Story Starts Nov 8th-14th



The keys turned in the lock but what was behind the door….??

Fantastic story starts this week give them a read and let us know what you think of them.

Also give it a go yourself.

Casey Cammoile 10

Alice Maisie watched, as the key turned as if by magic. Slowly, the door creaked open and she stepped inside. “Hello?” Alice called, but there was no reply, except for a ghostly echo. “Hello?” she called again; this time there was a reply. “The one that makes a sacrifice will recall those whose family have passed away…” It said, in a cracked, dry voice. Alice didn’t have a clue what it was talking about, so she turned to leave, but the door slammed shut, trapping Alice inside. There was then a sound, like a woman screaming, and then she (Alice) realized that it was her mother, standing behind her. Her mother touched her shoulder, which was surprisingly cold. It dawned on her that both she and her mother had made the sacrifice that the voice had mentioned. Alice Maisie and Andrea Maisie had joined the afterlife…

Emma Hughes 11

I put the rusty old key into the lock and began to turn it. The lock was stiff, and you could tell that no one had been through this closed door for a long time! As quietly as possible, I turned the key and then reached for the rusty black door handle. With all my strength, I yanked the door open as I listen to the loud creaking sound that it made. I stood glued to the spot while my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the musty ancient room before me. Staring at the old, dusty furniture that was covered in cobwebs. Thinking about why to strange old man had given me the mysterious map in the first place that had lead me here.

Caitlin 9

When I opened the creaky door I saw a dark room I found a lantern but it didn’t work. I tried to see so I looked on a wall and I turned on the light I just remembered that it was the 31st of October Halloween. I walked into a room and I saw a little girl stood in front of a wooden bed and I yell HELP! But the little girl said no one can hear you. The little girl had scars, marks and bruises all over her face. The front door slammed shut! I ran through the house and I found a back door .I ran out but the little girl caught me .I never saw dawn again.

Lexi 9

Once up on a time lived a door that was black and cracked. Within a blink of your eye it had gone. Bang! The door shuts. I jump out of my skin. I’m feeling scared. There is a dead body behind it blood everywhere. In turned my lantern on and I hear a bang it is misty and dark I could not see a thing. I want to go home but I can’t because I can’t see. Where am I? I guess I’m not far. Yes you are you are in London if you get through it in 10 minute you will win £123 I think you should get cracking who long do i have to go. Right so I’ll turn left arr skull I think it is haunted. 8 minutes left oww spooky ow! I think I’ve slipped in out I’ve won £123.

logan 10

I walked along an old dark wood when all of a sudden I saw a webby old rusty broken door. A mat was stood in front of it. I lifted it up a under the mat was some rusty keys. I opened the door and I could never imagine what I saw. There was a load of red and white poppies all over the floor and packs of ammo and rifles. Maybe a war happened here I don’t know. I could see gigantic spiders everywhere I was petrified. Then out of know where there was a chest I could have sworn it was not there before. When I looked in the chest there was some pieces of wood and potions. But what did it mean. Then all of a sudden all of the walls started to close in on me very, very slowly and the door and the chest disappeared…

Ben 10

I moved into my new house and looked out the window and saw a shed in my back garden. I went outside to see what was inside. I turned the key and opened the door. There was a statue of a world war general, medals and a table of mini solders fighting in a battle. I suddenly got scared because I thought the head of the general moved. But then my mam called me in for dinner. I came to it the next day with my friends but it had disappeared. They didn’t believe that I had all that in my shed. I went inside to wash my face and then I saw the statue on the grass. It was sat down on the grass. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I went outside and asked him who he was but he just stood up and walked back into the shed.

Izzy 9

I was in a strange forest with my friend Ellie. It was scary we wanted to go home. Are nerves were shaking. Ellie saw a shed in the far distance it was all rusty and disgusting. The trees were rustled around us, there was a key outside on the floor. I blinked it was still there, Ellie said she heard rushing and wishing around her. We had to open it, we turned it with are heats beating. Ellie shut it. “It scary just imagine there could be a dead body in there.” My friends were here came running into the woods. All of them kept staring at me. “What is it?” Molly said, Tyler and Emily were staring at the key. It has a unicorn on it with gummy drops. Ellie opened it “That is amazing” It has bright colours with sparkles. “wwwhhhhooooaaaa”

Mark 10

Me and my friend josh saw a door we opened it the door creeks and cracks cash bang a hoover bin bag fall on the floor but a football falls on my head. The cat screeches in the back ground me hearts were racing are lungs pumping we were so scared but we thought we were going to die josh saw a cloth covering a machine I uncovered the machine we felt scared but brave so we carried on but then the door shut on us josh ran away but I uncovered the machine then went
Ka-boom that’s why I am in a wheel chair.

