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I tore into the fabric of death itself, layer by layer, trying to reach the hand I will never touch again. The light blinded me. But I knew it was her.
Ever since she had died, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I saw her in dreams, painful memories. I have thought about her so much that I couldn’t tell if the memories were dreams or if the dreams were memories.

It’s strange. After these desolate years I couldn’t remember much about her, just hazy memories of what colour her hair was, or her eyes. But now, I can remember every feature about her, every single strand of hair. How her eyes shone in the sunlight.

But this is impossible. She was killed years ago, in a car accident.

I pushed back my logical barrier, and reached into her arms.

My lover.

Emilie Age: 11.

The Light Side

All his life Otto longed to see his sister again, their time together was too miniscule. He wished he had never invited Gilderoy over. The past was the past, the future still waits. Everything went black…
“Guh… ouch… Where?’’ Otto looks around there is nothing there but sheets. No doors, just sheets.

“Where… am… I?” The youthful man ponders. Maybe I got put in a Mental Hospital? Why would they do that? Otto can’t seem to get around the fact he had just woken up in a Mental Hospital!

“HELLO! I’m in here what is going on!?” Screeches the confused man. Otto then hears something, a familiar voice, like a dream.

“Otto? Where is my dear brother?” The voice echos.

“Adriana… But you’re gone!” Otto says confuzzled on what is happening.

“Come join me Otto, grab my hand.” Adriana says. A whirlwind of light appears and a hand pops out the wall. Otto instinctively grabs it, vroom he is gone!
Jessica Age: 12.

I could hear scratching and banging coming from the other side of the wall. The noise intensified and a tiny hole started to open up before my eyes. Within a few moments, large pieces of plaster started to fall from the mouldy wall onto the dusty, wooden floor of my cell. Suddenly, the hole started to grow, until it was big enough for me to fit through. Eventually, a pale, bony hand stretched through the plaster tunnel and beckoned me to come closer. Instinctively, I sped along the floor and tripped on some ragged, old sheets and paper that I had been using as my bed for months on end. I struggled to my feet and reached out for the hand. Step by step, I clambered through the the wall until I finally reached daylight. I was flabbergasted by the overwhelming sight and was so relieved to be free.
Lottie Age: 9



I was sleeping in my lovely warm bed but then suddenly there was a huge BANG!!!! “AHHHHHH WHAT WAS THAT!!!” so I rushed down stairs slammed open the kitchen door to my surprise  there was a figure  picking up my lovely little dog “NO DEXTER” the black figure faded through a big  hole in the wall it looked like a black hole or a portal I looked again and there was a hairy pale hand popping out of the hole in the wall so I grabbed hold of the  hand  and I was sucked in through the portal I was shocked at what I sore a colossal city before my eyes I sore the black figure I ran after it the figure turned round and swung his metal covered arm hitting my fragile face and sending me half way across the car park I picked my bruised and broken body up I was confused as to what just happened to me and the next thing I knew I was laying on flaw again but this time when I got up I was back in my own bed with my own dog and with my own life and I thought to myself it was just a        dream or was it BANG!!!! “not again”.


Morley Age: 10




One day there was a boy who wondered what another dimension when he was young he had no friends and was left alone in his bedroom as he was always disheartened as he thought what it would be like with his mum back I never thought it would come like this but obviously did  when I was crying for my mother I heard a crack on the whole it was a portal but I did not know what to do does he go though or not ”should I should I don’t want to go but I may see my mother in that “I thought to myself do I want to do this and that what I did was step though fearful colorful portal  at the other side  I saw a hand come though I tiny hole and it said “come to me son I was thinking I should do this.


