Story starts 6th -12th Dec


This weeks picture prompted some superb stories. All a week before the end of school for the Christmas break.
Please give them a read and leave a comment or two.

SS 6th – 12th Dec

Kiera 10

The fire place
As I wondered into the mystical ball room .I saw. I heard. Voices and lost souls wondering what has happened to their world as they knew it.
For a second I couldn’t believe my eyes but as I got closer. And closer. The more souls gathered around. Suddenly my father James shouted me for dinner I knew I couldn’t eat, not at this time. Again my father shouted me but I was lost in fear and excitement .This fire place of people had to be saved .All the way through the night I got stressed because I desperately needed to find out what had happened it was literally killing me. I was itching to know the truth.
The next day, because I was itching and itching to know the truth well I guess I paid the price because I woke up with a rash on my leg…

Jessica 8

The magic of Jinafire
One cold night Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Clio, Ghoulia, Rebecca, Venus, Rochelle and Jinafire had all come together because they had found a secret wall and had decided to explore it. At first they found a sculet key, then they found more key. They actually found 9347 keys, then they had opened a door. The perfect place for a slumber party. Then Clio mentioned that it was a bit cold. Jinafire wanted to show the ghouls her power but she was afraid. Her power was blowing fire out of her mouth. But then she thought I am being a wimp. Just then she blew the fire out of her mouth. Everyone who was watching was amazed by what Jinafire had done. She was very pleased. Now Clio stopped complaining .Hooray for Jinafire…ps. if you are reading this story it is based Monster High.

Amad 11

Andrew walked to the room. He stood exactly outside it. Inside the old oak door he could hear crackles and mysterious snoring. He gingerly opened the door and he saw a dragon and the room on FIRE!!!!!
Andrew searched his desolate castle for a bucket of water. I have to go to the well thought Andrew as he rushed to the crumbling well.
He carried all 4 buckets to the room and HISSSSSS the fire was out! Suddenly the gigantic dragon woke up. ”Thank you! I was too lazy to put the fire out myself! Let me take you to Dragon World. Hop on!” cried the friendly dragon.
Andrew anxiously clambered onto the dragon… Will he be safe in Dragon World or not???

Em 14

“I woke up.
And I… I wish that hadn’t.”
The archway in front of me was like a portal. Flames, orange and blue were licking at the entryway. In a daze, I slowly stood up from my armchair, my book falling to the floor. As I walked forward, the room slowly dimmed, the archway lighting the wooden floor in front of me.
I sluggishly turned around, only to find my body was still in the chair.

Am I dead?

Ruby 6

Ella walked into the peculiar looking room she was very curios and inquisitive she was also very anxious. She slowly walked into the room. In front of her there was a dark, dusty, spooky wardrobe. As Ella walked towards the wardrobe she tripped over a greenish and reddish dragon she quickly hid behind a wooden table. Luckily the dragon didn’t see her. Ella opened the wardrobe quite slowly. The wardrobe smelt like a dirty swamp. But Ella wanted to know what was inside the wardrobe so she held her breath and went in. A few seconds later Ella was hot, sweaty and was also panting like a dog, something felt different then Ella realized that she was in a unknown place and fire was burning, she couldn’t move her legs!!!

Will Ella get out of this unknown place???

Thomas 13

I had woken up, I heard loud thumps coming down the big, black chimney. It was Santa with his big red Santa sack. I went down the stairs and poked my head around and I saw him. I quietly tiptoed around the couch and then he turned around. He said you can come out I know your there little kid and then he pulled out a big bike. He said you have been a good kid. So then I sat on Santa’s lap. And then I walked back up stairs and went to sleep.

Oishi 13

It was a week before Christmas, all the ornaments and decorations were set out . Charlie was a very good boy, he always uses his manners, does things before he was told to do them and had good grades. That night Charlie couldn’t sleep, so he cautiously tipped toed down the spiral stairs and into the living room. Something didn’t seem right, the fireplace wasn’t put out. “I’m certain it was out”, thought Charlie. Suddenly a blue flicker appeared, with bright green dots, Charlie came towards the crackling fire, his feet weren’t responding to his brain’s demands. He didn’t stop walking until he was in the fire.

Charlie woke up, the ceiling had candy cane stripes on it, the blanket he had on was a gigantic Santa hat. A miniature man with big ears walked into the room, Charlie let out a scream but it was muffled by the elf’s hand. “We need your help to save Christmas Charlie”, the elf whispered.

Alexis McKenzie 13

A sharp wind had blown for a week now, rustling the leaves under trees and around thickets. I peered out at the meadow, having a rest from the storm under shelter. I let my body thaw out my frozen bones while I dab away drops of cold rain. My walking had taken me to a place rather tired looking but somewhat majestic. Resting my head against the steady bricks, I notice bright flames leaking out of a fire place, spilling out colours of topaz and deep blue. I walk closer and gently stroke the wooden panes supporting the structure of the fireplace. I can tell this place hasn’t been filled with life in a very long time. The question that could lead to many more is, is this the end?

Reghan 12

A forceful wind howled out the window, screeching across the window pane. The misty air filled with smoke. The old worn-out frame and chimney crumbles. Bricks shaking
underneath me. Looking at the fire I see… Aqua, turquoise, topaz, stripes, spots shining in the flames. As I keep walking I notice behind me bricks are falling into well, nothing. The ground is pale blue and very deep. Bricks keep falling and all I can do is jump in the flames. It’s like I’m flying through the galaxy. A flow of amethyst, emerald, diamond and ruby gems twinkle past me. I see pictures on the walls of waves and beaches. I can see a bright shining light ahead of me. As I get closer I start to see the details, could it be…

Chelsea 11

The fire was lit, dust was burnt. This was the first time since 1914 one hundred years ago, this fire was lit. There was dust as thick as a blanket on top of the fireplace. This house has not been used since then. It is in good shape not to mention the fireplace, it is the best part about the house. “So my typical mom had to buy it because she felt sorry for the house”. “ My Brother and I hated this house, there was just something creepy about it.

One night I woke up and heard footsteps I thought it was my parents so I ran to my bedroom. It stopped, I got up and ran into the kitchen. There was a man by the fireplace and it wasn’t my parents, he lit up the fire and some paper and chucked it on the ground. AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Dahrien 10

The screams filled my ears but I kept going it was like I walked into a oven my skin felt like it was boiling from all the heat from burning houses but I kept walking shielding my face from ash clouds the they seemed to be coming towards me faster and faster I started to run it seemed to be following me every time I turned a corner it would turn as well it I turned into a house that some how wasn’t burning inside was a old man in blue clothes was he my saviour or was he the end of me .

Byron 13

As I open the door I see flames rage higher and coming towards me. The flames rage higher and starting to catch on fire with other parts of the doorway. In seconds the doorway lights up in flames. It grows more, wider and wider. The heat from all the flames are like I’m on the sun, it gets hotter by the minute. I see a portal behind all the flames, wonder where it will take me. As I run to the portal I think to myself, where would it take me and how would I get back here? As I jump into the portal my vision goes all blurry and I can’t see anything, a few minutes later my vision comes back and I’m in a different world. I start floating to air , no way I could get back to the ground.

Paige 13

The old cracked bricks towered out of the wall guarding the precious flames. The burning wood reflected off tiles and brought the whole house to an astonishing light. Warmth off the blaze heated the old damaged house. As I approached the fire, a draft crept through the chipped wood and tickled my feet. The howling wind whispered to me softly through a smashed window. I curled up comfortably beside an old wooden bench. My ripped jeans and baggy top provided nothing but the cold draft shivering down my spine. I tilted my head back and stared at the old wooden roof as it begun raining, the impact on the old tin ceiling caused dust to fall and chips to break apart from the structure. But there wasn’t much I could do without reception.

Taylah 13

Cleanly placed bricks surround the bursting flames. Turquoise, Blue and blasts of yellow, fight to break free. A thin pane of glass traps the fire, I stand on a loose panel and just like that, my foot falls straight through. I’m left underneath, where I recognise a symbol. Four lines weaved together, a red jewel placed directly in the middle. Without hesitation, I reach forward and push. A green flash bursts out at me.

