Story start Nov 1st- Nov 7th


This weeks picture was of the ruins in Furness Abby, Cumbria. This sent children writing superb detailed descriptive work. Have a read and please leave a comment.

Libby Macaulay 10

This is not just an old wrecked building it’s a haunted wrecked building. its haunted by monks not the nice kind the bad kind this is the story of why they haunt it and why they are bad.
It started of in 1616 when a group of men became monks they weren’t the best monks they weren’t even religious they just pretended to be. They give them selves a name it was the r monks. There was a group of very good monks very popular monks every body loved them and they made fun of the new group of monks because they didn’t know any thing.
The r monks started to get fed-up and started spreading rumors about the other group. They spread rumors for months and months and the other group was getting laughed at by everybody else. The monks had enough and started a fight with the r monks.

Hannah Warne 10

As I silently crept through the misty rubble of the monastery a storm began to stir. The wind thrashing, snapping many tree’s in its way .I dived for shelter in the gloomiest part of the rubble. Oh what a wonderful sight, shelter.
A monk appeared out of nowhere then it evaporated into the mist. “Wait” I whispered .But to no avail he had gone! The storm grew impatient a swirling twister appeared .whilst I ran I heard an everlasting moan. “The monk” I thought. Then the monk spoke “head for the remaining monastery”. A huge rock tumbled in front of me crushing me.
Now I linger by my grave as a ghost my memories fatal and cruel. I morn of the day I lost my life to curiosity and adventure! My family mourn for me most of the time. That monk is lost forever, he had tried to save my life.

Emily 9

As they hid behind the castle wreck, they did not dare to look what was in front of them. Scared as ever they ran for their lives, before they could even look at the spirit haunting the village. Knowing that they would not live to tell the tale if they stopped running, In the ruins of the castle. They were screaming and crying but no one was there to help. But then suddenly a figure popped out with a hooded cloak on. He grabbed them and threw them in his car. They were asking so many questions, that they did not even know what was happening.


Tali 10

Me and my friend (Isabelle) went out in the woods, mucking about and finding different things to mess with. We were just making dens when we heard a big bang and another and another. Through the trees we ran, to have a peek what was going on. Finally the gigantic bundle of trees ended with a steep hill. Isabelle and I went tumbling down the slant landing in a pile of mud. I clambered up, quickly helping Isabelle up to stand. Our sight was amazing, magnificent should I say. The crumbling walls clattered on the ground meanwhile nature was taking over. We were gobsmacked at the sight of a building that could have been in good condition but instead left to rot away in the middle of nowhere. We staggered round the building eventually finding the doorway. We stared right into the dark black hole. We stepped forward …


Lillie H 10

I was looking around this old destroyed building I was waiting for my friend Isabelle to arrive. Where going to be explorers for the day, Isabelle eventually came we were walking very slowly, and carefully just to make sure we don’t go past any buried valuable treasure.
We were touching all of the walls and then suddenly Isabelle was walking around the other side of the wall and then I shouted HELP!! HELP!!!! . My leg was stuck fast, I couldn’t move!

Isabelle rushed around she was panicking her heart pounding with shock and she went to call for HELP!!! No-one heard her so she decided to pull, she pulled and pulled until eventually, I got out and then I said thanks.

Hannah A 10

Me and my friend Milly were going for a walk , we came to a big rusty dull gate I tried to push it open but it was locked and then I saw a women peek round the door of the house she looked familiar she came to the gate and said ‘’what do you want ’’she had a squeaky voice a shiver ran down my spine ‘’oh nothing sorry to bother you’’ I said and started to walk on and then I heard the lady say ‘’ why is this gate locked ‘’ and she opened I crept back in and seen a wrecked house it started to get colder and colder and that women was there again laughing .My friend Milly said ‘’I’m not scared of you ‘’ she swung towards us aaaarrrr…

Joshua Newburn 10

One day there was a pair of little kids about 10 to a 11 year old kids exploring the champers of torturing they were call Jeff and Harold as they walked in they were really frightened in case they get a piece of sting tied around there neck because they saw people with a blue and purple face from hanging them selves.They found some tools like a sword ,knives and a stick with nails in the weapon to torture them for doing some thing really horrible or tried to assassinate some one like the king or queen they started walking around looking at the dead people on the wooden crate and strapped on the wooden crate with a metal circle and the put a rat in it and it starts to go into your ears , mouth or your hair and other unpleasant places on your body on purpose.