Luke Age: 10



As the light fades, the light turns into darkness the mist of the dark gloomy sky. I was walking down a long corridor of a mansion it was dark as space I heard a sudden shout of a man but it was only me in the house there was brightness coming from the closet I was daring to go in there there was gusts of wind trying to blow the door down, the door was on its last hinge I slowly walked in the closet…there was a younger man standing in front of what it looks like a portal, he was pulling some one through the spinning portal I slowly stepped back. There was a dust storm all around me I quickly ran out a slammed the door behind me I was going to call someone but I was going to leave it to my self no one knows if he is meant to be in hear, no one knows…`


Mason Age: 11



I viscously tore into the fabric of the wall I didn’t know what I was going to find but every time I pulled a piece out it seemed like my heart was cracking until I found her. Her hand reached out to me I leaned into the light of the tunnel, although I was scared, I grabbed her hand and pulled, I pulled so hard that my arms ached. She revealed her pure beauty

“What’s your name young man.” as she said this eeriness rushed through the air

“Peter my name is peter, why am I here? What is this place? Who are you?” I said so worriedly

“You have been in an accident peter I’m here to take you to the skies they are wonderful all the things you would imagine it to be and more”

She grabbed my hands and amazingly we both turned to transparent ghost and we were gone.


Ellie Age: 11



Lying there knowing that it could take decades to bring back Luna, Dimension 309 was a tough place to get to, and a very dangerous place to get back from.  I knew what to do, the hard thing was getting it on paper.  Luna I love you to the moon and back, I’ll save you beautiful.


So it’s been two hours now and I’ve nearly got the solution, but this time I have to go into Dimension 309.  There is one finale thing though, due to the dimension being so far away, it could be that Luna will be dead, because of where the dimension is.


Click clickedy click ….   So the time has come, I’m coming for you beautiful.








Here goes nothing.


Wooshhhhhhh woooooshhhhhh cccccquc!


Where are you, are you ok, please answer me…


Brandon Age: 11



I was in the hospital, waiting, listening and praying I was only 11 what I was going through was hard she was lying there pale, half dead. I screamed, no mum stay with me, ‘’Mark listen to me, take this out of my hand’’ She could barely move, or reach out to clear the tear of my cheek. ‘’Mark I’m so sorry dear I’ll have to go soon but remember this I love you and on your 18th birthday I shall come back for you be good and make some new friends.’’ Ok I promise mum.’’ She fell I gave a yelp ‘NNOO.’’ Dad scooped me out of the room so I didn’t have to see my mother lie there’ DEAD!

7 years later

I was sat them on my bed, I was waiting re winding the message she said so many years ago it was 1:00 my birthday then all of a sudden the wall disappeared in stead it was…

It was like heaven mum is that you…

To be continued


Caitlin Age: 11



I couldn’t breathe. Dust clogged my throat and lungs. I lay shivering in the misty darkness; I heard nothing. Scraps of dirty fabrics and paper lay bedraggled all over the wooden floor. I remembered everything so clearly, so clearly it hurt just to open my eyes. Tears dripped slowly from my cold cheeks. It was his test, he sent 5 of us down here, and Mia was one of them.

I had known Mia since I was young; she was the greatest friend I had ever had. But that’s all gone now, I was scared, I hurt them all trying to get my own way. I had to watch them all screaming, getting dragged up a golden tunnel. Mia was the last one up, she cried for me to save her. I didn’t, fear was controlling my body and I couldn’t move. Now I sit here alone, waiting for death…


Tyler Age:11



Not so long ago I use to know a story of a curious boy. In 1954

There was a boy named   George    who every year got more curious but one time got him in to deep danger. When he was 13

He had just moved into a brand new house although there

Was just one room nobody could go in?

When he moved in he was getting curious his nick name was curious George.  He went in to the forbidden room he saw something that said don’t touch he did any way and behind it was a reflected image of himself he was touching it all we know   is that he entered whatever it was. he saw a world of curiousness. he realized there was the girl of his dreams it didn’t end to well he realized that glass shards through his heart I know this because I was his sister escaping the portal


Chloe Age: 10



We were moving into a new house and we went for a viewing the outside looked beautiful and the inside as well but I don’t think I saw the true colours when we were looking…So we had our decision on whether we were moving so we did. I put my dirty close on to get the walls stripped to put the new wallpaper on and move the table in. I started with the wall it took me 2 hours to fill the whole room after all the hard work I went down stars to have a cup of coffee that’s when I heard the bang I rushed up to the room that I had just decorated there was a hole write through it looked like a cave for a minute suddenly a hand stretched out to grab me I freaked out shouted ran and that was the end of me.