Shannon 13

It is like no one can see it apart from me. Is everyone blind or something.
convincing mum, dad and big bro that there was something behind the sizzling fire. I believed that there would be giants roaming in a magical land that no little girl like me has ever been, ohh and there would be flying fairies, yea and we can’t forget about the trolls hiding under the bridges waiting to surprise us. Sadly they thought it was very cute to make up little stories. They whispered “ Ok now take that little mind of yours to bed, so you can have a fresh start of the day tomorrow.” So as soon as they said goodnight to me and turned out my light, I waited for them to go to bed so I could explore what was in that fireplace. Walking up the cold brick tiles, shivering in excitement. Taking my first step in no one would believe what I just saw…

Carnella 13

As the fire arose the night sky began to fade to a blur as if nothing was ever there.
The fire got intensely strange because the relation of the night had appeared on the flame as though it was always there. It was as if the night had taken residence in the flame. All of a sudden the night vanished and the sky had turned a turquoise and green colour, I wonder, could it be. The locals called it Persila the colour goddess, she is here I said faintly to myself. As days passed Persila never left I was like the fire Draws her heart. I must put this fire out. I try for hours, days and weeks but nothing happened Persila is a destroyer she swallows planets whole. I can do it, trying everything in my power, it worked I shouted to the world.

Sophia Alexander 12

Black coal blankets the rock archway. Flames rose instantly as the roaring fire spreads out of control through the doorways to the village. 3 guards approach the blazing fire and gasp at the scene. Help arrived in an instant as the building flooded with smoke.

The King arrived coughing and spluttering. “What is the meaning of this?” ragged the King

The waterman yelled over top of the noisy crowd reporting “We have confirmation that 2 silly little orphans from the orphanage out of town started this horrible mess. They had been caught letting off fireworks in the early hours of the day!”

The king glared at the two youngsters being held by the collars of their tattered clothing.

“Let them go!” demanded the king. “But sir they crossed the line, this is their 4th time this month. Surely you’re going to do something about this nonsense?”

Madison 12

As my fate depends on me making it out of flickering flames. It seems to me that this doesn’t look very safe at all so we must carry on discovering what’s around us.

Then later on I started to see that a lot of things were turning into charcoal which tastes like burnt waffle cone on your tongue it gives me a weird picture of a black hole sucking me in like a tornado spinning faster and faster which makes me have this sick feelings in my mind.

After that we carried on looking around for and I found this strange and unusual looking art and I wondered does it belong to someone who died will I must take home with me so I did. I knew that it was a lovely picture.

Brooke 13

Going for five thousand, three hundred and twenty dollars going once going twice sold to the highest bidder. The first night in the big house it still feels empty some how. The next morning we unpack all of the boxes. The dim sun light creeks through the binds. Night arrives quickly as we unpack the last of the boxes. I stand up with a shiver the cold surrounds me, I decide to light the fire. The shallow light from the fire reflects the shadows onto the wall. The blue back wall shines bright, as if it were little stars. The wood burns slowly and if it were as thick as a rock. dozing off from a hard day of working on the our new but very old house. The garden is full of secrets and I’m going to find out what they are.

Suede 12

The majestic flames leapt up into the air, blackening anything they touch. With pulsating bodies and swaying arms, the fire consumes all the fuel it is given. The long tongues of flame reach out and lick the scorched opening of the ancient brick fireplace. The enclosed power converts a healthy, brown piece of wood into an ugly, smoking, black chunk of charcoal. The more the fire consumes the bigger it grows and the more fuel it needs to remain in a stable condition. The stretch of black soot increases its span of dark, gloomy artwork wherever it pleases. There is finally no more wood to sustain its ever increasing needs and so the fire starts to shrink and flicker into a little flame as miniscule as when it started. The glowing embers finally crumple into a pile of smoking ash and the lively fire dies quietly.

Jessica G 12

I heard the slamming of the solid metal door as it banged shut. The brick works around the fireplace slowly begin to scorch letting off sparks everywhere. I carefully walk past the fiery pit and I breathe in the toxic scent of smoke. My eyes begin to focus on the metal door which is creaking open to reveal an old gremlin like hand chucking boxes into the raw flame. I try to get the best look I can but the magical sparks and colours are too bright to look at. The fire is killed by a sudden gust of wind and my ears are assaulted by a screamingly high pitched noise. An olive green creature emerges from the smoky flames and it is something so horrible that the human eye shouldn’t look at it. But I already had.

Josh D 12

It was like a fiery gateway to Hell that appeared when I entered the castle. A mysterious echo came from inside the strange thing… filled with colour. A voice poured forth like a demon.” Come inside it will clear all your worries”. Of course I didn’t go into the unknown; it was too scary. But. I started to get sucked in. I was terrified. Something was pulling my leg but I couldn’t see it. I tried to grab something to stop it pulling me. But it wasn’t physical. it was a force of some sort. I thought it would be a ghost of my parents that died. No-one knows how but this could of been the way. My leg was half inside now I knew this was a portal now. This was when I started screaming in agony. I saw m parents…

Louis 12

She stood her ground. The gates stood tall with two colossal levers. As they finally opened, Maddison started to scuttle through. Thoughts flew around in her head. She grasped her piercing sword as she charged into the abyss…
Her mother had disappeared a year ago. Sadness filled her heart, as her thoughts turned morbid. No one really knew if she was dead or alive, she thought.
Maddison’s father, the King, was now counting on her to save the kingdom.
In the corner of her eye, an odd creature prepared to pounce; it was like a goblin; green eyes, yellow teeth and a purple wart, moulded on the end of his nose. In an instant Maddison prepared to react. It drew out a dagger and then CHOP. It nearly took her head off. She turned and suddenly a bright light blinded her. What was it?

Skye C 10

It was a normal day. I was walking around my new house, it was huge, it had many rooms. Surprisingly, I saw one of the doors glistened like an emerald in the sun. I entered the mysterious door. In the room there was a round, huge portal so I excitedly jumped into it. When I entered it, it swooped me up in a magical breeze. I saw a pale blue figure it had five heads and it was very tall. I walked closer. It couldn’t of been but it was, it was a hydra, it was a five headed dog. It came towards me. I was frightened. However it gave me a huge lick and got slobber all over me, which made me giggle. I gave the hydra a few strokes and it was ridiculously fluffy and he fell asleep on me, but then I realised there wasn’t an exit out…

Roxanne B 10

Rosie ducked under the clouds of smoke as she inhaled a lung full of poison vapours. She could see a hooded man with a pale hand that reached out to her. Her hand was drawn to him, for some reason she felt she could trust him. The man guided her out of the fire, out of the corner of her eye she could see her parents being smothered in flames. Before she could look back her parents had been taken by the fire. When she could finally breathe again she could only see mist, she began to cool down. She felt a sudden shock . The mist began to clear and she could see the hooded man again. Her voice wobbled as she spoke, ”am I dead?”
The hooded man did not reply he just looked at her. She could only see a white light. She was dead.

Alessandra GS 11

Lily’s thoughts were swirling vigorously around her head. She felt faint. She was nearly there, nearly free. Mysterious gusts of air flew passed her. She was flung back. Lily worked harder to rid the memories of Mr Machine. He was the first owner of Machine Hall. Her prison for … years.

Lily could feel the cold breeze on the tips of her fingers. She was finally there, out of the misery. She was free. She heard the thudding of galloping hooves behind. Hoarse cries from her captors echoed in the distance. It wasn’t over…

Kasey 9

One dark gloomy day in the giant castle the soldiers were all in bed outside there was only one that was awake his name was Isaac. Isaac was the one that had to stay up all night but one particular night he could see something in the darkness Isaac didn’t know what it was. He started to see more of them and at that moment he knew they were being attacked by a dragon he tried to wake up the other soldiers but they were still fast asleep . Only one person woke up his name was Haosheng . They ran to get their weapons but before they new the dragon was already breathing out fire, and finally the others woke up to attack the vicious dragon Isaac and Haosheng worked together to shoot a giant arrow into the dragons heart. and everyone called them both the kings

Marcus GS 8

My new friend is strange. He is pale and vacant like a zombie. He told
me to meet him at the abandoned castle. I thought it was a bit weird. As I walked along the path that led to the castle I heard a deep voice. Then a shadow hovered and cold finger touched my back. I ran to the castle in fear. As I scarpered through the castle a gate of fire was in my way. In an instant people of fire came out. They chased me. I got away. When I got to the next room the table was on fire. I walked to the entrance of the castle. The gate was going down. I jumped. My leg was in agony. When I jumped my leg went in the fire. I was now in a different world. I saw this boy. No it couldn’t be. It was me…