Ben Walkden 10

With my heart beating faster than lighting I strolled through the dark archway. I could sense something bad happening. I sprinted down the corridor and then finally, there was a window. I climbed out from the dark and dim building not looking down at my landing. I fell into a cave. I could hear my footsteps echo as I heard water dripping come closer and closer. I wanted to get out of the frightening cave but it was beckoning me to go further. I couldn’t resist so I began to investigate. Suddenly a shady figure appeared just a few feet away from me. I couldn’t tell whether or not it was human but one thing I realised was that if I turned and ran away I would get a chase so it must be better to face it now and get it over with. BANG! Went a sound from behind.

Oliver Neatis 11

As I watched my son walk slowly into the dark forest I wondered what I could of done that would save my life when I was where he was. The path was disappearing in every step I took; things were starting to get creepy. A storm grew, inky black eyes stared into his soul and in the distance, glowing red eyes flickered in the darkness a tiger had arrived.
He ran left with thorns scratching his face making him cry until he came to an old building, I could tell it was beckoning him in. He walked closer, closer to his doom, steel doors blocked his way, he could see the tiger coming towards him, he ran at them as hard as he could and the hinges screamed a deafening scream, he finally opened it after several moans from the door, when he got in no one saw him again.

Sam Facer 11

So here is a piece of my home the abbey it all started 200 hundred years ago I was born in to a catholic family it was pretty normal family we went to church every Sunday. My farther Eric Smith, worked on the local farm for money . one day he said we are sending you to an abbey this was a great thing at the time but when the day came to go I was petrified I’ve never been that far from home before as soon as we past the farmers home that would be the longest I’ve been from home .

We arrived in the cart just out side the abbey my farther was not coming in I was heartfelt I would never see him a gain me and him were pretty closes it was horrible so 50 years past and I died on the 15 of may 1690 I was in seventies.

Katie 10

I went for a drive with my mum and dad .Until we saw something, something strange, something rather old .We all stared at the field .Did any wane know about this place? Why was it their? what is it? the answer is know wane knows those questions. We all glared at the figure until my dad remembered some thing about king Henry v111.”king Henry v111 took this building from the monks know one knows why but he did the monks were rich that is why I think he stole all their things” said my dad. Suddenly I saw a wight glow it was a man in a robe and was carrying a bell for some reason he turned at us we cold tell he was a monk ghost he looked rather strange he looked at me with his cold dead eyes. Were was he going? What was he doing ? weal never know.

Oliver 10

One night I went out on my skateboard all the way to a big skate-park but then I heard some crumbling in the rocks across the field I saw with my own eyes someone taking stone up from the ground and they were climbing down some kind of a tunnel or a hole so I told my friend to come with me and have a fun adventure. He said” no I’m not going to get myself killed” I said don’t be stupid you’re not going to die lets go. Ok let’s go my friend replied so me and my friend went to the castle looking thing so we had to climb threw a load of rocks and we climbed all the way to the place where the people climbed down so we both lifted the rock’s and then climbed down and we found mine carts filled with gold and iron.

Elliot D 11

My heart was beating wildly as I hid behind an old oak tree. I could see a dark misty figure in the old ruin it looked like a monk I was frightened 0what was he going to do? Was he going to hurt me? Between the ruin there was a horse and carriage it was mysterious but wicked. I took a step back and tripped over a huge rock that I did not see, it was not there before. “Was machst du hier? I couldn’t tell what  he was saying so his friend in the horse carriage to translate. He said “He is German, and he said what are you doing here? He came up to me I was frightened, He told me to scram and get of his land I know what he was saying because the man in the carriage translated it to me. I did so.

Cory Tucker 10

One day there was a ice cream van in a field so I decided to go and get one with a flake. When I walked off I saw a old rotten, disgusting building in the distance so I decided to go and have a look what was in there. When I got in there I saw two kids messing around so I told them to get out and they ran off so I started walking around the building to see if I can find anything. When I went into the next room I saw some money in a bag so I walked further in to the building to see if I could find any other good stuff. I I kept walking then I saw some skulls at the end of the building and very old clothes then I saw some legs and some more skulls in the corner then I found some very bright gold treasure.

Poppy jai Muir 10

This is not just an old wrecked building this is a story in itself. I found this enchanted place when I was practicing for the big marathon. The big marathon is on every year I have run the marathon 5 times I’ve done it since I was ten I’m now fifteen. I like to practice on different surfaces like one day id jog on cobble and one day on mud. This just helps because there not always in the same place. I found this place while practicing on a muddy surface. You see those trees on the left? I was just behind them when I spotted it. As soon as I spotted it I leapt towards it. When I got to the front of the wreck I decided to climb in to the window and then suddenly…

Izzy 10

I stumbled to a clearing and before my eyes appeared an abandoned castle. It had an eerie feeling about it. As I stepped forward the leaves crunched beneath my feet. The wind whistled through my ears as I touched the mossy walls of the building .I peered through the window and couldn’t believe my eyes a dark figure strolled across the room. I felt a force pull me to the ground my heart was pounding. I felt like I was being watched, I didn’t dare to open my eyes for if someone was staring at me. I lay there in silence waiting until I heard a loud scream it sent a chill up my spine I finally found the courage to open my eyes. I screamed as I found a black figure standing over me.

