The metal maiden

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It all started when I looked out the window and saw a women, but no ordinary woman, a woman made of metal from cars and bikes but she could fly. It was amazing a woman who could fly. but the metal began to rust and if it got rusty she would die. so she went to the scrapyard to find more metal to help but there was no metal of her kind so she was bound to die and nothing could help. Unless she visited another scrapyard but she couldn’t cross any motorways in case she was seen but she did it any ways and was caught and captured and was put in a museum and was never seen again.
Glenn Age: 11

The colossal, heavy iron lady stood on the lonely grass. Her cogs and pistons interlocked, she stared ahead for what seemed like forever. 

Years passed. Tourists came and went, photographs were taken. But then, after a long time, no-one came. 

One day, some strange men, in a green uniform arrived, dismantled her and took her away. No-one ever saw the Metal Maiden again.

Casey age 11

I had a really good life before my horrible mum sent me to a metal dump when I was four. Will I ever go back I thought? Three consecutive years past! But different happened, so one day I went for a walk and I ended up in a amusing field. After a few days, someone come up to me, gently touched me on the shoulder and whispered “I know what it feels like,” then walked away. Puzzled and confused, I stud there thinking, what was that about? I turned to an angle and saw that an enormous person, made of metal, was standing right behind me “is it real?” I said to myself. Suddenly, I realised it was the girl that came up to me! What happened I thought still puzzled. After a week it was still there but pieces had fallen off. I was thinking in my head is she magic?
Ruby age: 8

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