Zac B 8

I was walking into a dangerous place. When I saw the gateway to hell, it looked like an angry beast out of the dark. I silently crept towards the old iron gate, it was dripping with dark, half-dried blood. After closing the gate I heard a voice saying. “ Help Help” before I could get there was a sign saying ‘I will strike again’. I was terrified . I was wondering what it was for a long time. I could not sleep for quite a while but while I was sleeping I heard the voice again. I felt like I was being haunted for a moment. Suddenly I lost control I went back to the gateway to open when I came in. There was a massive man-eating human flesh monster. I could not believe my eyes. I took a photo of the beast before it realised I was there…

Sophia W 8

Many years ago there was an old lady called Emily. Every night she walked to a haunted castle. She had a secret that nobody knew about her. As she arrived at the castle one night, something strange happened to her eyes. Fur began to cover her body. Sharp teeth pushed through her gums. Claws as sharp as broken glass came out of her fingertips. Then all of a sudden she was no longer herself, she was a horrible werewolf. Then she heard a running sound. There behind her was a group of hunters. She ran as fast as a cheetah in the jungle in Africa. Then she hid in the forbidden forest where no one is allowed to enter because you will see your worst nightmare and never be free to go. She looked behind her. She screamed. There was a…

Eve C 8

The fireplaces light flickered by Mollie’s hands. Suddenly, the fire went out. A dim, dirty hole appeared where the fire was once lit. Mollie knew the fire must of opened in front of her for a reason so Mollie decided to be brave and she crawled down the damp horrible hole! Mollie was completely amazed when she saw what was on the other side; she almost fainted. A beautiful palace made of diamonds. Mollie wanted to cry she was so amazed when she saw the diamond palace. Then a beautiful fairy with crystal wings appeared. Mollie fell. Then fainted. What could the fairies do? Suddenly an evil man came called Marcus. He got a potion that can turn people into a fish. Mollie screamed…

Adam C 9

One misty morning, I was just going on a hike when suddenly I found a castle which looked like a haunted mansion. Then I went walking around the castle and I saw some strange colours gleaming through the archway. I walked over to this weird sight. I touched them. Abruptly, I teleported somewhere. Terrified, I looked around me and I saw the ghost of my uncle Frederick, who died in a house fire in October 1997. It must be hell, wherever I am because there is fire everywhere. I went up to the ghost. It had horns and a spear. He must be the devil, I thought. He unexpectedly gave a large roar. He turned. He lowered his horns and he charged! I woke up back in the castle and I never went through again.

Gabriella S 9

The path leading to the old castle was steep and crumbly. Finally I reached the ancient fortress. I took one step inside. Suddenly my body filled with horror and rage, bringing back all my bad, dreaded memories; memories of death and sadness from years past.

The doors slammed. My heart pounded. I was trapped. The cobwebs were as black as devils’ shadows. All I could do was carry on walking through the gloomy, winding corridors. Eventually, I reached a huge room. For some reason this room was different to the rest; there was a kind warmth coming from a grand fireplace. What was so strange is that the fire was lit. Steadily I crept towards the fireplace. Beside the fire lay someone I recognised. It was me… dead and pale.

Nic F 9

I wandered joyful in the tiny village that was protected with an old stone wall. There was a gate that had never opened before. Many people think that behind the wall was a path that led to danger.
I had not a clue what was behind the wall. Suddenly, the door burst open. Sweat ran down my forehead. There was a fire with some wood. I removed the wood and I saw some sparkling water. I saw a man with a boat heading towards us. I was puzzled why he came. We welcomed him. Just then we realised that he was a from a tribe. He had a knife. I zoomed to tackle the sharp knife from out of his hands. He turned his face like a demon. I screamed…

Emma 13

The Mysterious Flame.

Elizabeth walked into the room unaware of the danger that lay in front of her. She had heard stories of people who had gone into there but never came out. Her friend was one. She wanted to find the answer to this mystery. She noticed a fire flickering in the fireplace. She stopped, kneeled down and put a hand toward the flames. The fire felt nice and warm. Suddenly the fire started to crawl up her arm. Elizabeth tried to run but the fire had a tight grip on her. Now the whole fire spun around her. As it did Elizabeth started to change. Her hair turned to a bright red, her clothes changed to a orange dress and her eyes turned orange. She was transported to a mystical land when she was a princess. The princess of fire.

Atiyyah Patel 11

The warm fire crackled amongst the walls as I put my frosty hands in front of the fire. Feeling a shiver down my spine, a huge smile spread across my face.

Slowly, I tiptoed away from the fire. Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from the fire. It was saying my name. Swiftly, I turned around.

Oh no! The fire has been put out! Who has blown the fire out? When? These are questions that I don’t the answers to!

I was trotting along until I saw that dead flowers lay silently on the floor. The hallway was destroyed completely! The frames were cracked and the shattered all over the floor!

What will I do next? Will I do something that i’ll regret? The story continues…

Zineerah P 10

What was that smell? Was it fire? I ran outside and looked at what was burning, Ahhhh: it was my house. Two minutes later I looked back, someone was pushing me inside. There I was in the fire crying for help.

Christian 9

There has been a missing piece, the portal is not working and we need to be back to the present before midnight, but which one, maybe the one with the fire, it must of fallen of when we where rushing here.
There is no piece, we checked everywhere, did any one check the small house in the forest, not me, I have not checked there, wait that’s why the small mouse was trying to get in my pocket……

Casey 10

I walked through the old, stone castle, the eerie silence was deadly. There was a sudden sound, quite, but like a whisper inside the walls. This wasn’t like anything I’d ever heard or read about before, so I decided to follow it. Several minutes passed of myself following this sound/whisper and I decided to give up after long last. I stopped, well at least I tried to but I wasn’t able to control my body anymore. This ‘thing’ that was controlling my body lead me right into a trap; it was a portal to the Underworld. I couldn’t stop myself, this was the end…

We also had just one adult take part this week but it is absolutely fantastic!

Lindsey 40

Meridith never did like the house Keith bought for her.It was reminiscent of her grandfathers eclectic,musty hoard of mis-matched decades of memorabilia that she had detested as a child growing up there.Her irate parents had abandoned her to her fate of that house through their reluctance to accept her as the erudite,challenging diatribes she had harassed them with since the age of 7,Keith thought Meridith a working class snob when he first met her but her ruse was let down by his amicable charm at work and her innate laughter at his childish jokes.This was his surprise to her,their first co-habit.She was appalled at his lack of knowledge about her and the house was an extension of his ignorance of her needs.She blamed herself,she had settled for someone below her at work,a person of no means hence the run down house she could never call a home.It was a material example of the disparity between them and her disdain of him came to the surface that day he showed her their new love nest.She had no choice.She went that night and burned it to the ground,avoiding conflict and had a denial of their unsuitability diminished when she saw the rubble.That rubble meant she could settle down with Keith for maybe a bit longer.

Story starts Nov 30th – Dec 5th

Yet again some amazing writing have a read and let us know what you think 😀

Keira 10

The drawing…
It was a cold day in autumn when I was taken to the museum of Art, I love our school trips because Oakfield makes it so special.
When we got to the Chinese side of the building there was a strange, frightening piece of work. When we turned around to look at some more art a gallon of blood appeared on the picture following by an open wound and a cage with a crowd of people standing behind her/him. Someone or something had to be behind this and I tended to find out.
Eventually it was time to go back to school but I desperately needed to find the sorcerer behind this scene but what was funny is no one else saw this except me. I scrambled to the girls bathroom so I could hide and get left behind as the teachers and pupils walked out I got lonely…

Venicha 10
The Lost Princess
Musa was a young sport girl that loved to celebrate Christmas. “3 more days left and it’s.” CHRISTMAS!” screamed Musa happily.
“Come, come for breakfast Musa !” Called mum while she was preparing the breakfast. Musa went downstairs for breakfast but before she ate her breakfast she ran off without saying anything. Actually she went for shopping at ASDA .Suddenly she saw a girl stuck on a mysterious building. After she went to help her and find the door but she couldn’t, so she tried climbing up and she knew how to. Some people helped her and others phoned emergency and then the girl that was stuck on the building Musa take her out carefully .The girl that was stuck her was called Meytila and she was a princess from a different country. Then the police came and took her to her own country.

Palwinder 10

“Flora!” shouted mum as she was preparing the breakfast, “Come and have your breakfast.”
“Yes mum I’m coming”, said flora kindly. After breakfast she went shopping with her mum as usual. She had a really nice time with her mum. When they were coming back from shopping in Hounslow she bought some sweet corns which she loved. After a while she saw a picture on the building. She called the police immediately. She was called Dashed and was from another world. The police arrested the prisoner, who had kidnapped her; take him and putting him into poison. The girl was an alien. She contacted her family. So her family sent down a spaceship. Before she went to her family she gave them a big heavy present. As soon she got home she opened her present as quickly as she could. She got so many things.