Eve Charlotte Budden 10

As I walked down the lane I could smell the soggy smell of rain I had to be careful that I didn’t slip. I sore a building I thought it was a castle. Suddenly I heard a voice “ha ha ha.” It was coming from behind the wrecked building. I said “hello.” Then one of the bricks moved and I ran back up the lane a slipped on the gooey moss and grazed my knee. Suddenly a shadowy figure darted to me I tried to scramble back up the lane but I couldn’t it was too painful. It came closer and whispered “I’m the ghost of the Abby.” Suddenly my mum shouted me for tea and the ghost disappeared. I went home.

Tyler Bolton 10

Dear anybody

Five weeks ago I was playing out with Billy at the old church. We saw something in the trees.
Me and Billy wanted to follow it like an idiot. But as soon as he saw me and Billy it ran at us. Me and
Me and billy ran and ran we couldn’t work out what it was but we knew it was very scary.
We found a little old house in the woods. We ran into the little house in the woods I locked the door.

I am writing this letter so you might be able to call the police or something please help us.

Nathan Johnson 10

It was a cold day, I was playing with my friends. We were playing hide and seek. I jumped though a window from part of the old and broken abbey. I was hidden in a corner but I fell down a hole. I found a cave with skeletons in it. I conveniently had a torch so I had a look around. I was calling out to see if anyone was there. I found a chest so I opened it . It was shining bright and it was filled with diamonds and gold. I called my friends and they through down a rope. We pulled the treasure and lived a rich life.

Ethan Lee Nicolson 10

Dear diary today I saw a ruined building being dug up I look at what they were digging up I saw a skull and I was terrified I ran home and I hide under my covers . I got my laptop and started to research so I asked my mum what the building was called she said it was called St George’s church there was a rumor about a priest buried alive under the floor . WAS IT HIS SKULL!?

Calum Macpherson 11

dear diary I saw a rewind building that was built in the olden days called the Furness building and it was built 1235 and destroyed in the 1576. It was well known as the church whit a priest got buried in a priest whole when the soldiers knocked on the door or they would block them in for forever and out side a stick with spick on the end the priests head but if they hidden that would not happen.

Ronnie 10

I walked up the Abbey but I was terrified shocked, horrified and scared. I’m feeling weird, my vision goes swirling. I faint on the ground into a strange nightmare and a new world ‘were on earth am I’! I shouted. ‘why can’t I wake up’!

Kieran 10

I walked around my dream house but I wish I never came because I can never leave I’m trapped to die I thought. Why me not a bank robber I screamed for help I never saw the light after that day I live with ghost’s will I die?Bang ! The house fell with a crash I thought it couldn’t get any worse.Did I die can I live I saw Shrek yes I’m dead what will happen next…

Savannah Rose Sharp 11

As I walked through the forest it was dark and spooky, the bare branches scratched my face. As I walk to the top I saw an old castle. I walked into it.It was very old and felt as if it was going to fall dawn. When I was walking and it felt like walking in a maze. I finally got to the middle, and something blown into my face it was like it was glowing.
Something or someone pushed me into it.I banged my head and it took me a while to get back to normal I picked it up and it was lot of lot of gold I giggled but I didn’t know what to do with it. I hear a little voice echo in the back ground then I saw a shadow come forward. “do you want some money?” And we were the best of friend forever.

Lochlan Gosling 10

One day when I was walking to my friend’s  house.I was getting tired so I tuck a short cut through the woods and I soon discovered a small house that looked like it had been left for a long time. I walked up to it and then I heard a small crackle in the back ground so I got closer and closer and closer. Then a small gremlin like man that shouted at me to go away but I was so star struck that I ignored him. He started getting angry so I tried walking off but he grabbed me and said “actually stay and you can be my servant for the rest of your life”. I tried to run off but he stabbed some kind of weird medicine that made me instantly fall to sleep.  When I woke up  I knew I was going to be here for a long time.

Dolcie Rowling 7

A long time ago there lived a poor King who lived in a tiny castle. He lived alone even though he was a King. One day he found a sack of money he used to repair his house and get servants. They did not call the poor King poor any more they called him the rich King. Now his castle had one hundred doors, seven hundred windows and seven hundred rooms. He decided to look in his money room one day but all his money had gone. He looked in a bedroom it looked nice but a little girl was going crazy in there. She wasn’t doing anything wrong so the King became her friend. She dreamed of being the Princess of the castle.

