Story starts 6th-13th Feb


SS 7th 13th Feb 2015

An AMAZING number of entries this week and the quality keeps getting better and better please share and leave a comment or even better have a go yourself!

Edward Ian Kendrick 39

The greatest adventure was embarked upon not in a boat or a plane, but in a lab coat. Josh studied all of his life for the chance to stand where he stood, and he stood there every day for twenty long years.
People told him that a break-through took but seconds in a scientist’s life, but he knew they were wrong. He knew that every day that he stood and looked for the doorway was a day well spent. And every time they told him to give up he nodded and waited for them to leave, because they didn’t share his vision, because they didn’t have his commitment.
Now he stands, staring, transfixed by what is through that door – the greatest discovery in the history of man. He looks at the Multiverse and wonders – how to get there?
But how do you open the door?

Emily G 8

Once there was a toy spaceman called Specky. Hurtling toward the planet wefsgujnr he shot out his wings using his utility belt. But landed with a hard thud, onto a heap of soft, grey alien eggs. Because Specky was warm the eggs began to hatch and out popped red and green aliens. The aliens looked very weird at first sight. They grinned a sneaky grin. Specky knew this might be the end of him ……….

Dominic L 10

What are these things I thought. Then suddenly from out of nowhere I saw shadow come through the posh birch door but it was just mum. I hid the mysterious items under my covers. Then a light came from outside. It came closer. And closer. And closer. Until it was close enough to see the shape aaahhh it’s an alien. The orbs must be from it. They must be the fuel. where is the alien I thought. Suddenly, there was a huge smash as I saw the alien come through the window and took the orbs. Then he got into the aircraft and flew of. that was the last I saw of the aliens.

George D 11

5. The number shone on the metallic, silver balls. Nobody knows where they came from; we only know, one night, they appeared. Anxious, the government decided to run millions of tests on these small spheres. They are everywhere: they’re invading Earth.

4. The number fell like a timer. I sit on my bed with one of those things in my hand. Beep, beep! The machine starts to beep. A slender tube shoots out from the sphere and smashes my window.

3. I look out the window and find all the spheres are glowing green. Shocked, worried, confused, I sprint downstairs and hug my mum.

2. A whole day has passed and the numbers have finally changed. Blades stick out of the alien balls. I hold my parents close: I will never let go.

1. The ball splits in half. A small, veiny creature looks at me with wide eyes. With a croaky voice, it murmured,” Zero…”

Ella M 10

Strange tiny glowing objects were scattered all over my brunet brown couch. Was this a prank set by my mischievous little sister Lily? I started wondering down the trailing stair case. These glowing little objects started following me, surely Lily couldn’t have been able to make a prank that well. I walked on. Quiet as a mouse. Without a noise made. Funnily enough they still carried on following me. Aggravated I threw them back one by one. All of a sudden they started tackling me, they were really strong. A really big one suddenly started gathering in all of the smaller ones. It was as if they were going to war, until they all started to hatch eating their glowing shell. I opened my eyes to find I was sitting at my desk at school asleep

Oliver A 11

Glistening, transparent spheres surround the productive archipelago. It looked like a group of penguins, huddling together for warmth. The more transparent they became, the more terrified Jeff became. Frightened, scared, worried, he rapidly paced across the other worldly objects. “Creek!” the objects began to shudder. Reluctantly Jeff caught sight of a cliff and fled…
His palms were sweating, hair like a mop. He was a fast runner, fast because he had to be. After a stumble, Jeff finally made the narrow cliff. “BOOM!” all the crystal balls had fallen to the bottom of the mysterious land.
Glad to be alive Jeff suddenly disappeared. Was it real or was it just a dream? No one knew…

Ashton G 10

Every one of these dark, dismal balls of death are a different world, a different place, a different disease and all with their own habits. All with their own particular laws: all with their own certain ways of living. Their outside crust makes them what they are. They just hover there like dead spherical humans. Rotating balls of forgetfulness. They are the same humid ball of gas of what we humans live on a planet but these dejected planets don’t live in endless space, they live inside the core of us, earth. They are depressing purple because they have been smouldered right through to their core by the vast heat of the soul-taking malt and magma from the earth’s core. And on each of these harrowing planets lays one species the Gorgor…

Carlo S 10

In a flash my wardrobe was opening. There were red eyes that came closer. I grabbed the bat which I keep next to my bed then when I turned the light on it disappeared. I looked under the bed, no-one was there so I got back on. I gasped! There was a bubble, it looked cute until it popped in my mouth. He was controlling my body then a squeaky sound said “I didn’t mean to.” I needed to get this bubble out of my mouth, my hands was shaking
My face went white, I wanted to get this bubble out of my mouth. In desperation I rang Dr Mildew, he said, “You better not be wasting my time.” The more I worried, the more the more the bubble laughed. Dr Mildew said “Go toilet,” I did…flush! It stopped .

