Story start 14th Dec-3rd Jan

Even though we had a Christmas hiatus we still got storystarts based on our picture. A true testament to great writers who are now writing for pleasure. Give them a read and leave a comment or two please…oh and happy new year!

Isabelle 8

one sunny morning there was three children and they woke up really early and they didn’t want to go downstairs yet. they wanted to see if there was any presents under the Christmas tree and there was and the three of them rushed down stairs and they woke their mum up and there was a knock on the door but now one was there just a present, but it was a grown up present and they left it and had breakfast .after breakfast there was another knock on the door and now one was there just that present and there mum smelled it and she didn’t open it and she put it in the tree and she left it

Finlay 7

One Christmas day there was a strange present out side it was for me it said with love I open it was a ds game it was from Henry. I went to his house he wasn’t there. I look at the park he was there he said come with me. But he wasn’t Henry he was a robber he put me in jail for a day. And I exited and I ran and ran and the robber was in jail I played my new ds game I had a Christmas dinner at home with Christmas pud.

Melissa 9

One Christmas day I went outside and on a chair. It was really strange but there was a present and a card. The card said on it with love I looked at the card it said in side it said it was to my mum so I hoped in my car to take the present so when it is Christmas day I will see my mum open it I can’t wait. Until I open my presents. Just then I went back in my car to go back home so I can have dinner. And after I am going to bed with my cup of tea.

Katy G 8

One Christmas morning Chloe woke up, she went to her brother Pat’s room and woke him up. “Lets wake up Mum and Dad!!” “Yes!!” my brother said.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” said my brother again. We went to Mum and Dad’s bedroom approaching quietly we then jumped up and down on their bed!!
Chloe asked “Can we open our presents?”
“Yes!!!” Mum said. We ran down the stairs and Mum came down to. The sparkling Christmas tree stood, underneath sat a present wrapped in shiny paper, with golden bows on. Chloe eagerly rushed over!

Skye S 8

One morning the children rubbed their eyes and work their mum and dad up. They went down stairs. Then the children opened their presents under the tree. One of them got a car and one of them got a doll. The car was as red as a rose! The doll was as peachy as a peach. They loved them! The children looked under the tree and found there was one present left! They ran into the kitchen to ask their mum and dad if they could open it. They said, “No, you can’t because you’ve opened 4 already.” So the children said though their mum and their dad “please can we, a big please with scrumptious jam on top”. But their mum and dad said “no!”.

Courtney k

One morning it was Christmas day . I ran downstairs and I saw lots of presents on the floor. one was pink with a bow on the present and it did not have a name on it. It said with love on it. I ran up in to mums bed room and she said ”GET BACK INTO BED!!! I said “no mum, there is a present and l want to know if it is yours” mum said, “l do not know, let me see”

Leighton A 8

One day there was a beautiful, cute boy who lived with his mum and dad the boy and his family went to the wood when they got back there was a present they looked puzzled but anyway they put the present under the Christmas tree the next day was Christmas so the boy and his family went down the stairs to open there presents they forgot about the unknown present by the time they opened the last present together the end

Aimee V 7

One snowy Christmas day a child ran quickly downstairs she looked out of the window and noticed something. Something was outside (it was a present) a lovely large present.
Next she noticed it was on her tree, she didn’t know who it was from. It looked like it was for her but she wasn’t sure.
Then at the exact time my Mum came down I felt confused. My Mum came outside and looked at the present she began to open it. The tag said “with love.” It was a large box of chocolates.

Isaac D 8

One Christmas morning everyone was downstairs, the excited children wanted to go in the snow. Outside they could see a figure in the sky. It was fast he was going to the North Pole when something fell from his sleigh we ran to it. It was a present the label said with love. Why did he drop it. I said “lets bring it inside, so we can open it when they get in. They started to open the present. when it all had been opened it started to move I said “it is magic”. It was now opening a little head popped out it was a Christmas Elf. He said shyly “hello” and after a long time I got to be Santa’s helper in the shops.

Rosie W 8

One Christmas morning, I was walking my dog (called Santa Paws) when I suddenly saw one of Santa’s elves handing out presents that Santa had forgotten. The elf called out my name so I walked over to him, anxiously, not knowing what was going to happen. I got my present off him and I thought I had opened them all but maybe not. So I went home and opened it, the label said “with love”. When I opened it, it was MUD PERFUME! An hour later, I returned to the elf and he said with a little laugh, “I’m sorry I gave you the wrong present” so he gave me another one which I took home. When I opened it, it was some more perfume but it smelt beautiful. And the tag still said “with love”.

