Story start 10th-23rd Jan

Due to technical issues we couldn’t send last weeks story start so we continued with our picture for an extra week and how amazing are the results! Brilliant stories, well done everyone. Take a look at the picture below and maybe have a go yourself! Feel free to leave a comment.
Keep writing

Gessaley M G 10

Slowly, the solid metal ship began to sink into the centre of the deep dead ocean. Many boats surrounded the ship and yet, no one helped. Children crying with terror. Parent panicking like it was their very last moments together. The enormous ship sat patiently, gradually getting deeper into the seaweed green sea. Different species from down under surrounded this unusual beast with suspicion. They needed help. Quick. Will anyone rescue them?

Fahd 10

On the 23rd November 2012 I was looking out with my binoculars trying to find something interesting to look at I finally got it. In the distance at Sunny Shore I saw a grey ship tilting into the very dark sea. It was the S.S Cruise Boat! It was rapidly sinking and I rushed to get the life guards. ”Calling all stations, get lifeboats to the S.S Cruise Boat now!”

It was obvious that all people had been saved and I was right! Half an hour later all 1002 people were saved and I did not have to worry. In the distance, coming from the ship, I heard screaming.
I wonder, were all people saved?…..

Malik 10

It was the 12th of March and I just realised when I was looking at the view that my boat was sinking! It tilted to one side. I hurried to the exit but it was blocked by rocks. I suddenly saw that lifeboats were coming to the rescue. They immediately carried the people to shore but I didn’t think they saw me so I screamed “Help, Help!” in desperation to get out. The boat’s bilge was also cracked by the rocks. Water was pouring in and the ship began flooding with dark, blue water. I ,after that, jumped into the sea and swam to a empty boat and it was flooded too! I was horrified to see that it was sinking as well as the other boats so I jumped into the water but I saw a shark swimming to me. Was it the end of me?….

Sophie K 10

I was on a ferry going on holiday to the isle of weight. When all of a sudden I felt a BANG! I was frightened then I looked out the window Ahhhh we are sinking. I got my life jacket on and jumped in the water . A dolphin “I love dolphins there my favourite sea animal.” They are so soft and cuddly . It was my first time touching a real dolphin. But I didn’t know where I was I knew I was somewhere in the middle of the ocean. I swam for hours then finally I got home. I went home and rested in my lovely and warm bed . Then the next morning I went to the park for an ice cream and a relaxing walk along the seaside. I was still a bit tired from yesterday however I did have fourteen hours of sleep. I had a busy day.

Lillie H 10

I was walking down the beach to take the dog for a walk I was looking at the lovely view of the boats just floating around so calm and then I looked to see where the dog was then Rolo was looking in this bush so I knew that he was ok then I turned back around and BAND there was the ferry boat has crashed into a boat and it has turned the ferry on its side luckily no one was hurt everyone grabbed a life jacket and jumped out the boat sank and sank until it hit the bottom of the ground I made a big bang after I had finished watching I shouted Rolo and put him on his lead we walked threw the lanes where they where muddy we got home and I got changed and had a lovely hot pot for tea

Ella 10

The deep diamond blue water was swaying like a rainbow of ribbons. Brightly coloured fish were dancing around in silhouette. Rays of sun zoomed in upon the splashing sea water. Speedboats raced around the boat that I was in. Suddenly a thick blast of lightning roared against the sea sending our boat crashing onto its side. BOOM. All boats around ours flew into the distance. The wind was howling, in a furious way. I was panicking. Where are we now? So many questions, my head was turning into a tidal wave. Keep calm, keep calm, I heard the captain saying. Within a moment everything was quiet as a mouse. My mum was shouting wake up Bella, wake up.” Mum are you there.”
“Bella you’ve been asleep forever.”
“Mum are you okay, you fell off the boat.” said the girl.
“What boat.” asked mum.