Harvey Kemp 7

One day there was a mad scientist, he made a potion that was meant to turn him invincible but it turned him into a horrible ‘Grim Reaper’ and since then anyone who enters get haunted for the rest of their lives…
One day a seventeen year old boy came to the haunted house. As he walked in with his dog he heard a loud scream, the teenager followed the sounds of screams. The closer he got the more screams he could hear…Suddenly he heard voices of the people who entered before him. They said “Go back! run while you can!!”
The teenager was terrified but he continued…

Casey 10

Melanie Grace stood at the edge of the forest, looking at the remains of her Great Granddads chapel. It was the year 1932 and three years ago, her Granddad’s building was set fire to by someone the police couldn’t track down, killing 32 people inside including her Great Granddad. A sudden flash of lightning occurred and there stood a woman wearing a black gown and had long black hair. Melanie thought this was the woman that had set fire to the chapel, so she ran out and hid inside the spooky church. In almost seconds, the woman had gone, but a fire was spreading quickly through the chapel. She didn’t say a word, for she was ready to join her Great Granddad, away from her life altogether…

Only two adult entries this week, I think the children’s quality of work is scaring you off! #getwriting adults!!!

Andy 49

“Simon! Where are you?” called Maria,
“In here. Come and see what I’ve found.”
Maria walked round the end of the church to the archway that had once housed the door. In the nave looking at something small and black, stood her brother.
“What is it?” asked Maria warily.
“I’m not sure. Looks like a chess piece. Could be a bishop, but it’s more like a monk.”
“Where did you find it?” said Maria moving closer.
“It was behind that stone, hidden in the wall.”
Maria looked down and saw a small, dressed stone lying on the floor beneath a black gaping hole.
“I was climbing the wall to call you through the window dislodged it. I tried to push it back but it jammed on something. When I looked again I saw this figure.”
Maria looked at it and shivered.
“I don’t like it. It gives me the creeps.”

Neil 65

Fatigue made me stop. Nothing else. I was hungry; hadn’t eaten for days. I wasn’t thirsty … it’d been raining and I was wet through. The old church still had a roof and I couldn’t take another step. I don’t like religion, don’t believe in god but I didn’t think a derelict building would mind. I was wrong about that. And when I crawled into an anteroom to shelter from the rain, I thought nothing could harm me. I was wrong about that too.

It was the bell that woke me, booming, dragging me out of sleep in the dark. Then it stopped. I could hear voices, feet shuffling. A door, that wasn’t there when I went to sleep, creaked open. A figure in a robe, holding a candle, stood in the doorway.

‘It’s time for the funeral,’ said a wisp of a voice.

‘Funeral?’ I croaked, uncertain. Looking down in confusion, I saw I was wearing a robe too.
‘What do you mean?’ I asked. ‘Whose funeral?’

‘Why yours, of course,’ came the reply.

Story start 18th-24 Oct 2014

image We used this picture as our first story start. The stories submitted are fantastic, I am sure you will agree. Please leave some comments we would love to hear from you.  Childrens entries are first then adults. Why don’t you try this weeks story start?

By Erica 10

Every Saturday I go to the beach, the same old beach with the iron men stuck in the sand. Surprisingly today it was rather crowded with people, strange looking people! When I looked round the iron men were no longer standing to attention. I peered into the distance. There was one. Just one! Then I looked at the rest of the people. It looked as if the iron men were alive! I glanced back at the one man in the distance. He turned his head and looked at me. I felt as cold as ice. I shut my eyes and shook my head. My heart was racing. Quickly I opened my eyes and stared. What had happened? Am I going mad? I shook my head again. The iron men had returned! Had I dreamt it? Quickly I scanned the beach. It was eerily empty. I guess I’ll never know.

By Emily 9

Just a few years ago lived a lonely man, he was fast asleep when he heard a noise. He found out it was some sea creatures. They were scuttling across the glistening white sand in the moonlit sky. It was very strange because he could hear them talking in English! He knew that he could not tell anyone about this, because the police and scientist’s would capture him, and the sea creatures and do experiments on them!!!!!
Then he heard someone coming, it was the beach patrol people!!!!! QUICK, QUICK, HIDE, HIDE!!!!! He did not know where to go, should he take the sea creatures with him or leave them, this was a life changing decision!!!!! Nobody was allowed to be on the beach at night!!! So he grabbed his sea creatures and ran as he could adrenalin pumping through his body!! He got into his house locked the doors and booked a one way flight to America!!!!! He did not want anyone
to find out about his sea creatures!!!!! Absolutely NO ONE!!!!! Would find out about him and HIS sea creatures.
THE END!!!!!!