Chellise Age: 10



We are moving me and my sister. We went in to a bedroom there is a massive hole I stuck my hand in the hole to see what had happened to the wall. It was a dirty place to live in. It sucked me through I let out a squeak. It is a house with no rent. It is on a field with mud. We have to make it like a real world to live like normal people we found out it was a haunted house as I was down in the dump were it led you there was 37 other people there with sleeping bags   and pillows like me and Denny my sister. As I was walking down the dumps there were dogs that trapped you in the cage. There were dead bodies every were I got my leg eaten I found out Denny dead on the floor.


Lexi Age: 10




There was once a man who loved to draw, but what he didn’t know was what he drew became alive. He started to draw little undetailed pictures and as days grew by drew a lot more detailed pictures which people thought were amazing, but one day he drew a man which became real but they didn’t become real in the real world it was in his imagination. The little detailed dwarf became true and all the people in his imagination disliked him until a few days afterwards, the man which was drawing all these characters drew more dwarves and the dwarf’s population grew bigger and bigger until his imagination got full and he began to dislike drawing and one by one the characters started to die. And the old man started to lose his memory but nobody could do anything that was the end of imagination land.


Glenn Age: 11



I looked in the grimy room. Dust swirls were creating in the corner. Torn bedsheets were in tatters across the carpeted floor. I stepped inside; my wellingtons squelching on the carpet after every step, leaving mud behind. I felt the dust fill my lungs.

I put my hand against the wall; it was wet. I pulled it away. I heard a shaking sound coming from the wall. I was scared. I tried to run to the doorway but the door shut forcefully.

I looked back at the wall. Something was happening but I couldn’t quite make it out. Slowly, the plaster began to peel away. Behind it was a glowing light that temporarily blinded me. I walked to the Light-I felt drawn to it. Suddenly, a hand appeared, groping around, looking to hold on to something. I reached out my hand and it pulled me out of the room.


Casey Age: 10




My dad passed away today. We just moved house and we love it, however I don’t think it likes us. The other day when we were about to go to bed I heard a wall break and saw a yellow beamed light from under the door, but when I got there to see what was going on there was nothing there. The next day my wife, Kiara went shopping at ASDA so I was alone. I heard a ghostly voice call out to me and sounded like it was telling me to stay calm and relax. I was petrified. As I went back upstairs I saw that the wall was broken again. I peeled off the wall paper and a dead-like hand came out of it. It was my father. He was the one giving me the signs and wanted to take me to heaven. So I let him.


Logan Age: 11




I was walking. I heard a noise. What was it? Nobody knows… I was on my way for a job interview when I heard a sudden scream. I thought nothing of it. I carried on. Then another scream was let out of a window I was slightly more worried but I still carried on. I heard a screech I ran into the old rotten building I heard a girl screaming but she was no-where to be seen. I touch the back wall where the scream was coming from a big hole appeared to another land! A Hand popped out asking mine. Stupidly I put my hand though the wall. That was a day to regret. The hand grabbed mine, everything turned white.  I was right well…. kind of right I was in another world it looked like my friends and family but I was wrong I was never seen again.


Caitlin Age: 10. 

As the light fades, I was walking down the street. I was waiting for my friend Emma, I finally found her just hear the chippy. We were just chilling looking for something to do… Then we heard a noise, we didn’t know what it was. We tried to ignore but it just kept coming back into our heads. Emma shivered of frightens, I wanted to go in but Emma kept on saying no. “Sounds like a portal,” she said hiding behind me. Emma got brave we went in. The door swung open as I was trying to get threw. Our throats were clogged with dust. There was white sheets on the floor. We turned around and there it was,The wall paper ripped around the portal. Emma touched it… she was gone. Trying to get back the portal took her. After that day I never saw her again….
What was it .. why was it there …. What happened to Emma … no body knows…. 