Mckenzie M 7

One cold Christmas morning the kids were going to get up to see the presents. When they got up they were going to open them but mum and dad came. “It’s the middle of the night!, I will go back to bed for ten minutes.” They got down the presents but all there was left to open, was one. They did not know who it was from. They did not know who it was for. They all went to the post office to see who had wrapped it. They went to the shop to tell all of the shop keepers. The last shop was a toy shop. They saw a chocolate bar for tea and dinner. When they got home and they opened the present it was chocolates.

Ashton G 8

At 3:00am me and Logan ran downstairs as fast as an F1 car. We glared at the presents. “It’s heaven down here!” I said to Logan. Logan then heard mum shout, “IT’S CHRISTMAS!” Glumly, mum stomped down the jet black rickety staircase and said, “GET BACK TO BED, it’s too early!” Then mum took one look around the room and looked at one particular present. It looked like an adult’s present because it had lovely ribbon and post wrapping paper. Mum ran and ripped the paper to smithereens. “It’s an alarm clock but what for?” “Maybe just to keep you awake.”

Beth H 8

One beautiful sunny day a little girl woke up. She quickly ran downstairs and found a present on the sofa. Who was it to? Who was it from? It had a label on it saying, “With Love” it had been wrapped up very neatly with some beautiful tied on. I decided to shake it carefully because I didn’t want to break it, so I could try to figure it out. I took it upstairs into my bedroom. I really wanted to know what it was. I decided to open it. It was an i-pad! But my mum was coming so I quickly tried to wrap it back up but it didn’t look the same. My mum came in, “Is that for me?” I didn’t know what to say but “Errr, it is!” so she took it and opened it.

Harley J 7

I saw a gift (it looked like an adult’s gift but hey ho!) so quickly, I ran to home. Everyone was at work, I looked at the tag and it said: “with love” I opened it and inside was two little figures. One Santa and one Rudolf. Then I went to go and get a drink and when I turned back to get the figures they had gone! WHICH MEANT THEY WERE ALIVE! So I looked under my bed and saw them munching on my stash of sweets! I said, “I don’t know why or how you are alive but you can stay here!” The next day, we were playing tag, Rudolf was on and he was too epic at it so everyone got caught. Now it’s near the end of my story, I am now 86 years old but Santa and Rudolph are still with me. Why wouldn’t they be?

Oliver W 8

one snowy Christmas morning. the children raced downstairs to open there presents. but they saw a wrapped present. So the children wondered who it was from they thought it was from somebody they know but their mum, dad said come back to bed its four o’clock in the. morning but they were so noisy they woke there mum and dad up they stomped down the stairs . you cant open the presents until everyone is there. there mum and dad saw the present. they saw the gift tag to. the gift tag said, with love.

Jessica B 7

Christmas was coming soon, but one family wasn’t decorating AT ALL! All they did was put ONE bauble on the tree. I MEAN WHO WOULD DO THAT? Their hearts were black and smelt horrid! One little girl (she was only five) called Jessica, believed whole of her life. She believed that Santa even had a pet dog, a wife called Santa paws and Mrs claws. She was three she started and up to now she always loved Santa claws. Her big brother NEVER believed! NEVER! It made her cry. She was very sad that day, very! Her brother wasn’t though! He said it every day. One day Santa came, dropped one present off! Jessica ripped it open, it was a box of love!

Luke S 8

Their mum and dad had told them not to open the unnamed present. After, they went to get dressed they suddenly, opened it. They found out it was a laptop but a little one, smaller than a chromebook. When they had logged on they got a message saying “merry Christmas love apel”. Soon after, there mum and dad came down. To their surprise they didn’t get told off but they were told I hope you like it and they said ”yes”! Their mum started crying.” I’m glad”, she said. The children got a profile and went on youtube and watched famous five get into a fix. They loved it, it was the best present E.V.E.R !

Kylie W 8

The Present
There was a little girl, she was called Lucy, and she was going to the park. When she got there she saw something gleaming in the sunlight. She took a close look, it was a present. She picked it up and went home. When she got home she went into her room and shook the box. There were lots of thuds! She thought for a moment and then unwrapped the present. It said “chocolate collection, Dairy Milk”. “Hmmm,” said Lucy, she opened the tub of chocolates and she tasted one of them. “Hmmm, I don’t think I got the taste of that,” so she had another one. “Hmmm, not that one either,” until there were no more chocolates left. She forgot to wipe her mouth and she went down the stairs. “Hi mum” said Lucy. “What have you been eating?” her mum said. “Chocolates?”
The end.

