Story start 24th – 30th January


Not many entries this week but still brilliant writers one and all.

SS 24th – 30th Jan 15

Angel 10

on the 1st of January on new years day I went on a stroll to the woods .I unexpectedly came across an old creaky house.

I didn’t know whether it was a farm or just an old house sitting there like a pet in a pet shop trying to get a home.

I didn’t go into the house because if I went in and someone was just watching TV I would feel very guilty so I chose not to and I carried on my walk but of Course this left in suspense…

Mark O 10

How I became friends with a ghost…
on summers holiday me and my friends were walk down a old road we never walked the old road we always walk down the new road we walk pass a old house we where thinking about going inside but we didn’t so when we go out we walk down the old road but one time we walked down the old road at night we kept hearing and seeing thing then a ghost came and said “Hi” my friends were so scared that they ran away but I didn’t run away thought that it was a nice ghost so every Sunday and Saturday night I would see the ghost

Olivia G 10

As I walked through the small dark forest I saw an old overgrown garden with a house stood in the centre! wow I shouted with excitement! thinking whether I should go in, the door crept open. Hello ,hello anyone in ??yes there is said a deep dark voice come and sit down there it was again. show your face little child. um… Who is this? I questioned, mysteriously ! Its Toby, Toby Caldron and what is your name ? Its Olivia Giddy! Oh well hello Olivia nice to meet you. my mum told me never to talk to strangers! But I’m not a stranger you know me! Do I? I don’t think I do but Toby caldron rings ,
a bell. A name I’ve heard before. So you do know me, I’m an old friend Olivia! your not you can’t be I don’t have many friends. Well let me tell you about my life…

Ella 10

One day Chloe, the short blue eyed female, was taking a stroll through the old bewildered forest. Strokes of wind flew by in a rush to get to the north mountain. As Chloe walked forwards a vague shadow of a house drew nearer and nearer one step at a time. With curiosity Chloe walked closer and closer being careful not to miss a single inch. Pulling herself together she knocked on the door. There was no answer. Was anyone in there? Pushing hard against the door she managed to open it. creeaak! She stepped into the house. Walking around the house felt very odd, often she would hear whiffs of breathing. Chloe walked slowly towards the couch. All of a sudden her friend popped out from behind the couch! Was this a trick set for Chloe, will we ever know.

Fahd 10

I walked through to the secret house…As I approached it cautiously the door creaked open although nobody opened it. It was now midnight and I silently, swiftly moved upstairs to a old dusty, silent room, I twisted a golden handle and ran inside to the secret corridor. There was a note on the wall: “Pick the knife, cut the rope and be prepared FOR DEATH!”
I picked the knife and I cut the rope, something was rumbling above me it was a ROCK! I dived left in a swift movement and I saw a hole… 2 seconds later another note appeared.” Jump down the hole a expect a shock!” I jumped down the hole and found spiders in a cave just 3 meters forward from where I landed. The Cave Spiders scuttled around me and when I thought I was done for they stopped… I was safe. I quickly escaped…

Elizabeth P 10

What could be worse? I was lost and alone in an abandoned forest. Sprinting, “Arrrrrrr!” I screamed while falling to the ground. I looked up to see that I had come across a small house. I wonder who lives there? The small house looked peaceful and inviting as the door swung open.
“Aarr! No, help me!” someone screamed. It sounded as though it was coming from the house. I slowly stepped towards the house. All of a sudden I heard cackling. “ha ha ha ha ha!” I heard a girl screaming again. What do I do shall I save the girl or not?

Sophia 12

He stares at me with huge,orb-like eyes. “I live here.” His voice is quiet and whispery. “I know.” I snap. His stare is disconcerting. “I mean where are your parents?”
“I live here.” He slips farther back into the door. “They have been gone for a long time.” His voice is ominous.
“Yes,a very long time. They left us here.” A higher more melodic voice chimes. A head of dark brown curls peeks out from around the boy. “Shh Bonnie.” Around the door I can see him take her hand in his and I think he says something. The girl,Bonnie, slips back into the house. “Bye.” Her voice floats behind her as she disappears. And with that the boy shuts the door and I stand in front if the yellow cottage like a lost child. My visit has left me even more confused than before…..

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