Brandon 10

The mysterious door!

When I was with my friends walking home, we saw a strange door at the bottom of an alley way. We walked down to the strange door and saw a key, it was in the door, we turned the key and the door opened… Suddenly we heard a BANG! We walked a bit further into this mysterious place. Then we saw a humongous DINOSAUR in the alley way charging at us. We had RAN for our lives! Later on when we got away from the dinosaur, we took some pictures of the place to show the police. But out of nowhere, this demon type of monster, popped out from behind a cupboard. We stood like statues but he still noticed us, he said “don’t be afraid guys, I’m here to catch the dinosaur,” then we weren’t as scared. We can all catch that big bad dinosaur together.

Ellie 10

I was walking in the forest with my friend Izzy. All of a sudden I saw a shed, an old shed in the middle of the forest. I blinked just to see if I was dreaming. It was still there when I opened my eyes. Then I shook my head. Was I going mad? We walked over to the shed. As we got closer we saw that there were some keys already in the door. I opened the door. Colours burst out from every direction. ”Come on Izzy. Let’s go in,” I said.
“You want me to go in there?” shouted Izzy over the noise.
We step into the colour and suddenly I was toppling and turning in every direction. I was on the floor. I looked around. It all looked edible, so of course I picked up some of the ground and put it in my mouth. It was delicious.

Chellise 9

I was walking down the road on the way to school. BANG! A door shuts. I try to open the door but it seems like something’s holding it back. I tried my hardest to open it. I looked up and saw a church. I finally got the door open. I walked in and heard the echo of my footsteps. I looked around quickly. The door slammed shut. I was shaking. I felt a gust of wind. I looked straight forward and saw a little girl just standing there looking at me. I turned around trying not to look at her. I was petrified but to scare me more the window cracked. I looked around the room and nobody or anything was there. I tried to barge the door down but it was no use. I was trapped in the church, lying on the floor. I stayed for the rest of my life.

Caitlin 9

When I opened the creaky door all I saw was a black room. BANG! The door swung shut. I found a lantern outside the house so I walked in there. I turned the lantern on. I wandered around the house until I heard the door slam shut again! I walked forward and I saw a little girl with her head sideways with scars, bruises and marks all over her. I slammed her bedroom door shut and I yelled HELP! But the little girl said no one could hear me. I tried to open the front door but it wouldn’t open so I looked around the house more until I found the back door. I opened it and it creaked open. I ran out. I forgot to close it. The little girl caught me and brought me back in and locked the door shut and I never saw light again.

Tyler Johnson 10

I was walking through the gloom; it smelled musky. At the end of the room was a door with a brass knocker. I opened it. My heart was racing. At the other side was a colourful swirl. A PORTAL! I felt a rush of excitement inside of me. I took a step back; for the first time in my life I was scared. I had two options: run home and get mum or go in. It was strong and powerful. I had no choice. I had to go in. I stepped forward my conscious was telling me “You won’t get out alive, turn back.”
I ignored it.
I stepped inside and…
It was a frenzy of colours. I was swirling around repeatedly. Then I stopped. I fell with a thump. It was a big world filled with mystical creatures, from dragons to unicorns. I thought I am going to stay.

Ella 9

Behind the creepy squeaky door was a treasure chest with gold, jewels and diamonds. We were rich but then there was a monster a bigger monster then me! It was a green slimy monster he was protecting the treasure Then he threw us out. Then we ran for our lives our hearts were racing. We could hear the monster roaring eventually we ran in to the woods. There were a lot of webs and there was snakes skin. When I looked lots of bug crawled all over it. To the bugs it must be nice for the bug there was lots of different ones, there was a big long centipede and a beetle it was disgusting. After that we went to the secret door and tried to get to the treasure. We got in eventually by chasing the monster out it ran in to the woods. I shouted loudly “we are rich!”