Charlie W 7

One cold Christmas morning, Tom and Katy (2 cheeky children) had woke their parents up going downstairs. Tom and Katy heard their parents say, “Go back to bed!” but the children said, “No, you’re coming down here” so they came downstairs and they opened their presents. There was one left but it had no name on it. It just said, “With love” so they opened it together. Inside was a magic bottle! As years went by the house got more magical until one day in the year 2018 the mum remembered the magic bottle. So then she went to the place where they had put it and she saw that the bottle had broken. She then got some tape and taped it back up and the magic seemed to disappear.

Lily M H

One merry, merry Christmas two children ran downstairs at two o’clock in the morning to open their Christmas presents. But there mummy and daddy weren’t there so they zoomed upstairs and jumped on there bed and shouted’ IT’S CHRISTMAS !!! Wake up mummy and daddy, its Christmas. The mum and dad stomped downstairs and the mum and dad went upstairs to get dressed after a while and they said don’t open any presents. ”Ok” said the children but they were waiting and waiting until they came after they had opened all of the presents there was one from somebody and it said with love on it mum opened it was a ring from dad to ask her if she wanted to marry her and do you now what she said ”yes” so we had a very, very jolly, jolly Christmas THE END.

Georgina W 7

One early Christmas morning, at 1 o’clock, a child ran quickly downstairs. Suddenly, the boy saw his glorious presents, he ran back upstairs. He was jumping on his parents’ bed, they woke up and said, “Urrrggghhhh, is it Christmas already?” So the boy, mum and dad all went downstairs, the boy opened all of his presents. He asked his mum if he could go outside then mum said, “yes” so he got his cosy coat, his mittens and his hat. He was all ready to go outside. He saw something out of the corner of his eye, he picked it up and sat on a chair and he started to open the present. When he had got all of the wrapping paper off he saw it was an xbox 360.
The End!

Mayson Y 8

One snowy morning, on Christmas eve the children woke up and ran downstairs as fast as they could. They opened all of their presents and there was one present left. Then they wondered who it was for, who it was from and where it had come from. Then mum started to open it and there was a set of books inside. Then after that we had Christmas dinner and then it was time for bed.

Skye H 8

It was Christmas eve when everyone was waiting for Santa to come tonight. Then the whole street went to bed. Suddenly, I heard Santa so I fell asleep. Then the next morning there was lots and lots of presents for me and my sister. We were making so much noise so mum and dad woke up. After mum and dad got up we took in turns to unwrap our presents. After we unwrapped them we had breakfast, I had jam on toast. Then at lunch time, while mum cooked dinner, dad took us to the pub. Then we went back for dinner and it was lovely. After I had pudding, I played with my furby boom.

Ben W 11

Strangely, I stumbled on a rock, which lead me towards a window, with a present saying on it ‘With Love’. Who could it be for? I had no idea… Could it be off Santa or could it just be there for show? Could it even be for me? I did not know, well, not until I walked inside the shop. I noticed the present, it looked like it was glowing. I walked over to it and I peeled a slight part of the wrapping paper off. Inside, was a glowing trophy. It said on it, ‘Santa’s Little Helper’. Who could it have been for, I asked myself? I thought long and hard. Of course! It was for Rudolph!! I looked around, on the wall, I spotted a picture, it said all of the reindeers, Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen, Cupid, Comet, Dancer, Prancer, Dasher and Vixen. I was amazed. Astonishingly, Santa flew past!

Casey C 10

I stepped towards the scratched table in the crammed kitchen. There was a mysterious parcel wrapped up in Chrismassy wrapping paper. The note beside it read ‘With Love’ but no name was upon the note, so I rapidly tore off the pretty wrapping and inside was… a box. Nervously, I opened the box and inside the box was yet another note. The note read ‘In this box, there is a mobile phone, you may call me whenever you need me’ so I opened the second box and there (As the note said) was a mobile phone. But who was it from? That remained a mystery for me to solve…

Jordyn R 11

I dawdle to the coffee table,” I’m so exhausted” I whined. My legs feel like jelly and my eye lids feel heavy. I slide open the screen door and go outside to the glass table that reflects the sun. I find a half opened present. ” what the heck is a cardboard box doing outside of here” I said in confusion. I go closer and closer and closer until ” BARK! ” WOOF! ” I open the box and find a cute fluffy cuddly toy dog. I find a letter in the box. It said this is my love to you in a box even though I am gone I will always be with you. My heart begins to ache and the tears start to well up. I have to take care of this thing.