By Eve-Marie 10

We ran knowing it was after us. We knew that if they caught us we’d be dead. The only place we could go was the beach. There was only one way to the beach but it was a long way. “So we’ve got to go that way?” Rachel enquired.
“Yes,” I replied
After a while our bags were packed and we were on our way. We crossed heath land and desserts, snow and ice in days and nights. After a week of travels we came to two paths, one leading to a beach land and another leading to a field. Just as we were about to go to the beach seven of them, (by the way it, they and them were actually sand monsters. They were called ‘faceless ones’ dead people who killed.) We ran to the beach without thinking. At the beach a figure stood it was another victim..

By Zm 9

One day there was a alien called Zog,he had just crash landed on planet shroom. Zog felt confused he was covered in wet, slimy, slobbery sand. He saw in the distance a tiny girl, as small as a baby. Zog instantly started to run at her to see if she was OK. Her name was Chloe they became good friends after a while. They went to the beach every day, and lived in a small hut by  the sea. 🙂

By Abby & Natalie 10

Dear Diary,
I’ve had a very strange day today.I was walking my dog,Poppy when I saw a man covered in wet and dry mud .It looked like he’d been in Pompeii at the time of the volcanic explosion.He was also pointing at the sea as if he was shouting but there was no noise coming out of his mouth as if he could not speak.I said hello but the same thing happened, he must have thought I could understand because he carried on lipsinking.Poppy started to bark. She ran into a cave in the cliff. Suddenly the ground started to shake. He ran after her .CRASH- the cliff fell …
I started to cry then suddenly I heard a bark and a grey creature came running towards me, I soon realised that it was my puppy, Poppy.

By Ben 10

There it was the thing standing in the sand what was it ……………
I walked over it was still like a rock I was intrested I stuck my hand
In the sand it was all cold inside I started to shake I then was scraping
Away the sand when I did the face it was green it smiled at me 🙂 I was thinking what it was it lifted its hand then everything was black

By Bella 10

Why was he standing there? no one knew.
What was he doing? no one knew.
Who was he? no one knew
but why?
Maybe he was imaginary,
or maybe he was someone but who?
Maybe someone did know but sworn not to tell,
a bit like a young boy called Abny. Abny Gall.
Abny was an intelligent lad and he was also extremly well behaved.
Unfortunately he had a little secret that he swor not to tell, snitch or give any signs about it but one stormy dark night Abny had a dream about him telling everyone the secret and then something bad happening but he also had another dream that night but the other way around, what happened was he never told anyone but his parents got accused for the mistery instead. The next morning Abny thought about last night and made a decision that he would tell his mother.

By Shawn 10

Standing near the dusty old surface of the mysterious depths off the shining sands, of the island of  Palmires stood the troublesome alien Jeffery, covered full of the eatable sand,kicking at the glorious new sea water.The troublesome kid was staring at the sea ,for he had never seen anything like it before ever in his mysterious old life full of trouble.

By Louis 9

Once, on an infant planet, far, far, away, was a sand filled alien, who looked across the mammoth ocean of Kayland. Gazing at the passing dolphins, amazed, he had chosen his fate. He had to run away. He had always been lonely, left with the dolphins alone. He had to escape. No one had ever lasted longer than him, with no water or food, he was certain to die.

By Patrick 9

Here I am again on my own with no friends.
No one to play with. Rolling around in the
sand. In fact, the floor less sand everyone ignoring
Me getting bullied round every corner. Mum and Dad hate me because I stay in my room.

Living in a lonely world. It’s hard to find love for me.

By M.E 9

Once upon a time on a sandy beach my friends and I went in the water and splashed around . After a couple hours we got out.Then we saw a man standing there covered in sand and he wouldn’t move.So we went over and touched him then he looked down and shouted at us saying “Beep boom bomb deep doom domb feep foom fomb!”And we all ran and I dropped my phone and he picked it up and ate it then I came back for it and he was still just standing there and I started to search and that’s when something really bad happened he ate me…

By Elizabeth 9

Far far in a different planet a boy called Tony loved going to the beach and it was his best in his life ……But it was a different planet so the planet’s ugly alien looking president has a rule that,people are only allowed to go to the beach once a year.Now Tony has went to the beach nearly ten times!When it was a meeting with the president Tony asked his mother”can we go to the beach?”……….and the president said that Tonys punishment was he has to be naked covered in sand looking at the sun andso he did.His parents were so scared and on summer dad went to look for Tony and he saw him playing around the beach!!!!

By Finlay 9

I had been rolling in the sand for hours now, and eventually I got tired. I stood up, covered in sand. As I glanced out to sea, I noticed a shape moving across the waves. The moment it reached the sand, it stood up.
My whole body filled with shock. The shape was horrible, especially it’s face.
I realised it was an alien.
I ran from the beach, straight to my dad. I told him what happened, and we prepared for what was coming next.

