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At the centre of the wood lived a goblin called Gerda. Gerda was very friendly, when he wanted to be, but had a furious temper if someone upset him. He loved playing out by the lake but he was very lonely.

One day Gerda received an obnoxious letter from the Alba post, it read…
Dear enemy Gerda, I’ve been thinking about the past and what happened, I’m starting the war again, prepare yourself!
from Jhonda.

The War was a long time ago it all started like this. Gerda used to be part of Jhonda’s army. Jhonda was a grumpy hobgoblin he used to push around Gerda like a servant. Well, Gerda had had enough of Jhonda so he escaped and when Jhonda found out he declared war!

Age : 8



Two children walked past the sign saying ‘Beware of the Ghost Tree.’ They laughed at it. They came to a dark tree with red fruit hanging on it. They picked some and as they chewed the trees seemed to get bigger. Until they realised it was them shrinking. They spotted a small house in the bottom of the dark tree. They knocked and the door swung open. They went in expecting to find someone but instead the door slammed and they heard the lock turning. A booming voice said ‘you must complete the challenge I set if you wish to escape.’ He explained the challenge. They thought they could do it in the 10 minutes set. In the last 10 seconds they yanked the door until “You have failed!” cried the voice “you shall never leave the ghost tree!” They looked at each other, and they were never seen again!!!!

Age : 8



there was once a forest in the middle of the city. Right in the center is a giant tree with a little house underneath it.In that house lived a gnome and his family. Their favourite game was playing conkers. one day they realised there was no more conkers on the ground or in the tree.The gnome family decided to go looking in the forest for more conkers. On the way they bumped into a forest fairy who had gone looking for conkers as well. She was so sad she had teers in her eyes. The gnome asked what was wrong.She answered “there are no conkers left this year we will need to wait until next Autumn!”They invited the fairy back to thre little home. Over tea they ageed to hibernate for a long time and to wake up extremely happy!

Age : 8



One day in a land not far away lived a man called Bobert. Bobert was a little, lonely, old man with white and black hair and a big beard. He found a beautiful tree and tried to make a house out of the tree himself, but it turned out he couldn’t do it all by himself he needed to make friends. Bobert realised his friends were always in front of him and could help him build his house. They were all animals that he saw every day, they worked so hard to make the house Bobert dreamed about. As a reward Boberts house was a home for not only himself but for all his new friends everyone in the forest knew if they were ever lonely or hungry Bobert would always welcome them and would never forget his special friends that made the beautiful tree into a forever home.

Age : 8



once there was an old hut which was next to a magic conker tree the old hut was very small and wanted to be a huge manshion on the other side the tree could make any wish come true but it refused to drop a if it was not a deer or dog but sometimes the tree couldn’t stop the conkers from falling but they could control where they landed unless if it was a sleep .0ne day the tree decided to have a nap beause lots of deer came to see him the day before to get a dog hut and a wife . the next day the the tree decided to be lazy and lie in .then an conker landed on the hut!then it started to grow and grow until it was a huge manshion and it also had 4 owners rick and Sonia and will and ella but the manshion was sad beacause he missed being a little hut but then a conker fell and the4 disappeared and he srunk and srunk until he was an mini hut again

the end

Age : 9



Woodland Home – In the woodland home there lived a strange person called Jack, he was in woodland home but a witch cast a spell on Jack so he could not go back to his mum and dad so he got stressed and looked as if he was going to explode. Then one day his mum came and she was so mad that he did not go to see her and his Dad died shortly after the fight in a battle with the witch.
Then Jack could come out of his house at last, he was proud of his Dad, having lost his life so he could be free, and the wicked witch was dead, he sang a song with joy, but was sad as his Dad was dead.
Will the witch ever return again?

Age : 8



Thanks to all so far and keep writing!

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