!” I hit something solid, my breath knocked out of my lungs. I looked around.
There was no doubt about it. I was back in Hell, more specifically, Lucifer’s Cage.

My name is Allie Donegen.
And I am a demon.

Maisie 10

I walked bravely onto the battlefield (inside however I was nervous). I readied my sword up into the air and as soon as I slammed it down onto my opponent, I froze. I looked at the rusty, old clock. It had stopped.

Alistair 10

A dark decrepit figure ventured out of nowhere. Suddenly, a clock appeared. I went up the ancient staircase. I froze.
“WWW what is this place?” I bellowed. The shadow of a devious man emerged from the clock door. I walked into the prehistoric ruins. Inside was a shimmering gem. I was blinded by the beauty as I almost lay my hands upon it. At that moment, a voice whispered in my ear. “You shall not touch that gem or face obliteration!”

Tyler 11

I was slowly walking down the busy street, but suddenly everything went dark, everything froze. Swiftly, I turned round staring in the face of the clock tower. At this point I realised I wasn’t the only thing that froze. Distant noises began. They got louder and louder. There was a dark shadow in the reflection of the bright window.
“H-hello, is anyone there?” I whispered frantically.
Scared and shocked, cold and icy, I slowly turned around. No one was there. I was left staring at the dark misty sky. When suddenly I felt a hand, which was cold, rest on my shoulder…

Alex 10

As soon as Alfie entered his house he knew that something was wrong. He couldn’t find his younger brother; usually he was playing on his Xbox. Today, he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. The truth was more chilling than anyone knew. Alfie called to his mum and asked where his brother was. “Your brother? You don’t have a brother”. Alfie was puzzled, he had a brother. Then it struck him, time had gone backwards. He saw his clock and touched it… People stopped talking and moving. The world stopped spinning on its axis. The stars stopped shining and the mice stopped squeaking…

Natasha 10

“We have to get there in time.” shouted Rosie as loud as she could.
I sprinted to St George’s station I looked at the time it had stopped.
“OH NO” wailed Rosie.
“Why did it have to STOP” screamed Rosie angrily.
Rosieran and ran up and down streets until she was out of breath. Outside she felt thrilled. (Inside however, she felt angry.)
“W-w-w was that? Who is there?”
She took 2 steps forward. A voice whispered.
“Don’t come forward or you will get badly hurt.
“Why will I” muttered Rosie.
“You just listen to me”
“NO” shouted Rosie in danger.
She took 5 steps backwards. The door slammed closed behind me…

Nasrin 11

“Mum what is the time? Mum what is the time? “I better see what is going on. Furious and apprehensive, peaceful and miserable, I went to my mum. But she was frozen. I went bravely to the door (inside however I felt very worried). I looked from the window, but she wasn’t the only person that was frozen. The whole world was. I wish I knew what to do?
“I can see you” whispered a voice “I know what you can do to stop the world. You need to get a book and read it to the magic clock before the moon comes…

Lauren 11

Thrilled and excited, nervous and scared, he walked towards the old, decrepit clock. He thought he was brave (inside however, he felt like a chicken). Slowly, he lifted his head. A shadowy figure danced through the mist. CREAK! A door opened. A cadaverous, gloomy figure freakishly hobbled through the haggard door out into the dark night. Jack, who is quite brave, stared at the clock above the door. Some people walked by; others started to stare to. BANG! “What’s happened!” screamed Jack in anguish. He started to panic.
It stopped…

David 10

Hesitantly, I grabbed my phone to check the time. I called my friend. “where were you last night”, I asked Robert.
He replied,”I was at pizza hot”. Oh its 12 o clock. Quickly, I ran outside. Why is it 3 o’clock its 12 I’m sure? Why has everyone stopped? Hello I said they look like zombies, again I said Hello. Perspiring and nervous, anxious and worried I stepped inside I felt brave (however inside I was Terrified

Marita 10

Bored, warm and lonely, I walked through the big and full busy town. And I saw this thing from far away. I went closer and closer…
It was starting to get dark. I froze. That was the best thing I had ever seen. A clock that glows and sparkles in at night, it was changing colours.
“Wow”, I said happily to myself. I took some lovely pictures. Then I went home.
Later on, I looked through my window and saw that something was going on. As quick as a flash I sprinted to the clock and I saw that the colours had stopped working. Until, the next night I went to the clock and it still wasn’t working. Like someone was inside it…

Patrick 11

‘chhhh’ ‘chhhh’

I gazed up at the old, ancient clock. Suddenly, the clock rumbled, as it did it began to grow, I was trembling in terror! I ran away in fear as the clock grew bigger and transformed into the portal! Frozen and shocked, gob smacked and horror struck, I began to sprint. Running bravely to show that I was not scared (inside however, I was petrified).I fell. My knees buckled. I was stuck. My grip began to weaken and I began to slide along the floor. Shocked, I franticly lashed out to grab a rock. It was no use…

”AAHHH”, screamed a civilian as they were sucked up into the portal. Then I was sucked up as well. I was in another Dimension…

Bailey 10

Suddenly, I woke up. I looked up at the decrepit, cadaverous clock. It gloomed with fright, everyone froze. For a minute I thought it was a dream. Then I realised it wasn’t. Bravely, I walked outside to the cadaverous clock. I froze. It froze. I was petrified…..

“Is there anyone there?” I whimpered. I shook with fear. Suddenly the hand of the clock turned into a blue portal. A demented figure appeared out of the decrepit portal. It had eight eyes just like a spider. It had green slime all over it. It jumped off the cadaverous clock. The ground danced. It mumbled “Battle me or I will destroy your world!” He walked towards me. I answered back “I WILL BATTLE YOU!” I yelled with anger…

Casey 10

Aimee Macia opened the chest that once belonged to her Great Grandmother. She turned the mysterious handle that was on the side of the box, and a tune suddenly started up. Moments later, everything was deadly silent, as if time itself had stopped. The wind outside had stopped blowing the old tree, and when Aimee looked outside, the Church Hall Clock had completely stopped! Which only meant, Aimee’s Grandmother’s chest had a power to stop time itself…

Haroon 10

“Mom I am going to be late where my tie is. I shouted.
” It’s on the desk. “Yelled his mom.
Steve stormed out of the door. He went past the old, decrepit clock, which was very well known, it had been there for ages! After a while, I walked right across the clock (inside however I was petrified) then as quick as a flash it scooped me up! It felt like I was travelling through space. I landed with a thud! Everything was cold a blanket of darkness surrounded me. A shiver rattled down my spine. Suddenly, ghostly figure drifted towards me their arms outstretched. I had joint the afterword…

George 10

Slowly, Alfie Jennies woke up from his lovely sleep at 3 in the morning. ”SHHH, can you here that? ‘Whispered Alfie to his brother Jack.
”What is it’ Jack groaned.
Scared and worried, frightened and shocked, Alfie could here banging and crashing. His hand tensed up; he opened the curtains and gazed out of the window. Alfie went outside. Quickly, he ventured outside into the thick, dense fog. He looked up nervously at the clock. He immediately knew were to go. Quietly, he walked in the abandoned, giant clock. He knew what was going on. Demons were messing about. They saw him. Alfie froze. The Demons started to chase him, sadly Alfie got eaten…

Courtney 10

I was freezing cold as o stared at the old decrepit clock. I saw a shadow rush by near the clock. Bravely, I walked towards the ancient crumbling clock (inside however, I was terrified!)
Terrified, I walked two steps closer as I was inches away from the creepy clock.

Suddenly, the clock started to shake, I ran away from the clock as fast as I could! The clock began to walk towards me, I was petrified…
Terrified and shocked I sprinted as far away from the clock as I could get. The clock was as grey as the sky on a cold rainy morning.

“Stop running” whispered a voice from behind me, I froze and so did everyone else for a minute or 2

Rebecca 11

Startled, Peter jumped up. Shaking with fear, he gazed over the rusty, dirty, haggard railing. Everything had stopped…

Shocked and terrified, confused and baffled, he sluggishly turned around to become face to face with an ancient clock. Bravely, Peter edged forwards towards the clock (inside however his heart was sinking). Peter, who was a bit of a wuss, reached out to touch the decrepit clock but jumped back.

“ARR!” Peter yelled in anguish. He saw me! As smoke danced in the air, I pulled my repulsive mask over me pale white face and ran…

Billy 11

Cold and lonely, heartbroken and miserable, I cautiously trembled through the bare, decrepit street. Then I stopped…
Glaring into the foggy distance, I quickly spotted an old cadaverous building. I was like a moth looking at a bulb. I walked towards it bravely (inside however, I was petrified). Nervously, I swiftly glided towards to rusty, sickening gate. I yanked at the greasy bars until it creaked open. It was pitch black, and felt as if I’d closed my eyes. I heard an eerie ghost like noise which was extremely creepy, and made me jump out of my blizzard like skin. I galloped towards the unpleasant door as a chill ran down my spine. Then I saw it…

Ali 11

David walked mostly to a clock. He kicked the door open.”Stop hiding!”Shouted, David, Give her back. No I won’t mumbled a thick voice. That is coming from the shadows. The door slammed shut. The figure appeared. “Oh no”, whispered David, aaaahhh now David is in …

Natalie 10
Tick-tock goes the clock… usually. I saw the clock, it was exactly six, but it didn’t chime. Time had stopped, actually everything but me, had stopped. I was scared something strange had happened. DDUUNN DDUUNN DDEERR!!!!!!!!! I saw something moving and ran over to it. It was Superman! “What’s going on?” I asked. “Hi, I’m Superman. The super heroes are looking for helpers. We’ve stopped time and only super heroes are still able to move.” replied Superman. He told me to grab his hand; he flew to the super heroes’ main base. They gave me an outfit. Trained me to fly; shoot; defend and help people. I got to decide my own power; I chose to breathe under water. They called me ‘Water Woman’. I liked the name and was extremely proud of it. I saved thousands of people’s lives and became famous. My life was never the same again

Caitlin 9

One day when I was in Blackpool I looked up at the clock and it stopped I looked around all the people were stood still .I looked at the sea and that stopped I found my mum and she was stood still not blinking I tried to wake her up but she wouldn’t. I was the only person that wasn’t stood still nothing started ever again.

Nadine Robberts 11

It was a normal Saturday morning in Miami, the sky was blue but the sea was rough.
Suddenly the sea was flat, not moving a bit. I looked up at the clock and realized that it
wasn’t the only thing that stopped! I was in my short shorts and singlet walking down to the beach with my surf board as soon as I got in the water was when I realized that the sea had froze and everyone around me did too I was the only thing that could move! My board was
stuck on the water so I got off it and walked to shore even though I fell like 1,000 times because
it got turned into ice. I ran home to see my mum frozen eating breakfast but then I heard someone screaming “HELP!” I ran outside to see my 2 year old brother Jackson…

Jenna Allanson 9

The clock
The clock had stopped, all the village had melted because it was night so there were no LIGHT. But there was one baby animal that was still standing it was called Annabelle. And he said “aaaahhhhh, were is everybody “she cried even here mum melted but then Annabelle realized that it was only her village. But then she looked at her watch and it never stopped. And then she said to herself “why don’t I just put a watch on everybody and then she did, and everything was back to normal.

James Allanson 7

At school it was a normal day but the clock stopped
everyone stopped. But a boy called Bobby didn’t stop which was strange, he went to his friends house and his friend was called Jake and his friend wasn’t stopped he was walking to Bobby. Jake said
“were is your mum she’s stopped” Bobby said “let’s go to school and see if the pupil’s have stopped.”
that’s strange they can move and then every thing was back to normal.