By Emily & Grace 9

I was taking off in my aircraft when suddenly I hit the ground. I was terrified and I got out of my aircraft and I fell into sand. I saw a strange creature
On the horizon I froze like a icecube and it was so magical! I soon found out I was on the planet zoxds the most toxic planet that ever lived.

Then disaster strikes I had landed on a toxic beach filled with sand and deadly water what happens next!!!!!!!!

By Zapella 10

Dear my old diary,
Last night it had the weirdest dream ever. I felt like I was going to .. You really do not want to know , just thinking about it makes me want to puke!
Well I may as well tell you all about the story like you are going to tell any one!

So it was a simple morning, well at first until this…
There was my dad who I thought had died 4 years ago but there was standing right in front of my eyes looking like he had just been beaten up (by a sand monster- as if)! “Is it really you?” I asked a man who I thought it was my dad!
” Only if you are my son Sammie,” he replied.
“Dad ! I thought you were dead!”
“nonsense  who told you that.”
“Mother did”
” Just ignore her she has been at me for years!”
“Then who’s body was it?”…

By Maria 10

The Sandman

It was him it really was I saw him.I was peacefully riding my bike alongside my friends Lily and Isabella when we noticed something,the beach was deserted there was no one there but everything looked fine.All the shops were closed not a single person to be seen.I felt a shiver down my spine I just knew something was up, something bad, really bad, it was like someone or something was watching you.
Then the sand started moving weirdly, it was forming a whirlpool and suddenly formed a figure I had ever seen before that still sends a shiver down my spine! A Sandman!

By Zaphia 10

There I was standing in a puddle, covered in sand after being tackled by these bullies who took all my clothes. Where have all my friends gone? I feel all alone, so lonely I feel I could cry.
And this is where it all started to change…
“What is that out on the horizon? It looks like it is in danger or it is very lonely!” I asked Mattie the shop keeper.
He replied “Oh Jesse it looks like…” he stopped for a minute and thought “It can’t be, it just can’t be.. Wait.. No, it can’t be, wait yes, it can, it’s Trevor-” He shrieked with excitement.
“Who is Trevor?” I asked Mattie before he had a chance to tell me. “Trevor is a Dolphin but not just any, a magic dolphin, he shall solve your problems, you should be friends and travel the oceans..”

By Molly 11

I was stood there admiring the sunset when I became stuck in my position. I was imagining the freezing cold rain and waiting for someone to help, they didn’t. Since that day I have lived in the dark, alone. Nobody comes in, nobody comes out. My partner passed recently, I couldn’t even go to their funeral. Now I am sat here, depressed.

By Maisie 12

As I walked across the rough,wet sand, I saw something. Something strange. A statue, it was moving! I stared, it glared it walked towards me, I walked away from it. It was too late, it grabbed me

Story starts by adults:

By Sara 21

It was almost nightfall before I arrived at my destination. I was tired and the sun had ravaged my skin. I squinted up into the sunlight and willed him to come soon. I waited for what felt like hours, I was drained and in need of nourishment.
Suddenly I heard it the faint sound of music and a deep rumbling sound from through the dunes. A smile crept slowly over my face, “Finally” I said out loud…
The ice cream van!!

By Joe 32

I breathe deeply. Take in lungs full of pure sweet air. After months of travel I have made it. The journey was difficult, boring at times and of course I miss the family left behind.

This was my only option though. I had to leave, had to get away from the mess I had created. I know that leaving those on Earth to suffer and eventually die would appear cowardly to some. But honestly, what else could I do? You would do the same in my situation too wouldn’t you…

By Edward 39

He was never one of them, the trolls, with their slavering jaws and their rending claws. And though they allowed him to stand with them, they accepted him. He did all he could, eating sheep and roaring as he stormed through the forest, but it was clear that he was different. He was not a monster like them.
The other trolls called him ugly and said he didn’t belong, fed him scraps and were cruel to him. Finally, he could take no more, and so he walked out onto the beach, the sand damp beneath his feet, and he waited for the sun to rise.
He wondered why his shoulders were slim and his back straight, as the colours on the horizon started to form, but he never found an answer, for when the first ray of sunlight touched him, he turned to stone.
And no one wept for him.