Sam F 11

I walked in to the shipwreck not knowing what to do. Let me tell you how I got here it all started an Monday morning I went to school as normal but I noticed something strange my friends were acting weird .I mean weirder than normal I was all most like they were not there. On Tuesday I went in but it was like déjà vu in was the same day I went to Mr Saturday class he said the same old thing he tolled me off for the same reason to get a way I swam to the boat to get away form in all but I noted that in the cabin the was a glowing light maybe that was the thing causing the day to keep repeating. Wednesday I tried to stop the machine but it was to hard to break and the tied was rising but I fought that the machine would malfunction but

Hannah W 10

All so quiet after a terrible occurrence that changed my life forever, Leah a loyal friend was on that shipment. All that’s left now is distraught and unheard of. I cry to myself every night. I wished it was me on that shipment. On the shipment there was a ghost, the ghost followed the back of the ship. Waiting for the time to strike. Everyone watched on the hill mouths gaping open they watched silently as it sunk to the bottom. I glared at the search team. “No survivors” he said with a frustrated look.
“What?” I shouted angrily.
“I did my best kid OK” he huffed.
“Try harder” I scowled.
He was so rude at this point I felt like strangling him…

Hannah A 10

It was all so quite on the hill as everyone was watching the ship as it began to sink I was really worried about my brother because he was on the ship I wanted to know what had made the ship sink and that’s where I began . I started to think of what could of done it I started to think that a alligator gar could of done it so I run home and did some research on the alligator gar I ran back to the hill and time was running out the ship was sinking.

Savannah S 11

I crept under the bush it was all prickly and thorny. I was watching the boats go past I saw a small jet come whizzing down. An enormous submarine came past, then I heard I bag bang I looked around but couldn’t see anything then I saw the submarine go lopsided . What happened. I could see more ships in the background would they help. The ship was grey and had writing on it. It had some strips on it. but then I heard a helicopter coming and saved the people.

Eve Charlotte B 10

I crept behind the bush I peered through; the spiky bush pricked me it absolutely stung. I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was a boat it was sinking I was going to call the coast guard but I couldn’t I was too scared. I saw a jet ski it zoomed by I also saw some boats. My mum came she said that I should get away but I didn’t want to, I wanted to see what happened next. Suddenly the lifeboat came people were jumping of the edge of the boat. The lifeboat got everybody of the boat and the people that had jumped of got pulled up from the water. THE END

Kieran 10

It was 1943 when the lovely ship was designed. In the year 2000 the ship was made each week the ship got better and better until we gave the ship a speed boost it was the world’s fastest ship it was called Hope . It brings hope and peace then Hope went to how much pain she felt bang Hope stopped in fear and swam deep into the dark blue sea and was never seen again .

Oliver 10

One day when I was going for a walk on the boat I seen in the distance I saw a storm in the distance soon as though I was heading to Scotland I thought it was natural but I got a drifting wood come along the side of the boat so I grabbed it and I looked at it and it was not a normal piece of wood it was wood that had markings on it or symbols or even a note set out to find me and it looked like it said go home its not safe so after a while I went to the captain and showed him it and he said to me ‘That my friend is called a message from the gods’ and then suddenly a crash bang the boat I was on didn’t stand a chance

Calum 11

I was walking along the beach as I looked to the left and saw an, abandoned ship that was lopsided but not sunk like it was, levitated I wondered how it hasn’t sunk yet I ran to a boulder to look for a boat so I ,could go check It out but all I could see was, a row boat so I scaled my way down to the boat and rowed my way to the, somehow floating boat as I clambered on board the huge boat shacked because a tiny thing like me. Can rock a huge boat like this only a giant can rock this bad boy of a boat.

Katie T 10

I once was playing on my ipad quiet as a mouse. But my mum and dad were as loud as a elephant watching the news. “Why does this stuff happen” my dad ground that at every story. But then I will carry on responding “because it does”. Until the big news story came on “ca” I was going to question “shh I want to hear this my parents repeated after one and another.” There has been a serious ship sink 200 people were on the boat at the time only 19 were killed in the ship 180 were saved by the police and many police have been seeing why this has been done” blabbed on the news “ ugh” I sighed I went up stairs to watch my telly the flipping news came back on this is the worst day of my life.