Orin Quigley and Jackson Carr 11 & 12

When I woke up I heard a BANG! So I went downstairs and opened the door to find people were shouting, ‘The clock has stopped!’
“What are you talking about?”
“It is not WORKING!”
I looked up at the clock and they were right, it wasn’t working. And the cars weren’t moving. The shops were shut.
I had no idea what this was going to happen to sleepy little Bedlington.
Let’s solve this mystery guys! Get all your friends to solve this with me, let’s do this thing! Meet me at my house straightaway, get your gear now!!!

Kieran Cave and Tyler Williamson 12 & 11

The clock wasn’t the only that wasn’t working. Cars had stopped, and my lights were turning on and off. I tried to stop it but it would not work.
I got an electrician but he didn’t know how to fix this kind of thing.
I got ready and then suddenly all my lights just turned off with nobody else in the house! I heard a voice laughing, “Mwahahaha!”
I looked around with my flashlight but there were only two little mice. But who had laughed? Was I losing my marbles?
I went downstairs and there was food on the floor, my money gone and my back door was glowing with hand prints. Whoever had been in my house had stolen the key for my 18 carat gold clock.
I went outside and saw the man. He wouldn’t get away from me! I got him and the police took him away!

Athena 7

I stared up at the clock. It had just hit 12:00.I waited for everyone to come rushing in a stampede. There was no sound. I looked at the clock once more. I wondered why the hands were spinning in every direction like a compass. I strolled back home and turned on the TV. The screen stayed blank. A tear rolled down my check. I looked around. Despite nobody being around at the bus stop I had to walk bye myself. Dark clouds gathered around me. Rain poured down from the sky. I look down in disappointment. I really wanted to ask someone what was going on. Too bad I couldn’t find anyone to help me.

Manjo 8

It started at first when not just the world stopped spinning, the clocks stopped and everyone froze. Then birds stopped chirping in the trees, swings stopped swinging and then planes stopped flying in the sky. I was the only one alive in the world. When I walked down the streets, I felt like my ears were blocked and my breathing stopped. It started to get dark and cloudy. I ran home as quickly as I could to find out the answer, the answer to why this was happening. I tried to do some browsing on the computer but I could not find anything to do with this. I lost power then the computer turned off. I stared at the black screen wondering what was going to happen next.

Max 7

The whole world suddenly stopped. All around me were stiff people even the big Ben had stopped ticking. I went further down the street still no answers it was a nightmare. The worse bit was it was lunch and I was starving. I started to think about it. Had I done something wrong to cause this disaster? ‘I have to find out’ I said out loud even though nobody could hear me.

Marco 7

The Big Ben struck 12:00.Everthing was silent. Even the birds weren’t chirping; my legs were shacking. There was nobody moving-they were as stiff as a stone. A tear dripped as slow as a snail down my cheek. I felt like I was on a deserted Island nothing was around. The only person I could rely on was me.

Jamie Sampson and Callum Devlin 111

It was a day like no other.
All of a sudden, everything had stopped after the clock broke.
Everyone was outside in confusion when a gremlin dropped out of the sky from the alien ship swooped down to come and get it.
It seemed like there was a link between the standstill and the aliens’ arrival. For some reason, we were the only people that weren’t affected.
The space craft was abducting the frozen citizens.
We tried to hide in a Subway filled with sandwiches and frozen statues of gremlins. We tried to run and run with a lot of sandwiches but the space ship chased us until we fell. A sandwich dropped on to the floor and the gremlins pounced.
We managed to escape as we watched the sandwich get abducted by the gremlin aliens.

Jessica 8

One winter morning a beautiful cat as golden as honey was outside the window, I quickly brought in the cat. I brought in the cat and l put it in the clock.
My mum shouted me” Rebecca come and eat your
dinner”, “bye” l said. I quickly ate my dinner and I saved some for the cat. I had some whiskers stuck to my dress Whiskers I’ll call him whiskers. But when I opened the clock Whiskers was a baby …your a baby” meow””oh my gosh” I put Whiskers
back in the clock finally Whiskers was back to normal. I got a beautiful collar and I put up posters
and wrote LOST CAT!
But the next morning a lady came by and said it is
My cat and took it away but then I looked at the newspaper and I recognized the face of the women
who I just saw at the door then I saw the next page
it said do not give cats to this lady. “Oh no.” I rushed for the door then I ran down the road “Hey that’s not your cat”! Know “I ripped off the clothing and then he got out a gun then I got out my mega bubble burst gun it was one of them big guns he screamed and ran away. I got my iPhone and called the police and put my gun away then the
Police. came and arrested him. I got Whiskers the Police said it was there cat and I could keep it .When I got home I quickly put Whiskers in the clock. My mum shouted at me and I told het all about it she let me keep it The End.

Aimee Cant 8

Every day I wake up to that old big clock, one day I realised the clock had stopped for some reason. I climbed up the clock; I gave the clock a nudge. But then I lost my balance. I grab the rail before I fell. Suddenly, the clock begins to chime really loud. People look up. That’s when they realise I’m in danger. I see the fire engine coming and hold on. A scream escapes me as one of my hands loses its grip…It has been 10 minutes since I fell. The door to the old clock opened and the firemen come through. They help me up and bring me down the stairs. When I get down I see my mum run up to me. She hugs me and asks me if I’m okay the clock saved me I said to my mum, I wake realising I was dreaming…

Leo Brady 12

One day I was walking down town in London, but something weird was happening, no one was on the streets and every car was stopped with no one in them. Something wasn’t right, I looked up at the big Ben and it was stopped, it wasn’t ticking. “What is going on?” I shouted “is anyone out there” no reply. I ran home to see if my family was ok, but when I got home there was no sign of them. there lunch was still on the table untouched. I didn’t know whether to sad or confused “why, where is everyone” talking to myself again. Wait what if it’s to do with the big Ben, why was it stopped I have to go and check it out. by the time I got there, still nobody in sight. I climbed up the big Ben and nothing was wrong with it?

Tiana 13

Waltzing away under the moonlit sky. I was intrigued by the soft bitterness of the wind that fell upon my cheeks as I danced. The sweet sound of the music, a lovely bellbird whispering into my ears.
Glancing up and down now and again to look among the daisies and buttercups surrounding me in the meadow. The towering clock, standing as my mother’s watchful eye as to when I will make it back home a lone thistle caught my eye waiting to be observed.
Ouch! I guess touching the thistle wasn’t my greatest idea in the world. Bright red, oozing blood swims out like a rushing river and dropped onto a flaky skeleton leaf.
I fell to the ground. My head like a drum for someone to pound on. The birds above frozen in time. I looked up at the clock and realised it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped!!

Dahrien Barnett 12

It was a normal day for agent Burkes. As he was driving to work. As he does every day he passed the clock tower but something strange was going on. He looked up at the clock and realized that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped everything had stopped. Everything was stuck in place all the cars people everything. It seemed like an EMP hit and seemed to disable everyone so he rushed to the main FBI building. as he rushed in everyone seemed to be struggling just to move around. It seemed like the blast only managed to get halfway through the bunker walls. He rushed past everyone to the commander’s office he slid down behind the desk because there was a man with some sort of energy pistol and had the commander held up. The only place that those guns were made in was Australia then the man spoke.

Tyla Stewart 11

I need to go to the mall and buy some Christmas presents for the kids. So I drove my car to the Paris Mall and there was a lot of good buys. I spent over 10 grand. But the best thing was I have finished my Christmas shopping.

I walked out of the mall with a dozen bags. I was struggling to carry all of them to my car. I asked a guy to help me and I said he will get 10.00 so he did. The car was parked in front of a huge clock tower. I looked up at the clock and realised it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped. My car had stopped working to!!!

I didn’t have my phone on me so I had to walk back to the mall and asked to borrow a phone but everyone was ignoring me. I felt invisible.

Breannah 13

I looked up at the clock and I realized that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped! People, cars, bus everything but me was frozen. Time had stopped the world was frozen; but why wasn’t I? I could do anything how cool was this! I went to the plaza and brought lots of things. After that I ate and the fancy place in town. 23 hours had been and I was getting kind of board; running through my head were all these questions like when was the world going to unfreeze is it ever going to unfreeze? I filmed heaps of frozen people cars, buses and the clock. On the park bench I made an amazing movie. Then from behind me I heard my mother’s voice. I showed her the movie and we took it to the news team who played it that night. Now I’m famous.

Robin 11

On this strange as night I was walking in to town to get food and going past the clock in town and the time on it said the time was 12.00 pm but then I looked at my phone the time on my phone said 7.00 pm.

When I went to get my food all of the people could not move at all there were people with food in there hands and mouth going to eat there tea it was not nice to see what people are having for tea I do not what to eat tea.

So then I went to the fish and chips shop to get so food for tea so I got $20 out for tea then I went home to eat tea then I stayed at home and did not go back to town for a week all of the people are there.

Taylor 12

I looked up at the clock and realized that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped. Everything else had also stopped it was as if the whole world had just froze and only I was moving who knew what had happened…

Then I raced up to the top of the clock and there was a person that was getting ready to ring the bell but he had frozen to. I didn’t know what to do every thing and one had frozen even the wind had stopped.

It got darker and darker by the minute. Then it went pitch black and the clods got lower the bang everything disappeared including me and a whole new world begun…

Tyrone Adam Ratima 11

A long time ago I was in the town square it was an autumn breeze it had been going on for almost 2 weeks now. I look up the clock and realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped the wind had stopped everything but me has stopped it was odd because it looked like the entire world has stopped but me I don’t know what to do I can’t call the police because I will try and call but no one will answer I wonder has this happened to anyone else I look around town but everything has disappeared but the jeweller so it can’t be a mass criminal I hear a soft spoken voice oh I wish someone was here the soft spoken voice I look around the corner and I see a young man around my age hi my name is James …

Gigi 12

A startled woke me up in the middle of night. A glimpse of light illumining through my casement. It was a weird feeling, minutes after not noticing, I fell back asleep. The next morning my alarm clock went firing, I reached out underneath my blanket, to turn it off. I sat up and gave a big yawn. Glancing at the time I quickly dashed to the bathroom to prepare myself. Moments later I was out the door before anyone was awake.

I gazed up at the clock tower and realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped. My phone froze, Taxi’s, Buses, and Cars immobilised, and the most freakish thing was, was that no one was around.

Karlsyn George 10

It is now the 10th November 1999, it is quiet, there is no-one around. I go outside and see a big blue circle thing floating. I’m going closer. I see brawny alien looking things. I’ve got to find out what’s happening because it feels like time has just frozen. I’m too afraid to go out because the brawny alien things have big machine guns. I’m scared, I need to get them distracted so I grab a rock and throw it, they’re getting distracted. I run straight to the clock and I’ve realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped! I run to my place and see that everything is broken and everyone has disappeared. I feel like I’m about to cry but I don’t because I see the brawny alien’s looking, so I try to control myself. I go home and try to sleep before I died all alone.

Struan Carlisle 11

Today is the 27th of July, 1959 and my family and I are going to the annual and most joyous festival. The new clock tower has just been completed and this year’s theme is just that. After replacing a very old dreary and decrepit one, this clock tower is being opened for the first time. We were just getting into the car for this historic day. I arrived with a spring in my step because I knew that this I will be assured a date for the dance, I had a special feeling in my stomach that that person will be the girl of my dreams, Rose McGregor. She is a real beauty with blonde hair and eyes like diamonds-they’re that stunning! She has a warm personality, who always helps people in need. I suddenly saw Rose and the opportunity was too good to be true.

Eleni Symeonides 10

As two friends strolled through lush meadows on a smooth path with sweet scented bunches of rainbow coloured flowers leading the way, they decided to rest on a nearby bench. A gust of mysterious wind blew through Anna’s long, silky, golden hair as she looked up at a tall tower, with a large clock sitting on the tower’s face. Expecting the hands of the clock’s hands to move, showing the time, nothing happened. As she slowly turned to tell her friend, Opal, she noticed that birds weren’t singing their calm tunes and small land animals, like rabbits were statues. Confused and scared, Anna stared at her friend. Why wasn’t there any movement at all? As Anna waved her hands frantically in front of Opal’s face, she suddenly leapt from the bench onto the path and started running towards the town, observing everything. Why wasn’t she frozen to?