Emily Smith 9

I was walking through a narrow corridor, when at the end of it I discovered a large wooden door with a rusty metal knocker and a powerful lock. When I took out a shivering hand to grasp it my heart skipped a beat. I tugged it, and it creaked open and the sound sounded as though I had stepped on a broken floorboard. I took a cowardly step towards the pitch black room. Suddenly something beyond miraculous happened. I was twirling, whirling and toppling down into the depths of the room and with a loud bang, also a gush of smoke I sat dumbstruck. I scrambled to my full height and found myself in a room with loads of MONEY! I glanced around the room; shimmering trophies and thousands of pounds worth of gold stood within my reach. The only thing was how I was going to get myself home…

Casey 9

The door opened: behind it was a damp room. Cracks covered the walls and something strange dripped from the ceiling. A light shone from the top of a rickety staircase.
I climbed the stairs and came to a cat-flap. I peeked through to the next room and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Through the cat-flap was an ancient, wrinkled man sat on an armchair in front of a blazing fire.
“What are you doing?” I asked. “And who are you?”
“I am the creator of everything and I’m writing the life of a young man who’s just won £1,000,000,000 in the lottery. Not much I know but it will do if he wants to buy an Xbox1,” the man said. I was amazed at this strange man and his value of money.
“No-one must know about me, for they will want their future changed. Don’t tell anyone I’m here.”

Izzy 10

My hand was shaking I couldn’t bring myself to open it. I finally found the courage and turned the key. I slowly moved my hand to the door knocker. I felt the rust peel off in my fingers as I moved the handle back and forth. Then a silence. I pushed the door it creaked open. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. It sent a chill up my spine as the bony fingers faded. I ran inside of the cottage and slammed the door behind me. My heart was pounding. There were sticky cob webs everywhere. Suddenly the light bulb burst it was pitch black. I stood there shivering in the darkness…

Katie 10

I went to my friend’s Tali’s house. We went out to play and called for poppy. And went on a field to play until we saw some thing an old wooden gate painted white it had a knocker a key hole with rusty keys. I waked towards it until Tali’s shouted “STOP” the field and all around us was silent complete silent. Until poppy questioned “should we open the door or not?” we all headed towards the door and tali’s hand headed towards the keys she gave it a rough spin. The door opened with a scream .Me, poppy, Tali’s all headed in side. Once we all were in the door slammed their were squalling of rats. Pictures of World War 2 on the wales an old gas mask was left on a side. Morning began I bit my lip to not scream. We all opened the door and ran away from that gate.

Poppy Jai Muir 10

Behind this door is a very unnaturalistic world. There’s a whole world of cute animals like anime panda’s and anime koalas. There’s also my favourite unicorn there awesomely cute. There’s only one bad person in there he always tries to kill the good ones which is so upsetting I wish he would my friend told me about all this she when in there and tried to stop him. But she didn’t win and she got very badly hurt and very nearly didn’t survive. I tried to go in there but I told her and she said please don’t I was very mad I wanted to get back at him. He had hurt my friend and nobody hurts my friend especially Sky that’s obviously the one who got hurt.

Nathan Johnson 10

The rusty keys turn, the dark door opened and on the other side of the door was land filled with candy were everything is made of candy. The first thing I did was dive in a chocolate river. I saw a monster in the river… It was a monster of great fear. But a knight pulled me out of the river. The knight took me to his castle he train me. He gave me a special sword that was made from candy cane. The knight gave me under chocolate gear and sent me to fight the monster. I dived down and gave him the sword and became friends and I stead there for the rest of my life’


Ethan Lee Nicolson 10

One day I was walking and I saw a home that was abandoned with the keys in the door I went to the door and trend the keys and the door opened I was sucked into a portal. and I hit my head I woke up and I was In a testing camber there were aliens trying to infect me with some thing I was knocked out…

Hannah A 10

I came to a door and found a set of keys hanging of the door. I got hold of the keys and put them in the door and turned them at first they would not open the door but then I tried again and it worked. I opened the door it was hard to open but I opened it and looked in inside was an abandoned zoo I looked around me and saw a tiger I walked up to it as I got closer it sent a shiver up my spine and then it roared then it showed me its paw and swiped it towards me I jumped back and fell over and it ran towards me aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Calum 10

One day spotted an old pair of keys in an old mouldy door with a rusty handle there I tried all except one key I tried it and it worked. It was obviously made by a black-smith I twisted the key and the door opened I locked it back up and ran home to get torch and pegged it there in hope that now one saw it and went in. luckily it was clear because the door was not open and people leave doors open. I unlocked the door for the last time switched the torch on and walked slowly towards an old shack with the key I opened I looked all around a spotted a chest by the corner of the room.


