Story Starts October 16th 2015


We are back!! After far too long away we have restarted the story starts activity and here it is. A small amount this month but it will get better! Please leave a comment or two and if you haven’t tried before…GET WRITING!

Once,lived a dragon named spike who liked to see the large castle everyday. But a knight called Mike stopped him and tried to kill him . spike took out some of his teeth and killed the knight by using the tooth as a whole broomstick and chucked it up the Knight’s nose! The end.



In a faraway town people were admiring there work. Night  came, and it glowed. Their castle. The child would be  born tomorrow. It was, and it wasn’t a boy but a girl. Princess Sydney. She grew and was loved until one day; The doors closed. Night fell and light didn’t recover. Years past as this monster figure blotted out the sun. The doors to the castle started to disappear and no one could enter. Then a dragon, its head the size of Germany, landed. It said it was sent from space to deliver a message. A message of death. It said it needed food, Royal food. He needed the Princess. She was growing; she was 13 now and didn’t want to get eaten. She stood her ground and challenged the dragon to a dual. The princess disappeared. There then gone. No one found her, and the dragon smiled and left.


Everything was peaceful in Disneyland. The birds sang in the trees, the sun descended above the town in the brilliant blue sky shining happiness across the land, harmoniously.
Inside the palace the King, Queen and their Daughters, Evie and Rosie; were having breakfast at their vast dining table with no worry in the air.
Until it suddenly began to grow dark and all of them worries suddenly began to replace the happy atmosphere with a tense one. A great dragon’s head peered through the dining room window and the family looked back at it in monstrosity. They recognised immediately that it was maleficent.
The King was furious, they had had a numerous amount of mishaps with maleficent before and they always ended the same way, the kingdom needed endless repairing to be done. Everybody was petrified, Rosie and Evie screamed and hid.
Disney land was never the same after that occurence.



The creepy dragon loomed over everyone like a giant lizard. It’s great, orange eyes illuminated in the dark. The dragon’s scaly skin was the colour green as it was covered with seaweed. But, if you look really close you can see that it is actually purple. What were its origins? No one knows anything about it apart from the fact that one day he just majestically appeared out of nowhere. It landed on top of an old attraction at Disneyland, Florida.
Then, all of a sudden, it just disappeared. The great, towering dragon had just disappeared. Nobody could think of an explanation. After all, why would a massive beast of a dragon that had been sitting there for so many years just suddenly decide to disappear? It just didn’t make sense.
Eventually, people stopped inquiring and the whole thing was soon forgotten about it. But, someone knew what had happened…


Far far away in a deserted kingdom there was a new castle. A royal family recently moved into the grand and sparkling castle on the far end of the dark coast! The family moved there for a few long weeks but the princess couldn’t settle in. She had a funny feeling it was haunted!
The king and queen were angry with the princess and told her not to be silly.
The princess decided to run back to her old kingdom. Just as she reached the end of the deserted kingdom she felt a warm breathe on the back of her neck…
Suddenly some sharp teeth viciously lifted her off the ground and gulped her down in one. The ferocious beast ran to the castle and destroyed it and everything inside it.
Weeks later builders produced another sparkling castle and a new royal family are moving in…



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