Shania Boudville 11

Before people could even ask what the time was; I curiously looked up at the haunting, dull clock. How bizarre? No ticking and no chiming. Scratching my just wondering what was going on. A mysterious fellow comes strolling past strangely saying,” Beware! Beware! Be very aware that clock can evilly curse! “. That really gave me the shivers down my hunched spin. With my beating heart pumping heavily the rotten, chipped, wooden door slowly creaks open.
As the door opened a wrinkly peeled, bony hand reaches out. It signalled me, to come inside the gloomy clock tower. I followed this spooky figure up the rusty stairs. The door instantly slammed shut behind me. Sweat began to roll down my shaking head. I climbed up the steps even more. Just then the figure sharply turned around. ZAP! It revealed its intimidating face. My legs began to tremble. Collapsing down like an earthquake, my heart becomes cold as Ice…

Aleem Khan 11

I looked up at the clock and realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped the world had stopped spinning and I was the only one who didn’t turn into a statue. I saw pictures of the past coming into the present. I thought that something fishy was going on so I hurriedly thought of the different possibilities to stop this madness. I finally thought of something! A clock because it can go clockwise and anticlockwise so I went to the clock that I went earlier rewound the old, rusty hands right to what the time it was now-well not right now how the past is coming back to the time it all started.

Audrey Chhen 11

I look up at the clock and realise that it isn’t the only thing that was motionless. I do a turn to find that cars not moving and children trapped in the air from jumping. All is discreet and peaceful then ‘swish’ a black flying figure soars in front of me then disappears into thin air. Again it is unobtrusive so unobtrusive you could drop a pin and you could hear it. Suddenly ‘BANG’. Then a certain part of the sky turns a gloomy shade of mahogany…

Connah Dryden 11

I looked up at the clock and realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped. I looked around and everyone had stopped but me. I tried to think of what had happened to the people that had stopped during their motions. I walked around trying to see if anyone else could still move. But as usual I had no luck. A portal then opened and I wondered if I should pass through it as I really had nothing here except for the people standing. I didn’t pass though because I knew deep down that there was someone still here for me. Now I ’am left standing in a space of stopped clockwork and it feels like it’s happened before.

Nicholas Hunter 9

Ben was going about his day as he realised that the clock tower had stopped. He realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped. He saw his mum’s car coming towards Ben but they both stopped and they started to fade away. He walked to his friend’s house but the house was no longer there. As soon as soon as Nicole, his friend got there it was too late. Ben tried to get home but it was also too late. His home was gone and the world was going in reverse. Before he knew it dragons and dinosaurs were alive again and Ben found out that he was the only human alive.

Libby 7

One day there was a clock lying on the ground. A little elf lived in it he calls tom and had a sister poppy so that to clock time.They went into the Christmas tree and went home but the clock chimed 12 the end.

Sam 12

I looked up at the clock and realised it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped! I turned around to find my family motionless. Everything had stopped! What do I do now? I’m in a foreign country and I know where absolutely nothing is! I looked around. I simply waited. How long will this last? Suddenly everything started to move again, but very slowly. Eventually, everything was back to normal as quickly as it had started. “Are you okay?” Mum asked. I answered, “I have no idea.”

Erick 11

I looked up into the blue, cloudy, sunny sky then suddenly, when I looked up the clock stopped moving and I realised that it wasn’t the only thing that stopped; everyone stopped moving in a blink of an eye.
I realised that if everyone stopped I have more time to create my books until everyone and everything starts moving again in the same speed it used to be.
When everyone started moving again I was glad that everyone was back to normal and also bought the books that I made during the time they were stuck in a single spot.

May 11

I looked up at the clock, then looked around; it was like time had held its breath. Time may have stopped, but I could still think. The faces of people around me were as still as statues, and the strong wind became calm. The trees stopped swaying and the birds stopped singing. Balls were in mid air.

And most importantly, the clock stopped.

I stared, shocked, unable to move, paralysed. The expressions on people’s faces suggested that they weren’t worrying a bit. This was not normal. The feeling of panic swept over me as I wondered how to get out of this mess, to get the clock going again. But just as I was thinking that, I heard the familiar chime of the bell and everyone started moving again as if it was a perfectly normal experience.

Perfectly normal? Yeah, right.

Jasmine 12

I am going away in three days, away from all my friends. I am sad; I want the time to stop right now. At night, in my dream, a man with a black mask told me that I need to go to the magic clock to stop the time. I will do it, I decided, right after I heard that message in my dream.
Next, when I wake up, I pack my bag and start the most important trip in my life. I keep running, running for already two days. I must be fast enough to get there before I need to go 1000 miles away. I don’t care if I am hungry, I don’t care if I am tired. I just want to stay with my friends! Finally, I get there. I press the stop bottom down…the time stops, I don’t need to go! Everyone’s doing what they are doing like normal, but I will never get to the moment that I am going away! I am staying forever!


It was the first time I had felt fear in a long time.
Real fear.
It wasn’t just the clock that wasn’t moving.
It was everyone.
Not even the wind was blowing.
But that was when it happened.

My name is Terry Perry and I am 14 years old. It was only 2 years ago when it happened. When everything stopped. I still think of that day every moment, dreading it may happen again. I mostly keep it to myself, like it’s my closest secret. But I will be sharing it. With you.
It was a normal day; I was walking down to the plaza when the grand clock was in mid-chime when it stopped. When the whole world stopped. No-one moved. The dogs stopped barking. It was silent. I was scared. Really, really scared. I started to back away slowly, when everything started again.
A man walked up to me.
”Are you okay son? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?”
”You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I said.

Dash 12

Tick, tick, tick. I looked up at the clock and realised it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped! Everything stood still. Nothing moved, no noise, no nothing. Tick, tick, tick, the clocks had stopped but still there was the reverberating noise like there was still just one clock, there was clicking, ticking, whirring, shifting, spinning, dropping. Then it just stopped. In my last seconds of life I had seen Infinity. And then, it was over, as I let myself go. The time started running again. Tick, Tick, Tick, goes the clock of life. Tick, tick, tick.

Gus 12

It wasn’t just the clock that had stopped. It was the whole world in front of me. They were all, just, still.
This was scaring me; I was stuck in the freezing of time. Suddenly a pink fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows flew out of the clock, just dodging the near impalement of the arms.

It said in a deep, wise voice.
“Why is ye present”
I managed to get out these exact words.
“I’m the doctor!!!!!”
The unicorn is getting obviously angry with the messing with time that I have been doing.
“Get outttt!”
And that’s all I remember.

Jack 11

The bizarre, solitary tower loomed over me as I cautiously sprinted around the huge, old oak tree.
Crack! The stick snapped under my brown tramping boots as I ran past the bush.
I wandered out from the back of the blackberry bush, the car had been stopped, I looked closer realizing it was smashed. “NOOOO!” I screamed at my worried looking brother, my Christmas present was destroyed.

Sophie 12

An echoing chime shook through the town. I glanced up at the clock tower and the hands had stopped moving. Then I realised the hands weren’t the only things that had stopped moving. Everyone as far as I could see was frozen, not moving as if their feet were glued to the ground. How come I could walk? Everything was still, people on bikes and in cars was frozen. It was if the whole world had paused. The town became ghostly and no longer could I hear the sound of birds. Suddenly another chime rang from the tower. This time everyone unfroze like someone had just hit play. None of them seemed to notice what had just occurred.

Lauren 12

As I look up to see the time, I see it is the exact same time that it was when I looked up about 2 hours ago. “Someone needs to get the clock tower fixed,” I think.
But as I start to make my way to the bus stop, I realise that not only is the clock frozen, but everything else is to!
I am the only one in this whole city, maybe the whole world, who is still moving and is aware of what is happening.
“I bet that clock tower has something to do with it….oh help!”

Luca 12

I had just realised that the clock tower had finally stopped ticking after stopping and starting. It was only then that I looked down at my watch and quickly realised that wasn’t ticking either. I suddenly wrenched out my phone to see the time but again, there were no numbers anywhere. I looked around the street, others were panicking, realising that time itself had vanquished, disappeared, gone within the Earth. This meant that the world would change and have to figure out how to get to places on time. Then I looked at my phone again and it had the time. Which meant that there must have been a power cut, the network down and my watch must have run out of battery…?

Thomas 12

While I am calmly walking to school, I look up at Big Ben to check the time it suddenly freezes so I keep walking suddenly I realise that not only the clock is frozen everybody else is too! I’m not calm anymore. “This is crazy, what is happening? This must be a dream,” I say to myself. “But I know it isn’t.” All I see is the people paused looking terrified, crossing the streets, walking on the side walk, Maybe it’s just me thinking about this terrible thought or maybe it is what really is happening. I can walk but I can’t see anyone walking. Maybe I am the one who is paused and the paused people that I am looking at are actually looking at me. Life has its own wonders, doesn’t it? I keep walking and suddenly everything goes to its normal position again.

Harrison 12

I looked up at the clock and realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped! My heart skipped a beat as the massive meteor got closer and closer and closer.

It was like the start of the apocalypse. First the power went out, then the howls of the dogs began and then we lost connection to the outside world. We didn’t know what to expect. We were in a panic. My family and I rushed to central city only to find a huge ball of flaming rock above our heads. My dad held my mum and me as we screamed ourselves senseless. As the heat rose all I can remember is… “It has begun.”

Ashlene 12

On the top of the clock tower, a clock stood there. Alone. Usually ticking repeatedly every minute, every second. But today was different. I was walking around the shops like I always do but suddenly I felt a strange tingling sensation around my body I felt something moving me towards the clock. Since the clock man mysteriously disappeared, nobody, I say nobody, went near the clock. Once I stopped I saw a face. A face that I had never seen before. A face of misery and pain but my eyes were drawn to something else. The clock stopped. And everything else also froze.

Barsin 12

I looked up at the clock and realised it was not the only thing that had stopped!! All the people walking in the road stopped and all the cars. I was wondering what happened because I had not seen this before. The town had no noise and I was the only thing moving. But before I realised everything went back to normal. But how did this happen? Was it just my vision or was it real because I had never seen that before? The town looked like nothing happened and when I asked a guy walking in the street what happened he said what are you talking about. Hopefully it was nothing much just me daydreaming and I hope this doesn’t happen again.

Callum 12

I looked at the clock. This was preposterous! Everyone and everything you could think of was frozen. There were dogs in mid air catching balls and Frisbees. As I turned around I saw my daughter about to give me the biggest hug but she hadn’t been able to make contact. I fell to my knees in terror. What had happened and why?

Shalini 11

I looked up at the clock and realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped!!! So here is how the story started. I was walking down the street and I had a vision to the future that everything was going to be covered by the moon. The first thing I saw was that there was going to be a power cut then the moon will start moving and that’s all I saw. Then a paper flew into my hand. It was a clue and it said, “Wherever you look, you will not find, but if you think with your mind, it might just come back behind.” Then I woke up and wondered what that would have meant?

Thomas Maluga 13

Frozen murder
I looked up at the clock and realized that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped!!! I had stopped my heart beat became slower and slower. I saw a faint shadow behind me it was a man with a gun.
I dropped to the ground while the cowardly thug ran for the hills. Bang, bang the man had shot two another people. They were lying on the ground while blood poured out of their bodies like a water fountain. I had my hands covered in blood.
I thought I was a goner but just in time the paramedics came. They picked up the two people that they were near and then picked me up. I said “save me” very quietly. One paramedic said “we will.” The sirens started to cut out I couldn’t hear anything
the paramedic said “we have one dead person. The others are stable.”