Jessica B 8

One day in town me and my Mummy had found a new building and went inside. Mummy had found Grandma and said to me “here’s some money go in there” and I did .There was a shiny gold face I went to touch it but then it came of the wall .I quickly turned into super Annie and punched right through it .The police realized that it was a dangerous criminal. The police thanked me and gave me a golden medal. I had to replace the golden face but it was fun….The End.

Lily M 8

one day I was in New York I went to a big building suddenly lots of glass came out of the building it was an Indian with a very big head and a very small body. suddenly it dropped it fell right on top of me the hospital had to be as quick as they could


Ben 11

Mystically, I looked at a window and thought of it as really nice looking but once I blinked and looked at it again a face appeared. I pounced back and landed badly on the floor. I ran into a shelter which was just behind me. I stepped in and noticed a poster. It said ‘WARNING if you see a face at any windows around here, you will not return…’ I was really worried and wanted to know what would happen and what is going on. I pinched myself in case I was dreaming, but it was definitely real. I checked the window again, the face still remained. I ran away hoping I would survive. I finally arrived at my house, the light was on. I looked at my window to see if anyone was inside, but I could see nothing. As I was checking for my keys the face appeared…

Cory 11

One day I was walking past echo arena with a Kfc and a McDonalds when I looked up I saw a ugly looking face in the glass and it looked like it had been smashed by the ugly looking face so I decided to go in and have a look so I smashed the window at the bottom and went in. When I went in I saw it right at the top of the building so I ran up the stairs and when I got tired out I had a rest and then started running again. When I got to the top I crept up behind it and touched it then it came to life when it turned around I ran back down the stairs but then he wacked me all the way down then my nuggets fell out and my chips. When I got out I ran back to asda

Elliot D 11

As I was walking home from collage I saw a huge building which looked like an arena, well it’s the size of an arena. I didn’t know why it was there so I went to get one of my friends from Gregg’s, he was getting his dinner. I brought him over to it and pointed at it and my friend said “What are we looking at?” We’re looking at that mysterious arena over there with a big spray painted alien face on it. “What arena?” “All I can see is a huge field of grass, there is no arena”. To me it was very fearsome. How come I can see a huge arena but nobody else can see it, I had to make everyone believe and see it. I had a plan I would take a sample of me and put in there food then they will see ’mooha- mwahaha.

Libby M 10

Once there was a girl called princess Nia she lived in the time of the Egyptians. she was a very stubborn girl. One day she came across an old tome she knew who the tome was built for it was for her friends friends friends dads dad. She knew it had gold and demands in it and she wanted them. So late at night she snuck out an broke into the tome. She saw a wall that had writing on it said do not enter the gold is cursed. Nia didn’t take any notes’ of it and carried on going. She came to a lever she didn’t know if it was going to hurt her or open a door to gold. It opened a door to gold she was so happy she picked it all up and started to swim in it. All of a sudden she grew really big and turned into a big gold statue.

Lochlan G

Today I’m writing this to tell you about what has recently occurred.
In ancient history there was an architect called Lochlan gosling how looked for magical things that have the power to destroy the world.
In later history a man called Fillop Seamans found a ring that turns humans in to god s so the man put it on but the ring didn’t have the right amount of power so he was frozen in a giant god gods body but he’s destined to rise again.
In 2012, Fillop rose.
It was a quiet morning in Liverpool and all the birds were singing until there was a giant gold face crashed through the theatre window the army came with all sorts of weapons but nothing could stop fillop this was the end of the world as we no it.

Ethan N 10

One day I heard a smash and so I look out my window and I saw a giant smashing through the window of a genetics building and then lots of them started to come out of the building but they where tiny and cute but then I stated to remember that I had heard the scientists talking about some thing that they where going to use the super seizer 3000 to shrink people and make them giant

Eve 10

I looked into the shattered window and I saw a statue that hadn’t been there before. The window looked like the statue had broken in itself but there were lines over its face. It looked sad but also quite merry. You could see a bit of its neck it had a gold tiara on the window was in a Hindu temple. I knocked on the door of the Hindu temple and man came to the door and I asked him what it was. He said I was there latest piece art with a statue behind it. I said by and went home.

Poppy 10

This is a very mysterious building not just because of that face either. Me and my friend Katie one day after we’d been to the cinemas we took the shorter root back home which isn’t our normal root. As we were walking we saw this building and then we spotted the face I asked Katie if she felt a little scared and wondrous too because I felt like that she said yes . We talk about it all the way home and I live 5 miles away from this building but me and Katie will never go back. I’m guessing you want to know why this is because there’s something I didn’t tell you when we walked pasted the face its lips moved and it winked at us we actually ran all the way home , Now when someone asked me if I want to go to the cinemas I lie and….This

Kieran 10

Golden Guy
I am a man with no fear I say as I punch you across the face I see the end on its way faster than light I must step up I say . I fight well when I’m golden but when I’m not I run and hide you may say you win but I get stronger when I take what’s mying all the gold. I attack at night the power goes as I grow and hit kick and destroy what they take well now I see the light looking out at you what ever you do don’t call me Golden Guy or fight and die so you chose .

Tyler 10

The head of the god are in this building no one new apart from Bob and Harry.
Bob and Harry are exploring Bob’s house. Bob found a hair brush and Harry found a photo in the attic. Photo was a golden head in a closed down building. Bob thought he saw that place before. Bobs dad took him to the closed down building . Bob and Harry ran into the building and up the stairs they looked around and could not see any. Thing they climbed out of the window and the head was actually a poster it all just a waste of time.

Tali V 10

The other night a bomb fell near our farm. It was unexpected and scary but not as scary as the old museum. No one ever dared to go in until now .Me and my friends set out at about six in the morning. The town was silent, you couldn’t even hear a pin drop. Everyone was asleep as it was a Sunday morning. The sun started to appear in the clouds, we had to be fast before anyone could catch us. At about half six we arrived. The glass was smashed but the thing that made us curious was the giant gold face peering out into the open world. We grabbed our rope and started to climb. Finally we reached the top to see the wreckage of the museum. All of us clambered in one by one, admiring the beautiful ornaments. Suddenly the museum started to shake and collapse …

Lillie H

There was this exploding bomb flying out of the window I looked all around I couldn’t find anything that could of let go of the bomb I seen this bird but there is no way on this planet that a bird can drop a bomb the only thing a bird can do is fly . I carried on walking and then I seen this amazing magnificent ride that blew my eyes I turned back around and there was this old man’s house that was destroyed luckily the old man was out I felt dead sorry for the man who has just loft his personal belongings and his house I felt sorry for him and then I looked back at the place where the ride was and it was gone I looked very closely and saw this amazing and it was gone there was this smashed building that had been smashed and then there was like a face it looked very creepy and scary …

Calum 10

I was in a back ally of a school but an abandoned school. I found a door that lead to the hall when I was about to leave the hall to go to any room but a window smashed above me so I looked up and I saw a face almost any ways it was to big to be a face or a person it came down towards me so I ran thinking that I would lose it. But I failed because it was not slow unlike me it was about 10 times faster than me I ran and ran until I went out side.

Nathan J 10

I was walking to the new museum and when I got there I saw a face in the window. It was not an ordinary face because it was made of gold. I got in the new museum and in front of me was a giant gold statue. The people in the museum said they got it from china as a gift. There was something inside of it and it was alive. It was so safe if you were at a distance. The monster is massive and very loud. It was about to brake out so I ran as fast as I could home but the monster destroyed the world.