Isabel Age:10

Chris and Maria had just bought a new house. Maria was getting ready to have there first child. “If it’s a boy, why don’t we call it Henry?” said Chris. ” If it’s a girl, why don’t we call it Angela?” said Maria. That night, they were awoken by a big crash and the sound of ripping paper. “Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh!” they screamed. Chris wasn’t a coward, but going down those steps was, to him, the scariest thing he had done in his life. Maria was behind him, clasping on to his back. What they saw, was shreds of paper on the ground, every thing they owned was gone, and a humongous hole in the wall. But all to soon, Maria got dragged up into the air, sucked up through the hole. Chris reached out to grab her hand. But he was to late. She was gone.  

Isabel Age:8

Story starts Oct 25th – 31st


Our spooky story start took place over half term so we expected a few less than normal entries… We were wrong. We had excellent entries, give some of them a read and please leave a comment. We had 100’s of views last week and we all love to hear what you think.

New story prompt starts tomorrow, get writing!


By Emily 9
I walked absent-mindedly into the eerie graveyard I was buried in; the recount of the day still makes me sob. Strolling through this graveyard as a ghost looking at my own filthy grave feels devastating. I remember the day like it was only yesterday June 19th 1980, it was like any other ordinary day when a car was zooming towards a crowd of people, the driver not noticing where it was going nearly hit them, so I ran onto the road and tried to leer the car in the opposite direction but it was no use the car didn’t see me. I sacrificed my life towards those people. I was only 16 when it happened. I carried on through the misty graveyard, I pondered on how many people have sacrificed their lives out there. Then I sidled back down to my grave to rest, and I drifted to sleep peacefully.

By Emily W 9

She ran through the woods adrenaline pumping through her body, running as fast as she could. Trying to get away from the ghost. She was very scared and did not know what to do. she was just running anywhere, she then looked up. She was in a cemetery! She was even more scared because she knew that there were more ghosts roaming through the graveyard and looking for people to kill! She obviously did not want to be one of those people! She was so scared she ran out of the woods and screamed for help nobody came to help. She knew she was miles away from help, because she was sweating like crazy!
But then suddenly a ghost popped up from the middle of nowhere she was so scared, she was
screaming and crying for help. But nobody came and there was utter SILENCE she was dead, she was gone never to come back.

By Thomas Simpson 10

It was a cold autumn day and Georgina was treading the same path that she does every single year. The path that leads her to the grave of her dad, George William. Carrying, his war medals in her hand she approached his grave only to pause for a second or two at the tree to remember the exciting times that she had with her father. Full of emotion she put her hand to her heart and with a tear in her eye Georgina nelt down at the graveside.
Fighting back the tears Georgina reads the inscription on her father grave stone “Rest In Peace George William who fought so bravely for his country in the great war.” Georgina leaves a bunch of daffodils, George’s favourite flowers as well as a picture of his beloved wife, Georgina’s mother. Georgina stood, wiped the dirt from her clothes and the tears from her eyes she promised to return soon.

By Cameron Armin 10

It had been 40 years since Bella had been to the graveyard, on hearing a noise she hid behind a tree, she thought she could see someone in the distance or was she imagining it, no the figure was getting nearer, so Bella turned and started to walk away from the figure. After walking a few meters she stopped, and turned back towards the figure she was trying to see who it was but the figure was dressed in black. All of a sudden the figure shouted Bella! , Bella stopped again the voice shouted Bella! Bella walked a bit closer, she shouted back dad is that you! yes said the figure so she ran towards him thinking she was running towards her dad, but as she got nearer, the figure and the voice disappeared, she stopped and realized that her dad had died 20 years ago…

By Casey Cammoile 10

Daniel Carter was stood by his fathers’ grave on the early days of spring, all alone. The church bells rang 6 times and as he looked up to leave, something caught the corner of his eye. It was a woman, looking very ghost-like wearing a long black gown. Her blonde hair bowed untidily in the wind. She was facing the other way to Daniel, when he began to walk she faced Daniel and quickly started walking towards him, but then disappeared into thin air. Throughout the years, he came back to the graveyard and looked at that tree for the woman, but he never saw her again in his life. But every now and then, he would see blonde hair blowing freely, just like the woman’s he saw…

By Luke Jerrard 10

As I jumped around with joy, because the war had ended, my happiness soon came to an end. Excitedly I ran screaming to mum asking “whens dad coming home?” Turning around to look at me i could see something wasn’t right. With a tear in her eye, she said “he’s not my dear !” She explained that dad had gone to an army in the sky; making my world fall apart.