Ethan 10

One day I was on my dads ferry and we herd something in the engine room so we went down there it was moist from the cold of the sea and then we noticed their was water poring in and then suddenly .
The ferry stopped and we started to sink and the engine set on fire and we ran bake up the stairs and told the passengers get to the life rafts the ferry is sinking look but the in the engine room their was a massive explosion wow I said

Izzy 10

Suddenly I heard a rumbling noise. Then a terrible screech . My hands were shaking, my heart was pounding. I took my hand and rubbed the window clean, I peered through I couldn’t believe what I saw, I saw nothing just blue and blue and blue. I screamed. I scurried up the slippery slimy steps. I quivered it was terrifying. People pushed and barged to get through. Suddenly BANG I hit my head. I blacked out then …

Tali 10

The legend of the mythical Mountain Sea must be true as another boat sunk today whilst travelling to the island of St Helens. Everyone was there; everyone saw the Penguin (boat) sinking. 31 people were on the boat only one body found. Let me tell you the myth. Once there was a sailor, he was a lovely man. He was natures best friend, feeding seal cubs his spare mackerel. One day he saw an eel, the creature was swimming on its own. He reached down into the water to scoop it up. That’s when it bit, a howl came from the sea and everyone saw the sailor turning into a snake, a water snake. He slithered of his boat and gobbled up his apprentice on board. He sunk his boat and many others after that. The monster was never seen above water again but still lived in the Mountain Sea.

Libby 10

One day I was walking up a mountain and I saw a ship sinking. The ship looked old like it had been sinking for ages but no one could see it happening. It was a big ship it probably had over 600 rooms and 10 pools. I decided to go have a look so I rented a boat and sailed out. When got to the ship I got of my boat and climbed abhorred. The ship was silent their was no one their. I looked around a bit their where 800 hundred rooms a ball room a swimming room with a hot tub and a sauna a dining room and a kitchen. When I was about to leave I fell down a hole. Their was a room full of guns and machines. I was looking around and all of a sudden aliens came in. I cant remember anything else because they wiped my memory but I know they came in peace.

Lochlan 10

I was walking along the beige sand and that’s when I noticed it.
It had flames on the top but below the dark blue ocean there was only one thing a great big hole.
It must have been there for a fair few ours and there was only one survivor who had washed up on the shore line .
There was police every were ,one of them asked me what I ‘d seen but I told him I’ve only just got here and that I didn’t see any thing .
As I walked away I over heard some people talking an saying that the survivor was a Russian spy who was trying to sneak on to the island so he could try and find out what secrets of England so he could send it back to Russia .they also said that they were trying to start world war three.

Josh 10

One day I taken my dog for a run around the beach my dog spot he had black pock a dots As I through a rubber ball my dog spot as he was running he started barking. So I said “what is the matter boy? I was wondering if some people drowned alive ,or even dead? As I saw spot running after the ball I taken one took and the next minute I saw ? Nothing I was scared I was despite to shout for help I looked down the very steep hill as I saw spec of movement in a tree is it? It can’t be can it spot is that you I shouted I slid down carefully We met each over again at the bottom of the hill there was a faded walk way me and spot followed it taken us to the old crashed boat I was scared.

Cory 11

One day I went on a boat trip and it was not very nice but it wasn’t raining when we reached some other boats it was hard for the boat driver to steer it and when he turned left it crashed and tipped over and I heard loads of bangs and crashes. I got really scared because I thought I was going to die and the boat went under the water I felt the water touching me but then all of a sudden I saw a mask so I went and swam of under the sea. When I got into the sea I saw a great white shark and then I saw a massive thing but I don’t know what it was so I swam of in to the blue ocean. Then I saw a massive crab walking along the rocks then I swam further down then I tasted blood.

Nathan J 10

I was sailing with my family to west America in shark infested water. We were in the pool until there was massive BANG! People fell into the water bellow and ate them. The boat started to sink slowly into the deep dark water bellow. I sent a SOS signal and the cost guard was coming. After half a hour past they finally got here. They took me and my family back home and everything went back to normal.