Izzy 10

It was a crisp evening. The town was silent, the sky was calm until ZOOM! CRASH! An object as fast as lightning soared through the sky, It was as loud as thunder, I covered my ears as it fell dangerously on the theatre. Suddenly the theatre doors creaked open I stepped in. The squeaky floor boards screeched underneath my feet. My heart was pounding. I was terrified. I quickly turned to escape but the doors slammed behind me. Now I was shaking. I heard clanking metal behind me I turned around and screamed before my eyes appeared…

Sam F 11

One day when I was walking by the museum I saw a rock so I chucked it strait at the widow. Just so you now the reason I did this I the museum director banned me for ever setting foot in the building again . The window shattered in to one million peace I saw a head a big gold head just when I started to run it spoke the thing said ’’ my name is Mufala ‘’I spoke back ‘’ why do I need to now that ‘’because your the one ‘’ be for he had finessed I was gone but later that day the window was fine and no head. This time I found him in my room I’ve come to show you what you’ve done said Mufala ‘’what do you mean ‘’ I said in shock ‘’ you set of the nuke war’’ said Mufala ‘’show me ‘’ I said ‘’so he did’’ I promised to not do it so he let me be

Dale 12

One night I had a dream. I dreamt about when I was older I would become a millionaire and build my own building. I imaged my dream building to be pretty big like the size of two rugby fields. It would three maybe even four stories high. This building wasn’t going to be just any building it would be where we make the newspaper for everyone in the world to read. The first story would be made out of window, second would be grey bricks and in the middle would the face. This is not like a normal face it would be like a iron man face covered in gold wearing a crown with a gold body. I would make it realistic so it would look like it was coming out at you when you drive past. The top story would be just grey. I hope my dream comes true.

Robin 11

One day there was I big as face in the airport it was so nice but you could not get to see it because there was a big as wall in the way of because there was I big as wall in the way you made to pay $100 dollars but a had to pay $50 because my dad works at the airport.

Josh 10

one weird evening I asked my mam if we could go to the museum so my mam said
“yes we can only if you wait ten minuets “ so I said okay the we walked to the museum in the window there was shapes of all kinds there were squares, triangles and also rectangles it was amazing. We walked around the building to see were the entrance was and me and my mam thought it was a puzzle but it is just because it was such a large and long building . When we got to the main entrance I told my mam I could see a weird looking window so I said that’s not a window it’s a smashed bit of glass with a sculpture said my mam .It did look like a window but my mam had a crazy idea that it was a real smashed window.

Natasha 10

“AH” shouted Lucy loudly.
Lucy ran and ran up and down the race track as fast as she could. The face got bigger and bigger until it filled the wall.
“OH no ” wailed Lucy.
She was all by herself she didn’t know what to do.
“It looks like it is going to jump out of the wall and hurt me somebody help me ” bellowed Lucy as loud as thunder.
Lucy tried climbing the gate.
“Oh no i can’t get out of her ” muttered Lucy quietly.
They was a weird voice that just whispered in my ear…

Leah S 11

I took a deep breath and approached the big black gates, father told me to never go near them because they did not know what was on the other side. They had magically appeared the day before and no one wanted to go near them.

I walked up one step then two. I stretched out my long shaking finger and grabbed onto the gate. I immediately felt pain and drew my finger back lightning quick like it was severely burned, I hold my burning hand and sit down crying.

I look beyond the gates and see two big lonely trees on the other side. I stand up and reach out again, No I tell myself don’t do it but it was as if my mind and my body weren’t talking to each other. I grabbed the lock, pulled it and it snapped, the gates slowly creaked opened…

Ashlene 12

It all happened in the library. A casual kid would just look for interesting fiction and adventure books but I was different. I wore a black hoodie with a pair of dark shades. My hoodie covered part of my face but didn’t cover it fully. I went to the horror section and hundreds of horror, halloween, monsters and vampires books were there. I scrolled to the sections of creepy dolls and opened a wooden doll book. My expression changed from anger to being scared to being revengeful. My instincts told me I had to go back but the book held me held me within the secrets of this book. I skimmed through the pages one by one and suddenly I got sucked into the book of creepy wooden dolls. When I arose from the fall I was huge and I was one of them…

Samuel 12

I smashed the glass trying to escape from the witches on broomsticks, I couldn’t jump it was too high. The only way to escape was to get passed the wicked witches. I saw a broomstick in the corner and hopped on. As soon as I got on they started trying to push me off. I got smashed into the wall. I needed help but there was no one but witches surrounding the old crumbling castle. What could I do…

Liam B 12

I screamed.
In fact, everybody did.
It was like a nightmare.
One you can’t wake up from.

The face was looming over me. No-one knew where from, what it was, or it’s purpose.
Everyone ran.
Except for me.
The face loomed over me, opening it’s giant mouth. The next thing I knew, I was in a strange, pink, gooey place. Then I was falling. Like a slide. A water slide.

You might be wondering how I could be typing this. And submitting this. It’s because I found a computer and a computer tower in my pocket, and an outlet in that guy’s belly. I’m running out of words, so goodbye!

Brooke P 13

Leaves rustle in the howling wind. The tile walls reflect the world, cars zoom past as fast as lightning. I stare at the big face with wonder, the big face stares back at me. It seems as if the world is at its end. I get closer to the big gold thing to take a better look. I squint at it, it squints at me, huh? It’s squinting at me, I stumble back with shock. Its eye follows me like it’s trying to find something. The horrid fumes must be playing with my mind. I go to the front of the museum, where I see doors I walk in. I walk up to the front desk and ask if I can have a look at the giant statue. I have no intention of letting you in there young lady, but I need to see what secrets it holds.

Suede 13

The Portal.

It was another ordinary day in the city. People going about their daily routines almost mechanically. But then it all changed.
A massive shimmering vortex opened up on the Empire State building. The whole side of the building imploded in an array of brilliant colour. Slowly, a horde of transdimensional titans emerged from the portal, careless of the destruction their colossal feet alone were creating. They were solid gold giants, as big as the building itself.
They began their lumbering walk through the city, completely obliterating anything in their path. They capsized entire buildings with one swing of their mighty fists. They flattened houses like roadkill on their slow, steady march onward. They left nothing standing in their way through. The air reeked of death and destruction. As they proceeded, they looked back, and they saw that they had entirely levelled New York city.

Paige 13

The Shattering glass fell to the ground leaving behind thousands of memories and braking many exhibits. Amongst the green tiles laid a old antique Egyptian face. The carefully sculpted statue stood out of the building like new, the eyes of the golden figure guarded the museum with force. While this problem was being investigated a local citizen noticed a large crack going through the concreted floor of the building. They then realized their “Shock proof” building had just been struck by a large earthquake. People from across the town stood silently in disbelief, the one building that they thought was unbreakable had just let them down. Quicker than ever before repair people came to the scene to fix up any damages made. The sculpture was covered once again and resumed living in the shadowed corner of the museum.

Charlie 7

One stormy night(in London) a museum keeper was closing his museum for the night .BUT, as soon as he shut the door…..

….one of the figures came to LIFE! It looked like an African statue. It broke out of the museum and took a stroll around town. But he did not want to move out of the way for houses no no if one house was in the way he would crush it, no matter what size or shape he would crush them. Before he went back he had a trip to the sea. He had a swim in the sea and played with the fishes. But the 6 o’clock bells distracted him. So he got out of the sea and ran back to the museum. Then 10 minutes later the keeper came in and it looked a mess and that carried on every night.

Payal 10

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Chloe. She was 17 years old. Chloe was going to the ancient museum with her family. She had a job there her family where scared something was going to happen so they went there to drop her off. Chloe started her new job her boss was so mean that now one her bad side… SHE WAS A WOLF. She went were the golden statue was the most secret place ever .It was night time and Chloe’s boss turned into a wolf Chloe came in and she saw the amazing statue when she touched it and it became alive she was shocked. Chloe’s boss bit her she fainted the golden statue picked the boss and chucked her out the statue gave Chloe a special medicine that can bring you back alive. She came back alive and the statue went back to his place.

Ayan E 11

On a summer’s day, there was a wizard who lost his wand .So he went to a fascinating museum. He saw an accident golden solider with a sad frown. The wizard always does some messed up spell but on the other he thinks he is the best wizard in all the land. He nervously raised his wand and said “boo baa gaga goo zyantastic yap!” In a flash a puff of smoke the golden statue started to move “I will destroy this…this… umm where am I? He asked. “You in smurfland of magic “the wizard said nervously. “Thank you pointy hat man I will destroy smurf land of magic muu hah ha” sang out the evil statue. “Oh no you won’t today is my day to do my spells right boo baba gag I had enough time to make it puff!” shouted the wizard .the wizard saved the day the magical end…

Amal 11

The peculiar antique lay on the floor waiting for its next victim. Every time a person would step on it they would be zapped inside it with its laser eyes and forgotten. It was an unusual thing especially for the locals and nobody did anything about it. Not long ago a amulet e used to be on the neck of the antique but was taken away. After that it left its hideout in a garbage truck and waited for its treasure to return. Joe knew it was up to him. No one else knew its history. He had to steal the amulet from the museum and return it before it caused any more disappearances .He sneaked into it Ran rapidly. He stole it and ran. Joe left the museum and sighed in relief He cautiously put the amulet on the ground. It vanished with the antique. Everyone was safe again.

