Story start 4th-9th Jan


This week was a quiet one here…realise we are just back at school and our friends in Australia and New Zealand are off for the summer, but we only got 3 entries this week. They are all awesome. The rest of you… #getwriting!

SS 3rd – 9th Jan 2015

Jessica Braham 8

One day, Olaf was walking around a castle and suddenly stepped on a button. A wall mysteriously opened…And behind was a scroll. Olaf ran forward and grabbed the scroll. Olaf ran down a rocky corridor. Suddenly, he bumped into Anna “Anna I’ve found a roundie thing” “a roundie thing, Anna replied “what’s a roundie thing”. “This” replied Olaf. “that’s a scroll silly”. They open the scroll and found out it was a treasure map and decided to look for the treasure once they had followed the steps they found treasure…..100 gold coins and a key! Where did the key fit?? Olaf and Anna had some more exploring to do!!

Sophia 12

The old, moulding scroll sat on it’s little platter as it had for years. I almost didn’t dare touch it. Grandmother’s last smile hung in my head. “That old scroll in the attic. Yes that one. It’s very important. Keep it safe, Isla. Keep it safe.” Her words seem to be replaying in my ears. I reach out my thin, white fingers and slowly untie the ribbon. I am terrified it will crumble when I touch it but it only unfurls. I gasp as my eyes skim over the paper. In small, cramped handwriting is a list of human sins. Thousand of them.

Jon Nikrich 40

“What do you say?” I asked the scroll.
“Does it matter?” it replied.
“It does to me. There is something about the scene and the lighting. Everything about you makes me curious about the contents.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment,” it said. “but it’s still the wrong question.”
“Oh. OK.”
I didn’t know how else to reply. I’d never been rebuked by a scroll before.
“Think less about what I say and celebrate that I say something, anything. Reading is wonderful. Writing can be even better. Ask yourself what you would write on a scroll for this scene and for this lighting. When you’ve answered that question, come back and I’ll tell you what I say.”
I did as it suggested and I wrote my own scroll. And I kept writing.
I never found out what the scroll said. I was too busy following its advice.

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