Finley A 11

It’s my first day in my new house. On the outside it looked stunning, on the inside it looked atrocious. I look around the house to find there was a very unwell rat, which looked like it was half dead, just lying there not moving any of his poor worthless muscles.
Rushing to pick it up I spotted a crate to put it in. Carefully I put him in the car and sped to the vets. The lady hurried into the lab with the poor creature in her hands. Every time people hurried in there I got more worried. Then the door opened…she was coming over to me. Instantly I stood up to hear, “I am so sorry but that rat has a new virus, which is deadly…

Keira 10

Bang! I fell into a black gloopy bubble. It felt like I’d fallen into the deep end of a swimming pool with mud in it. Frightened, worried, exhausted, I tried to escape the clutches of the minuscule bubble. The opaque bubble had looked teensy on the outside but it was gigantic on the inside. The more I struggled, the more the walls of the gargantuan bubble enclosed on me.
Pop! No gloopy mess. No more walls enclosing on me. I’m floating in mid-air, I can’t get down. Another pop. I’m falling rapidly. Snap! Nothingness. Nothing Happening. No dense ground. No artistic sky. I am an inanimate object. I can’t breathe, I can’t see, I can’t feel my heart beat. I’m dead.

Harvey B 10

They stood there, in front of me. Like nothing I’d ever seen before. My heart said touch it, my head said don’t. For if I did, I might never get out. Of course being me, I just had to touch it. My arm went in and straight back out. These holographic balls were the best: they were amazing.
I just didn’t stop, would you? In front of the fence lay four more unearthly objects just waiting for me to walk and run in and out. You see, like everybody else in my village, I had never seen anything like this. But then something went wrong …
Deciding not to be self-centred, I went to get some of my friends. The more I grew in confidence, the more hazardous I became. Little did I know, my next move was a risk not worth taking. It put my life in danger …

Adam W 11

Overnight the national space agency conducted research on the new planet F.R.U.I.T. On the outside, they were amazed. (On the inside, they were scared.) All of the crew sweated buckets. The smooth surface of the ground breaking discovery puzzled the crew. As patient as monks they waited for activity. BANG! Something viciously collided with the planet. SQUASH! The planet was squashed! All of the agencies jaws dropped.” Um guys, that wasn’t a planet, it was a grape.”

Alexie J 10

Under a full moon, strange objects came to Earth from space. They were oval and purple with a little bit of shine. They came every once a hundred years. And they were called orbs. They heal the injured and poor.
On a sunny day at 3:00 clock a girl was born with a pure heart – her name was Elizabeth. 20 years passed. Her dad was very ill. His lungs were not working as they were supposed to. Every single night Elizabeth would look outside and pray, “Please save my dad”. On the outside she smiled knowing her dad would be ok. (On the inside she would be heartbroken if her dad died)
He did not die, the orbs saved him because they always come on the 5th of June 2015. A smile came to her face that day.

Slnae F 11

In a medium bedroom lives Tony. He has these precious marbles. Despite the marbles being miniature, they each hold thousands of spectacular creatures inside. Tony doesn’t know. Inside them live enthusiastic families. The more Tony plays with them, the more jolly they are.
On Tuesday comes an unpleasant lorry which takes rubbish to a hole then a metal hand throws you into a machine. That day Tony’s mum moved her legs forward and came into the room. A huge hand grabbed the precious planets and threw them into an eerie bag. Inside, the planets the people felt like it was an earthquake. Suddenly the bag was taken into a reeking box which was moving.
After a while they were in a vile hole.
An eternity later, a muddy hand cautiously picked up the marbles and put them to his ear. The screams filled his ear.

Joshua G 10

What are they? Where did they come from? Why are they here?
Strolling down the stairs, the cup that sat on the table started to rock, so did the glass. What was happening? After, five frightening seconds, the world stood still. Earthquake, I thought. Suddenly, this little ball rolled out of the cupboard. It started to stutter as it got on the rough wooden floor. I took a good glimpse, it was getting bigger. It was like a marble. But I knew it was not a marble. It was growing. The round ball started to run. The faster the ball got, the more it grew.
Scared, the gigantic ball grew into a creature that was hungry. Balls grew behind me. I was trapped. The ball got closer and closer in till I tripped. It got even closer and…

Lucy R 10

They arrived out of nowhere. The pods. We thought we were ready; 3043 technology is the highest we’ve ever had on Earth. I can’t recall it exactly but this is the most I can remember. They chose the best time to invade. The world generator was down so no one had any electricity. Then they came, like meteorites hurling from thousands of miles in the air building up speed every millisecond. Erupting in flames, the landing spot they chose was the Atlantic Ocean. Sailing towards Britain, we knew little of what was happening. If the generators batteries were changed, if we were prepared, then we wouldn’t have been attacked. BANG! They hit the outskirts. CRASH! Now the things climbed out. The pods stood to attention. Tears fell from faces, screams flew in all directions, eyes popped out of skulls. Horrified I froze. Darkness.