Amad 11

The mysterious statue laid on the floor waiting for its next victim. Suddenly a man came into the room…
The anxious family searched for their lost father. CREAK! The office door opened and they were surprised to see their father turned into a gold statue! They ran to their death as the peculiar statue zapped them and they were the same as their father. They were as gold as peach flesh.
The story behind this statue was that it was cursed by an unprepossessing witch. The only way break the curse was to find the shiny golden skull hidden deep in the Amazon!
In the Amazon a tourist was gingerly making her way to the Amazon river. A golden glint caught her eye. She anxiously walked towards the river and picked up a skull. A GOLDEN skull.
Back in the city everyone who was gold was normal again!

Hamza 10

Once there lived a king which was imprisoned for no reason. The person who put him in prison was a policeman and the king wanted to take revenge because the king wanted to be a football player and now he could not so he broke out of prison hoping that no police man could see him .Then he made a run for it and looked for the policeman he looked everywhere but he could not find him so he looked in the last place he could be .His home the king rushed to his house and looked in all the rooms but he could not find him so he went to the police station and asked the head of the police then the head of the police said “he went on holiday to Antarctica” so then the king went to Antarctica and found him in a house and killed him.

Isheka 10

One winter night there was a girl called Jessica. She went to the cemetery to see her relatives because they have died. Jessica saw a peculiar looking building next to her. She went inside the building and saw a dusty old box. She opened the box…
“A statue!” Shouted Jessica. She got the statue and went back to her house. “Why is there a statue near to the cemetery?” said Jessica to herself.
The next morning Jessica woke up and took the statue to somewhere where no one can find it. So she took it to the woods and dug it up. As she was going back home she saw the same statue in prison. Jessica ran in fear. She quickly ran back home and shut the door.
At night Jessica went to sleep. A few hours later the statue was behind her. SHE DIED!

Warda 10

One day in the museum ‘the golden statue’ stood still smiling in the sun’s light gleaming. Suddenly, an earthquake shook the museum! But luckily nothing got damaged except for ‘the golden statue’. It crashed the window scattering sharp pieces of glass everywhere. The statues smiley face turned into an upset frown, well the people in the museum believed the two good witches of the west and east, and the bad gorgons of the north and the south. Instantly the two witches came “poor Goldie we’ll help” they shouted when their cousins groin and goanna the gorgons came and evilly cackled “poor gold stuck ha like we’ll help” the two witches blinked and teleported them to mars and yelled “with the power of the south and west we’ll help you look your best”. Goldie turned into a beautiful witch and the witches crowned her queen but the two gorgons were back.

Jenisha 11

Lucy was searching for her precious ancient amulet. She searched and searched but she couldn’t find it. As she was enquiring for her amulet, she met a lady. “What are you looking for!” she asked
“I’m looking for my ancient amulet “Lucy replied tensed
Is it a ruby amulet? I sold it to the historical museum
“Yes it is. Ok thanks I’ll go and it”, said Lucy happily. Within seconds, she hastily ran to the museum. Eventually Lucy arrived. She quickly went inside the enormous museum, which was a steep hill. Inside the museum there were fascinating objects. Lucy looked for her amulet through mini ancient buildings, fascinating artefacts and trapped in time statues. Afterwards she searched for her amulet in a phenomenal building. There was a luminous glow from the corner of the brick wall. Could it be her amulet…It was! Lucy grabbed the amulet and cheered in happiness

Malaika 11

She was trapped. Kidnapped by the rich who wanted to kill her after they used her as a slave. They imprisoned her in a minuscule building where nobody could hear her scream! Every day she’d cry for help but nobody could hear her as if she was in space. The building she was stuck in claustrophobic, it didn’t even have any windows. She was fed but with leftovers even the dog refused. Day by day she turned old and old. Her family who were careless about her didn’t even come for her. They were too busy getting caught up in their own little lives. She finally managed to punch the wall but that didn’t help- at all. After 9 years her lackadaiscal mast5er came by and found her as a golden statue. Nevertheless it wasn’t her it was a statue who belonged to her master. Although he was to half-hearted.

Maria 10

The girl from nowhere
“Emily get up, where are you, it’s time to go to the museum?” Cried Emily’s mum.
“But I don’t want to go, I heard bad terrifying stories there, “replied Emily
“Come on, there nothing to worry about, “said mum
Eventfully Emily and her mom got to the museum and found her dad there.
“Come on lets go see the mummies, “suggested dad.
“Nooo!” Shouted Emily.
When they got there she found a creepy old pharaoh looking straight at her!
“Look there someone in there “shouted Emily.
“Mum dad where are you?”
Emily searched and searched everywhere but she still couldn’t find her parents but, she didn’t search were the mummies were kept. Emily felt sacred heart was beeping really fast.
As she opened the door, the shivers came up to her, her fear was getting worse and worse, poor Emily shut her eyes and clutched her hand really tightly…

Manpreet 10

The Wheel Tattoo
Mr James the farmer was digging. He slipped when it was raining and he hurt his forehead and died. The priests say you his family “you have to bring £2000.” Mr James’s family were very poor. They went to the King and got £2000. When the Queen snapped “You have to give this baby you have because you have nothing else!” The parents agreed to give the baby to the King and Queen. When the girl was seven years they took the girl away! The next day the girl was trapped in the prison and she killed herself because the King killed her parents that were killed went to heaven and met their daughter!

Ethan M 12

My eyes widen, as I saw the area of Disneyland. I was trying to decide what ride to go on first, then I had decided I wanted to do the history ride. I ran towards the ride, trying to get there first But I didn’t make it in time we were in a humongous line five hundred people including me were waiting and waiting and waiting… until it was finally my turn. My heart was racing like a cheetah chasing a wild pig. I hopped on and held the bars tight It was like a roller coaster, The cart started to move we were heading up to go over the bridge when suddenly, I see a big statue popping it’s head out of the glass, It had cracked like someone or something was trying to break in. The cart stopped My heart raced, what do I do next.

Nasrin 11

“Line Line quick we need to go to get our new house sorted and the you can do whatever you want” said mum happily.
Ok mum I am just wearing my coat I took my last look at my house and then quick to the car. I didn’t really want to go but I have to. When we was there the house looked like someone lives in there. It was the time to go and sleep I went to my bed and suddenly I heard a voice and a shadow was going left and right. I went to see but my mum and dad was sleeping I went back because I am maybe just dreaming the next day it was time to go to my school before I got to the car a hand hold my it was cold and gold I screamed really hard and pushed it.

Grace 9

The queen made of gold
There was once a young boy who loved to go to the museum, he had gone there three times. But they had put up a new exhibit of the queen made of gold. Yesterday he went to the museum to see the statue in gold. He looked through the whole museum, at last he found it! It was just ahead so he ran as fast as he could and ‘BANG’ he had just tripped over the statues. The statue started to lean towards the window ‘BASH’. It broke the window and the young boy had to pay 6 thousand dollars.

Daniel 9

Why Scorpions Are Here

Many years ago, a young man named Peter Jane, was travelling through an underground tunnel to find a new water source. But one day, Peter encountered a black baby scorpion. The amazing creature had over lapping scales all over its body, then Peter noticed something, it was wearing a tiny golden crown, brass holes at the top of the crown were the home to 5 dark red Jules. He blinked, but when he opened his eyes the scorpion was gone and had been replaced with a dark, mysterious queen, and she was wearing the exact same crown as the scorpion. “Leave Now” said the lady. That night, he breathed into a mirror and wrote to punish the lady by turning her into a statue and making her stare at a window. But every Tuesday, the day Peter found the lady, a scorpion roams the world freely.

Bayley 12

In a building there was a hole in the window and a figure sat there looking outside. Everyone thought it was a crazy woman. One man set up a camera. It recorded this lady for a week. After that week had gone he watched the video. When he watched it he noticed that this couldn’t be a real person. It never went anywhere at all. He just looked at it and he thought maybe it is a statue. It is! It’s the one of a kind solid gold statue. So the man ran to the door to the building but… he could not get in. It was locked and it was a metal door. The man went to the building and examined it to see if it was possible to get in. He was determined to get the statue.

