Story start 31st jan- 6h feb 2015


Emily G 8

One day there was a man named Tony. Tony was once mighty and rich but then he was robbed and was ever so poor. He went away and nobody ever saw him again, but on April 26th 2014 he came back to his home town, he only had a bit of money, so he bought some food , enough to get him through the week until till he had some more money .

The next morning, Tony set out to the bank to see if he had any money in his account But he didn’t, so he just went back were he was. That’s were he was wanted.

Edward Ian Kendrick 39

Sun up and sun down. His mother always told him to know when the light would come. It was important he always knew. It would dictate the ebb and flow of his life.
He wasn’t an evil man. Or one that conspired to do harm. But he was from ‘dark stock’, as it was known. In the old days, when myth walked amongst man still, his special blood would have been revered, as well as feared. However, in the brighter ages of man his size and his strength marked him as from the old world of mystery, and so he was hunted.
He stopped to help an overturned cart on the road, his eye on the trapped man beneath, and not to the horizon. He shifted the cart in the dark, but took too long, and the sun brought his skin to stone.
No one wept for him.
The Troll.

Ella M 10

Dear Diary,
Today I have came across something very peculiar, you know something unusual and strange. Usually on a icy cold day here in Devon you don’t see a cowboy, or in my case a statue of a cowboy. The wind was blowing, trees were shaking, clocks started churning. Suddenly a picture had popped into my abundant mind, could that have been my Father, the one who was said to have died when fighting in the war, but how could this have happened to him. Only last year me and mother went to his grave at Westhill memorial services. Could that have a different corpse, or no corpse at alright now my head is full of questions. I will have to tell mum as soon as I can, but for now I will just keep thinking.

Cory 11

This man has been to mega mountain park and then he got on to a ship and sailed away to the Himalayas where the bigfoot are. Then he got off at a island where there were soldiers and other people with guns as well. Then he got tortured and took to there base at mega mountain park and then they tortured him even more but one day he escaped and ran to a town called koga in japan. He didn’t have any food or water and he kept on looking but he couldn’t find anything so he ate out of the bin and drank the water in the lake. But he died afterwards and he had a grave in the cemetery and the grave said R.I.P and all his family came to say goodbye and then they went home and started crying and they jumped of a cliff and died.

Ben 11

This man, was found on an Island called ‘Subanda’. This Island was abandoned and had been left for years alone. He was found by a man called Simon. He was a police man who went to investigate all over to find out certain things. The man who was found was very dangerous and had a gun in his back pocket. He had been disarmed and the police officer called for help. After the police got him into a Helicopter, they took off to the Himalayas. Nobody knew why but after he was took there, he was never seen again. There were myths going around that were basically trying to say but in a complicated way that the man who was took to the Himalayas was ate by a specie called Big Foot. This specie is also known as a Yeti. They are very dangerous, but still have never been found…

Libby 11

Once upon a time along time ago their lived a sailor. He was a grate sailor he’s sailed to the Atlantic ocean and back to London 10 times. He sailed alone well except from his dog captain. One day he sailed to an island and went into a café to get some food and a man came in and started speaking to him. The man said I’ve seen you sailing your really good would you like to be the captain of a new ship the titanic. He said yes and became famous and they made a statue of him

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