Story Start: The lightbulb

Layla and Tom the son and daughter of an inventor. One day, the inventor invented a brand new invention called a lightbulb. After three months he had created hundreds of them. He put them into straw baskets and handed them to his children. “Take these and sell them for no more or no less than £10 OK?” “Yes Father”they chorused. After they had sold 5, they came across an old man. So they went over to the old man to see if he wanted to buy one. But when they had finished talking, the old man said “Alakasam” and Tom and Layla found them selfs in a massive lightbulb!

Isabel age:8

I was walking down the beach and saw this old flashing light so I walked up to it. It whistled through my ears and I picked it up but…

I went right in side it mum screemed so loud the bulb ratlled and this voice said “hello I’m bulbby I sit in hear and put voices in side you.every time a new kid comes in I will always dig it deep in there head that they have seen me!”I can’t see you I have gone blind you will have to be hounted like me…..
Lexi age: 10
Today it has been 12 years since my mother died and every year I have always speades her ashes, in a beautiful place on top of the hill this is where she past away.But one day I went to spread her ashes on the same hill in the same place but I found out I was in the middle of nowhere. I took the same path and everything but found I was with thousand of light hanging over me and all of a sudden a hide buld fell done next to me.A young boy came out and the bulb smashes in to pieces. I picked up as many pieces as I could and the boy said he lived there he picked as much as he could to so now every year I’ll spread my mums ashes while he spreads his old houses ashes and became the best of friends.

Savannah 12

one day on a steep hill something crashed on the grounds of the mini people they had a very dark home. They were all confused and frightened. The queen of mini people ordered them to stay inside but two children did not listen. They went up the steep hill once again and they looked in this thing and realised that there was more in the sky! The girl wanted to keep it but she couldn’t it was to big so she collected up some small ones for her self to hang just like the others but no the boy just wanted to get inside and take out the out the jewel. at night when nobody was watching, they cautiously cracked this thing and got the jewel out from the side and collected the bulbs so it was light forever
Jessica Age: 9

i was taking a midnight stroll through the fields with a girl in my class, when suddenly i got an idea that idea got bigger and bigger so I told her my idea: lets build a lightbulb so we did not noticing the size so we sat down beside it and suddenly it begins to fall.we stand up with more laughter than a crowd watching a comiedian.
Glenn Age: 11

The cracked light-bulb

Early one evening as the sky was beginning to crackle into spark-light Jack and Jill went up there favourite hill. Jack had a slingshot he was fed up after his bad day. He shot one stone into the sky and it hit a colossal light-bulb it came falling and falling and falling down to the ground landing at the summit of the hill. Jill was collecting light-bulbs of the ground. Jill was so terror-stricken and curios too, because she wanted to get closer to the best but cracked light-bulb but was unsure of what she might find. Jack ran towards Jill to put his arm over her shoulder. As they got closer they were amazed to see the light-bulb still in tacked only the small hole were the stone had hit it.

Nathan Age:10
It all started with a small idea, an idea starting with a light bulb. 

Madeline had always wanted to take her best friend Alix on an adventure, she wanted to do something with power! So she after days she finally realised what she should do. She didn’t know how it would work, but one thing was for sure, she needed a lot of light bulbs.
Dashing up the hill Madeline drove Alix from the trenches to the very night lit sky at the very top of the jurassic hill. Slowly they walked up together, there on the ground was a brobdingnagian light bulb leaning on its side cracked. They picked up a basket and started to place light bulbs on the grass. They lit up! There was no wire, they hung some from tree branches. They lit up also! 
This was the kind of adventure a lifetime of years would not reward.
Jessica age: 12

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