Story starts June 2015

We are back and have some superb entries this week. Thanks for joining us, read and leave a comment or two please.

This was the image we used:


Ben 11

The 2 opposite hands reached out either side with palm trees on the top and a small wooden looking bridge joining both hands together. The two hands could be a world for creatures and they do not know where the end is. The thumbs on either side were sticking up as the palm trees were on the palm of each hand. A small boat was at the bottom of the right hand and had a small sail on it. There were creatures which lived on the hands called biocycrogyns. They were slimy looking things with thin grey skin. They had alien looking eyes and a hunched up back. They were creepy looking and could get raged really fast. There were only 5 on each hand and had to provide themselves with food and other things like that. They struggle to find and hunt things and would kill to have them.

Lillie 11

I was stuck on this very large island I didn’t know what to do my body was shaking I was thinking should I jump but then I realised I could not reach the steps so I stayed on the Iceland . I was freezing with no blankets no food nor anything I was starting to think that I should of jumped so I walked to the edge and looked down there was a long was down and if I missed the steps I would be doomed so I looked at where the step was it wasn’t that far I took a step back and then thought to myself should I do this I heard a bird I looked uop and smiled I wsas debating what to do there was trees growing over my camp fire that I tried ton make so I didn’t know what to do I took a step forward and …

Oliver N 11

Long, long ago in a world far away from earth, there is a planet with no land, only water. On this planet there was one landmark, a landmark no one would ever see, it looks like two hands coming out of the vast water, and that is exactly what it is. In 1832 a giant got to the planet but the water was so deep it managed to drown and turn into stone. The hands had been left alone for thousands of years, until one day a young boy found a golden archway on earth which led to the planet, he landed right on the hands and knew he had to survive. On the hands was a tall tree which is what he used to make home. This young boy made history on this planet they even named it after him. He had a happy life, his name was TJ.

Poppy 11

I was lost in the ocean! I was asking myself “what’s going to happen?” “Am I going to die?”. I decided to have a rest and sleep on it.[time skip].I woke up to the boat rocking viciously side to side .I sat myself up and as I did the boat barged into something which caused me to fall back again and bang my head. I quickly got up again and looked to see what the boat had bumped into. I couldn’t believe my eyes I saw a ginormous pair of what looked like stone hands. There was a gap, so I decided to see if I could find anything to climb up to the top .I got inside the middle and there was a deep sinking hole in the water. I tried to stop myself from sinking but I couldn’t…

Lochlan 10

Dear diary, I was sailing one fine evening and I noticed a giant pair of hands popping out of the sea bed. I sailed closer and closer until I reached the magic and weird rock. I climb up and saw on the top of the hands there laid a huge jungle with animals, trees and mystical flowers. I looked down to see if my boat was in tacked but it was gone! Someone had taken my yacht. I looked for supplies on the island but I couldn’t find a single thing to help me build a boat. I was stranded. I tried to get bananas from the trees but the monkeys tried to attack me. I also tried to build a shelter but it was no use. There was no people for miles. I was all on my own. I was stranded forever by myself … yours sincerely James Brooklyn.

Samuel F 11

Once upon a time in a mythical world were anything was possible our boy Harry stumbled upon an island strangely shaped like a pair of hands but something was already built on the island a bridge a house and a large amount of pineapples and coconuts. in the corner of the small desolate hut there was also spears and swords and on the other side it almost looked like war but the most appalling sign of this were two skeletons in the shack on one of the hands. one on top of the other one had a rusty metal knife and into the other skeletons neck but his hands were a round the skeleton neck
But this is not it, harry cleared out the bodies he moved in and made the his home but in the night the ghost came back to the shack and haunt him.

Libby 11

once upon a time their was a island called meridia. It was in the middle of a ocean. On it was a village. Their was lots of people but their was one particular girl called Tiana. She was horrible. She bullied the other kids and was rude to the adults. One day she went up to a little girl who was really happy because she had got a coconut ice cream she acted really nice then knocked the ice cream out of her hand. All of a sudden their was a storm. Then god came down. He said your meanness has caused me to strike the island you wont be able to survive unless someone holds it up. Tiana felt so bad so she said “ I’m so sorry for being mean pleas forgive me to show I’m sorry I am going to hold it up.” They all survived and lived happily ever after.

Savannah 11

Under the see lived a lonely giant. His name was Garry and every morning he would do a big stretch and put his arms above the water. Once he did that he walked around and looked after all the thing that lived in the sea. Days went on, the same routine and the days got colder. But one day he put his arms above the water and the ice froze on him he couldn’t put his arms back in he tried and tried but it didn’t work .Years and years past. He grew older and his arms were still above the water but little things started to grow and live on it. Boats came past and then it turned in to a jungle so after all he was a BIG FRIENDLY GIANT.

Katie 11

Once there was a sailor and he loved to draw and paint. He sailed all round the world and normally painted fish and sketched the sun and the incredible sea. Somehow when it was morning the sun gleamed over the sparkling sea. Then in a distance a mysterious island I woke and grabbed my pen and pad he drew the magnificent bit of the island. The whole island shone. The currants pulled me over to the sandstone island I saw a little stair case and walked up and up and up eventually I came to the top and I I knew I wasn’t alone I shouted is anybody their no answer. The shining sand leads me to a bridge I walked across the lonely island and found a straw hut. I knocked no answer I walked in the cool shade covered me that was when I realised I wasn’t alone.

Joshua 10

One day in a sunny day on a tropical island on the black pool beach and far out there was a island with an unusual shape as an island there were tropical trees ladders going down a bridge going across to the other side of the island a young man at the age of 21 he flew up in a plane and he was a big time million air who had a lot of things such as a private jet , a blimp and a private jet ski he created the island it was a structure by the wind blowing trees and sand and all kind stuff the man died at the age of 41 with a bad death of falling off his island onto a boat and there was a big funeral for all of his family’s friends it was a bad death and we will remember him always and every day and every minute.