Years of sadness and crying into my pillow at night passed slowly, but I couldn’t help wondering where my dads grave was. So I went on the new thing called the Internet and tried to answer my query. Finally, I found him along with many of his soldier colleagues who also fought to save our country. As I nervously approached the cobbled stone cross, immediately that sad angry feeling I’d grown up with suddenly disappeared and proudness took over.

By Eve-Marie 10

As I wandered through the unforgiving forest, trees tossed branches at me. An eerie silence consumed the woods. I walked into a clearing. As I did so a grey swirling mist swallowed me. It felt like I was travelling through time or space. Then it threw me onto a patch of moss on a hard floor. When I got to my feet I could see graves. I was in a graveyard. My heart in my mouth I walked over to a grave. That was when I got the feeling I was being watched. I turned round and saw nothing so I went back to reading the graves. Once again I thought I was being watched but when I turned round nothing was there. I turned to a grave. My stomach lurched when I saw a figure, covered head to toe in black robes with white hair, behind a tree…

By Emma Hughes 11

My heart was wildly beating as I hid behind the old oak tree. Quickly, I took a second glance at the weird ghost like figure hovering over the gravestone. I recognised the tired, old looking character but I really couldn’t remember where I had seen him. I had a bad feeling that he had something to do with why I was in the graveyard in the first place. It had been a year ago now since my parents had passed away in the terrible house fire. I was saved but sadly they ran out of time to get mum and dad out. It was obvious that the fire had been deliberate however the police never found out who had been guilty. My life had never been the same after that but I made sure that every week I’d visit their grave to put flowers down in there remembrance.

By Conor Smith 10
One day a 3 month after a girls dad died the girl went to his grave yard what said Carl Mc Michael 2014 died after a murder . Then 2 month later the girl died but then she came back to life! Then the ugly spirits of her and her dad ganged up on the people what killed them both and they did their revenge.

The day after they both went to their own grave but not for long that night after they had revenge but that wasn’t it they went for more . Then the people were murdered they tried to get them both but the bullet went straight through them.


By Edward Ian Kendrick 39

Delores never dreamed she’d find love.
She was forty and had several dysfunctional relationships, all terminated by her, leaving a hollow in her heart. Those years of trying to make herself fit around another’s demands felt like a waste. A bruise that coloured all thoughts of love with the tinge of fading yellow and purple.
Then she found love.
He was a librarian. Kind, softly spoken, stable.
They read and lived together in peace until his cough became something more than an irritation. The doctors gave him months. Their collective grief for the future they could not share was overpowering.
On his death bed he insisted she would love again. She discounted his claim. He told her to come to his grave and etch her initials into the tree by his plot. Hers and her new love. So he could rest easily.
On her wedding day, she did just that.

By Neil 65

Emily had been here dozens of times. It never worried her. She loved walking in the graveyard. She knew most of the names, memorised their dates and even found out where many of the ‘dear departed’ residents had lived in the town, long ago of course … well before her time, some of them.

Light breezes rustled leaves and long grass when she arrived. The air smelled clean and she’d brought fresh flowers as she usually did, to adorn her favourite gravestone; the one with the angels, where Nanna Perkins was laid to rest. She remembered Nanna, as everyone called her, from when she was a little girl … always a kind word and a glass of cold homemade lemonade on a hot day.

But today, something was different. She felt tired and distracted … she hadn’t slept well for two or three nights. She thought a walk in her favourite place would cheer her up. Now the fresh posy was scattered at her feet. The wind had turned chill and she stood, leaning against a tree, trying to keep from fainting. Before her a new grave, earth fresh turned, and a new headstone, one she’d never seen before. And it had her name on it.

By Andy 49

It was never going to be easy. Death was always going to be a lonely affair, but Miriam had steeled herself for what was to come.
The long, protracted illness had given her plenty of time to question, to rage, to cry and to get thing in order. Making sure life could continue had been always been a priority and hours had been put into ensuring this would happen. All the family were aware of the arrangements and so when the day finally arrived, the day that horrible disease finally won, everything was in place.
Of course no one could plan for the loneliness and loss that would be felt but at least she knew she had done everything she could. Watching the funeral from behind the tree wasn’t the best way of dealing with the situation, but it was her way.
As the coffin was lowered she walked forward into it.