Sam F 11

I walked up to this old wooden door strangely the key was in I try knocking but no one answered my call. I turned the key and walked in now at first I thought there was nothing special but I realised a strange looking bottle I walked over the was a note saying do not drink but you now how that just makes you want to drink it even more so I yanked out the Kroc and took a big gulp of the strange glowing liquid and if I knew then what I knew now

Then suddenly I heard a voice I ducked be hind the table it was the man how lived hear under the bottle was a note it said this drink may not be consumed it is a hilly dangerous poison if consumed the drinker will die I ten minutes so I had nothing to loose I stud up and shouted at the man he ran

Lillie H 10

One day in the cold windy stormy night I was walking to my friends Tali’s, we where just going for a walk .We got to a house that has been sold we were looking and then we went to the door because we could see a pair of keys in the distance we went over we got the keys it was like they were magic. We opened the door and we stepped 3 paces into the building it took us to a fairyland .We were screaming because we didn’t no where we where ,there was this young boy we went up to his very scared and asked this young boy what his name is when we asked him he just looked at us . I was scared I looked at Tali she looked at me and we both were about to scream when the young boy turned around and he said Elliot …

Joshua Newburn 10

One day I was walking down the street I saw a side door of a house I saw an old knackered door with a pair of keys in the door with some others in it.I was thinking what is behind the old door I was thinking there is a hundred years old grave from the past. Because I saw a smashed window and had a wooden border over it and I hear noises whenever I walk by. It is SCARY and I hear SHOUTING!!! But I get past my fears of hearing noises. Behind the doors are skeletons siting on a bench looking on a skeleton designed bench. At night I hear loud BANGS!!!!! Across the road from my house I think that house is an abandoned house it looks like a scary house of terror. I have seen people jump when they hear the loud BANGS!! And SHOUTING!! It`s SPOOKY!!!!.

Tali Monica 10

I walked through a cutting with my friend into a space of land about 15 metres across. It was full of grass and weeds growing in a wiggly, squirmy way. There were vines climbing up the wall clinging on with every leaf. The killer darkness of the night crept up on us making us shudder with fear. Keeping together as if we were the same person, we tiptoed across the grassy field only to hear a chuckle of laughter. We looked around and explored, in the trees and bushes but we just couldn’t find anything, nothing at all. We saw a small glimpse of light peeking through an open hole in the woods. Clambering through the trees, ignoring the scratches on our legs, we tumbled down a hill to find a wonderful scene. A white house stood before our eyes, we crept closer and tapped on the door, Knock Knock.

Hannah Warne 10

I finally summon the strength to creep to the door my legs juddering .As soon as I step to the round door knob I spot a set of rusty keys there were three. A small one and a medium and a large .Also there was a keyhole.
The rusty key churned as I twisted it while it was in the keyhole. Before my eyes a deserted desert was before me. The sand red and gravel like. I stepped forward and gulped, I then proceeded to my destination. “A camp” I thought excitedly. I ran for the camp shouting and waving my arms .A deadly snake blocks my path I grab a stick and poke at it. It lunges for me but I quickly evaded by rolling.
I strikes again but catches me on my arm. Then a constant pain overwhelms me. A couple hours later I die but peacefully…


Lochlan J G 10
One day in a windy old shack a loud morn came flying though the air land push me back like running in to a brick wall. I fell to the ground in fright. I tried to get up but I need a support so I grabbed a stick and pushed my self up. I started to wobble but carried on walking and walking. I eventually got to the mysteries shack. I slowly opened the door. I took a deep breath and walk in. it was so horrible. A small curled up baby was there but not alive. He had multiple scratches all over him. He also had one big hole though his chest. Heed been shot. I thought to my self what man (or women for all I knew) would shoot a baby. I wobbled home as fast as I could. I got in and told my mum.


Libby Macaulay 10
One day I was walking through the forest and I came across a pair of keys. I didn’t know what they were for but I thought they looked cool so I picked them up and put them in my bag and carried on walking. A few minutes later I came across door. It looked strange and magical so I went to open it but it was locked. The keys I found looked like one of them would fit so I tried them. The first one I tried was too big the second was too small the third one fit in but wouldn’t move and the last one was just right. I turned the key and pushed the door behind the door was stacks and stacks of money. I closed the door and went out of the forest and to the police station to tell them about the money. They said I could do anything I want with it so I gave it to charity.

