Story Start October 2015


Story Start October 2015


Early one morning, Jeff who was aged 10 had a fall out with his parents because they would not let him watch one of his favourite TV programs. So then he decided to go and have a walk in the fields right next to their house. Later on, Jeff stumbled upon a huge pilons in the shape of people going across the field and over the lake and into the distance. Jeff didn’t know what to do whether to go back and tell his parents or just keep it a secret. He thought for a while but then he finally decided that he would keep it a secret so nobody would find out about the pilons except himself. After he had spent all morning there he then went back to his house and nobody else knew about what he saw.

Age: 9


In a village, hid behind a colossal hill, the children had broken up for half term. Most families were poor, so the children didn’t have much to play with. All the kids were grumpy and as bored as a cat without it’s string. Towering over the village was a huge hill blocking their view. Hills are pointless: all they do is block your view and create ice, cold shadows.[Although I do like rolling down them!] Timmy and Julie asked their parents what to do. “How about you guys go exploring” suggested their dad. The kids nodded. They set off over the hill. They noticed a purple lake and some odd man shaped pylons. As they drew closer they got an eerie piercing  feeling. They screamed helplessly, but nothing could be done. They turned fully to metal and still remain there today. It was the curse of LAKE SILVERTON!!!



once there was a giant,a metal giant called fredric and fredric was a very lonley giant. one day fredric found a forest with sum foxes and they looked very eupheoric so he explained what happened ‘i can only go so far and I’m very lonely .’ So they decided to help him get to the human world, and so they were stroling through the woods and they saw a pack of killer rabitsso the foxes growled and it warned the rabbits to go away but they didn’t so the elderly wolf atacked and killed them all but he was seveirly ingered and died so that left nine so they kept on walking until another wolf fell, the giant looked down and said thanks guys and then climed down a tree,and found himself in the human world and said this is great so he ranchero the long gras and saw the most beautiful woman in his life and as soon as they made eye contact it was love at first sight.After that they got married and lived happy life                           THE END



Every day when I walk to work I walk past the telephone wires and it is just like any normal day.

Where I go to work and sit in my chair with coffee.  I   always buy coffee for everyone. Then we all work on the computers and the computer Wi-Fi works. Then we all go home. But when I was working last night the Wi-Fi flashed of and on.

This morning I was walking to work when I see the telephone wire I seen the weirdest thing in my life. It was a giant electric wire man. It is the electric giants popping up what will we do.  We   created a device that is called a d – link and we installed it in every house it was a brilliant   device. We all went back to work   the following day. Everybody’s   life was now   normal for   ever   now.

It’s   the end



The spider’s web still stood. Its masterful was still standing after so many years. The web was woven so that it looked like a long line of people connected by three single strands of thread. The thread is almost golden when you look up close, but the further away you get the more it looks white.  A river stands behind most of them. The murky water meanders as the river goes on. Sometimes, the river overflows and the bottom of the giant standstill web-people gets wet. Then, after time, it dries and becomes solid. If you go to the top of the people it is fading away but the bottom gets renewed each time the river overflows.The mountain looming in the distance is actually a volcano that has been extinct for a long, long time. It used to be called Mt. Everest.                The spider died so long ago now…

Age: 10


The ghostly men where all that was left. That was until the nuke exploded. Everyone died but the guardians of the earth, also known as the protectors. They were the only things left. They have a hide out that they always run from because the angles and demons always battle there every 4 days. They always unfortunately get caught in battles by getting a sword through there chest that’s why they have wholes through there body.

Age: 11


Today I saw the weirdest thing in the world I saw telephone wire powered giants. So yesterday the power went out and never came on engineers and others who know a lot about electricity they all went and followed telephone wire trailing’s where the giants have sucked out the electricity and just left them. But suddenly a telephone wire pole fell and started rolling down a hill to where they were and nearly turned them into mincemeat. But it still caught one of the humans and they were stuck in between a tree but they escaped and caught up with the team then they saw the weird giants that sucked up the electricity it was so dangerous for them so they ran strait back to there home town with the giants following them that was the worst idea they ever made but the saviour of the city destroyed them.



The Power out

One day there was a power out. We went to our nanas house she told me about the power people. The power people were telephone connecters that search across the world for that special thing but with every good story there is a bad guy. It was called the storm the storm cut all the power from a village and kept it for him. So the people set a plan to destroy the storm but wasn’t a good idea the storm was a man but he could control all the storms. But one day they defeated him they took his power sores from his chest and now he is a slave after spending 25 years in prison.



one day there were some pylons shaped as people. All the pylons came alive and they decided to go for a walk through the countryside. The people who lived in the countryside were not happy. The pylons went to the city. The people of the city where terrified. back in the countryside the people where building a trap so when the pylons got back they would get stuck.The trap was a big pit with a false floor. When the pylons got back they fell in the pit and from now on electric wires stayed under ground. The people from the countryside were very happy and they didn’t have to look at the messy people pylons ever again.