By Jon Nikrich 39

“What are you doing?”
“I’m just… you know, watching her in action. Did you hear that last group scream? … What?”
“You like her.”
“No, I don’t. … OK, I do, but I don’t ‘like her’ like her. I … admire her technical abilities.”
“You should talk to her.”
“Really? You think I should? No. What would I say? We don’t have anything in common. … OK. Yes. We have something in common, but it’s not a great line, is it? ‘So, hey, I’m dead, you’re dead, how’s that working out for you?’”
“You’re right. You should go with ‘I admire your technical abilities.’”
“You’re no help.”
“Who said I’m helping? Pointing out the flaws in your every thought process is the only fun I have anymore.”
“Look at the way she’s closing in on that new group.”
“It’s true. You have to admire her technical abilities.”

Me, an overview

Thought would share a recent review and interview by PVB online made me proud.


Russ Brown born in Liverpool, pursued an early career in stage acting. His love of telling a good story and a natural ability to get a point across, led him to teaching.

His many years in the classroom have highlighted the importance of telling good stories to children. He has written two previous stories “Daisy the Donkeys First Fare” about a donkeys view of the first Christmas and “Poppy’s Planet!” an environmental story about a flying penguin.

In this his third book, Russ has created a story about the imagination and daily battles a child has just to get through a school day. Written in rhyme, Monsters in my math book will be one to read over and over again.

We were lucky enough to interview the man himself and find out a little bit more for our lovely readers!

How did you begin writing?
I began writing when I was given a task in class one day of telling the Christmas Story for a group of 6-7 year olds. I was looking for a different angle to get the children excited, my daughter Daisy had just been born and the idea of a caring Donkey called Daisy came to me. I wrote my first book “Daisy the Donkey’s First Fare” within a weekend and tested it on the children. It had a great response from them and other staff members. Many told me to get it published and within 12 months Daisy was on book shelves. It was all very exciting. I now see stories everywhere!

How many books have you written?
I have written 3 published books have 1 which is completely ready to be published and many many other in varying states of progress.

Which is your favourite character and why?
My first two main characters are based on my children so it would be mean to choose one! Daisy is the one who got it all started, although Poppy the Penguin has proved to be more popular during author visits and book days. However I love the illustrations in my new book “Monsters in my Math Book” I think they all show the varying battles that children face everyday in school, Jamie Cosley, the illustrator really captures the personality of each Monster perfectly. So to answer your question……all of them.

Do you only write childrens books?
I have written short adult stories with varying success, however, as I am a Primary Teacher, I feel I can connect to the needs of children at grass roots level. I know what children need and enjoy and hope to aim my books towards them. I like children’s books and in particular picture books.

What is a typical day like for you?
As I am a full teacher my week days consist of being in class. I do spend evenings and weekends writing stories and more importantly reading books. I write constantly, the joys of the technological age means I can work on my writing anywhere and can edit and review and re-draft on the go. I spend a lot of time asking children in school to read my work, they are without question my greatest critics.

Does rhyming come naturally to you?
I must admit I find working in rhyme easier, I found a steady pattern with Poppy and used a similar rhyming structure throughout. In my new book I used a more fluid structure and found this to be a very comfortable style. Monsters in my maths book uses rhyme to build on the childs experience step by step gradually showing his life is surrounded by monsters who prevent his daily routine.

Where can we find your books to buy?
My books are available from Amazon in paper and digital formats and many independent book sellers. They are also directly available from my website

Where did the idea for Monsters come from?
The ideas from Monsters came directly from a child I had worked with, he struggled with “fitting in” during school and after one particularly bad day at school I asked him why he found school so hard. He replied that he had monsters only he could see which prevented him for doing his work. Before I knew it “Monsters in my Math Book” was created.