By Andy 49

I stand and stare.
Iridescent blue sky and hazy sunlight bathe my face. The world is silent. Slowly the tide turns and water creeps up the beach, lapping lazily around my feet. Tiny weeds tangle around my legs and creatures begin to swim and settle on my stiff legs.
I stand and stare.
Cold rises up my body as the water deepens and the surging tide intensifies. Soon the lower half of my body is immersed in green water and small rainbows of oil radiate from my rusting torso. My body is bathed in cold and slowly it rises over my head.
I stand and stare.
Eddies swirl and light refracts as tiny fish swim past my face. Time stands still until gradually water begins to recede. Slowly my body is revealed, washed clean by the endless tides. The bright sunlight and iridescent blue sky bathe my face.
I stand and stare.

We also had some great work based on Poppy’s Planet!

By Scarlett  6

Poppy’s Magic Misty Mountain Adventure

Once upon a time there was a little penguin called Poppy who lived in the Antarctic with her mother and father. One day she asked her mother,

“Please can I go and visit the cold, misty mountains?” Her mum said yes so off she sped, across the snow in her sled, to the mountains far away. She jumped off her sled at the bottom of the mountain and began to climb. As she was climbing up she saw something at the top shining in the sunlight. The higher she climbed it got colder and colder but she kept going. When she got to to the top she saw a pot of gold. As she touched it rainbows burst out of the middle of the mountain and Poppy was so happy. She had always wanted to know where rainbows came from.

By Sylva 42 1/2 🙂

Poppy the flying penguin
Is off on adventures again.
Down below are fields of green
And flowers along the lane.

She follows the winding path
To a wood. What can she see?
She lands to take a look
At a laden chestnut tree.

Golden leaves swish round her feet,
Crunch as she stomps and wriggles.
Then through the trees she hears a sound
Of happy shouts and giggles.

The children playing conkers
Welcome Poppy to their game.
She plays all day then says goodbye
And flies back to her bed again.

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Hi, welcome to the page that from now on will host our story starts area, my blog page has been migrated to my website which will free up these pages for your stories. I look forward to reading your ideas based on our pictures. Be as imaginative as you can and share it with thousands of viewers on here. You can find this weeks story start at under the story starts tab.

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Me, an overview

Thought would share a recent review and interview by PVB online made me proud.


Russ Brown born in Liverpool, pursued an early career in stage acting. His love of telling a good story and a natural ability to get a point across, led him to teaching.

His many years in the classroom have highlighted the importance of telling good stories to children. He has written two previous stories “Daisy the Donkeys First Fare” about a donkeys view of the first Christmas and “Poppy’s Planet!” an environmental story about a flying penguin.

In this his third book, Russ has created a story about the imagination and daily battles a child has just to get through a school day. Written in rhyme, Monsters in my math book will be one to read over and over again.

We were lucky enough to interview the man himself and find out a little bit more for our lovely readers!

How did you begin writing?
I began writing when I was given a task in class one day of telling the Christmas Story for a group of 6-7 year olds. I was looking for a different angle to get the children excited, my daughter Daisy had just been born and the idea of a caring Donkey called Daisy came to me. I wrote my first book “Daisy the Donkey’s First Fare” within a weekend and tested it on the children. It had a great response from them and other staff members. Many told me to get it published and within 12 months Daisy was on book shelves. It was all very exciting. I now see stories everywhere!

How many books have you written?
I have written 3 published books have 1 which is completely ready to be published and many many other in varying states of progress.

Which is your favourite character and why?
My first two main characters are based on my children so it would be mean to choose one! Daisy is the one who got it all started, although Poppy the Penguin has proved to be more popular during author visits and book days. However I love the illustrations in my new book “Monsters in my Math Book” I think they all show the varying battles that children face everyday in school, Jamie Cosley, the illustrator really captures the personality of each Monster perfectly. So to answer your question……all of them.

Do you only write childrens books?
I have written short adult stories with varying success, however, as I am a Primary Teacher, I feel I can connect to the needs of children at grass roots level. I know what children need and enjoy and hope to aim my books towards them. I like children’s books and in particular picture books.

What is a typical day like for you?
As I am a full teacher my week days consist of being in class. I do spend evenings and weekends writing stories and more importantly reading books. I write constantly, the joys of the technological age means I can work on my writing anywhere and can edit and review and re-draft on the go. I spend a lot of time asking children in school to read my work, they are without question my greatest critics.

Does rhyming come naturally to you?
I must admit I find working in rhyme easier, I found a steady pattern with Poppy and used a similar rhyming structure throughout. In my new book I used a more fluid structure and found this to be a very comfortable style. Monsters in my maths book uses rhyme to build on the childs experience step by step gradually showing his life is surrounded by monsters who prevent his daily routine.

Where can we find your books to buy?
My books are available from Amazon in paper and digital formats and many independent book sellers. They are also directly available from my website

Where did the idea for Monsters come from?
The ideas from Monsters came directly from a child I had worked with, he struggled with “fitting in” during school and after one particularly bad day at school I asked him why he found school so hard. He replied that he had monsters only he could see which prevented him for doing his work. Before I knew it “Monsters in my Math Book” was created.