Muhammad Umair 10

“What are you doing?” shouted Ben at the repair man.
“I’m just fixing this clock like you told me to” he answered. The repair man was old, really old! Impossibly old!
“You’re not fixing the clock like I told you to!” Ben shouted back. The repair man looked at the demolished wall he had just accidently broken with his hard hammer. WHOOSH! A huge gust of wind nearly blew him of his ladder! But then he stopped. He froze. No, he literally froze. His arms, legs, nose and entire face had just stopped moving!! He was an iceberg standing on the sea. “Whoa! What happened! Are you okay!” asked Ben with eyes full of fear. In fact, Ben just realised that everything had frozen!!! It was his worst nightmare!!!

Sanah Shah 10

Gradually I started to get worried. Swiftly I ran up the hundred steps in the clock tower. The tower was grey and wooden. It was definitely tall, as tall as a giraffe’s neck but it was also wide.

Finally I reached the top where the clock was; to my surprise I wasn’t alone, there was a boy. He was my age – I recognised him from school. He was an adamant ugly boy! He always wanted everything to go his way. Unfortunately he was the reason behind all of this! He stopped the clock and made everyone stop!

Just then I saw it. I saw the solution! I slapped him across the face, he fell down and I changed the time – it worked I could hear the noisy city again whereas for bob he was in a better place now!

Fatima Nagori 10

I looked up at the clock and realized it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped!

It all started when I woke up yesterday morning. I felt strange. Then I went to the bathroom and got dressed, but I still felt strange. She wasn’t!

Silently, I tip-toed down the stairs; wondering what would happen next and walked into the kitchen to make some breakfast. Usually, mum was in the kitchen as she woke up at sunrise.

After I ate breakfast, I looked around the entire house, searched every room and still there was no sign of anybody. Where was my family? Were they abducted? Were they dead?

Later, I looked out of the window and stared at the tall clock. It had stopped!!!

I stepped outside and I saw every single person standing as still as statues It was like their brains had stopped! What shall I do???

Atiyyah Patel 11

As the clock struck one , a man dressed all in black stepped out. He beckoned me up; he wanted to show me something.

The chime bars clung together and the clock turned. It was like an emblem. Right before me, stood a humongous family tree gleaming with silver gemstones. I was paralyzed with shock!

I explored the tower and more gems bestowed upon me. Suddenly, I saw a family frame. Then I realised it was this place where he sit and mourn.

Scanning the room, I saw him weeping next to his mothers’ throne. I asked him if he was ok.

He bolted out of the tiny door and left me stranded there. I screamed but no-body could hear me.

It was like an echo. The hurricane twirled and broke the tower. I was crushed and now, my family mourn. He just ran and I will always remember.

Arfa.J 11

Tick tock tick tock was just the clock and no-one else. I only saw a big clock just in front of me nothing else. As soon as I got up the clock stopped I didn’t know what was happening.

SUDDENLY!!! The clock made a tick and stroke once, twice then bang was the explosion from the back of the clock…

Abdullah.p 11

The clock had stopped. Everything was silent. The clock had struck six and frozen. The town below continued their lives without noticing. It seemed as though time had been paralysed. No tick, nor tock. The wind began to blow violently. Then it stopped abruptly. Then the people realised the frozen clock. They became extremely quiet.
But then, slowly, quietly almost slyly, the clock began to tick once again.
This was the day time died.
Then returned.

Adam.p 10

The cars had stopped and the birds just floated in the sky like brainless statues even the people had stopped (except me) and all they looked liked were life size still statues.
The wind howled like the howl of a wolf and the only thing that moved were the large fingers of an old oak tree .Then everyone glitches like some was controlling them. I just looked around and something pretty unusual happened, a lightning bolt strikes every single person and everyone started moving again.
From that day onwards I was scared it was going to happen again because I really don’t like being alone.

Sobia.J 11

There was a lift, anybody can go inside it. But it wasn’t an ordinary lift it was a haunted, Ancient, creepy lift and there were lights buzzing on and off. The clock had stopped so I rang the people who fix clocks, they said something’s wrong with the clock and it’s like some ones not letting us turn it. Later they went home but that lift was really haunted. I heard whoever had been up there had died especially at night. This person wants to take revenge and his spirit is waiting for you. So don’t get trapped by his words because the words fly in mid air. The bell struck 12:00 that meant its coming for you. It’s on its way …BOO!!!

Zeeshan.h 10

The birds had stopped the world had stopped. Was I dreaming? I scrambled out my bed and ran to my parent’s room .when I got inside guess what? They had frozen. As I walked down stairs the only thing that was moving was my cat. But I realised my cats eyes colour had changed it licked me; I froze in terror.

Dawood.B 10

As I looked up at the mysterious tower. I realised it had stopped! I was panicking; every clock that I had seen today had stopped d. You know what this meant? – The end of the world …

“Mum! Dad!” I screamed as loud as a pneumatic drill.

“What is it?” they asked together.

“All the clocks I have seen today have all stopped!”I shouted. They followed me to the clock tower quickly. “See?”

“You’re right,” they both panicked.”Find shelter, you’ll be safe in the cellar,” mum said.

“Hurry up! Hurry up! We ne need to get down!” dad said. “Aaaaaggghh!” we all screamed. Our house was rocking side – to – side. Suddenly I woke up drowsily. All it was was a scary dream.

Zineerah.p 10

Was that the only thing that had stopped? I looked up at the clock and realised that it had also stopped.

What was happening? Was this a dream?

I ran home to the basement aaaah!!! My parents were frozen.

I knew it had something to do with the clock but didn’t know what. So I decided to climb up the ladder of the clock.

I saw something shimmer, it was a necklace. Near it were some instructions. Before you could touch the instructions it said that if you want everything to go back to normal you will have to recite this spell. However if you get even one mistake everyone including yourself will perish. I recited the spell; it said haya, muma, gima and shuma. I hope I said it correctly. Surprisingly everything was back to normal. I was amazed.

Asad M 11

Tick! Tock! The clock chimed 12. It was midnight. Now I was surrounded by darkness and it was as silent as a mouse. Trees swaying around made my spine shiver. Sprinting up the steps, I leaned on a rectangular shape and somehow got sucked in. Soon after, a clog caught my eye and it was stuck. Surprisingly, I went back through the portal and realised that everything was as still as a statue…

Yahya M 11

I looked at my watch. It had stopped. Suddenly a car whizzed by. I ran home. My parents were texting like mad. My father looked up” It’s the end of the world. Yellowstone has exploded.”
“No!” I screamed so loudly my brother toppled over on his chair. Suddenly… darkness. I hurried over to the light switch. My father switched on his flashlight. My mum ran upstairs and lit the candles.
Crash. My mum had ordered pizza and the pizza man’s car had crashed. I was petrified. The door opened and my sister trudged in.
Something soft hit my face. My sister was blabbing on and on.
“Mark. Wake up. You must have had a bad dream.” Then I realized I had a pillow on my face. I checked the time. Only 20 minutes ago I had gone to sleep.

Fatima Mela 10

The clock had stopped everything was still, still as a tree branch. This clock was no ordinary clock it was the town’s biggest attraction. The clock had 6:00.The clock still. I did not know what was going on. As I was below the clock I could not hear the ‘tick tock’ of the clock anymore. It was not just the clock which was still it was EVERYTHING! It was like every thing was perished. I stood still in front of the dead clock. I still stand alone on this lonely quite perished world.

Ben 11

Shockingly as I turned around and spotted that the clock had stopped, my imagination turned wild. Could people be living there? Could it be broke? Could monsters be taking over the world? I didn’t have a clue. I thought that the best way to find out was to go up there and have a look for myself. The only trouble with going there’s how big of a danger is it? What am I walking straight into? Anyways, I faced my fears and went up, desperately wanting to find out what was wrong. Once I had climbed up I saw a whole in the back of the clock. That was going to be my entrance. First of all though, I looked around, the town was empty… As I entered the clock, I saw humongous rats. They were horrible. They were chewing on some rotten cheese. Their leader shouted ‘’boys, get ‘em!’’

Lillie 10

I looked up at the tower I realised the clock had stopped but then it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped I looked all around the city I seen people just looking at me I felt very scared .I went over to this lady and said excuse me do you know what time it is and the lady went get out of this town KNOW young lady. Iran away into a back ally I wasn’t looking where I was going and then CLASH I fell into this man with pots and pans I said oh sorry after I helped him pick up the pots and plans I said do you know what time it is I asked this old lady what time it is and she said get out of this town KNOW I felt very scared all the people that where in there where just looking at me …

Calum 10

Once I was walking on the beach I looked up and spotted an old town clock up on a mouldy tower I ran right round it looking for a door when I got to the other side I spotted a door I tried and tried but no luck what so ever I spotted a shine in the distance as I ran over there I tripped over a rock but I got strait up and carried in running and luckily it was the key I ran back opened the door and went up the rusty metal stairs as I came to the top I hear a howl and it echoed so something like a wolf must of came in or woke from me shouting so I hid and when the wolf was not looking I ran for it.

Ethan 10

One day I came across a clock tower and the door was open so I decided to go inside I climbed the ladder and I saw a face with red eyes but It look nice and friendly I had a chocolate bar so I give them it started to talk to me and came out it was a boy and he said thank you I am not from this planet I am fireboy!!!!!!!

Cory 11

The town clock has not been working for 18 years now and one day I was walking past with my food and then I heard this noise and I stopped then the noise stopped so I carried on then it started again so I decided to smash my way in and see what was in there then when I looked up there was a massive ugly 18 headed monster sat on pieces of wood and then it dropped slime on me and then it looked at me and screamed at me. So I ran out of the clock and it started chasing me so I ran even faster and it was throwing lampposts at me and cars. When I got home I locked the doors got my dog and ran upstairs and in to the bedroom to hide under my bed then I could hear it coming so I ran.

Libby 10

Dear diary today has been a very strange day there was fairy and witches. The day started of ordinary I woke up and went down stairs to have some breakfast. I finished my breakfast and went back up stairs. I got a phone call of my friend rose saying do you want to come to hers and watch a movie. I said yes. I got dressed and headed of to rose’s house but on the way I saw a clock that I had never seen before. I was curies so I went and had a look in it but as soon as I got to the top loads of fairy’s and witches showed up in front of me the withes tried to hurt me and the fairy’s were trying to save me. I ran out and told the police about it. The police have boarded it up now and were not going to be hearing from those witches again or are we.

Hannah 10

“Ahhhhh!” Peace at last. Wait a minute its only break time. A few hours later I was running home speeding as fast as my legs will carry me .Then something miraculous happens that changes my life. I stop by the old clock to admire its beauty and glorious landscape for one last time before they destroy it. And I made a wish a wish that could potentially shape the face of the earth. I wished for the clock to stay where it stands!
Later that night I was getting ready for bed when my wish came true. The next morning I woke up late no-one woke me up. I look outside and the clock hand is still. I wonder why? I thought briefly to myself.
I rushed out to the clock everyone didn’t move at all. I ran up into the clock tower and slipped on the icy, slimy cobbles…

Oliver 10

One day I went to the town hall and I was shopping in the mall and I looked at the clock behind the us flag and I saw that the clock wasn’t going around clockwise but it was going anticlockwise and I saw my brother hear this morning at 8:45am this morning and now I see myself talking to him and his little boy walking with him to zumiez and he picked a beanie hat and a tie dye t-shirt with super skinny jeans then it want back to normal and I went to the Galleria and took a selfie next to the U.S.A flag and I looked at the photo and the clock in the back ground was still moving anticlockwise so I got my wallet from home and went to bed.