Age: 9


There was once a gate that had never been opened. The gate had just mysteriously appeared there one night. It is said, that on the other side of the immense wooden gate there are some keys. These keys open the haunted house on the other side of the forest. Legend tells of treasures being hidden inside. No one has seen the other side… until now! Ten year old Lizzy was wandering home from school when the grand  gate caught her attention. She stood and admired it. Suddenly a loud creaking noise came from the gate… was it opening for the first time?

Age: 9


As Joe walked along the side of the hill,breathing deeply, he could make out strange shapes throughout the dark,quiet and misty area of Carlterfields Bay. He walked cautiously along the shore, making sure he didn’t slip on any pesky, slippery rocks. He could still see the misty shapes of what seemed like huge, massive people. Was it just him hallucinating, or were they moving… Joe was 11, so he thought he was going mad, but a little bit of him was convinced this was real. He had to get home, and fast. He knew it was dangerous to be out after 8 o’clock. He turned back to go home. Suddenly, he was blocked by enormous, iron cables. He looked up to see two large, yellow eyes staring back at him. He screamed, and ran. He ran all the way back home and told her what happened. What a mistake…

Age: 9


There was a man that has a little girl called Rosie and they both lived near some telephone wires. One day the dad went out to get some food because Rosie was old enough to stay in the house on her own.The dad normally went with Rosie but they didn’t need to now.When the dad was gone Rosie heard a knock on the door ,she stood and waited for a minute and then she slowly walked towards the door.She opened the door and it was a man made from the telephone wires she screamed and then ran into her room. The looked out the window and there sh saw 10 gigantic wire men coming the outdoors.She shouted her dad and she didn’t get a answer.She did it again but there was no answer.She was starting to get really scared.Then there was a knock….

Age: 9


The Cotton People

Once there was a family of 4. They went on a walk to over Flowing River. The reason why it is called Over Flowing River is it keeps on over flowing and it is a river. Archeologists believe it has cotton on one side to another side. But when the family went they saw cotton people as tall as giants on one side to another, so they went to find researchers to find what had happened. 1 week later they went to see what the researchers had done. Apparently in the olden days they started to make cotton people right where the river is now and because the river has stopped over flowing it has been getting shallow, shallow because it hasn’t rained very much so less water and the cotton people are coming up as the water goes down.

Age: 9


He stood there waiting, he had dreamed of the day to be able go across the river. Anything would be better than his tiny, dull village the same routine every day. The only problem was he was the only elf who wanted it. He had explained to his uninterested mother and equally as bored father. The dinky, elfin elf slouched on the village farm. He cried out to the equally as tiny, miniature villagers “Why won’t any of you help?” Just then he heard a rock move.“I can help you,” echoed a booming voice. The elf’s body froze. He saw how the rock became a mammoth giant. Elf’s voice had miraculously disappeared. All of the other rocks became giants and held hands. They formed a bridge for Elf. Elf went over the bridge and left. The Rock Giants had to wait till next time before they could help again.

Age: 10


‘Pylon People’
They cautiously hiked up the side of the vast mountain. They were surveying the colossal, immense iron pylons that stood high, carrying electricity which would be transported to their isolated, impoverished village that had never experienced electricity before.
Their village lay in the mountains of Pitlochry in Scotland and was extremely peaceful, although sometimes it was too peaceful. Having the electricity would bring light and power to their village.
They started descending down towards the beautiful iron statues which lay in front of them. On their way down they had to avoid brambles and nettles that stood in their way and even an aggressive bull that ambled towards them.
It was a distressing journey but was worth it as they approached the pylons. They used their engineering skills to allow the flow of electricity to their village. The day’s work was worth it as it gave light to their village.

Age: 9


Pylon People
“Hi I am a pylon ,”said the first pylon.
“I am too,” said another.
“lets do it for a day,” said both.
“we have done enough electricity charging,” said both of them.
Next ,they saw a shop and powered it up and went back to there spot.
Finally, they finished it.
the end.

Age: 9


The pylons are very still, at least thats what we thought. The pylons were awoken as the ground shook……Snap Snap Snap went the wires as they stretched. They grew legs, they grew arms and suddenly turned into giants. They went on an adventure into a village called Silverdale. The pylons met some children called Tom and Amy, “Where have you come from?” Tom asked. The pylons led them to Silverdale mountain. They didn’t realise at the time but Tom and Amy were being watched by a beady eye. Boooooom!!! They turned into pylons and were never seen again. Who did this to them ?? Would they ever be normal again ?? The mystery of the beady eye.

Age: 9


The giants arms were aching. They had been holding wires up for decades. They were the powerful wire giants!The giants travel around the world. They were in valley surrounded by deep water! Luckily for the giants they had all made it across the river the first time. All of the giants began to go to sleep.

In the morning they woke up. But to their dismay the water had rose! The giants could not get back across the water! They all really wanted to get across the water. As time went by they still could not get back.

After five long years the water became low enough for the wire giants to cross. But when the people saw them they screamed and ran! The giants went back to the water surrounded valley.

Age: 9

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