Izzy 10

They moved swiftly to the breeze as they drifted effortlessly to the clouds. They shined in the sun sparkling brightly. Performing beautiful ballet elegantly moving to the wind. POP! Splash they all disappeared slowly drifting to the floor . But one floated on swiftly over roof tops and the highest trees. Racing faster and faster until it faded away over the mountains never to be seen again.

Oliver J N 11

With no name a secret science experiment has gone horribly wrong. There was no one left to save us but, Zane. He never wanted to be a hero, but this was bad, and he’s going to finish it. Spawn eggs had started spawning everywhere, horrible giant monsters crawled out, what next? He grabbed his gun and started shooting but they just kept on coming, how does he stop them? On the floor he found a letter from his dad Johnty, it said. Dear Zane, by the time your reading this everything will already have gone wrong, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen but I cant stop it now, it is up though you to save us. From Johnty. Zane grabbed his gun and started shooting again but there at the top of the tower was the only thing to kill them, they’re eggs again.

Joshua 10

One day a little boy was at a shop called malteaser fun the shop is full of chocolate balls and full inside with caramel I think everyone loves there chocolate I do. The boy is called Jacob he had £4.60 he was with his big sister Alice who went in a strop down the street as Jacob fell into a matrix of chocolate malteasers and there were over one hundred chocolate bars transformed into balls he loved eating food he likes around anything he sees even and he even likes raw pork chops . he was jumping into a whole pit of chocolate. He dived into a pool of chocolate and he began to melt. And he was doomed to death he began to melt he was starting to slowly die. This was basically the end for him… he was never ever found again…. His sister ran back to the shop , but ….

Poppy 10

These are called water balls. You can hold them unlike water. They were made in 2013 in USA. A man called Robert Fisherman designed them. The company wasn’t that big at the start but it grew pretty fast. They are newer kinds you can use as bed side lights because they have got disco lights in.

Hannah A 10

These are water balls you can hold them and it feels like you are holding water but you can’t hold water so they are different you can drop them and they won’t smash. They were first found in 1975. It all started when a scientist went down to the river to try and find an eel but instead he found these water balls and we never heard from him again he died shortly after.
Tali M V10

As I opened the door the lady was sat with marbles, a pile of pearly marbles. The weather was critical and the room was dim. The woman was laughing in a crackly voice. The wind was howling, I didn’t know what to do so I ran. I was out of the door as quick as a flash. I could still hear the woman laughing and laughing. Was she laughing at me? Did she even see me? All was quiet in the old mean house. No one was laughing anymore. The only sound was drop, drop, drop. Then stumble, stumble, stumble. It was the marbles coming down the stairs after me. I tried the door but it was locked. They were getting closer. One after one they started surrounding me. They were building up my legs all around. I tried to pick them off but it was no use. I was covered.

Calum 11

The bubbles

Once there lived a planet called boo boo bubbles the bubbles cannot be popped they got sent to earth for no reason. Maybe to have war against the EVIL bubbles but what do they use to fight? They use the BUBBLE LASER the EVIL would not stand a chance to win the EVIL would lose and GOOD WOULD WIN! Where would the fight? They would fight in the Arctic Circle. Any human that gets shot by the bubble laser will turn into a bubble and have to fight with THE BUBBLE LASER.

Sam 11

Hi my name is mark I have jet black hair and pale skin. one day I found something weird I didn’t know what they were but they seemed to have a thing In side of them but they was millions as far as the eye could see . I can here something coming form the back of the cave I’ve found myself In. it’s almost like a whisper some one talking I shout in desperation ‘’hello is someone there ‘’ no answer came back I was alone in a strange place with strange things all alone with no idea of how to escape. but out of the corner of my eye I see a little tunnel I should just be able to fit thought if I crawl. I ran for it across a field of something as soon as I get I to the tunnel and the rock collapsed behind me and in front no escape

Nathan J 10

The boy was scared and ran into an eye surgery place. He ran through the door and ran into a wall. He was knocked out cold. He woke up and fell though the floor. He landed on a pile of eyes and he fainted. Two days later. He woke up starving. Lucky for him there was a ladder so he climbed out of the pit of eyes and wanted to go home. But he couldn’t and he died.