Sam 11

As I slowly look up I realized that the clock stopped moving I stayed on that same number it didn’t move all the people in the town had suspended in air like their limbs had stopped working. I ran home but my mum had this thing I ran back to the tower to but at the top of the tower I saw a figure it was like me and him were chosen to be here I climb the tower I some how new that in order to stop this I would have to fined him to end this and if I didn’t this would not stop I was at the top and a caught him in the corner he gave me the antidote and I gave every one a drop it was strange after that day the people just went back to there normal lives but it was hard for me when I woke up to fined my self in bed.

Tali Monica 10

I walked alone on the dusty lane, the wind gusting out a terrible groan. The dirt was picking up now forming a horrifically huge whirl wind; the earth was trembling beneath my feet causing a huge racket. I couldn’t see a thing; the wind was trying to take me of my feet. I forced a fight against the wind but it took me down to easy. I pushed myself up just to fall back down as the wind turns into a slight breeze and the dirt just leaps into a mid-spring. Right before my eyes was a wartime fashioned clock, the sky was grey and no one was to be seen. In the pure dustiness of the sky, spitfires flew around in circles chasing the German planes. I gulped and made my way to the clock. Was the clock safe or not?

Poppy 10

This may look like a boring old clock but it’s really a home. Yeah it’s a clock but it’s a home. Can you believe it? This isn’t a home for a human like me and you this is a home for a family of mice. So the mother of the family is called Melisa. The father of the family is called Mark and the daughter of the family is called Maria and the son Marcus. So now you know them now so everyone hates this family. This is because they always accidently stop the clock. These mice are cheeky, mysterious and very naughty. Oh and I don’t know if they’ll be mad at me for telling you this but…

Katie 10

I know the clock stopped and through the day people were mouthing slower and slower and slower. I knew something strange was happing because I was the only one who was fine. It eventually hit 12:00 then everything stopped the clock the people even my yappy dog Evie who always barks. Then I knew I would have to save the world of course I had to walk case the car must have frozen as well. Once I made it to town I came to the biggest clock we ever had in England. I had to of course try to get in I climbed the steep clock work until I reached the clock it took all my muscles I had to turn the clock to get it working again but before every one unfreeze I managed to get home. So if the clock stops u know what to do. Do what I did.

Oliver N 11

Long ago a man named Sir Edmund Rowlands was born into the royal family. As he grew up he became a young handsome Prince but everyone knew he was different. In the year 1950 he turned 15 and his butler came into his room with exiting news, he said that he was to be king because his father was ill and could not rule anymore. His younger brother was in the room next door and couldn’t disagree more; he wanted to be king so he started to plan. On the day when Edmund was getting crowned his brother told Edmund the ceremony was being held by the river Keel and he believed him. Edmund waited on a wooden boat for everyone to come; suddenly his brother set him adrift where Edmund came to a big piece of land where he built a city and placed a clock in his honour.

Tyler 10

I saw it in the clock a little man with no hair. He runs around the clock with a hammer .I am really want to go in but I am scared of him he has got to be at least 100 years old. The door was cover in cobwebs and dust. I sent my friend in 2 hours ago.
I wonder if he is hurt or not it is about 7 O’clock at night and I am still out here sat on step in the rain. I don’t know what to do my best friend is in a creepy clock and the creepy man is looking at me.

Nathan J 10

I was having a walk to church but I noticed that the clock stopped. I walked in and I saw God and the devil were fighting. Demons and Angels were fighting as well. Demons were chasing me so I ran up the clock tower. I was saved by Jesus and he gave me a sword of light. We ran down stairs then fought to the death. All the Demons were dead so it was only the red fiery Devil. Every dived in and started to stab the Devil. The Devil started to bleed green blood and sank back down into the underworld. So I walked back outside and walked home.

Hannah A 10

I looked up at the clock and realised that it wasn’t the only thing that had stopped suddenly it went completely silent there wasn’t even the tick of the clock any more I looked around me and every one was frozen I heard a lathing voice inside my head I turned around and.

I saw a glance of a person running round the corner ”stop right there come back” I must be dreaming or something maybe he’s the one that frozen everyone not into ice but into stone the man came up to me and said “why are you not frozen well I suppose I will have to freeze you now “ ha ,ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ,ha ,ha ,ha ,ha, ha.

Elliot 11

I looked up to the tower and realised it was not only time which had stopped. I had just finished university when the world had stopped .But not for me and my friends and family. Well most of the world. Just as I turned my back to walk home and I saw some dogs and cats and pigeons all together walking down the street I’m surprised they weren’t eating each other. The pigeon saw a big sack of seeds so the pigeon went over and ate some. Time had not just stopped for me animals to. I didn’t really care so I walked off. The dog was angry because he didn’t have any food… Suddenly I heard a noise, WOOF! and a dog was chasing me!! I was petrified. Was he going to eat me? Was he going to hunt me? I ran until I couldn’t breathe.

Kieran 10

I’m in the west of China well I think so what I can’t see no! What’s happen to my eye’s there creepy “so rude” shouted a woman and said “GET OUT!” Where am I “shut up” said the darkness.

Eve 10

Ahh the town clock everyone thinks of it as a clock but I know a secret.
It all started on my 10thbirthday when I had to go and clean up in the clock, I was just getting my brush and I heard a voice it cried “what are you doing here this is my home.” I asked who it was. Suddenly from behind a dirty piece of wood was a lime green goblin its eyes were dark green and gooey snot was coming out of its squishy nose. It had pointy toe nails with dirt up them; it had a dark black t-shirt on. I stopped tidying up and played with the troll all day now he is my best friend.

Savannah 11

It was a dark gloomy night strange things were happening, we were all were spooked out we didn’t know why, but as I got kid-napped and put somewhere I think they put me in a town clock. As I ripped the bag they put on me so I couldn’t see of me a saw lots and lots of other children sat there I was sat on the very bottom of the floor I ran up as many floors as I could I got to the top and there was an old rusty door covered in slime and goo spider webs everywhere, as I put all my might into it the door finely it opened I fell to the floor and looked up and the town clock froze I looked on my watch I moved the hands they were big and strong I did it and we were not scared anymore.

Joshua 10

One day I was walking with a scare in my body just by looking at the clock the time had stopped and I could see a strange figure just sitting there watching every one and as I tried to walk further on but . It was just impossible to move my legs, neck or my arms I was really creeped out that it was impossible how could this clock just stop the entire world all over the earth. It is really scary when your involved in this mayhem but soon later it started moving again so I ran up to the top of the clock tower and I busted open the door to get in and I saw the person sat on a chair with a golden and silver tiny tiny pocket watch for old people as he fell asleep on his deck chair all lonely an then I went home.

Izzy 10

I came to a beckoning tower I just had to go in. I walked through the doorway. A gust of wind nearly blew me of my feet. I quickly slammed the door behind me and carried on up the steps. The steps were slimy as I struggled on. A sign of relief came over me as I made it to the top. Suddenly the clock chimed it nearly burst my eardrums. I covered my ears as I fell to my knees. I rushed to the balcony. Suddenly I fell through the railing . I was clinging on to the rusty bars. My fingers slipped suddenly I was falling through the air. In that split second I thought to myself did I slip or was I pushed…

Rachel Rose Saunderson 9

This is my story. One day long a go I ignored every single person until one day. I was 12 and I wanted all the attention because I have a new piercing on my nose and I wanted to show it off, but it seemed no one was at school apart from me. So I went to visit Katie, I knocked on the door and no one answered. Then I looked through the window and saw every on stand perfectly still. Because I ignored them they ignored me by time standing still.

Samuel 12

I looked up and saw the clock. I suddenly realised that it wasn’t working, the shops were all dark and the people were in need of money to buy food. Then suddenly a cow came swooping in from the sky and landed just on top of the clock. It looked like it was about to fall but it just kept on trying to fix the magical clock.

The clock started to work and all the people came to the shops to buy food and they also brought a new jetpack for the cow. They thanked the cow and the cow flew off.

Tobias 11

When the clock stopped ticking, the unicorns awoke. All of the unicorns in the world flew out of the clock, eating rainbows and pooping jelly beans. They ate some food. Suddenly, a pink fluffy unicorn on a magical rainbow came and made them all go back into the clock. Then they disappeared, taking the clock with them. Then they were gone, and the clock regained consciousness, just in time for dinner.

Adults entries, just superb as always.

Jon Nikrich 40

The clock stopped one afternoon and time stopped with it. Nobody knew why.
The philosopher mused that this represented a new age and diminished all previous thought.
The scientist wondered which long-held laws of physics it disproved.
The attention seeker claimed responsibility. Nobody believed him.
The politician said it was a gift to be used wisely. Everyone agreed, and then disagreed how.
The inventor wanted to design a new future.
The environmentalist wanted to save the planet.
The ambitious philanthropist wanted to save everything.
“Wow.” said the clock. “That got serious really fast. I was just messing with you. Do you want me to restart time now?”

Neil Giles 65

I play this game with walls. I lean against them, hoping they’ll give way and let me through. They never do but the game keeps me amused while I’m waiting for something. The irony was that this time it was a clock tower I was leaning against. Can you hear the ticking? Each one gone a moment I can never get back … each one gone bringing me a moment closer to death. Not long now.

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Story Starts Nov 8th-14th



The keys turned in the lock but what was behind the door….??

Fantastic story starts this week give them a read and let us know what you think of them.

Also give it a go yourself.

Casey Cammoile 10

Alice Maisie watched, as the key turned as if by magic. Slowly, the door creaked open and she stepped inside. “Hello?” Alice called, but there was no reply, except for a ghostly echo. “Hello?” she called again; this time there was a reply. “The one that makes a sacrifice will recall those whose family have passed away…” It said, in a cracked, dry voice. Alice didn’t have a clue what it was talking about, so she turned to leave, but the door slammed shut, trapping Alice inside. There was then a sound, like a woman screaming, and then she (Alice) realized that it was her mother, standing behind her. Her mother touched her shoulder, which was surprisingly cold. It dawned on her that both she and her mother had made the sacrifice that the voice had mentioned. Alice Maisie and Andrea Maisie had joined the afterlife…

Emma Hughes 11

I put the rusty old key into the lock and began to turn it. The lock was stiff, and you could tell that no one had been through this closed door for a long time! As quietly as possible, I turned the key and then reached for the rusty black door handle. With all my strength, I yanked the door open as I listen to the loud creaking sound that it made. I stood glued to the spot while my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the musty ancient room before me. Staring at the old, dusty furniture that was covered in cobwebs. Thinking about why to strange old man had given me the mysterious map in the first place that had lead me here.

Caitlin 9

When I opened the creaky door I saw a dark room I found a lantern but it didn’t work. I tried to see so I looked on a wall and I turned on the light I just remembered that it was the 31st of October Halloween. I walked into a room and I saw a little girl stood in front of a wooden bed and I yell HELP! But the little girl said no one can hear you. The little girl had scars, marks and bruises all over her face. The front door slammed shut! I ran through the house and I found a back door .I ran out but the little girl caught me .I never saw dawn again.