Poppy the Penguin is very educational, do you feel it is important that children understand the state our world is in and how we can help save the earth?
The plight of the Planet is essential for everyone, we have to look after our future generations. The best way to do this is to educate, assist and inform. Children are far more appreciative of the environment and use the mantra of reuse, reduce and recycle to its best. If we don’t educate about global warming, over farming and fishing, and using more environmentally sound transport generations after us may have no planet to look after them.

To find out more about Russ Brown pop over to his website.

Monsters In My Math Book is a story written in rhyme about a little boy finding things difficult at school. This would be fantastic for children struggling with lessons and school in general, a wonderfully written book which is relatable to young children and could really go a long way in installing a little bit of confidence a child needs.

Beautifully illustrated in an appealing way to the younger generation this book is a must for all primary school children.

Watch out for this book on Russ Brown’s Website.

Poppy’s Planet is a fantastic book for children written in rhyme in which it explains the problems our world is facing in an easy and intuitive way for youngsters. The book is fun at the same time as being educational and really touches on topics that children should know about but that sometimes are difficult to explain and talk about.

Poppy’s Planets follows poppy the magical flying penguin all over the world atching her discover some of the problems our earth is facing.

Another great book written by the amazing Russ Brown a truly wonderful Childrens Author.

Poppy’s Planet is available to buy on Amazon.

Daisy The Donkey’s First Fair is a wonderful story about a very special donkey who never gets picked to taxi people around, the glamorous camels always get the jobs instead. Daisy desperately wishes to pay her owner back for caring for her but who wants to ride an old grey donkey? But maybe, just one day, a very special person does.

A beautifully written tale that will warm everyone’s hearts and bring joy to so many Children. Russ Brown has a way with words and we are sure his books will enchant many little ones for years and years to come.

Daisy The Donkey’s First Fair is available on Amazon.

Thanks for reading

Monster review

Hi another quick one today as the end of term madness looms, today Monsters arrived in paperback on amazon. It has been on kindle for a fortnight and to make my week even better i received this review that I just had to share.

Monsters in My Math Book review
I thought I knew everything about monsters until I read this book! MONSTERS ARE EVERYWHERE!
The poor young boy in Russ Brown’s book, ‘Monsters in My Math Book’, is plagued with the little terrors no matter what he does or where he goes throughout the day. Why will no-one accept it is never his fault he cannot work and mysterious things happen, but rather those naughty little monsters?
‘His hairy face distracts me as he jumps about my sums.
I find it hard to count to ten when he has 16 thumbs!’
Every imaginable monster causes havoc and fun around every corner. The problem is no- one seems to comprehend why work is never done and a trail of misadventure follows the young man who only wants someone to understand.
Readers will love the rhyme and fun Russ brings to his wonderful work while delighting in Jamie Cosley’s fascinating depictions of monsters every kind. A book that every child will relate to and every parent and teacher will want to share as a read aloud or one-to-one. A must have in every house and school library as a wonderful introduction to rhyme and rhythm and to the world of cheeky little monsters. It is time to set the story straight – Monsters are everywhere and they make little children do some very mischievous things!!

If you did not want to buy Monsters before surely you do now!!! 🙂
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Creating a character



The above is a fantastic piece of craft work created by a friend found on social media. I have always loved the character of Poppy and she was a much loved character on all of my book events, now she can actually become loved a lot by many.
Poppy’s Planet! Is all about creating a better world to live in and what better way to make the world a better place than sharing the love? Caroline Created poppy in a matter of hours and then to heighten her karma further she put the pattern online for free!
So, if unlike me, you are crafty and do not find knitting as a form of magic please feel free to create a world full of Poppy’s as they are just so cute!
Thanks for sitting through another ramble will blog again within a few days. Enjoy knitting!!!

Some monster news!!

The above links to my new kindle book version!
Just a quick one some very exciting news! “Monsters in my Math Book” is now available on kindle, this is a fantastically illustrated book by my mate Jamie Cosley and written by myself. Monsters, like Poppy’s Planet! Is told entirely in rhyme and tells of a little boy who spends his normal school day surrounded by monsters.
The book focusses on the events that every child experiences at some point in their school life, when all they need is a friend.
Just in case you missed this blatant plug:
Go on give it a go 😉
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