Ben B-W 11

All so suddenly, I was in a boat cruising in the Loch Ness Sea. I was zooming past loads of other boats and then, it appeared. It had scaly skin which was all pale green, and from the look of it, it wanted food. Its eyes filled with hunger as they looked at me. Could this be the end of me? I did not know. Its pupils were really vast and its mouth opened larger than a snakes. It looked about 60 feet long, well at least, that is about the size that I had seen. It moved towards me, faster and faster, and then went back under. Could it have gone and left me alone? Maybe it understood the fear in my eyes and left. Until that little moment later, it came from UNDERNEATH the boat and toppled the old destroyed boat over. Now this was definitely the end…

Lillie H 10

I was walking down the beach to take the dog for a walk I was looking at the lovely view of the boats just floating around so calm and then I looked to see where the dog was then Rollo was looking in this bush so I knew that he was ok then I turned back around and BANG there was the ferry boat has crashed into a boat and it has turned the ferry on its side luckily no one was hurt everyone grabbed a life jacket and jumped out. The boat sank and sank until it hit the bottom of the ground It made a big bang after I had finished watching I shouted Rollo and put him on his lead we walked through the lanes where they were muddy we got home and I got changed and had a lovely hot pot for tea

Elliot 11

I was walking across the bumpy shore when I heard a loud crumbling noise. I looked into the wilderness. I saw a shipwreck falling to the ocean. I called for someone to call the coastguards. I did not have any credit on my rubbish phone. I wish I had a new phone, so I could be the hero and save the day by calling the coastguards, and to save those vulnerable people that may have already died. Luckily I had some binoculars in my back pack. I actually had two pairs but I am going to use my camouflage ones because they see further .The amazing coastguards finally arrived. I could see a man shouting at the top of his vice I could not make out what he was saying. The coastguards were about a mile away from the shipwreck. I could hear what the man said “I DID THIS!!!!

Dominic 10

“What’s happening” I yelled, What’s that noise. “The boats tipping. Lets get out of here MOVE MOVE MOVE! Then a crate fell over the side, then me and the other’s jumped over the side into the raft boats and a guy pulled out a blade and cut the lines securing the boat to the craft, the boat crashed beside the sinking ship and the motor roared signalling us to get out of here then spluttered and died I knew what I had to do but the others were hesitant. I dived into the water and ploughed through the water, the rest of the guy’s followed just as a crate fell in we were all rescued by a lifeguard bat and I got back to my family.

Elizabeth 10

I wake up. I hear screaming. What’s going on? I look out of the cabin window. I am supposed to be on top of the water not underneath it! This was meant to be a dream cruise; now look at what it has turned out to be. My heart is pounding. What about my Mum, my Brother my, whole family in fact? I rapidly open the door of my cabin. I have to duck, dodge and hide because of the amount of people running everywhere, like a heard of zebras being chased by an angry lion. Panicking, I ask a random stranger how the ship ended up in such a mess.
“Who cares, none of us know. Let’s just get out of here,” they scream. I look around to see the pitch black, oily water splashing up against the boat. What am I going to do….?

Jonathan T 11

As the ship began to sink the seagulls started to crowd around the sinking ship. It had been stuck against an enormous rock and has tilted towards the sea. As the years passed by people started to claim that they were on the ship at the time, no one believed them. A few days later a strange looking man swam to the boat from the shore. He had gotten a lot of people to help him tip the boat back in its position. A few weeks later lots more people gathered round and help but then didn’t swim there like the man. Unfortunately the man died 3 years later after the ship had been put in its place he had died of cancer and he was well remembered. After the boat was back in place everyone lived happily. The End That’s my story I hope you like it

Lucy 11

“Heeeeeelp! W-what happened?” I questioned, as I spat out heaps of strong salty sea water. I peered around the sunken ship to see if anyone else survived… I was all alone. In the middle of the deep monstrous sea. Alone. I panicked and started to scream for help. But nothing, no one replied. I sat on the seaweed covered, wet seat and started to sulk. I nervously wandered to the bottom of the deck and peeked around the corner. I saw mermaids.. and blood, and then I realized that they have sunk the ship on purpose! I battled them and grabbed their shiny iron swords and slayed them all… “Lucy…LUCY! I need the toilet! C’mon!” I jumped out of my skin and realized I had a dream about Shipped Wrecked the TV show.. and that my brother wanted the toilet… it was all a dream..

Hanna 10

As I awoke from my bed I felt the cruise ship tilt. I jumped out of bed. I walked slowly, carefully. I reached the stair case suddenly the boat fell towards the left. I could faintly hear the rotor blades of a helicopter spinning! Quickly I ran up the stairs to see…A large flash of white….It was all a dream…


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