Lexi 9

Once up on a time lived a door that was black and cracked. Within a blink of your eye it had gone. Bang! The door shuts. I jump out of my skin. I’m feeling scared. There is a dead body behind it blood everywhere. In turned my lantern on and I hear a bang it is misty and dark I could not see a thing. I want to go home but I can’t because I can’t see. Where am I? I guess I’m not far. Yes you are you are in London if you get through it in 10 minute you will win £123 I think you should get cracking who long do i have to go. Right so I’ll turn left arr skull I think it is haunted. 8 minutes left oww spooky ow! I think I’ve slipped in out I’ve won £123.

logan 10

I walked along an old dark wood when all of a sudden I saw a webby old rusty broken door. A mat was stood in front of it. I lifted it up a under the mat was some rusty keys. I opened the door and I could never imagine what I saw. There was a load of red and white poppies all over the floor and packs of ammo and rifles. Maybe a war happened here I don’t know. I could see gigantic spiders everywhere I was petrified. Then out of know where there was a chest I could have sworn it was not there before. When I looked in the chest there was some pieces of wood and potions. But what did it mean. Then all of a sudden all of the walls started to close in on me very, very slowly and the door and the chest disappeared…

Ben 10

I moved into my new house and looked out the window and saw a shed in my back garden. I went outside to see what was inside. I turned the key and opened the door. There was a statue of a world war general, medals and a table of mini solders fighting in a battle. I suddenly got scared because I thought the head of the general moved. But then my mam called me in for dinner. I came to it the next day with my friends but it had disappeared. They didn’t believe that I had all that in my shed. I went inside to wash my face and then I saw the statue on the grass. It was sat down on the grass. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I went outside and asked him who he was but he just stood up and walked back into the shed.

Izzy 9

I was in a strange forest with my friend Ellie. It was scary we wanted to go home. Are nerves were shaking. Ellie saw a shed in the far distance it was all rusty and disgusting. The trees were rustled around us, there was a key outside on the floor. I blinked it was still there, Ellie said she heard rushing and wishing around her. We had to open it, we turned it with are heats beating. Ellie shut it. “It scary just imagine there could be a dead body in there.” My friends were here came running into the woods. All of them kept staring at me. “What is it?” Molly said, Tyler and Emily were staring at the key. It has a unicorn on it with gummy drops. Ellie opened it “That is amazing” It has bright colours with sparkles. “wwwhhhhooooaaaa”

Mark 10

Me and my friend josh saw a door we opened it the door creeks and cracks cash bang a hoover bin bag fall on the floor but a football falls on my head. The cat screeches in the back ground me hearts were racing are lungs pumping we were so scared but we thought we were going to die josh saw a cloth covering a machine I uncovered the machine we felt scared but brave so we carried on but then the door shut on us josh ran away but I uncovered the machine then went
Ka-boom that’s why I am in a wheel chair.

Brandon 10

The mysterious door!

When I was with my friends walking home, we saw a strange door at the bottom of an alley way. We walked down to the strange door and saw a key, it was in the door, we turned the key and the door opened… Suddenly we heard a BANG! We walked a bit further into this mysterious place. Then we saw a humongous DINOSAUR in the alley way charging at us. We had RAN for our lives! Later on when we got away from the dinosaur, we took some pictures of the place to show the police. But out of nowhere, this demon type of monster, popped out from behind a cupboard. We stood like statues but he still noticed us, he said “don’t be afraid guys, I’m here to catch the dinosaur,” then we weren’t as scared. We can all catch that big bad dinosaur together.

Ellie 10

I was walking in the forest with my friend Izzy. All of a sudden I saw a shed, an old shed in the middle of the forest. I blinked just to see if I was dreaming. It was still there when I opened my eyes. Then I shook my head. Was I going mad? We walked over to the shed. As we got closer we saw that there were some keys already in the door. I opened the door. Colours burst out from every direction. ”Come on Izzy. Let’s go in,” I said.
“You want me to go in there?” shouted Izzy over the noise.
We step into the colour and suddenly I was toppling and turning in every direction. I was on the floor. I looked around. It all looked edible, so of course I picked up some of the ground and put it in my mouth. It was delicious.

Chellise 9

I was walking down the road on the way to school. BANG! A door shuts. I try to open the door but it seems like something’s holding it back. I tried my hardest to open it. I looked up and saw a church. I finally got the door open. I walked in and heard the echo of my footsteps. I looked around quickly. The door slammed shut. I was shaking. I felt a gust of wind. I looked straight forward and saw a little girl just standing there looking at me. I turned around trying not to look at her. I was petrified but to scare me more the window cracked. I looked around the room and nobody or anything was there. I tried to barge the door down but it was no use. I was trapped in the church, lying on the floor. I stayed for the rest of my life.

Caitlin 9

When I opened the creaky door all I saw was a black room. BANG! The door swung shut. I found a lantern outside the house so I walked in there. I turned the lantern on. I wandered around the house until I heard the door slam shut again! I walked forward and I saw a little girl with her head sideways with scars, bruises and marks all over her. I slammed her bedroom door shut and I yelled HELP! But the little girl said no one could hear me. I tried to open the front door but it wouldn’t open so I looked around the house more until I found the back door. I opened it and it creaked open. I ran out. I forgot to close it. The little girl caught me and brought me back in and locked the door shut and I never saw light again.

Tyler Johnson 10

I was walking through the gloom; it smelled musky. At the end of the room was a door with a brass knocker. I opened it. My heart was racing. At the other side was a colourful swirl. A PORTAL! I felt a rush of excitement inside of me. I took a step back; for the first time in my life I was scared. I had two options: run home and get mum or go in. It was strong and powerful. I had no choice. I had to go in. I stepped forward my conscious was telling me “You won’t get out alive, turn back.”
I ignored it.
I stepped inside and…
It was a frenzy of colours. I was swirling around repeatedly. Then I stopped. I fell with a thump. It was a big world filled with mystical creatures, from dragons to unicorns. I thought I am going to stay.

Ella 9

Behind the creepy squeaky door was a treasure chest with gold, jewels and diamonds. We were rich but then there was a monster a bigger monster then me! It was a green slimy monster he was protecting the treasure Then he threw us out. Then we ran for our lives our hearts were racing. We could hear the monster roaring eventually we ran in to the woods. There were a lot of webs and there was snakes skin. When I looked lots of bug crawled all over it. To the bugs it must be nice for the bug there was lots of different ones, there was a big long centipede and a beetle it was disgusting. After that we went to the secret door and tried to get to the treasure. We got in eventually by chasing the monster out it ran in to the woods. I shouted loudly “we are rich!”

Emily Smith 9

I was walking through a narrow corridor, when at the end of it I discovered a large wooden door with a rusty metal knocker and a powerful lock. When I took out a shivering hand to grasp it my heart skipped a beat. I tugged it, and it creaked open and the sound sounded as though I had stepped on a broken floorboard. I took a cowardly step towards the pitch black room. Suddenly something beyond miraculous happened. I was twirling, whirling and toppling down into the depths of the room and with a loud bang, also a gush of smoke I sat dumbstruck. I scrambled to my full height and found myself in a room with loads of MONEY! I glanced around the room; shimmering trophies and thousands of pounds worth of gold stood within my reach. The only thing was how I was going to get myself home…

Casey 9

The door opened: behind it was a damp room. Cracks covered the walls and something strange dripped from the ceiling. A light shone from the top of a rickety staircase.
I climbed the stairs and came to a cat-flap. I peeked through to the next room and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Through the cat-flap was an ancient, wrinkled man sat on an armchair in front of a blazing fire.
“What are you doing?” I asked. “And who are you?”
“I am the creator of everything and I’m writing the life of a young man who’s just won £1,000,000,000 in the lottery. Not much I know but it will do if he wants to buy an Xbox1,” the man said. I was amazed at this strange man and his value of money.
“No-one must know about me, for they will want their future changed. Don’t tell anyone I’m here.”

Izzy 10

My hand was shaking I couldn’t bring myself to open it. I finally found the courage and turned the key. I slowly moved my hand to the door knocker. I felt the rust peel off in my fingers as I moved the handle back and forth. Then a silence. I pushed the door it creaked open. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. It sent a chill up my spine as the bony fingers faded. I ran inside of the cottage and slammed the door behind me. My heart was pounding. There were sticky cob webs everywhere. Suddenly the light bulb burst it was pitch black. I stood there shivering in the darkness…

Katie 10

I went to my friend’s Tali’s house. We went out to play and called for poppy. And went on a field to play until we saw some thing an old wooden gate painted white it had a knocker a key hole with rusty keys. I waked towards it until Tali’s shouted “STOP” the field and all around us was silent complete silent. Until poppy questioned “should we open the door or not?” we all headed towards the door and tali’s hand headed towards the keys she gave it a rough spin. The door opened with a scream .Me, poppy, Tali’s all headed in side. Once we all were in the door slammed their were squalling of rats. Pictures of World War 2 on the wales an old gas mask was left on a side. Morning began I bit my lip to not scream. We all opened the door and ran away from that gate.

Poppy Jai Muir 10

Behind this door is a very unnaturalistic world. There’s a whole world of cute animals like anime panda’s and anime koalas. There’s also my favourite unicorn there awesomely cute. There’s only one bad person in there he always tries to kill the good ones which is so upsetting I wish he would my friend told me about all this she when in there and tried to stop him. But she didn’t win and she got very badly hurt and very nearly didn’t survive. I tried to go in there but I told her and she said please don’t I was very mad I wanted to get back at him. He had hurt my friend and nobody hurts my friend especially Sky that’s obviously the one who got hurt.

Nathan Johnson 10

The rusty keys turn, the dark door opened and on the other side of the door was land filled with candy were everything is made of candy. The first thing I did was dive in a chocolate river. I saw a monster in the river… It was a monster of great fear. But a knight pulled me out of the river. The knight took me to his castle he train me. He gave me a special sword that was made from candy cane. The knight gave me under chocolate gear and sent me to fight the monster. I dived down and gave him the sword and became friends and I stead there for the rest of my life’


Ethan Lee Nicolson 10

One day I was walking and I saw a home that was abandoned with the keys in the door I went to the door and trend the keys and the door opened I was sucked into a portal. and I hit my head I woke up and I was In a testing camber there were aliens trying to infect me with some thing I was knocked out…

Hannah A 10

I came to a door and found a set of keys hanging of the door. I got hold of the keys and put them in the door and turned them at first they would not open the door but then I tried again and it worked. I opened the door it was hard to open but I opened it and looked in inside was an abandoned zoo I looked around me and saw a tiger I walked up to it as I got closer it sent a shiver up my spine and then it roared then it showed me its paw and swiped it towards me I jumped back and fell over and it ran towards me aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Calum 10

One day spotted an old pair of keys in an old mouldy door with a rusty handle there I tried all except one key I tried it and it worked. It was obviously made by a black-smith I twisted the key and the door opened I locked it back up and ran home to get torch and pegged it there in hope that now one saw it and went in. luckily it was clear because the door was not open and people leave doors open. I unlocked the door for the last time switched the torch on and walked slowly towards an old shack with the key I opened I looked all around a spotted a chest by the corner of the room.


Sam F 11

I walked up to this old wooden door strangely the key was in I try knocking but no one answered my call. I turned the key and walked in now at first I thought there was nothing special but I realised a strange looking bottle I walked over the was a note saying do not drink but you now how that just makes you want to drink it even more so I yanked out the Kroc and took a big gulp of the strange glowing liquid and if I knew then what I knew now

Then suddenly I heard a voice I ducked be hind the table it was the man how lived hear under the bottle was a note it said this drink may not be consumed it is a hilly dangerous poison if consumed the drinker will die I ten minutes so I had nothing to loose I stud up and shouted at the man he ran

Lillie H 10

One day in the cold windy stormy night I was walking to my friends Tali’s, we where just going for a walk .We got to a house that has been sold we were looking and then we went to the door because we could see a pair of keys in the distance we went over we got the keys it was like they were magic. We opened the door and we stepped 3 paces into the building it took us to a fairyland .We were screaming because we didn’t no where we where ,there was this young boy we went up to his very scared and asked this young boy what his name is when we asked him he just looked at us . I was scared I looked at Tali she looked at me and we both were about to scream when the young boy turned around and he said Elliot …

Joshua Newburn 10

One day I was walking down the street I saw a side door of a house I saw an old knackered door with a pair of keys in the door with some others in it.I was thinking what is behind the old door I was thinking there is a hundred years old grave from the past. Because I saw a smashed window and had a wooden border over it and I hear noises whenever I walk by. It is SCARY and I hear SHOUTING!!! But I get past my fears of hearing noises. Behind the doors are skeletons siting on a bench looking on a skeleton designed bench. At night I hear loud BANGS!!!!! Across the road from my house I think that house is an abandoned house it looks like a scary house of terror. I have seen people jump when they hear the loud BANGS!! And SHOUTING!! It`s SPOOKY!!!!.