Brooke 12

The campfire was crackling away in the gloomy darkness, while Lilly was reciting a story. “ It all began back in 1753. An old woman dressed in black journeyed to the village of Stringrots. She created a golden palace with jewels inside. Everyone was jealous. They accused her of witchcraft. One night they robbed the palace of the gold. When the old woman woke there was a cold mist but she could see everyone was holding her gold. Sparks came out of her hand. She was sentenced to death for witchcraft. She shouted out her last words, “With jealousy came thievery. I depart leaving you a curse of wealth!” Her body was hanging from the rope. Everyone went to sleep that night but only the thieves rose from their sleep the next morning, for all their loved ones had turned to solid gold.”

Emma 13

I spent years painting, drawing, designing and creating that picture. Every day I woke up, grabbed my stuff and headed off to the wall. The wall is as big as my house, maybe even bigger. I used thousands of paint cans and a brush of every size. I spent nearly my whole allowance on this piece of art. It felt like I spent nearly forever drawing my design. My idea was to make it look like the head crashed into the wall. I knew the head would stand out if I made it big enough. I did the head in gold and the background in two different shades of blue. I did white lines for detail and to make it almost look like a puzzle. Now my name is known in the town as the artist who made it big.

James 9

The mysterious ghost

One day there was an Indian lady. She had a creepy house. The house had cob webs with deadly spiders, there was a ghost haunting there. The Indian lady had been warned about the ghost but she never listened to those stories. She thought the ghost would do nothing to her, but the next morning it floated through her bed and turned her into a monster, so she hid herself in the museum. The museum was like her house. She was terrified she floated off and she broke a window. She was falling with her eyes closed she didn’t want to die so she tried to fly. It wasn’t possible she had no chance. The lady shattered into pieces on the ground. It is still said that the ghost still haunts that very spot.

Arjun 9

The mysterious face
One day I was walking down the street in the city. Then all of a sudden, a face appeared in a glass wall that was broken. I think it was a robber that broke the glass but he had gotten caught. They couldn’t fix the wall because they had no glass left so they covered the hole with a face. It looked like it was made out of steel and was painted gold. I was just about to go home but then I saw someone go in the building so I went inside. It was really dark tried turning on the lights but they weren’t working. I was guessing this place was really old and they just did the nice stuff on the outside.

Hazel 8

One rainy night a little girl named Lucy looked out her bed room window at her favourite building, the abandoned museum. The next morning she went into the museum and saw a creepy person who said “do you want your dreams to come true?” Lucy was not sure. She decided to have her dreams to come true so the weird person made her stand in front of the broken window. She said “dreams, dreams come true” Lucy was frozen into solid gold for ever. No one ever went into the museum again and the creepy person has vanished. They all saw her from the window and called her the statue of gold. She looked scared but every night she moves and says you will pay in a scary voice! Everyone gets scared of her so she sometimes says I am sad.

Tommy 9

Egypt Statue
One mysterious discovery had been found in Egypt. The builders were moving the statue into the museum. “This is so HEAVEY!” said one of the builders “We will have to bring the crane” said another, while they got all their safety gear, helmets and lunch. They were ready to move the statue into the Museum. “Here goes nothing” The wrong move could be disastrous, Just then CRASH! The builders moved the statue directly to the window. We’re going to get killed for this! All of them headed straight for the car and never came back.

Jessica 12

The imagination of kids bursts out of their little minds as they walk past this mysterious face. They can overhear all the tour guides briefly telling other tourists the legends of the mysterious, “Face in the wall.” Some believe that he was trapped in prison for horrible crimes but his solid gold body was strong enough to break free, until he hit the last wall. Or it could be that he was frozen there in a casing of gold and waiting to be awoken. No one knows how. But there was one child who walked past that day and he saw a very small hole in the statue’s mouth. He grabbed a small stick he found on the ground and poked the stick deeply into the mouth and watched as its eyes turned red…

Rawan 10

I was playing football with my friends and suddenly the ball hit the window. A big huge head with brown eyes was sticking out staring at me. It literally blinked at me…and his head moved. All of a sudden all of the windows broke and their where other heads staring at me. All of my friends ran away and I fainted. I woke up and all the heads where standing there looking at me. I screamed and out of nowhere the heads diapered! But I was still in trouble for breaking the window. But I still think it was a prank or….a dream.
To be continued…

Toby 10

Alec was strolling down the filthy, rubbish strewn street when he passed a bizarre structure. He noticed that there was a shadowy human shaped head slightly to the left of the centre of the building. He shrugged and started to walk away but something caught his attention, he turned back to the shadow of the head, it had moved into the centre of the structure. He was officially creeped out by the strange shadow! So he picked up a dislodged piece of concrete from the cracked ground and threw it with all his strength at the head! It shattered the glass to reveal a statue of a golden head staring right at Alec!

Casey C 10

Melanie Harper walked along the cracked path, ever so slowly. As she walked, she thought about all of her friends back in England. The sun shone high in the sky of Australia, where Melanie and her mum now lived, because of her dad. Almost as fast of the speed of light, a face smashed through the hospital, saying words Melanie didn’t understand at all. Then it disappeared leaving a gaping hole in the hospital window, where patients were now running about frantic, and so were everyone else in the town…

Alban 10

I woke up and found myself stranded in a hexagonal prism with different tiles on each face. I woke up and saw on one face, a mystical face. It was gold plated with a crown and had no eye-lashes .I turned around and saw a note. The note read,
You must pass a series of challenges since you have no manners and shout at your mum and dad for anything. These challenges will change your ways of asking and getting something.
WHAT WAS THIS GUYS PROBLEM!? I WAS ABOUT TO GET AN X-BOX ONE! Yayyyyy, I finished it and sort of feel sensible and mature and all that kind of stuff.

Amitoj 10

The coffin
The door creaked mysteriously, as I walked past the eerie, intimidating museum. I felt a strange shiver run down my spine. Out of intense curiosity, I walked into the spooky museum door. It was drop dead silence. It was so silent that if a sudden noise would be made, the glass would break. My heart beat faster and faster like I was running for my life. Then suddenly, a door of the museum opened. I quickly went to see. “WOW!” I thought as I saw the coffin of the great Tutankhamen. There was tension flowing in the air when I went further to the coffin. Suddenly something or someone grabbed my arm and I seemed to surprisingly be in my bed. What had happened?

Aisha 11

Zoe, the Greek God, looked out the window, staring mysteriously looking at the builders. She couldn’t bare the fact that her museum was to be closed down for a unnecessary Hotel. She tapped on the glass window and it suddenly it shattered on the ground. The builders looked at her anxiously in the eyes. Zoe’s eyes were flaming red as blazing bits of the underworld. The builders were under command. All of a sudden, the builders dropped there spades and picked up the shattered glass and started to re-build the museum. However, Zoe was still angry that they could demolished the museum for a hotel. Zoe used her special scar to send out a green ray of lighting to turn the terrible builders into a cold stone statue. Zoe picked up the statues and places it into the museum. It was nearly sunrise Zoe and the builders took there places.

Alafiya 11

The Face

As I walked pass the lonely stadium I noticed a mysterious face. I knew that it meant something. I was right. I showed the face to the neighbour (she was an archaeologist) her name was Linda. Linda said it was the face of the cursed king of ancient Africa. Whoever may look at it, adult or child will have to pass a test of wisdom in their dream pass you go fail you are his servant for all eternity. I fell asleep that night waiting for the test. As I entered my dream I went into a chamber with a key to escape. The floor was made of tiles lion mouse the pattern went. I stepped on the lion it crumbled away I stepped on the mouse it stayed. I reached the key…

Abdirahman H 10

One weird day I had a dream about this golden woman, who came from a different world. She came and got trapped in a wall! Every night I would have the same dream, I wondered who this strange woman was.
One day I decided to go on a trip to a museum .It was a strange kind of day and I knew something strange was about to happen. As I walked past the statue, I could feel its eyes following me. I looked at the picture and saw a golden face, just like the one in my dream. ‘Ahhhhhhh!!’ I screamed, I was so shocked but even more shocked when the picture began to talk to me. She said, ‘I have come to deliver a message to you, you are the CHOSEN one!’ She said,’ Your planet is going to be destroyed by my people,’ and then I woke up.

Talitha H 10

The Thing!
It was a warm summer morning when I went outside to see my friend. My friend didn’t want to come out so I persuaded him to come out, I asked “Do you want to come outside we can go and exploring?” My friend (Jack) likes to go out to solve mysteries, obviously the ones we play aren’t real.