Poppy the Penguin is very educational, do you feel it is important that children understand the state our world is in and how we can help save the earth?
The plight of the Planet is essential for everyone, we have to look after our future generations. The best way to do this is to educate, assist and inform. Children are far more appreciative of the environment and use the mantra of reuse, reduce and recycle to its best. If we don’t educate about global warming, over farming and fishing, and using more environmentally sound transport generations after us may have no planet to look after them.

To find out more about Russ Brown pop over to his website.

Monsters In My Math Book is a story written in rhyme about a little boy finding things difficult at school. This would be fantastic for children struggling with lessons and school in general, a wonderfully written book which is relatable to young children and could really go a long way in installing a little bit of confidence a child needs.

Beautifully illustrated in an appealing way to the younger generation this book is a must for all primary school children.

Watch out for this book on Russ Brown’s Website.

Poppy’s Planet is a fantastic book for children written in rhyme in which it explains the problems our world is facing in an easy and intuitive way for youngsters. The book is fun at the same time as being educational and really touches on topics that children should know about but that sometimes are difficult to explain and talk about.

Poppy’s Planets follows poppy the magical flying penguin all over the world atching her discover some of the problems our earth is facing.

Another great book written by the amazing Russ Brown a truly wonderful Childrens Author.

Poppy’s Planet is available to buy on Amazon.

Daisy The Donkey’s First Fair is a wonderful story about a very special donkey who never gets picked to taxi people around, the glamorous camels always get the jobs instead. Daisy desperately wishes to pay her owner back for caring for her but who wants to ride an old grey donkey? But maybe, just one day, a very special person does.

A beautifully written tale that will warm everyone’s hearts and bring joy to so many Children. Russ Brown has a way with words and we are sure his books will enchant many little ones for years and years to come.

Daisy The Donkey’s First Fair is available on Amazon.

Thanks for reading

Monster review

Hi another quick one today as the end of term madness looms, today Monsters arrived in paperback on amazon. It has been on kindle for a fortnight and to make my week even better i received this review that I just had to share.

Monsters in My Math Book review
I thought I knew everything about monsters until I read this book! MONSTERS ARE EVERYWHERE!
The poor young boy in Russ Brown’s book, ‘Monsters in My Math Book’, is plagued with the little terrors no matter what he does or where he goes throughout the day. Why will no-one accept it is never his fault he cannot work and mysterious things happen, but rather those naughty little monsters?
‘His hairy face distracts me as he jumps about my sums.
I find it hard to count to ten when he has 16 thumbs!’
Every imaginable monster causes havoc and fun around every corner. The problem is no- one seems to comprehend why work is never done and a trail of misadventure follows the young man who only wants someone to understand.
Readers will love the rhyme and fun Russ brings to his wonderful work while delighting in Jamie Cosley’s fascinating depictions of monsters every kind. A book that every child will relate to and every parent and teacher will want to share as a read aloud or one-to-one. A must have in every house and school library as a wonderful introduction to rhyme and rhythm and to the world of cheeky little monsters. It is time to set the story straight – Monsters are everywhere and they make little children do some very mischievous things!!

If you did not want to buy Monsters before surely you do now!!! 🙂
Thanks for joining me again

A great start

Thought I would start my new blog with a wonderful set of reviews I received from a reader in Australia.
It is emails like these that make my job/hobby worth doing. Thank you Louise!

Poppy’s Planet is a delightful book that will engage readers of all ages. Written in beautiful prose, Poppy’s tale is a simple but inspiring plea to protect our world. Supported by fabulous illustrations by the amazing Jamie Cosley, Poppy tells her story in language that is easy to understand but powerful in its message. It is easy to see this book being shared in classrooms as a springboard to explore how we treat our environment and make positive steps both locally and globally to make changes to benefit our world. This cute little penguin will win the hearts of her readers and put a smile on everyone’s face. It is a book that is meant to be shared and discussed and as a teacher librarian I recommend its inclusion in any library collection.

Daisy the Donkey

Russ Brown has told a familiar story from a very unique viewpoint. It is Daisy’s time to shine and she does so in a very quiet and peaceful way – reflective of her gentle nature. How can one repay kindness? Children will fall in love with Daisy as they learn the story of the Nativity from a different perspective. I highly recommend this book either as that special book to share with a little one or as a book that will open a door for a class to explore the question ‘What is greatness?’ Let Daisy take you on a journey of love that comes straight from the heart.

Louise Brooks.

So what can I say! These are genuine independent reviews and have really made my weekend. Both books are available via my website and amazon and are available on kindle and nook.

Thanks for joining me