Nathan 11

Thousand’s of years ago a Greek warriors father was killed in battle, so the young warrior set out to find the island of hands. To find the legendary, golden hand. He got his best boat and his best sailors then went drifting across the sea. After 4 days they finely got there and tided up by the ladder. They climbed the rope ladder and got to the top of the hands. They were on the wrong hand so they ran across to the other hand. They were at the temple with the hand. The hand was booby-trapped so they grabbed a rock and switched them quickly and got back to the boat. They got back to his father put the hand on his face and he was revived. Another war started all over.

Hannah W 11

Within mist and jagged rocks lay an island but what secrets this island held could shape the face of earth entirely…
One frightful and stormy night a ship weaving in and out the waves was unknowingly speeding helplessly to its death, although the experienced captain charted his destination correctly he missed one simple factor, he was so excited he had left his compass back at his home in San Francisco.
Two hours later …
The ship tossed and turned for the captain learned his mistake. Yet it was too late he had now ensured his death.
Exceeding all expectations the ship heavily leaned right avoiding the rocks!
Within minutes an island was sighted but to their astonishment it was shaped like two hands holding the magnificent cliff.
The captain laughed like he had never laughed before.
A sound came booming through the trees. Flocks of birds flew in all directions…

Oliver C 11

One day a billionaire got shipwrecked on a island called Lee An Uw the billionaire is called Oliver Queen , his father is called Robert Queen and he sadly sacrificed himself so Oliver would survive and when he made it to the island he knew that he would have to do one thing and one thing only … survive for five years that is the one thing he had to remember every day Oliver got to the middle of the island and he met someone called Slade Wilson and Slade was a x Australian spy he came to this island looking for a Chinese military general and his partner betrayed him call billy winter-green and was Slade’s sons god father so Slade ended his life and after five years Oliver got out of the island and he went to his house and every now and then he goes back .

Calum 11

I was sailing in the sea where I saw something strange in the distance so I decided to go, check it out and the closer I got the clearer it became. I thought it looked like a pair of hands holding an island. I climbed the ladder and saw people living on island being, held up by a pair of hands made of stone or wood. It was astonishing to see how they survived on this island. They showed me how they had fun on the island, how they cook things and catch fish with spears. I decided to help them catch fish and cook the fish they caught. I played with the kids they beat me in every game we played but the climbing a tree game I won. But that was because they were a lot smaller than me. And the food was lovely and delicious but small.

Kieran 11

The island has many names but the island has been stranded deep under the sea but some statues stay half out so the world can change the trees will grow and fall but the hands stay. The one thing that stays is Hope and a fantastic animal a small wolf but not any wolf a Chinese Tibetan spaniel the leader was Tinker Bell she was smarter than the pack Tink made a huge statue at battle places on the fire the hole. The top of the bone has a sling shot and then theyed drop the bone and use it as a ship made by Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson don’t fight just kill or be killed.

Eve 10

In a bright crystal blue sky lies an island but this island is not normal…

It is shaped like a pair of hands. They are made out of hard rock and are 3d, to get to this Island you have to hop on a boat and you will be at the Island. When you get there ,there will be a ladder to climb up to get to the top. It is a lovely view. At the top there are a lot of palm trees, there is a bridge from hand to hand. But I bet you didn’t know who’s hands they are…

Tali 10

I have been a strange, weird looking person all my life, picked on every day. But one day, probably the best one of my life, me and my family were escorted on a boat into the wide sea. We travelled far and away from home, over waves and bumps; we saw many sea creatures flowing past. Until eventually we arrived at an island a tall, strange island. We climbed the ladders to find little beach huts, huge palm trees and people, strange looking people like me. Then someone came, his name was uggy. Uggy was small and plump, he was a weird person like me. He shown us to a hut and told us we would be safe and protected here. These people believe that this island are god’s hands, we’re all safe in god’s hands. I’ve been living happily here so I’m going to stay here now, it’s home.

Hannah A 11

Once upon a time I was on holiday on a Caribbean island I fell asleep while sunbathing on the beach and got swept up … I woke up in the middle of the ocean I paniced and started to swim but I couldn’t I was just treding water I calmed down and started to swim finaly I was moving I found an island and swam to it . There was lot’s and lot’s ordinary people there were just like me but they spoke a different language I said “hello” and they said” doygio” that was there way to say hello. Finaly I learnt to speak the language so did my family.

Tyler 11

One day there was an island that looks like two hands together. The island was full of geese with hats. The geese love to climb trees. One of them is called Tyler And he is stupid he loves cake he has a friend called Cory and he like boats. Tyler and Cory like to go to KFC for dinner. At night pigs come out to find the geese. That night Tyler and Cory went outside the pigs found Tyler and Cory. Cory kicked the pigs in the face like a boss while Tyler ate some cake. The next day Tyler and Cory ate the pig for dinner. Tyler and Cory kicked all the pigs in the face like a boss everyone had pig for the next week.

Cory 11

One day there was a massive island that looked liked a pair of hands. There were 5 ninjas on the island,a sensai and a girl called nya. The ninjas are called kia,cole,jay,zane and Lloyd. They live on the island and they train on the island. They train spinjitzu and ninja stuff. Each ninja has a dragon so they can fly to the city for there food and there water. And also on the island are snakes, skeletons, and ninjdriods that try and capture the ninjas but the ninjas are to powerful. The ninjas always defeat the snakes but then the ninjdriods and the skeletons come aswell. And there was some one called og and he was a little plum with a hat on and he was old and he lived of grass and trees. He had a family aswell and he lives in a little hut on the massive island

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