I told him we could go on a real adventure so he agreed. I told him we would set off tomorrow at lunch. Time literally flew by, I ran over to my friend’s house he didn’t want to come so I set off on my own! I arrived at my destination. I was at this big building and I saw a face. I took a closer look to see what the mysterious thing was. I screamed. It was a legend that my mum told me about… I got pulled in!

Alexis McKenzie 13

Everywhere I go, deep inside I know someone or something is watching me. Whatever it may be is unknown, but the secrecy is casting a dark shadow over my head. I walk in darkness and amongst the shadows of the fearless. I take carefully descend the stairs, I look up and stare my answer in the face. Jumping back in fright, I soon realise I am alone. A one man army, scared and afraid. A sudden chill alarms me, so it’s life or death, now or never. Venturing up the stairs again I walk through a strange wooden door covered in alarming do not enter and warning stickers. finding myself in an attic, trapped I am in the face of my enemy. The reason for so many nightmares, and so many questions.

Tyla 12

I’ve been looking over Rome for more than 15,00 years. I can not blink, talk, feel, hear nor can I smell, but my eyes are the reason why I am powerful.

I’ll shine a light to help people find their way through the darkness. I’ll be a security camera and take screenshots of a crime and send it to the police. If there is a power cut, my eyes are the city’s night light.

I enjoy every single minute looking over the country. People may get frightened by me when they walk pass, and no I don’t like the way they look at me, if only humans didn’t see me as a lonely, weird and solid looking figure. However I will always take care of the significant people in Rome, Italy.

Sophia Alexander 12

The glass shatters, revealing a priceless antique over 50,000 years of age. Below hundreds of onlookers look up to a burglar escaping with a ruby slowly fading to black.
Later on, night had fallen and a breaking news interrupted family TV shows.

“We interrupt this TV show with some breaking news”.

In astonishment the president had appeared looking worried and scared, and started with his everyday routine, a few humorous jokes, that only old people got and then got straight into business.

Today there had been a burglary at 0300 hours on a Thursday Evening. A priceless Ruby had been stolen. “The world depends on someone to..”. says Scientist Mark Reins as the president cuts him off “I’m sorry Mark, but I think you should let the professionals do all the figuring out”. added the president.

“This is your reporter speaking, now it’s time for the weather report, Angela?

Leah 11

I stare out into the city, I see bright colours and hear many loud noises. I smell the thick fumy air erupting around me. I feel lonely. I see many cars whizzing beneath me and hear horn’s beeping. I smell burning rubber and hot food smells wafting up my nose. I feel the temperature drop around me, as I glance up to the sky, I see rain clouds forming with each other. I see people staring at me, pointing their fingers and their mouths hanging open yelling look at that massive statue time after time again. The cold breeze makes me frozen from the open broken glass. I stare out. What a lonely life it is for me up here, I see humans running around with their little humans and see them with their friends and family. “Oh why oh why can’t I just have a friend”!

Harry 13

As I look at the map I say to my parents “I think the ride is that way.” I turn around, to my amazement I see the ride, Revenge of the Mummy, I immediately ask “can we go, can we go, can we go.” I start walking up to the entrance, I immediately glance up and see an Egyptian Mummies face, the face frightens me for a minute. I later realise that the face is fake.

I keep wandering up the smooth concrete path holding the rail. I walk up to the entrance and hear people coming out saying that was the best rollercoaster ever.

Byron Hurren 13

The museum window has been smashed and the museum god has been show to everybody. His face is so big you can see him from a mile away, his eyes are a size of a watermelon, his skin colour is a goldy brown, his lips are a size of a car and is noise is half the size of his face. The glass is breaking even more bit by bit and the glass is falling onto the ground and breaking into small shards of glass, the building is slowly falling to the ground, soon the museum god will be free and will be able to break more buildings. Hundreds of people are running away from this museum god. The museum god breaks free and starts chasing people left right and center but all the people run for their life to escape him and they escape the big museum god.

Shannon Huigens 13

Yea it was a nice peaceful day, until I nearly had an heart attack. So let me tell you a little story. So I was just walking down the road with my best friend. Then she told me she needs to go to the loo. I was waiting outside minding my own business when “Bam” the dumb council had put this freaky looking Chinese head out of a building. Trust me on this. As I was wetting my pants and running to the loo just trying to find my friend, I was yelling to myself help we are getting invaded by aliens (everyone laughing). That was when my friend told me to calm down. She calmly told me that the council had put that there to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese masters and she said he was coming very soon in the next week or so.

Ky-Mani P-T

As the street artist reached into his bag he thought to himself what he should draw. Then it hit him. As he pulls out the green spray paint he hears a strange noise. The ground starts to shake and the ground opens It’s mouth, eating as much stuff as possible. As the street artist tries to run big pieces of glass starts to fall from the building above. As the ground starts to rest, he sees everybody looking at the building above him. He starts to wonder why is everyone so concerned about the building then there cars being swallowed up the ground. As he starts to move towards the crowd he starts to see something shining bright from the building and when he gets to the crowd and looks at the building he was stunned by what he sees. A golden face.

Madison 12

So as I start to walk further and further inside the place things start to creep me out like this face just suddenly appeared and stared at you through the glass and bars. It seems to me that it is very ancient and seems to look very old and dusty to me. I think this has been locked up many years in a empty room and no one wants to use this any more because.

This picture is very unique, creative and different. It makes me want to learn more about where it’s from. It feels like the picture is coming out of a book about different things they have in other countries. So my teacher says get a closer look and take a photo of the face behind the glass and bars.

Georgia Mckean 13

Making my way downtown walking fast, when I walk past the town museum. Out the corner of my eye. When suddenly my eyes attention was drawn to a broken piece of the Museum. Where a roman stache’s face was staring right at me with its huge brown eyes, big nose and plump lips. For some reason that stache had me intrigued, if this was an artefact why is it facing the wall? That stache had me wondering a dozen of things. But no time to waste I snuck myself into the storage room. There before my eyes stood the most amazing piece of art, the roman stache. I slowly walk around the stache admiring all its engravings. I come o the front of it, I thought it wasn’t possible to be more amazed but now I know feeling amazed is limitless

Reghan P-U 12

Every time I watch it, it makes me wonder… Why is it staring at me and how did it get there? I decide to go home and ask my great grandma. She has been all over the world and around since ‘1649. She starts to tell me a story in a soft, shy voice. “A long, long time ago there was a man named Alexander. He was a very wise man, very rich too. He had this plan to build an enormous flash office. They had finally finished it, after waiting 1 year and 7 months, it was done. As the years went on they made a statue. It was gold and in the shape of Alexander as a young child. Three years after it was built they had a wind storm, cars blew, buildings collapsed and the great Statue of Alexander fell…”

Kordel 11

The NightFall Museum, Beijing. I am a detective and something was going in the museum. so I had snoop around. “Could I have a tour please”, I asked “Sure, here is the encased Buddha” exclaimed Ajay “Wow it looks amazing” I gasped “Yes the glass wall took years to build” “No the Buddha’s face look magnificent” “WAIT WHAT, oh no no no no DON’T LOOK INTO ITS EYES-…….. My eyes unfold to see a green sky and a lot of sand, I’ve must have traversed into a different world. There was a sand pyramid, I decide to walk into it. I stumble in and rocks close in on me. “Are you the true one” a mysterious voice questioned “The true what?” I said shaking “The true one” “Umm no?” “Ahh you’re a slave to the dead” “to the dead oh no no no, I don’t want to-” blood thickens were my heart lays…

Tania 9

“The queen is very naughty!” said her advisor. Everyone agreed. “We need a plan to get rid of this naughtiness,” continued the advisor. The plan was soon finished. “What’s going on?” The surprising people jumped. The queen had come in. All her people tried to avoid each other’s gazes. “You! What where you doing?” she snarled pointing at her advisor. Her advisor said nothing. Instead, he tried to get other peoples’ attention to put him into jail (without any permission). “Get him into jail and turn him into a bass structure” said the queen after a while. So the advisor was turned into a bass structure, put into jail and forced to watch everyone have a happy life.

Elizabeth 8

Rocketing up

One day when the wind was high some men decided to go to the moon. They were scientist they wanted to see if there was anything living on the moon. They had a great discovery they wanted to discover deeper but it was time to go home. On the way to the launching pad there was a statue that they had to pick up but it wouldn’t fit in the ship so they decided to tie it the statue to the front of the rocket. So they did, when they were going to the launching pad they passed the museum the driver wanted to have a sneak peak at the new exhibit suddenly CRASH BANG the statue crashed into the museum and that’s the story of the statue.