Nicholas H

Once upon a time Jack sent a love letter to Nicki but it went to Chantal from a secret admirer. It was a necklace with powers that could send you to different dimensions like the spaghetti dimension and lots more.

She felt like riding a unicorn and a portal opened to a different dimension and she rode a purple pony. Chantal could do what ever she wanted for the rest of her life. Nicki married Jack and on their 10th anniversary she got nothing. So she rang Jack questioning him as he realised he sent it to his ex. NICKI WAS SO MAD! So she went down there and Chantal just gave it over as Nicki questioned why?

Caitlin B 11

As the sun hit my face, I woke up from an amazing dream about me winning the grand finals for my dance competition. But I had much more to worry about. So I rushed downstairs to find nothing under the Christmas tree. I was looking around confused as to why there weren’t any presents. Then I heard a knock on the door. I slowly opened it and found a beautifully wrapped present at the front door. I grabbed it and ran inside. I opened it in relief and it was a beautiful pair of high heels. I screamed with joy. The sinking feeling was gone. I checked the tag to see who it was from . It only stated “Your Secret Admirer

Nadia K 10

Dear, Kyan
I am writing this letter to you to give you a warning that whatever you do with this present is to not do this

After that day the present was sent to Kyans house 53 Boardway Hemmingtons but instead it arrived at 53 Boardcrie Hemmingtons Brittany Heffreys house the girl ,that always got excited about single little thing that she was given or told by others.
One evening that day Britteny found the present on her front doorstep and
said “Is this present literally for me because what it has inside,”
so she unwrapped the present as fast she could then took the present out but before you knew it at the blink of an eye her hand was in the middle of pitch blackness in the pulling her in and in…

Boyd 10

” Christmas day is tomorrow and I have not got my mum a gift.
What should I do?! so I went to the football oval where every team plays. I managed to sneak into where the players get ready. I asked the players if they will sign my piece of paper. they did! tonight I need to ask my dad to wrap the present.
8 am Christmas morning waking up mum and jumping on her bed. I gave her my present and she loved it.


Once upon a time jack sent a love letter to a secret admirer and in return he got a necklace a necklace with powers that will send you to a different planet and lets you breath and explore without any worries. good luck from your secret admirer. “That’s impossible there is no such thing” and suddenly his house was shaking. when he looked he was in space and his house was on Saturn. As he started wandering around he tripped and starred to fall…

Eleni S 10

One cold, evening on a remote island a young travellers dreams were invaded with the sight of an ancient cave. As the wind howled and clouds filled the sky the young traveller found himself trapped in a storm. From a distance he could see his small house was already destroyed. As he realised it was too dangerous to stay outside he found a cave. To his amazement it was the exact same cave that was in his dream. Curiosity took over his body leading him deeper inside the cave. As it darker and wider it felt like a rope was attached to him and something was wheeling him in. Suddenly, a root stuck up from the ground and wrapped itself around the young travellers ankle, causing him to trip. As his hands touched the ground he felt a large box buried beneath the dirt. He began digging. Finally he found the mystery box. Attached to the box was a letter. As he read it the young traveller realised the cave he was in wasn’t really a cave it was palace and the box was a present
sent to the Queen from a King. Overwhelmed with joy he grabbed the box and letter and bolted out of the cave. The storm was over. The young travellers discoveries made the young traveller famous and he finally became the explorer he wanted to be.

Mieka 10

One night when Santa was putting all the presents under everyone’s Christmas trees. Bella went to put the outside light on and there was a present that said “with love” on the card and it didn’t say a name on it so Bella got it and brought it inside to see what it was. Its still morning Bella opened the present but it keep on getting smaller and smaller then inside was a rotten toe nail.

Oscar B 7

One ( very ) early morning on Christmas day I leaped out of to open my presents. Then I ran down the old rusty stairs to open them. Suddenly I was making so much noise that I didn’t realise my mum was looking at me. After that there was one more present left it said with love I opened it anyway. It was a bright pink doll. Then my cousin came around and everyone laughed at me!

Louis 9

Suddenly, there was a loud bang as something heavy dropped through the letter box. It was wrapped in shiny Christmas paper with a name tag on it. Desperate to know who the mystery gift was from, he flung open the door only to find there was nobody there! Shutting the door the boy went back to examining the mystery present. Gently, the boy shook the box to see if it would give him any clues to what lay inside. It was bulky but it made no sound. Knowing that it was not Christmas day, the boy sneakily lifted a corner of the wrapping. To the boys surprise and frustration, underneath was more wrapping. The boy heard a knock at the door and went to answer it and again there was no one there. In anger the boy slammed the door and looked around for the present, but it was gone!


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