Tali Monica 10

I walked through a cutting with my friend into a space of land about 15 metres across. It was full of grass and weeds growing in a wiggly, squirmy way. There were vines climbing up the wall clinging on with every leaf. The killer darkness of the night crept up on us making us shudder with fear. Keeping together as if we were the same person, we tiptoed across the grassy field only to hear a chuckle of laughter. We looked around and explored, in the trees and bushes but we just couldn’t find anything, nothing at all. We saw a small glimpse of light peeking through an open hole in the woods. Clambering through the trees, ignoring the scratches on our legs, we tumbled down a hill to find a wonderful scene. A white house stood before our eyes, we crept closer and tapped on the door, Knock Knock.

Hannah Warne 10

I finally summon the strength to creep to the door my legs juddering .As soon as I step to the round door knob I spot a set of rusty keys there were three. A small one and a medium and a large .Also there was a keyhole.
The rusty key churned as I twisted it while it was in the keyhole. Before my eyes a deserted desert was before me. The sand red and gravel like. I stepped forward and gulped, I then proceeded to my destination. “A camp” I thought excitedly. I ran for the camp shouting and waving my arms .A deadly snake blocks my path I grab a stick and poke at it. It lunges for me but I quickly evaded by rolling.
I strikes again but catches me on my arm. Then a constant pain overwhelms me. A couple hours later I die but peacefully…


Lochlan J G 10
One day in a windy old shack a loud morn came flying though the air land push me back like running in to a brick wall. I fell to the ground in fright. I tried to get up but I need a support so I grabbed a stick and pushed my self up. I started to wobble but carried on walking and walking. I eventually got to the mysteries shack. I slowly opened the door. I took a deep breath and walk in. it was so horrible. A small curled up baby was there but not alive. He had multiple scratches all over him. He also had one big hole though his chest. Heed been shot. I thought to my self what man (or women for all I knew) would shoot a baby. I wobbled home as fast as I could. I got in and told my mum.


Libby Macaulay 10
One day I was walking through the forest and I came across a pair of keys. I didn’t know what they were for but I thought they looked cool so I picked them up and put them in my bag and carried on walking. A few minutes later I came across door. It looked strange and magical so I went to open it but it was locked. The keys I found looked like one of them would fit so I tried them. The first one I tried was too big the second was too small the third one fit in but wouldn’t move and the last one was just right. I turned the key and pushed the door behind the door was stacks and stacks of money. I closed the door and went out of the forest and to the police station to tell them about the money. They said I could do anything I want with it so I gave it to charity.

Cory Tucker 10

As I was taking my dog for a walk with chips in my face from McDonald’s I saw a old rusty door with a key in it so I went over to it turned the key and it creaked open then I decided to go in. When I went in there were chips, nuggets and coke falling from the sky. So I walked in and there was some people down the bottom of the hill so I went down and when I was about to say something they turned round and launched a throwing knife at me so I ran back up the hill and through a dark forest and jumped in a swamp swam to the other side and got out. He was still chasing me and more men came so I ran faster then I lost them so I went to the door.

Ben Walkden 11

As I stumbled across an old wooden door, I saw an old looking wooden door. It had keys stuck in the door. What would be behind it? I asked myself. I slowly turned the keys and the door opened. A huge amount of purple dust blew out fast. Curiously I saw a dark and strange shaped figure ahead of me. As I stepped in I heard the door slam shut behind me. The wooden floor board were creaking. I walked towards the figure realising that something bad would happen. As I got to the figure, it disappeared. Could this all be a setup or is this just really peculiar. I tried looking for the figure with my heart beating wildly. Once I spotted the stairs, I slowly walked up them. There were really creepy looking paintings all over the walls. Could that be a sign of something bad happening?

Oliver Neatis 11

Right in front of me stood an old white door with rusty keys hanging in the keyhole, I wasn’t sure how I got to these doors but I was sure I wasn’t getting home soon. I heard something from the other side of the doors, I wanted to run away and leave forever, but there was nothing behind me, I couldn’t.
I decided to go in but the keys were jammed, I twisted them as hard as I could but they wouldn’t budge. Finally they turned and the door opened, ahead of me was a log dark tunnel, lit up by candles, I walked slowly into the darkness but the further I went, the darker it got.
Soon I came to a junction in the path, I didn’t know which way to go, and I went left. On the other side of the tunnel someone screamed, I was no longer alone.

Thea 7 (KS1 – Year 2)

The Creep Door
One day me and my friend’s went for a walk. Suddenly we saw a very spooky door so we went up to the very spooky door. When we went up to them door it was wooden and it was locked very tight because it had a key. So I shouted “we’ll try and open it” and my friend screamed “ok”. I wanted to go home but the creepy door opened up very slowly and my friends pulled me to go to the door. It was very scary and I wanted to go back home, I didn’t like it. Inside the door I found a very cute, black kitten. I wanted to show my friends but they had gone and left me on my own. I promised to look after the kitten forever so I took it home with me.

Emily Singh 9

She turned the key, as scared as she has ever
been. Almost sobbing into her coat, she opened the door and screamed. It was the murderer on the news, on the radio she was so scared she did not know what to do. Still screaming the murderer turned around and he got a key pushed her, as hard as he could and locked the door. She ran to her mother and said that she had seen the murderer. But her mother was not there, she was scared because her mum had never left the house, in 10 years after her husband had died.

Only two adults had the bravery this week but what a fantastic efforts they are. Do you think you could do as well? Go on… give it a go.

Nikki 27

I crept quietly up to the massive grey door of the haunted mansion, I was petrified, but it was too late to turn back now. I knew my son may be inside and I had to rescue him.
My heart was beating and I could barely breathe the adrenalin was coursing through my body, I turned the handle and went inside, terrified as the house held so many dark secrets and had endured so many terrible things over the years, in I went all alone the sound of my heart beat ringing in my ears and pounding in my head … I tried to turn the lights on but could not.. I turned my torch on and opened the doors of the downstairs rooms one by one, whispering his name… Nothing. I began to climb the stairs when I heard singing coming from a bedroom, nice gentle singing, relaxing and comforting, I pushed open the door and could see sat by the fireplace was an elderly lady singing and stroking a child’s face, my sons face!!

Neil 65

She turned, instinctively reaching for the keys, finger hooked to grab the ring then froze.

‘I’m not coming back!’ she said aloud, as if to emphasise the point to herself. She’d just shut the door on everything she’d known, everything she hated and that hated her, everything that had just about killed her … until today.

‘I’ll never turn that key again,’ she said. ‘I don’t know what’s ahead. I do know what I’m leaving behind. That’s enough.’

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Story start Nov 1st- Nov 7th


This weeks picture was of the ruins in Furness Abby, Cumbria. This sent children writing superb detailed descriptive work. Have a read and please leave a comment.

Libby Macaulay 10

This is not just an old wrecked building it’s a haunted wrecked building. its haunted by monks not the nice kind the bad kind this is the story of why they haunt it and why they are bad.
It started of in 1616 when a group of men became monks they weren’t the best monks they weren’t even religious they just pretended to be. They give them selves a name it was the r monks. There was a group of very good monks very popular monks every body loved them and they made fun of the new group of monks because they didn’t know any thing.
The r monks started to get fed-up and started spreading rumors about the other group. They spread rumors for months and months and the other group was getting laughed at by everybody else. The monks had enough and started a fight with the r monks.

Hannah Warne 10

As I silently crept through the misty rubble of the monastery a storm began to stir. The wind thrashing, snapping many tree’s in its way .I dived for shelter in the gloomiest part of the rubble. Oh what a wonderful sight, shelter.
A monk appeared out of nowhere then it evaporated into the mist. “Wait” I whispered .But to no avail he had gone! The storm grew impatient a swirling twister appeared .whilst I ran I heard an everlasting moan. “The monk” I thought. Then the monk spoke “head for the remaining monastery”. A huge rock tumbled in front of me crushing me.
Now I linger by my grave as a ghost my memories fatal and cruel. I morn of the day I lost my life to curiosity and adventure! My family mourn for me most of the time. That monk is lost forever, he had tried to save my life.

Emily 9

As they hid behind the castle wreck, they did not dare to look what was in front of them. Scared as ever they ran for their lives, before they could even look at the spirit haunting the village. Knowing that they would not live to tell the tale if they stopped running, In the ruins of the castle. They were screaming and crying but no one was there to help. But then suddenly a figure popped out with a hooded cloak on. He grabbed them and threw them in his car. They were asking so many questions, that they did not even know what was happening.


Tali 10

Me and my friend (Isabelle) went out in the woods, mucking about and finding different things to mess with. We were just making dens when we heard a big bang and another and another. Through the trees we ran, to have a peek what was going on. Finally the gigantic bundle of trees ended with a steep hill. Isabelle and I went tumbling down the slant landing in a pile of mud. I clambered up, quickly helping Isabelle up to stand. Our sight was amazing, magnificent should I say. The crumbling walls clattered on the ground meanwhile nature was taking over. We were gobsmacked at the sight of a building that could have been in good condition but instead left to rot away in the middle of nowhere. We staggered round the building eventually finding the doorway. We stared right into the dark black hole. We stepped forward …


Lillie H 10

I was looking around this old destroyed building I was waiting for my friend Isabelle to arrive. Where going to be explorers for the day, Isabelle eventually came we were walking very slowly, and carefully just to make sure we don’t go past any buried valuable treasure.
We were touching all of the walls and then suddenly Isabelle was walking around the other side of the wall and then I shouted HELP!! HELP!!!! . My leg was stuck fast, I couldn’t move!

Isabelle rushed around she was panicking her heart pounding with shock and she went to call for HELP!!! No-one heard her so she decided to pull, she pulled and pulled until eventually, I got out and then I said thanks.

Hannah A 10

Me and my friend Milly were going for a walk , we came to a big rusty dull gate I tried to push it open but it was locked and then I saw a women peek round the door of the house she looked familiar she came to the gate and said ‘’what do you want ’’she had a squeaky voice a shiver ran down my spine ‘’oh nothing sorry to bother you’’ I said and started to walk on and then I heard the lady say ‘’ why is this gate locked ‘’ and she opened I crept back in and seen a wrecked house it started to get colder and colder and that women was there again laughing .My friend Milly said ‘’I’m not scared of you ‘’ she swung towards us aaaarrrr…

Joshua Newburn 10

One day there was a pair of little kids about 10 to a 11 year old kids exploring the champers of torturing they were call Jeff and Harold as they walked in they were really frightened in case they get a piece of sting tied around there neck because they saw people with a blue and purple face from hanging them selves.They found some tools like a sword ,knives and a stick with nails in the weapon to torture them for doing some thing really horrible or tried to assassinate some one like the king or queen they started walking around looking at the dead people on the wooden crate and strapped on the wooden crate with a metal circle and the put a rat in it and it starts to go into your ears , mouth or your hair and other unpleasant places on your body on purpose.

Ben Walkden 10

With my heart beating faster than lighting I strolled through the dark archway. I could sense something bad happening. I sprinted down the corridor and then finally, there was a window. I climbed out from the dark and dim building not looking down at my landing. I fell into a cave. I could hear my footsteps echo as I heard water dripping come closer and closer. I wanted to get out of the frightening cave but it was beckoning me to go further. I couldn’t resist so I began to investigate. Suddenly a shady figure appeared just a few feet away from me. I couldn’t tell whether or not it was human but one thing I realised was that if I turned and ran away I would get a chase so it must be better to face it now and get it over with. BANG! Went a sound from behind.