Cory 11

These balls are eye balls they have fallen out of people who have murdered people and it’s payback. They have fallen underneath the ground and just sat there and they going to hatch to eggs of an undiscovered creature. It will be the biggest animal on the planet and they will eat humans and cars and soldiers. It will have 117 eyes, 130 legs and 2 tails and it will be smelly, ugly and fat. The eye balls are so small an ant is bigger than them if you pop the eye balls they will explode and come alive and eat you alive and it has horrible poisonous juice in it and if you drink it you will die and your eye balls will pop out of your head. Once in 1882 these 2 naughty boys found loads of eye balls so they went to them and popped them and they died.

Libby 11

One day a girl called Claraella was going to the shops to get some stuff for her step mum. Her step mum always bosses her around Claraella was working all day and night and was getting sick of it. When she was coming back from the shops an old lady came up to her and said use these balls when you get stressed out and all your worry’s will be gone but use them wisely then she walked away. A couple of weeks later Claraella was doing her homework then her step mum came in and started to yell at her saying stuff like you didn’t fluff my pillows this morning or you didn’t make my tea sweet enough then she started telling her to do things like sweep the floor do the laundry make tea. Claraella was getting stressed out then she remembered the old lady and she ran to her dresser and grabbed the balls and got one out then all of a sudden there was sparkles and every thing was done and she lived happily ever after.

Tyler 11

Once upon a time there was a little boy. He was digging on a beach at Doodle. Doodle is a little island in the middle of the Obomic ocean. The boy was called Billy, Billy is a small kid with brown hair. When he was digging he found something strange it was a box a strange black and silver box with a skull on the front of it. Billy opened the box and in side was some type of pearls. He stuffed his pockets with them and ran back to the camp site where his mum and dad where waiting for him. Billy asked his mum what these where but his mum didn’t know, neither did his dad. When he got home Billy and his family went to the police station to find out what it is. The police man said it is a pearl worth £500 each.

Elliot 11

In The United States, in the Southern West of the country there lives a 13 year old boy who had something wrong with his left pinkie toenail. It was contagious when ever his toenails touch something a different colour it would change it to crystal clear. His name is Bradley Alma. He has nine finger on his right hand. He has golden, spiky hair. It looked like sand. One day Bradley Alma went to a indoor park which had a ball pool in it. He said he was in luck. As soon as his mum paid he ran to the table took of his shoes and socks and went to the ball pool. When he jumped in his pinkie toe touched 14 balls at once and they turned crystal clear. He did not know he had that infection. He was petrified. A boy came across and saw it and cried!!

Kieran 11

The war was lost all hope has gone until THE BUBBLE BLASTER! The world felt better with power but to much I have the power we screamed. The world felt scared of what we could do with the BUBBLE BLASTER .All that we court got bubbled a huge bubble with a small human in it is that the DOOM you a wait. We bubbled most of the universe HA HA HA! All that is mine . THE END

Hannah W 10

One chilly morning a little boy called Johnny Elmer he was adventuress he loved being outdoors. His father was an inventor, (all the world was his crafting place) he said to Johnny every night. One night while Mr Elmer was sleeping Johnny decided to invent a ball. A non-toxic gelatine structure he named it Gel balls. But what he didn’t know that the gelatine he used was a form of breakfast to aliens and made them stronger.
All the sources of gelatine quickly ran out the aliens used a beacon they planted in area 51. They used that to take cooks and people who made gelatine. It was all over the news he was scared. He thought nothing of it the next morning Johnny was nowhere to be seen…

Lochlan J G 10

There it was. It small, Sphere shaped. It was strange , its supposed to be able to grant any wish you could think of…

One a sunny afternoon a young boy about the age of 12 was walking along the beach and he noticed something strange. He picked it up and shook it. It started to glow. The boy was hungry because he hadn’t had any dinner. He thought pie because that what he loved to eat. And 30 seconds later pie appeared in his hand. It was the ball. It was the ball that gave him the pie. He thought of many thing’s including a bike, a ball and a Manchester united football shirt (etc). And all of them came. He went to tell his mum but he had an idea, his mums birthday was coming up and she wanted an oven. It was going to be a good birthday.

Ben B-W 11

These strange things are called mythballs. They tell people myths and make them real. It is a dangerous item to mess with but is hard not to touch. It drags people in and then it makes them want to hold/touch the mythballs. It is strange at first, because when you touch them for the first time it makes some purple mystical dust and it goes flying into your/their body. It has a certain kind of juice that is in the ball and the juice is tasty, for the couple of seconds you live. This is why they are dangerous, because it kills you if you drink the liquid inside. The story to these balls are this. One day in 1949, these 2 boys called Jonty and Rocky who found the balls. They both took one each and began to throw them. They smashed as something appeared from right behind them….

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