Cory Tucker 10

As I was taking my dog for a walk with chips in my face from McDonald’s I saw a old rusty door with a key in it so I went over to it turned the key and it creaked open then I decided to go in. When I went in there were chips, nuggets and coke falling from the sky. So I walked in and there was some people down the bottom of the hill so I went down and when I was about to say something they turned round and launched a throwing knife at me so I ran back up the hill and through a dark forest and jumped in a swamp swam to the other side and got out. He was still chasing me and more men came so I ran faster then I lost them so I went to the door.

Ben Walkden 11

As I stumbled across an old wooden door, I saw an old looking wooden door. It had keys stuck in the door. What would be behind it? I asked myself. I slowly turned the keys and the door opened. A huge amount of purple dust blew out fast. Curiously I saw a dark and strange shaped figure ahead of me. As I stepped in I heard the door slam shut behind me. The wooden floor board were creaking. I walked towards the figure realising that something bad would happen. As I got to the figure, it disappeared. Could this all be a setup or is this just really peculiar. I tried looking for the figure with my heart beating wildly. Once I spotted the stairs, I slowly walked up them. There were really creepy looking paintings all over the walls. Could that be a sign of something bad happening?

Oliver Neatis 11

Right in front of me stood an old white door with rusty keys hanging in the keyhole, I wasn’t sure how I got to these doors but I was sure I wasn’t getting home soon. I heard something from the other side of the doors, I wanted to run away and leave forever, but there was nothing behind me, I couldn’t.
I decided to go in but the keys were jammed, I twisted them as hard as I could but they wouldn’t budge. Finally they turned and the door opened, ahead of me was a log dark tunnel, lit up by candles, I walked slowly into the darkness but the further I went, the darker it got.
Soon I came to a junction in the path, I didn’t know which way to go, and I went left. On the other side of the tunnel someone screamed, I was no longer alone.

Thea 7 (KS1 – Year 2)

The Creep Door
One day me and my friend’s went for a walk. Suddenly we saw a very spooky door so we went up to the very spooky door. When we went up to them door it was wooden and it was locked very tight because it had a key. So I shouted “we’ll try and open it” and my friend screamed “ok”. I wanted to go home but the creepy door opened up very slowly and my friends pulled me to go to the door. It was very scary and I wanted to go back home, I didn’t like it. Inside the door I found a very cute, black kitten. I wanted to show my friends but they had gone and left me on my own. I promised to look after the kitten forever so I took it home with me.

Emily Singh 9

She turned the key, as scared as she has ever
been. Almost sobbing into her coat, she opened the door and screamed. It was the murderer on the news, on the radio she was so scared she did not know what to do. Still screaming the murderer turned around and he got a key pushed her, as hard as he could and locked the door. She ran to her mother and said that she had seen the murderer. But her mother was not there, she was scared because her mum had never left the house, in 10 years after her husband had died.

Only two adults had the bravery this week but what a fantastic efforts they are. Do you think you could do as well? Go on… give it a go.

Nikki 27

I crept quietly up to the massive grey door of the haunted mansion, I was petrified, but it was too late to turn back now. I knew my son may be inside and I had to rescue him.
My heart was beating and I could barely breathe the adrenalin was coursing through my body, I turned the handle and went inside, terrified as the house held so many dark secrets and had endured so many terrible things over the years, in I went all alone the sound of my heart beat ringing in my ears and pounding in my head … I tried to turn the lights on but could not.. I turned my torch on and opened the doors of the downstairs rooms one by one, whispering his name… Nothing. I began to climb the stairs when I heard singing coming from a bedroom, nice gentle singing, relaxing and comforting, I pushed open the door and could see sat by the fireplace was an elderly lady singing and stroking a child’s face, my sons face!!

Neil 65

She turned, instinctively reaching for the keys, finger hooked to grab the ring then froze.

‘I’m not coming back!’ she said aloud, as if to emphasise the point to herself. She’d just shut the door on everything she’d known, everything she hated and that hated her, everything that had just about killed her … until today.

‘I’ll never turn that key again,’ she said. ‘I don’t know what’s ahead. I do know what I’m leaving behind. That’s enough.’

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