Oliver Neatis 11

As I watched my son walk slowly into the dark forest I wondered what I could of done that would save my life when I was where he was. The path was disappearing in every step I took; things were starting to get creepy. A storm grew, inky black eyes stared into his soul and in the distance, glowing red eyes flickered in the darkness a tiger had arrived.
He ran left with thorns scratching his face making him cry until he came to an old building, I could tell it was beckoning him in. He walked closer, closer to his doom, steel doors blocked his way, he could see the tiger coming towards him, he ran at them as hard as he could and the hinges screamed a deafening scream, he finally opened it after several moans from the door, when he got in no one saw him again.

Sam Facer 11

So here is a piece of my home the abbey it all started 200 hundred years ago I was born in to a catholic family it was pretty normal family we went to church every Sunday. My farther Eric Smith, worked on the local farm for money . one day he said we are sending you to an abbey this was a great thing at the time but when the day came to go I was petrified I’ve never been that far from home before as soon as we past the farmers home that would be the longest I’ve been from home .

We arrived in the cart just out side the abbey my farther was not coming in I was heartfelt I would never see him a gain me and him were pretty closes it was horrible so 50 years past and I died on the 15 of may 1690 I was in seventies.

Katie 10

I went for a drive with my mum and dad .Until we saw something, something strange, something rather old .We all stared at the field .Did any wane know about this place? Why was it their? what is it? the answer is know wane knows those questions. We all glared at the figure until my dad remembered some thing about king Henry v111.”king Henry v111 took this building from the monks know one knows why but he did the monks were rich that is why I think he stole all their things” said my dad. Suddenly I saw a wight glow it was a man in a robe and was carrying a bell for some reason he turned at us we cold tell he was a monk ghost he looked rather strange he looked at me with his cold dead eyes. Were was he going? What was he doing ? weal never know.

Oliver 10

One night I went out on my skateboard all the way to a big skate-park but then I heard some crumbling in the rocks across the field I saw with my own eyes someone taking stone up from the ground and they were climbing down some kind of a tunnel or a hole so I told my friend to come with me and have a fun adventure. He said” no I’m not going to get myself killed” I said don’t be stupid you’re not going to die lets go. Ok let’s go my friend replied so me and my friend went to the castle looking thing so we had to climb threw a load of rocks and we climbed all the way to the place where the people climbed down so we both lifted the rock’s and then climbed down and we found mine carts filled with gold and iron.

Elliot D 11

My heart was beating wildly as I hid behind an old oak tree. I could see a dark misty figure in the old ruin it looked like a monk I was frightened 0what was he going to do? Was he going to hurt me? Between the ruin there was a horse and carriage it was mysterious but wicked. I took a step back and tripped over a huge rock that I did not see, it was not there before. “Was machst du hier? I couldn’t tell what  he was saying so his friend in the horse carriage to translate. He said “He is German, and he said what are you doing here? He came up to me I was frightened, He told me to scram and get of his land I know what he was saying because the man in the carriage translated it to me. I did so.

Cory Tucker 10

One day there was a ice cream van in a field so I decided to go and get one with a flake. When I walked off I saw a old rotten, disgusting building in the distance so I decided to go and have a look what was in there. When I got in there I saw two kids messing around so I told them to get out and they ran off so I started walking around the building to see if I can find anything. When I went into the next room I saw some money in a bag so I walked further in to the building to see if I could find any other good stuff. I I kept walking then I saw some skulls at the end of the building and very old clothes then I saw some legs and some more skulls in the corner then I found some very bright gold treasure.

Poppy jai Muir 10

This is not just an old wrecked building this is a story in itself. I found this enchanted place when I was practicing for the big marathon. The big marathon is on every year I have run the marathon 5 times I’ve done it since I was ten I’m now fifteen. I like to practice on different surfaces like one day id jog on cobble and one day on mud. This just helps because there not always in the same place. I found this place while practicing on a muddy surface. You see those trees on the left? I was just behind them when I spotted it. As soon as I spotted it I leapt towards it. When I got to the front of the wreck I decided to climb in to the window and then suddenly…

Izzy 10

I stumbled to a clearing and before my eyes appeared an abandoned castle. It had an eerie feeling about it. As I stepped forward the leaves crunched beneath my feet. The wind whistled through my ears as I touched the mossy walls of the building .I peered through the window and couldn’t believe my eyes a dark figure strolled across the room. I felt a force pull me to the ground my heart was pounding. I felt like I was being watched, I didn’t dare to open my eyes for if someone was staring at me. I lay there in silence waiting until I heard a loud scream it sent a chill up my spine I finally found the courage to open my eyes. I screamed as I found a black figure standing over me.

Eve Charlotte Budden 10

As I walked down the lane I could smell the soggy smell of rain I had to be careful that I didn’t slip. I sore a building I thought it was a castle. Suddenly I heard a voice “ha ha ha.” It was coming from behind the wrecked building. I said “hello.” Then one of the bricks moved and I ran back up the lane a slipped on the gooey moss and grazed my knee. Suddenly a shadowy figure darted to me I tried to scramble back up the lane but I couldn’t it was too painful. It came closer and whispered “I’m the ghost of the Abby.” Suddenly my mum shouted me for tea and the ghost disappeared. I went home.

Tyler Bolton 10

Dear anybody

Five weeks ago I was playing out with Billy at the old church. We saw something in the trees.
Me and Billy wanted to follow it like an idiot. But as soon as he saw me and Billy it ran at us. Me and
Me and billy ran and ran we couldn’t work out what it was but we knew it was very scary.
We found a little old house in the woods. We ran into the little house in the woods I locked the door.

I am writing this letter so you might be able to call the police or something please help us.

Nathan Johnson 10

It was a cold day, I was playing with my friends. We were playing hide and seek. I jumped though a window from part of the old and broken abbey. I was hidden in a corner but I fell down a hole. I found a cave with skeletons in it. I conveniently had a torch so I had a look around. I was calling out to see if anyone was there. I found a chest so I opened it . It was shining bright and it was filled with diamonds and gold. I called my friends and they through down a rope. We pulled the treasure and lived a rich life.

Ethan Lee Nicolson 10

Dear diary today I saw a ruined building being dug up I look at what they were digging up I saw a skull and I was terrified I ran home and I hide under my covers . I got my laptop and started to research so I asked my mum what the building was called she said it was called St George’s church there was a rumor about a priest buried alive under the floor . WAS IT HIS SKULL!?

Calum Macpherson 11

dear diary I saw a rewind building that was built in the olden days called the Furness building and it was built 1235 and destroyed in the 1576. It was well known as the church whit a priest got buried in a priest whole when the soldiers knocked on the door or they would block them in for forever and out side a stick with spick on the end the priests head but if they hidden that would not happen.

Ronnie 10

I walked up the Abbey but I was terrified shocked, horrified and scared. I’m feeling weird, my vision goes swirling. I faint on the ground into a strange nightmare and a new world ‘were on earth am I’! I shouted. ‘why can’t I wake up’!

Kieran 10

I walked around my dream house but I wish I never came because I can never leave I’m trapped to die I thought. Why me not a bank robber I screamed for help I never saw the light after that day I live with ghost’s will I die?Bang ! The house fell with a crash I thought it couldn’t get any worse.Did I die can I live I saw Shrek yes I’m dead what will happen next…

Savannah Rose Sharp 11

As I walked through the forest it was dark and spooky, the bare branches scratched my face. As I walk to the top I saw an old castle. I walked into it.It was very old and felt as if it was going to fall dawn. When I was walking and it felt like walking in a maze. I finally got to the middle, and something blown into my face it was like it was glowing.
Something or someone pushed me into it.I banged my head and it took me a while to get back to normal I picked it up and it was lot of lot of gold I giggled but I didn’t know what to do with it. I hear a little voice echo in the back ground then I saw a shadow come forward. “do you want some money?” And we were the best of friend forever.

Lochlan Gosling 10

One day when I was walking to my friend’s  house.I was getting tired so I tuck a short cut through the woods and I soon discovered a small house that looked like it had been left for a long time. I walked up to it and then I heard a small crackle in the back ground so I got closer and closer and closer. Then a small gremlin like man that shouted at me to go away but I was so star struck that I ignored him. He started getting angry so I tried walking off but he grabbed me and said “actually stay and you can be my servant for the rest of your life”. I tried to run off but he stabbed some kind of weird medicine that made me instantly fall to sleep.  When I woke up  I knew I was going to be here for a long time.

Dolcie Rowling 7

A long time ago there lived a poor King who lived in a tiny castle. He lived alone even though he was a King. One day he found a sack of money he used to repair his house and get servants. They did not call the poor King poor any more they called him the rich King. Now his castle had one hundred doors, seven hundred windows and seven hundred rooms. He decided to look in his money room one day but all his money had gone. He looked in a bedroom it looked nice but a little girl was going crazy in there. She wasn’t doing anything wrong so the King became her friend. She dreamed of being the Princess of the castle.

Harvey Kemp 7

One day there was a mad scientist, he made a potion that was meant to turn him invincible but it turned him into a horrible ‘Grim Reaper’ and since then anyone who enters get haunted for the rest of their lives…
One day a seventeen year old boy came to the haunted house. As he walked in with his dog he heard a loud scream, the teenager followed the sounds of screams. The closer he got the more screams he could hear…Suddenly he heard voices of the people who entered before him. They said “Go back! run while you can!!”
The teenager was terrified but he continued…

Casey 10

Melanie Grace stood at the edge of the forest, looking at the remains of her Great Granddads chapel. It was the year 1932 and three years ago, her Granddad’s building was set fire to by someone the police couldn’t track down, killing 32 people inside including her Great Granddad. A sudden flash of lightning occurred and there stood a woman wearing a black gown and had long black hair. Melanie thought this was the woman that had set fire to the chapel, so she ran out and hid inside the spooky church. In almost seconds, the woman had gone, but a fire was spreading quickly through the chapel. She didn’t say a word, for she was ready to join her Great Granddad, away from her life altogether…

Only two adult entries this week, I think the children’s quality of work is scaring you off! #getwriting adults!!!

Andy 49

“Simon! Where are you?” called Maria,
“In here. Come and see what I’ve found.”
Maria walked round the end of the church to the archway that had once housed the door. In the nave looking at something small and black, stood her brother.
“What is it?” asked Maria warily.
“I’m not sure. Looks like a chess piece. Could be a bishop, but it’s more like a monk.”
“Where did you find it?” said Maria moving closer.
“It was behind that stone, hidden in the wall.”
Maria looked down and saw a small, dressed stone lying on the floor beneath a black gaping hole.
“I was climbing the wall to call you through the window dislodged it. I tried to push it back but it jammed on something. When I looked again I saw this figure.”
Maria looked at it and shivered.
“I don’t like it. It gives me the creeps.”

Neil 65

Fatigue made me stop. Nothing else. I was hungry; hadn’t eaten for days. I wasn’t thirsty … it’d been raining and I was wet through. The old church still had a roof and I couldn’t take another step. I don’t like religion, don’t believe in god but I didn’t think a derelict building would mind. I was wrong about that. And when I crawled into an anteroom to shelter from the rain, I thought nothing could harm me. I was wrong about that too.

It was the bell that woke me, booming, dragging me out of sleep in the dark. Then it stopped. I could hear voices, feet shuffling. A door, that wasn’t there when I went to sleep, creaked open. A figure in a robe, holding a candle, stood in the doorway.

‘It’s time for the funeral,’ said a wisp of a voice.

‘Funeral?’ I croaked, uncertain. Looking down in confusion, I saw I was wearing a robe too.
‘What do you mean?’ I asked. ‘Whose funeral?’

‘Why yours, of course,’ came the reply.